Is the fake birth certificate REALLY my fault?

It’s all my fault the birth certificate is fake. At least that’s what my critics apparently think.

by Don Hank

Yesterday I told my friends to hold off on sending me emails because I have a big project to deal with. But as usual, something gigantic happened in the news: Obama revealed his “birth certificate,” which was quickly debunked as a fake by computer graphics experts. I sent out alerts to my usual list to a very short piece I wrote showing incontrovertible evidence that the new “birth certificate” touted by Obama on the White House site is fake. The article included a video made and narrated by an expert on computer graphics who showed why it is fake. It was disarmingly easy to understand. Nothing very technical.

Then for those die-hards who don’t believe anything unless it has the Mainstream Media or White House seal of approval on it, I included a simple test that people can use to convince themselves.

I actually did hear from some of the brighter stars on my correspondence list how they too suspected the doc was a fake and they agreed with me.

But I got a surprisingly large number of complaints that this whole thing had gone too far and it was obvious I was to blame for dragging America away from the implementation of Obama’s utopian agenda. In addition, many complained it was simply too technical for them to grasp. They could hear the words but they couldn’t comprehend them.

The message was clear: people were tired of this game and they wanted to talk about more substantive issues.

But wait. Wasn’t that the Democrat argument?

If you had just perpetrated a gigantic hoax on the US public, wouldn’t you want to divert attention away from it by telling them it was not important and that America has better things to do than to worry about whether the president of the United States is actually qualified to hold that office and whether he was perpetrating childish hoaxes by photo-shopping an obviously fake birth certificate?

Let me point out the obvious, again.

Obama’s latest caper is so childish, so sophomoric, so lacking in brains and so obviously a hoax that even a child can see through it, and if that isn’t some of the biggest news of the century, then I can’t imagine what is.

In political terms, this means that if the same people who put so much energy into the “where’s the birth certificate” campaign were to hold out just a little longer, the usurper would be so discredited only a tiny handful would vote for him in 2012. After all, who wants a president who is obviously misleading them, and bankrupting their country to boot?

But America blinked, and that blink was tantamount to Washington giving up at the signing of the peace treaty with England.

Imagine if George Washington had gone to the signing, pen in hand, ready to accept England’s capitulation, and after drinking a glass of champagne with his troops, tossed his official copy of the Treaty of Paris into the waste can and said, “ah, ya know what? It’s time to put this whole thing behind us and start a new chapter. Tell King George he can keep ruling us. I just need to rest.”

“But Sir, many of us sacrificed our lives and fortunes to defeat this tyrant…”

“My good man, we have more important things to do than to insult the King.”

“But we thought you agreed that he was a tyr…”

“Enough! There are much more important things to do than to accuse poor King George of ruling us unfairly. Why, there’s new taxes to be levied and a government to be set up.”

“Taxes to be levied? But by whom, Sir?”

“By the King, who else would be qualified to levy them? Someone must pay for the costs of this dreadful war and raising taxes is the best way.”

“But Sir, with all due respect, we don’t think the King has any authority over Americans any more now that we have won the war.”

“Well, I will soon be the King’s governor and I will decide whether he has authority over us.”

Some ending, huh?

Yet Obama, who has declared war on the American way of life, on our freedoms and our values in so many ways, has just handed us a clear unmitigated victory — by uploaing an obviously fake photo-shopped birth certificate onto the White House site — and we are doing precisely what my fictitious Washington did, ceding victory to the enemy, pretending that he is worthy to lead us. For the first time, in a long and arduous battle, we have just glimpsed victory — an obvious hoax perpetrated by the putative president of the US — and instead of seizing the day and declaring it for what it is, we have absurdly thrown in the towel to the obvious loser!  And the theoretical George Washington in my story is the GOP and the RINO lineup we face in 2012, all of whom have aided and abetted him in this sordid affair.

But you know, winners don’t behave like these fair-weather patriots. My kids tell me that accomplished musicians put in sometimes 10 hours a day practicing.

Can you imagine a talented singing star practicing for years and dreaming of making the big time, and then a week before the big stage appearance in the already sold-out concert guaranteed to make his career, suddenly saying, “ya know, I need a week off. I’m tired of all this practice, practice, practice. The h— with it! Let someone else take my place.”

That is America today.

After all the lies about the birth certificate, the fake document foisted on a gullible public, the insults to our intelligence, instead of blaming the architect of all this misery, gullible ADD suffering Americans turn on the ones who see the emperor is naked. These tag-alongs don’t really care who rules them or whether we have a Republic or not. They just wanted to keep up the appearance of being patriots who care about their country — when it’s convenient.

I know I am addressing a dwindling audience of the faithful here, and you are the precious few who won’t give up because you know what is at stake and how important the truth is — not the contrived, fabricated truth of the media and Ruling Class, but the absolute, objective truth, the truth we get at by using the only known method for accessing truth: the scientific method of inquiry and unbiased examination of the data, which we scrapped a while back in favor of consensus (post-modernism) — the uninformed public now decides, based on what they’ve been told by the Ruling Class. We traded our birthright for a facile truth, which is synonymous with lie, and we’re ok with that.

