ISIS always claim responsibility, except in Turkey

by Don Hank

What is Erdogan up to?

Have you noticed that after ISIS perpetrates a terror attack, it invariably claims responsibility within a day of the attack – except in a certain country.

I did some research and was able confirm this regularity of ISIS claims of responsibility in all the hits I got in a targeted search.

You can take part in this research too: In your search engine type


isis claims responsibility


and see what comes up. Here are some I found. Just a few examples. However, these came up randomly in the search, and there are none attributed to ISIS that was unclaimed. Do you see the pattern in this worldwide panorama?


The Brussels attacks on an airport and the metro were reported on March 22:

ISIS claims responsibility for Brussels airport and metro attacks of Tues 22 March on the same day as the attacks.


Deadly blast in Damascus on Jan 31, 2016. ISIS claims responsibility that same day.


Blast in Dagestan March 30, 2016 Happened Tues, ISIS claimed responsibility on Wednesday, one day later:


Convert to Christianity stabbed Mar 23 in Bangladesh; ISIS claims responsibility the next day.


Now keep something in mind: A few months ago, Turkey and Saudi Arabia started a military buildup obviously in preparation for an attack in Syria, ostensibly against ISIS, but suspected to be against the Russians and Assad. They’d need a really good excuse. The Kurdish attacks would not convince their allies since Obama and Putin had both decided to assist the Kurds in Syria, a big hurdle for Turkish president Erdogan.

Around this time, Turkey suffered some terror attacks. Some were claimed by the Kurds. The Turkish government blamed the unclaimed ones on ISIS (ever hear of a false flag?).

“Kurdish rebels, Isis and a leftist extremist group have carried out attacks in the country recently. Ankara was already on alert after 103 people were killed before the general election in October in a suicide attack on a pro-Kurdish rally, which the government blamed on Isis [my emphasis]. A suicide bombing blamed on Isis killed 11 German tourists and one Peruvian in Istanbul in January.”

For Turkey, I tried a search with these terms:

isis claims responsibility ankara german tourists attack

I got the following hit and others like it reporting the attack and the Turkish government’s accusation of ISIS I found but no reports of ISIS claiming responsibility. How odd:


I also got the following hit reporting that Turkey invaded Iraq and Syria in “retaliation” for the attack, even though ISIS never claimed responsibility.


Isn’t it interesting that when ISIS launches terror attacks anywhere in the world it claims responsibility almost immediately – except in Turkey, where only the government blames ISIS. And funny thing:
Turkey invades Syria and Iraq to avenge itself of ISIS even though ISIS did not claim responsibility for the attacks in question.

Now Turkey has smart analysts and knows that ISIS always claims responsibility for its attacks. Therefore, it had to know that ISIS was not responsible. So why would it attack ISIS in two Middle Eastern countries in retaliation for attacks it knew were not committed by ISIS?

CBS reports (along with numerous other outlets) that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to send ground troops to Syria to fight Daesh (ISIS) and states that analysts fear the fighting could get out of hand. Translation: The Saudis and Turks have been behind the fight against Assad for years and this threatened incursion into Syria could (probably would) end up being a war between Turkey and the Saudis on the one hand and Syrian government forces, Russia and Iran on the other. The Turkish attacks were almost certainly just a ruse, or a means of opening the door for further military incursions in Syria. They were most likely also a way of securing US permission to make such incursions. The US did not take the bait.

Fortunately, none of the Neocon candidates was president or WW III could be about to happen. There is only one candidate who has not threatened war but he is the one the media are targeting as a potential warmonger.

He’s right. They are liars.






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