msm: Forget Putin/Assad routed ISIS

msm: forget Putin/Assad liberated Palmyra


by Don Hank


Remember my article “Horrible news! Russia and Assad rout ISIS”?  I just KNEW at that time that the msm would not let this news sink in before they ran a blitz of anti-Putin articles to help you forget. Well, sure enough.

The Neocon propaganda machine is running full tilt now that Putin and Assad routed ISIS from Palmyra even as the US government and NATO sat on their hands and did exactly nothing. The do-nothing West’s embarrassment is so overwhelming that they needed a huge dose of propaganda to hide their red faces. And the msm obliged them with two whoppers today. (I can’t wait to see what they manufacture tomorrow).

First they “broke” a story about how world leaders used an offshore account. These leaders were mostly Western, including David Cameron’s father, and Putin was not involved. Yet the Guardian ran a hit piece making it appear that Putin was the main culprit when it was only a friend of his that was involved. AND it was not illegal! In case you need to, read this to detox your mind.

Likewise, this hit piece from the Activist Post was intended to take your mind off the heroism by Assad and the Russian air force and make the US and NATO look respectable again. In other words, do the impossible.

Among other absurdities, it says

“In 2012, the CIA proposed a clear and specific plan to oust Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad — which likely would have also prevented the phenomenal rise of ISIL —”

Woa there! Simmer down! How could ousting Assad have stopped ISIS when it was the US (along with their buds the Saudis) that spawned ISIS in the first place and it was ultimately Assad’s troops that routed them, with Russian assistance?

And nota bene: the author never explains how ousting Assad could have helped stop ISIS. This assumption that ousting Assad would stop ISIS has been used for years but none of the msm propagandists even TRIES to explain how or why because the msm figure the sheeple will swallow their swill every time.

It’s like 2 friends, one of whom invests in a stock that then skyrockets in value, and he also has urged the other friend, who is kind of slow, to do likewise. So when the smart friend strikes it rich, the stupid friend — who kept his money under a mattress — resents him and goes around telling everyone that the now-rich friend is to blame that the stupid one didn’t invest. Come on, Folks, you aren’t falling for this malarkey are you?

These ex Obama officials quoted in the article are Neocons who want to work in the next administration and are hoping it will be anyone but Trump! They know that the public – which they assume is Russophobic and still fighting the cold war – will join them in their irrational hatred of Putin even though ISIS would still be slaughtering Christians in Syria without his help. These same ex-officials went on Fox News to repeat these same absurdities.

Even if Putin and Assad had subdued every terrorist in the world, no Western reporter would give them credit. Instead, they would claim that they started the terror in the first place. Remember when they all shrieked back in September that Putin ONLY wanted to defeat the “rebels” and were no doubt in bed with ISIS? Now that that myth is deconstructed, they’ve lost no time in cranking out new ones.

This is how the war machine works, Folks, starting with propaganda. If you fall for these stories and dutifully hate Russia and Assad, WW III could be just around the corner.

This time, let’s just say no.


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