But be forewarned: if America can’t earn her birthright — her right to freedom — then she most certainly doesn’t deserve it.

As for the rest, I don’t know about you, but I see victory dead ahead, and if you don’t want to pick yourself up and claim it, well, tell ya what: Uncork yourself another brew and sit yourself down to another exciting episode of American Idol (woopie!). You may not have a job tomorrow, but who cares? We working stiffs will carry you.

Meanwhile, my friends and I – diehards who just can’t seem to say goodbye to the American experiment and hello to the USSA — will carry you to the goal post and we will still win this war.

Because real Americans don’t give up.

PS: I have had this theory since first seeing the new botched BC construct. What if a person who has been screwed by Obama offered as a “friend” to make a perfect birth certificate using a BC from Hawaii dating to around that same time. He starts with a doc signed by a doc of that hospital and uses just the signature and a few other little items. But this guy is not a true friend of Obama’s, just a prankster who likes mischief (all leftists do), and he decides to stick it to his “friend” and design it so that the doc downloaded from the internet comes apart in layers. I am sorry, but I have trouble believing this was not on purpose, and I also can’t believe Obama made it look this suspicious just to stick his finger in our eye.

There is something else going on here! Watch for it.

PPSS: One of the commenters said that “the pattern is too seamless.” I finally understand what they meant. If you look at the left hand part of the document that seems to be bent inward, as though cut away but yet somehow maintaining continuity with the text field (as if this were possible! — looks like a trompe l’oeuil painting), you see that the green print pattern does not follow the contour of the bent-away portion. Absurdly, it just goes straight across. Apparently the WH made some sort of lame excuse for all this tampering and the layering, and the apparent use of character recognition software, but that is all the more evidence that it is not a true copy. BTW, an old doc on good paper in a book does not fade appreciably because the pages are not exposed to the air and hence do not oxidize or chemically degrade appreciably. And if the characters were hard to recognize, the character recognition s/w would not recognized them better than the human eye, so there would seem to be no sensible reason for using it.



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Dave Levine

Don, it’s DEFINITELY your fault! LOL


“Meanwhile, my friends and I – diehards who just can’t seem to say goodbye to the American experiment and hello to the USSA — will carry you to the goal post and we will still win this war.

“Because real Americans don’t give up.”

And that goes double for us Texicans too.


albert w loescher

You tried to open a door to a room of your fancy, but the Lord has given you a another door to a better room. Welcome home, Jack!

Don—it has always been the few–sometimes the very few. Always. Today, let each decide, and stand by their decision. Will you acquit yourself like a man, or offer yourself as a slave, to grovel and lick the hand of your master? There are no other alternatives. Let the weary find their strength in purpose, and quickly! You know that the cause of America is the cause of all mankind. Did you think Tyranny would be so easily defeated–that “freedom isn’t free” is only a slogan for holidays? If Tyranny cannot or will not be defeated here it will be loosed… Read more »
James Sundquist

Bravo for Donald!

Imposter in Chief who had access to the finest forgery equipment in the world can’t do better that his latest fraudulent birth certificate. Barnum and Goebels were both right. I think the most convincing evidence was the white around the edge of every single letter.

Karl Priest

The first modern Tea Partiers proved that conservatives cannot compromise with liberals because liberals are liars. See

Even if we win on the birth certicate issue the ultimate result will be a loss because conservatives still sacrifice their children to liberals at least six hours per day.

Government schools are brainwash centers and their effectiveness is apparent to all who are not willingly blind.

Doris Parker
Don, This will be my first time to post a reply to something. but there is something that I wonder about. Why does his B.C. have File Number 151 and then 61 10641 amd he was born on Aug. 4, 1961 and it was filed on Aug. 8th. 1961 bur another person that has been willing several years ago to post there Bith Cert. born on Aug.5, 1961 at the same hospital as Obama and had their’s filed on Aug. 11, 1961 three days AFTER Obama’s was filed have on their’s File Number 151 61 10637? Which would place it… Read more »
Constantine Ivanov
First, I’m going to tell a fairy tale. One person comes to a local DMV and shows his Driver License that is about to expire. The person says to the DMV clerk: “Some may doubt this Driver License is an original document, non-forged, and may keep doubting even after I say you that it is an original document…So, don’t pay attention to conspiracy theorists and just renew my Driver License.” Anybody can imagine such a scene? Why a common honest American citizen will talk like that? Unless, of course, he is simply a mentally impaired individual… But this is exactly… Read more »

you make it sound like your vote will make a difference.

As you know with the diebold machines, it makes no difference. We are being played by the machine and whom they want.

Generally they will go with the most popular but you will notice evenwith Ron Paul they pay littel attention.

The reason is obvious, mason or not, they cannot control him as it appears on the surface.

I wished I had better news but the truth be known without a paper trail, your vote and mind in meaningless.

