It’s not a party, it’s World War III

It’s not a party, it’s World War III

Don Hank

We Americans keep forgetting that America is really just a microcosm that reflects a nearly-uniform situation existing throughout the Western world. Not only does the elite extend across party lines in Ameria, but our elite is part of a much bigger World Elite that exhibits the same identical behavior everywhere, the aim being to destroy what is left of Christian conservative culture and replace it with Marxist social chaos. You know numerous examples of how that is done. Just think ACLU.

One of the main weapons used against us is virtually unlimited immigration. Our country is being flooded with illegal immigrants, who are portrayed in the media as victims. In the street and in our economy, we see the opposite: American workers stripped of jobs, hospitals forced to donate a high percentage of services to illegal aliens, federal prisons with disproportionately high alien populations, foreign gangs of juvenile delinquents, cities and states (CA comes to mind) going bankrupt from the enormous burden of services funneled to undocumented aliens who don’t pay their share of taxes.

But this elitist attitude that drives unlimited immigration and the political correctness that forbids us to discuss it honestly, or even uses the courts to oppose laws like that in Arizona aimed at controlling the crime, drugs, economic chaos, soaring unemployment, imminent bankruptcy, etc, is not specific to America.

Things are worse in the UK and Germany, for example. And most of us can recall the Muslim riots in Paris a few years ago. And as a footnote: Panama is also toying with an amnesty for its illegal aliens, mostly Chinese.

Which brings us to a recent report from Germany about a school that has been taken over by Muslims. The remarkable thing about the report is that it was made by a mainstream news outlet in a country where it is all but forbidden to speak openly about the ills of Islam. Things are coming to a head in Europe just as they are here, where Americans in state after state seek legal means to stem our own immigration tide. The elites, who suffered a major setback in the arena of global warming, and had their foolhardy Marxist lending policies turn into a worldwide financial disaster, are now being forced into a corner in the area of immigration as well, as their own media confront a situation that can no longer be ignored.

My translation of the report summary follows (my comments are in brackets):

Fighting in the classroom — German students in the minority

For 45 minutes, ARD [a German TV network] showed the everyday reality in a high school in Essen [in North Rhine-Westphalia]. A daily reality of brutality, a dark parallel world in which Germans are terrorized and Islam sets the tone.

156 students, 70% Muslims. Turks, Lebanese, Kurds. Principal Roswitha Tschueter says: “The violence is coming mostly from the Lebanese students.”

Sebastian (16) is constantly beaten up by fellow students [the author didn’t quite have the nerve to say “Muslim” here]. His mother says: “They even beat him with a chair.”

Hulia (17) converted to Islam. Her Palestinian boyfriend says: “She doesn’t party, doesn’t wear miniskirts. German girls have too much freedom” [true, but if the German society allowed Christians the same freedom of expression as they do Muslims, Christian morals would flourish again. Germany bans home schooling and often removes kids from Bible-believing Christian homes under the pretext that they are creating a “parallel society.” This is nothing but an extension of Hitler’s ban on proselytizing. But it’s not only Germany. Throughout the West, we are taught that Christianity is not to be used to impose any sort of morality. “Church” leaders have soft-pedaled the moral aspects of Jesus’ teachings to the point that today’s “Christians” deny that there is any universally valid moral teaching at all – particularly as relates to sex. In a society where Christian morals are taboo and adolescents start having sex early and with numerous partners – with all the attendant disease and socio-psychological fallout, it is no wonder that Islam looks attractive to many young people in a “Christian” society where morality is in free-fall, seeking a form of order and righteousness. The tragedy is that Christianity has been so hamstrung and sissified by church “leaders,” educators and the media, that it is not seen as an alternative — though it can offer the same order and righteousness but without the violence and coercion of Islam. Thus the only viable alternative is ignored].

A lot of students [Muslim] think: The Germans are sh-t. You don’t make friends with Germans.”

“They call you a nazi if you express yourself,” says one girl.

During Ramadan [when Muslims fast], they spit in the German students’ food.

Muslim girls can only go swimming fully clothed.

One [Muslim] girl, asked what kind of husband she would like to marry, said “one who doesn’t beat me.”

The current regime is the most Islam-friendly one ever. Obama, whose warm feelings for Islam and disdain for Israel, for example, are undisguised, has invited 250,000 Palestinians to resettle in the USA. It is only a start. Judging by the situation in Europe, it is just a matter of time before America is Islamized, unless God intervenes and awakens us from our opiate slumber. And reminds us that this isn’t a party. It’s a war.

22 thoughts on “It’s not a party, it’s World War III

  1. How I would be happy if you were wrong, Don!
    But what makes me even unhappier is the impenetrable suicidal idiocy of both American and European Liberasts who do not learn neither from history nor from the instinct of self-preservation.
    It’s beyond not only my comprehension but that of any non-oligophrenic human being.

  2. Yes, it’s WWIII and the elite are winning. They’ve conquered the third world and now they are using the third world to conquer us. Let’s face it, the middle easterners, the mexicans and the blacks are too stupid to realize who has subdued them and blame white westerners rather than the real enemy. If they had brain one among them, they’d join with us and destroy the elitists so we could all be free.

