How Western powers abet Christian persecution

Blatantly anti-Christian Western foreign policy: support of anti-Christian dictators, war against Christian supporters 

by Don Hank

Recently, it was reported that Chinese Catholics will defy their government’s ban  on observing the International Day of Prayer.

But how can there be a government ban on this, since prayer is speech, which is, to quote Barack Obama, a “universal right.” Obama said that in a speech warning Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak not to step on the human rights of Egyptian protesters, who were destroying government property and burning cars in the streets.

So what did our courageous White House resident have to say about the blatant human rights violations in China?

Nothing. Neither did any other Western “leader.”

In fact, no president has complained about any human rights violations in China, where Christianity is strictly regulated, and in North Korea, where North Korea, where Christians are reportedly jailed, beaten, executed and, in one case, pulverized with steam rollers, and where Kim Jong Il reportedly starved 2 million people to death.

The official Western response to inhumane dictators is always the same:

1–ignore any human rights violations against Christians anywhere

2–support groups hostile to Christians

As I showed in a previous article, in every conflict involving Muslims, the West’s intervention  has led to the persecution of Christians, and for the most part, has eliminated the indigenous Christian population.  Every single one of our interventions has had this same kind of outcome.

Saddam, though a tyrant,  protected Christians during his reign. Once he was toppled, the persecution of Christians was immediate. The US government under Bush/Obama did nothing and did not protest. The Assyrian Christians there were quietly deported to Sweden, which granted them asylum. Think about it: a country under American control persecuting its Christians with the tacit permission of the Americans (who now go to war to protect “human rights”).

Mubarak held the line as best he could against anti-Christian actions. He didn’t do a great job of it, mind you, but tried his best in view of the anti-Christian atmosphere among the populace. But the day he was forced out of office — under pressure from Obama — the Egyptian military fired on monks and workers at a Coptic monastery.

The Ivory Coast had a Christian president, Laurent Gbagbo, who claimed election fraud in his re-election bid. Indeed, there was strong evidence that there was fraud and that the Muslim candidate who claimed victory had in fact lost on number of votes (as I reported before, I read this in a French paper that had the chutzpah to report it, showing photos of altered ballots). The UN kicked out the Christian and declared the Muslim president without investigating the claims of fraud. In one area under UN control, 1000 Christians were murdered. There was no meaningful protest from any Western powers, which months prior to this had investigated reports of human rights violations by the Christian president.

Next in line is Syria. Obama has drawn a bead on President Basher Assad. Now, you may be wondering about Syria’s record on Christianity. A few years back a Syrian pastor visited our church and told us that, amazingly, Syria, at least at that time, was so Christian-friendly that the government there actually donated construction materials for the building of Christian churches. I believe this was true. The leadership has not changes since then, so we are talking about another Christian-friendly country that may soon fall into the hands of violent, brutal Islamists. No wonder the Christian-hostile Western powers are eager to see Syria fall. God protect the Christians there should that happen!

Anyone who wishes to learn the details of brutal Chinese and N. Korean persecution of Christians can go to sites like Voice of Martyrs and read gut-wrenching horror stories of abuse. Yet what do we do about China? Why we practice “free” trade with them of such magnitude that we destroy Western industry and make them the second richest nation on earth, and Obama fetes Hu Jintao in the White House, even as Chinese dissidents, including Nobel prize winner Liu Xiaobao sit in Chinese prisons for speaking their minds. Apparently, freedom of speech is only a “universal right” in Muslim countries where dissidents seek to topple Christian-friendly governments. Go ahead, tell me I am exaggerating.

Question for the reader:

Does anyone here think the West, which wages war at the drop of a hat over “human rights,” will ever do anything to protect Christians outside the West and do you expect these same Western powers never to persecute Western Christians once they think the coast is clear? 

It is constantly suggested in the media that the purpose of “separation of church and state” is to protect non-Christians from human rights violations by theocratically minded Christians.

But here is what most of us have been lulled into forgetting:

It is one thing — and quite a bad thing — for the government to favor the majority religion over another or set up a theocracy. But it is quite another for a government to promote, through its foreign policies, groups that persecute people of any religion because of their religion.

It is time the West woke up to see what is really going on under our very noses.

It is time we the people took back the West.

In a very real way, we are under a hostile foreign occupation, by a Right-Left coalition of Democrats and GOP in America and by the UN, NATO and the EU in Europe, whose actions consistently run counter to the will of the people. We the people have a sovereign right to our own culture and do not have to be manipulated into abandoning it in favor of a foreign one.

Of course, we also have the right to continue committing national suicide if that is what we really want.

It is up to us.

Does the West have the will to survive?

Since the writing of this article, our friend in Christ Berit Kjos added a link to it at her site. She added some information in a yellow box at the top. Please check it out:

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albert w loescher

A chemical parable:
Monsanto’s Roundup herbacide kills weeds, but in time, the weeds grow back and become stronger than before.

The muslim candidate is also ex IMF! Another insider plant. Yugoslavia- war against Christians! Iraq and Afghan war too it’s Christians left to suffer. Muslims target Catholic priests; Churches burned, more than 1,000 Christians slaughtered(video) RWBNews: And most of the front page news you will see is about a loony Pastor of a small Florida church burning a Koran… Bizarro World, I tell you. I wonder what the Obama doctrine says about this? At least 1,000 Christians were slaughtered this week in at the Salesian Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus mission in Duekoue, Ivory Coast by Muslim troops… Read more »

So why is only Western troops are sent to fight?

Muslims Military Soldiers Troops Para Military Special Forces Turkey Iran Iraq Pakistan Afghanistan Jordan Morocco Algeria Indonesia Malaysia Palestine Al Qassam Hamas Saraya Al Quds Hezbollah Lebanon
Saudi Arabia Saluhuddin Ayoubi Al Quds Palestine

Destroying Western males and females while muslims build up their armies.makes no sense whatsoever!


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