My analysis of Stratfor’s take on the world

My analysis of Stratfor’s take on the world

by Don Hank  May 19, 2015

A Stratfor article penned by Editor-in-Chief George Friedman, and appearing

here, dances around the real issues in the usual Neocon manner, not naming the real issues that are affecting our existence — including the real reasons ISIS is winning in the Middle East. Publications like Stratfor are one of the main reasons US foreign policy has failed and as a result of their shallow and misleading reporting, we are now reaching the final stages of our hegemony (note that Friedman’s article absurdly mentions hegemony only in the context of Russia, as if that country were the only one guilty of trying to play the hegemon!). The reader of this article is given a chance to respond in a form for submission. I decided to send in my 2 cents worth. Here it is:


In 1973, the US government, astoundingly, became a mercenary force working almost exclusively for the Saudis after the signing of the petrodollar agreement in 1973. Behind the scenes the US, while pretending to defend “democracy” and “freedom,” was in fact defending Wahhabism against the less violent Shiite branch. Our wars benefited the Saudis and cost the US. Your analysis of course omits any reference to this out of political correctness. Further, while you mention the World Bank and IMF, you fail to point out that these institutions have been transforming themselves into agents of radical social change, refusing to lend to nations that do not support “Western values,” which are strictly a construct of the oligarchs and are detached from the founding Judeo-Christian values of the West. Moreover, the US smacked BNP Paribas with a record 9 billion dollar fine for doing things that were perfectly legal in France! Russia and Europe both took note of this bullying, and this lack of moral authority on the part of the US government, and therein lies the real problem. Further, regardless of certain weaknesses, the Chinese have a real economy based on labor and the fruits thereof, whereas the US central bankers have made a casino of the economy and are running it into the ground with Keynesian games. Neither Russia nor China play these children’s games. As a result, China’s economy is burgeoning, despite the difficulties, which are mostly a result of US errors and the resulting weakening of our economy. The Europeans noticed this abuse of the banking system years ago when US banks cynically sold them worthless derivatives, backed up by our dishonest rating agencies. In response, the Europeans started establishing RMB clearing centers in major capitols like Brussels, Berlin, etc, and then shocked the Washington establishment by deserting the World Bank/IMF and fleeing to the AIIB, despite Obama’s warnings. All of this dedollarization effort was inevitable and could have been foreseen 2 years ago. But Stratfor never talked about dedollarization, the elephant in the room. I did a search on your site and the word did not come up! Meanwhile, our oligarchs played ostrich and now none of them seem to have a solution to the problem they created. When Stratfor starts writing straightforwardly about these issues, it will become a leader again and acquire a paying readership. And you won’t have to keep begging people to subscribe. People are hungry for the truth. Why not turn over a new leaf and start giving them what they need and want? And make money at it?

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