  3. Don, whatta great piece by you! I’m posting this not only on my show’s blogsite but also on my FB page. My comments later, but a huge thumbs up, myu friend!




  5. Great article Don! It’s sickening to know all this and feel relatively helpless to do anything about it. But I’m doing all I know to do to fight these enemies of America in our own Government any way I can. And I’m posting this on my fb page and passing this on for sure!!

    • Thanks for reposting, Marie — and also Dave and any others who choose to do that. Ya know, I just noticed something: I get a lot more comments on articles dealing with illegal immigration nowadays. It seems to be the biggest source of anger and pain in the US. Let’s just keep the pressure on.
      And while I am at it, let me remind all our Arizona readers: For heaven’s sake DON’T re-elect McCain! Larry already pointed out that people with half a brain don’t vote for the elitists. I agree. It’s stupid to vote for people who hate our way of life, even if they are good talkers. Nuff’s enough!

  6. Dear Don,
    You have heard me say this before: We in this terrible worls are ‘evil in the sight of the Lord’. That quote is repeated 55 times in 44 verses in the OT, and condemnation shortly followed.
    In paraphrase, Cervantes said, ‘God tolerates evil for a short time’. It is His time, not ours. We have to wait just a little longer for the arrival of the last day. Many Christians wish it had happened yesterday. We must ‘wait on the Lord’, for the paint on His tapestry has not yet set. Until the paint dries, we must seek the seekers who yearn for His Hope pf salvation. Read Isaiah 65: 17.

  7. I think its time to pull out the pig blood, bacon, ham, and everything else thats pig. lock and load and start throwing the blood, everywhere they sit, everywhere they walk and or even run a heard of pigs down into their masque or whatever you call it. well that the way I see it.

  8. The heck they will! Not if all 300,000,000 of us have anything to say about it. :)


    Rosemary Welch
    Long Beach Patriots
    Rosemary’s Thoughts-main blog
    (Rosemary sent me this by email but agreed to let me post with her name. Thanks, Rosemary!)

  9. (Another email from the UK)

    And we have over 600 MPs [Members of Parliament] happily helping it [the World Elite]! Forgotten is the No.1 duty: Defence of the realm. Forgotten is the prudent use of taxes. It’s all me me me, now, and money and sex!

    I have 4 times asked my new MP to see me, to no avail. What a world.


  10. I ran across an article that relates to the alleged causation of escalating immigration from Mexico to the U.S. The contortions that some renowned “scientists” go through to promote the political agenda to whose tune they dance is absolutely fantastic. In this case it is that the paper being discussed “basically advances the following theory of linkages:

    Climate Change —> Reduced Mexican Crop Yields —> Migration to US”

    The article is at:

    It analyzes the science on which the asserted linkage is based and finds serious flaws. The theory is bunk.

  11. You, my friend, are Jeremiah in the modern world. And the modern world is completely apathetic. I see little hope.

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  13. where are all the MEN !!! in this war? what has happened to the natural response to injustice on such a huge scale? to put a stop to it! We need men like we had in the 2 previous wars who took up the challenge when there country called and fought for the freedoms of their people , when i see what is happening now and our countries are meekly handing it over, I am sickened at the thought of all those young lives lost in the battle to preserve what these cowardly conmen are eager to exchange for their 30 pieces of silver.

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  15. Perhaps I should add that I live in Germany, and we see the encroaching creep of Islamism here without a doubt.

    I think of a church in Reutlingen in the south of Germany, who have spoken up against the way the Lutheran Church in the town has (I use the singular intentionally) been in recent, close fellowship with the Turkish nationalistic, fascist youth organisation, the ‘Grey Wolves’, who, any search in Google will show, are murderers and assassins, and with whom even the CIA are linked. The Lutherans had allowed them on to the church board, allowed them access to their premises, church hall, etc, all ‘in the name of dialogue’ with Muslims, in order to help them to integrate into German society.

    It beats me that the ‘Pfarrer’ didn’t have the wisdom to find out for himself what sort of people these are, but perhaps he in his mistaken, humanistic, naive way, thought that he could turn them from their Jihadist thinking. If so, then he was wrong. A video was made of a Grey Wolves meeting in the Lutheran church hall, presumably by one of the partaking group, with the Cross and other Christian symbols covered up, showing the Grey Wolves members saluting, (very similar to the Hitler salute, forbidden in Germany). The video was put on You Tube and caused a furore when the local press got hold of it.

    The Lutheran church then accused the free church of being religious intolerant fundamentalists, and even said that they had filmed the meeting, which any common logic would make clear, was a ridiculous accusation. They then ostracised, cold-shouldered and slandered the free church. The sad thing is that other churches in town did the same, pandering to the fear of the Grey Wolves, who hold even other Muslims in terror, unwilling to take a stand for the truth. They said that the free church was destroying the town’s ‘Christian unity’. If that’s Christian unity then I’m the Pope.

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