Homo-nazis and the seduction of the West

Nazi Homosexuals and the Slow Steady Seduction of America

 By Jim O’Neill, Canada Free Press

“The American homosexual movement really only began in the 1940s after the Allied defeat of the Nazis. …the center of international “gay” power in the world did in fact shift from Germany to the United States after the demise of the Third Reich. This represented a huge setback for the “gay” movement, requiring it to begin “from scratch” as it were, since America in the 1940s was at least as family-centered as Germany had been in the 1860s.”—From “The Pink Swastika” 

“The 112th Congress requires sufficient time to conduct independent hearings on the consequences of the LGBT Law and policies that the lame-duck Congress did not consider before rushing to repeal the law last December. …The administration’s lack of answers to reasonable questions, combined with revealing missteps like the Navy’s move to prepare for same-sex marriages, are indications that the Pentagon does not know what it is doing.”Center for Military Readiness (CMR) 

”[Pollster Gary Gate’s] best estimate, derived from five studies that have asked subjects about their sexual orientation, is that the nation has about 4 million adults who identify as being gay or lesbian, representing 1.7 percent of the 18-and-over population. …Gates observed that the 10% figure [often used by homosexual activists] was pulled from a non-scientific work by sexologist Alfred Kinsey, and that it was latched on to by gay activists as a useful ‘political strategy.’ …‘It was a brilliant political strategy as a figure that was large enough to ‘matter’ but hopefully not so large as to threaten the general population,’ said Gates.”
Huffington Post, CBS News, LifeSiteNews               

“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and revered and worshiped the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” Romans 1:25 (NAB)                         

Only in his dreams could Hitler have imagined the blatant homosexualizing of the German Wehrmacht. What Hitler could only dream of, the United States is poised to make fact, a scant sixty-six years after fighting a costly and bloody war to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. Link                     

Before I get ahead of myself, let me point out that the title of this article, and the article itself, are meant to be attention getting, but do not constitute a spurious ad hominem attack on homosexuality; they are designed to bring attention to historical facts that are of profound importance to the future of America (and the world).                               

To give credit where it is due, I first became aware of much of the material presented here after reading “The Pink Swastika” (4th edition 2002), by Scott Lively and Kevin Abram. The entire book can be accessed for free online (link given after the opening quote above). My reaction to the book was similar to Scott Lively’s reaction, “When I initially learned the truths set forth in [“The Pink Swastika”] I was first astonished and then angered.”

At the outset of this article let me reiterate that Communism and Fascism (of which Nazism is a subset) are both Far Left ideologies. That is not to say that they are “like peas in a pod;” they are not—nonetheless they are both left-wing, top-down, big-government social engineering movements.

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Carol Fryer

It seems each time we allow something to go on it becomes a ruler over us. Either stop it or it will destroy you, simple.

Wow, I gotta give this post some points for comedy. It’s more likely that Hitler did what he did because he was Catholic. Christians are the last group of people on the planet who could legitimately criticize anyone for having blood on their hands. And yet, hypocrisy runs deep and denial even deeper. As Hitler and this website effortlessly prove, Christians are just as prone to tapping into the darkest parts of the human soul as anyone they would attempt to criticize. As Christians are prone to cherry picking what they like and don’t like about the Bible, history, science,… Read more »
@JDH — How many times does it have to be stated that Hitler was not Christian… let alone Catholic, before every agenda-driven atheist, bigoted evangelical, and rabid homo-Nazi decides to process, absorb and ultimately be honest enough to accept that fact, in order to refrain from parading that old saw whenever it is convenient? Hitler MIGHT have been born within a ‘culturally/habitually Catholic family and country,’ which does not mean he was either fully catechized, or practiced the tenets of his purported faith. The proof is in who, and what he turned out to be: an ego-maniacal MONSTER! Sons and… Read more »
I should point out that my mention of Hitler’s Christianity is not because I’m against religion, necessarily. That was just the most common-knowledge example I could think of to illustrate my point. And, unsurprisingly, the rebuttal was a predictable “He wasn’t a real Christian.” So that really begs the question: Do you think Christians are actually capable of doing evil things? It seems very convenient to just jettison a self-professed follower of your faith because of something wrong or evil they may have done. So what would be your explanation be for the Inquisition, Salem witch trials, Southern Christian endorsement… Read more »


I honestly don’t care if he was Christian or not.

I just take issue with articles that say he must have been gay because he was evil. Quite frankly, that’s pathetic.

But I’m glad that you reacted as strongly as you did. It certainly proves that nobody likes being grouped together with the most evil beings in world history because of their social affiliations.