Time for revolution


Bill Reade
I am a retired Military Officer, serving from 1955 to 1990, thirty-five years defending our Country and Constitution against “all enemies foreign and domestic”. As a young boy and the son of a Father who was a Canadian Citizen, I wanted to be President; however I was informed by Congressman Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. and Senator Edward W. Brooke, III, that I could not be because my Dad was not a US Citizen. Consequently, I have been very concerned about the election of Mr. Obama I have been following all of the attempts to ascertain the truth of Mr.… Read more »
Constantine Ivanov

To Bill Read:

“What makes him different from me?” you ask.
I could reverse your question in this way:
“What makes me different from him?”, and then your question would sound with some envy.
But I won’t because you didn’t ask in that way.
You did ask in a very noble way, and I’m going to answer.

You want a short answer? Well…
He didn’t serve for and to this country.
Neither his both male and female producers.
They all were/are State traitors/saboteurs.
You are a noble person, Sir.

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
THANK YOU, Don. In each great movement down through history it was a minority, rather than many who fought the good fight. The American Revolution witnessed 25% of the colonists willing to fight and die for their new nation; 25% waivered throughout the fight for independence; and 50% remained loyal to the despot King. People ARE tired of the struggle with Mr. Obama, and probably in more ways than first meets the eye. Yet a small but committed group of “American Colonists” continue to fight to defend and preserve the very Constitution Obama and his gang quite publicly have stated… Read more »

The easiest fraud to investigate is not necessarily the one that is stupid…but the one that thinks everyone else is…

…they are also the most fun to bust. The stunned look on their face is priceless.

“Barack….I am taking custody of your keys and card. Turn and face the wall. Do it now!”

Jeffrey Long
Don, You are doing a great job! Corsi should hire you to assist him in his unrelenting research into the nether world of all things Obama. [Since his book doesn’t officially appear until middle of May, he should seriously consider adding an appendix with post-BC-release analysis. It could be “added” as a website something like Lively and Abrams have done with their (online) 4th edition of The Pink Swastika. And it could be maintained current right up through election 2012. It would utilize multi-media add-ons. The book would still be sold separately as prefatory to use and full comprehension/integration of… Read more »
Dr. Ron Polland
Don’t worry, Don. Soon everyone will be blaming me when I reveal the true conspiracy behind this massive identity fraud. Here are your major players in the 1st birth certificate forgery, aka the COLB conspiracy: Hawaii Health Department, Organizing for Obama, St Petersburg Times/Politifact, Annenberg Factcheck, & the Daily Kos’s Markos Mousaltsis. Everything you have been told about Obama, his parents, his stepparents, his grandparents, his birth place, his education, and his experiences have all been lies and fabrications. This conspiracy cuts across every corner of this nation and the nations of the Middle East where Barry X was really… Read more »
Constantine Ivanov
To LaiglesForum: Regarding “we birthers are racist.” Today, Bill ObamoReily spoke to two morons: one – so-called Republican Strategist Margaret something (maybe, Hoover), another one – Democratic Strategist (strategist my ass) named Alicia Menendez (an dogmatic parrot-idiot worth a special place in a Museum of victims of failed abortion.) Both (sic!)damsels insisted that yes, racism has a place in the “radical right-wing” (what is this? nobody had explained yet.) and definitely is “a part of birthers mantra” who hate the obama-in-Chief” because he is Black. Forget that those morons neglect the fact that the obama-in-Chief is exactly as Black as… Read more »
Debbie Texas
WE don’t give up. WE don’t give in. WE draw the line in the sand and WE don’t compromise with evil. We will carry all the lazy cowards with us and fight for their right to be lazy or scared or even stupid. We will fight for those who disagree with us. But most of all we will fight to preserve the give that we don’t deserve to keep if we don’t. We will fight to honor all who lost everything; many their lives so we could be free to speak the truth and bear arms against enemies who try… Read more »
Debbie Texas

sorry…typo in my post. PRESERVE THE ‘GIFT’ WE WERE GIVEN…not give. This country and our freedom is an amazing gift. It has been taken for granted and squandered.

Number 1: Obama is not black, nor is he white. He is BI-RACIAL.This should be a non-issue for everyone,including Obama. Moving on. Number 2:If Obama has surrounded himself with people working for him who are so inept they can’t forge an official document properly to fool even the average American,what others has he surrounded himself with who are inept enough to put this country in tremendous jeopardy and grave danger? Far too often,conspiracy theories are born of incompetence too incredulous for the masses to believe. Number 3:The “Press” no longer presses for the truth, but rather they press for acceptance… Read more »
Lets face it. Anyone with any sense knows that if he had this b.c all along then he would have shown it long before now. I thought all along that they were working on a perfect forgery and it was taking a long time to get it right. But apparently I was wrong. They finally realized they were going to have to show something. They hurriedly had one made up. And how many people could they trust to do this? They can’t even trust each other. So they go to someone who either was unable to do a good job,… Read more »
Philip G.

The supposed MSM and vast majority of “independents” or just the vast majority of the voting public in our country will give him a pass at every turn, just like they did when they voted for the farce of a person in 2008. They won’t even question why it took so long just to come up with a bogus BC. After all, he’s probably the “messiah” right.

Thanks for your insightful articles.


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Jessie Tenney

Thanks, Don, for your unwillingness to compromise on the truth. We stand with you.