Hitler is alive and well in the Western World

by Don Hank

Dear Reader, I need to come clean: Assuming you have now read the horrible stories about what happened to Christer Johannson (http://laiglesforum.com/2009/09/07/home-schooled-boy-snatched-from-plane-in-sweden/) and Michael Hickman (http://laiglesforum.com/2009/09/14/german-jugendamt-unlawfully-blocks-fathers-contact-with-children/), I need to say I have been getting a steady stream of such reports as these from Germany since I founded this web site and have published a few here, but quite honestly, I have not been able to report nearly as much of this news about the child abusing authorities in Europe (or the US or Canada either) as I have wanted to. Once I have read too many such accounts depression sets in and I need to pull away.

I can’t tell you how many dozens of these reports I have had from Germany over just the last few months. In one case, a girl committed suicide in the custody of the Jugendamt because she was denied access to her mom. In many cases, as in Michael’s, the children were intelligent, well balanced and doing well in school. They had a bright future ahead of them. And then after being snatched by the “child welfare” (it is a cruel joke to call it that) authorities, they lose all interest in school, their future, themselves. They turn to drugs, alcohol and sex.  In other cases, the JA allowed kids to stay with horribly dangerous parents who eventually killed them — after the JA had received numerous warnings that the kids were at risk.

In most cases, the abducted kids are never allowed to see their parents again, and in many cases, the whole case has exploded over an anonymous letter with no foundation in fact. In a very large percentage of cases, the kids are removed from homeschooling Christian parents who are declared part of a “parallel society.” That is the weirdest thing of all, because the German authorities are a parallel society with almost no relation to the real world at all. They are completely heartless zombies who seem totally incapable of feeling any empathy. Like polilticians, they are only interested in keeping their jobs and getting their paychecks.

Muslims are also targeted for their beliefs.

And then there is a certain percentage of the kids who are taken because they are too bright. I kid you not. Kids with high IQs almost invariably hate German schools because they are incredibly boring, in a politically correct way. For example, in math class, the teacher may give them a problem involving the calculation of the amount of pollution that comes from cars at a given exhaust output per hour or the like. It is not usually useful down-to-earth information that will help the kids cope with everyday life, just a lot of cheap green politics aimed at making people hate humans, human children, child bearing, child rearing, etc.  Kids who are too bright to swallow this garbage are considered anti-social or retarded. The officials can’t face the fact that it is they themselves who are anti-social and possibly underdeveloped mentally.

I finally decided to write something about these child abuses on the part of the authorities when a German lady in exile begged me to. Otherwise I would not have been able to gather up the nerve. It is that painful.

I have never mentioned this but I think now is the time to say it:

I have German Christians, many of them home schoolers, writing me from various points in the globe who have escaped their home country, generally with their children. They either won’t give their whereabouts or they make me promise not to divulge them. Of course, I won’t. Some will not even tell me what country they are in and some are extremely bitter toward the authorities who divested them of all of their humanity. They are everywhere and they are scared! One wants me to encode all messages but I don’t know how.

Others in Germany are just biding their time waiting for their chance to escape.

Some German friends have told of being followed by secret agents abroad. Fantasies? Perhaps, but when we look at what these officials do to children, how can we doubt that they would destroy an adult without remorse?

But I need to say this too: one of my closest friends in the US is a Christian who has 3 boys who were doing well in school too, when the judge gave custody to a mother who had no family values whatsoever. This man could prove that the children were doing well with him. He could prove in court that the mother wasn’t even sending the kids to school. But he was poor and could not afford a lawyer.

So his boys are now paying the price of a corrupt judiciary. Their mom lets them bring their girlfriends home and sleep over. They drink, smoke, do drugs, and one boy is now in a juvenile correction center. He has done petty crimes, has threatened to kill people, has even attacked the father.

Mom has had 3 husbands. Her favorite trick is to wait until hubby goes deer hunting. Then she moves out with the furniture, the kids and moves in with another guy, whom she then marries only to ditch him as well.

The court sees no problem with her.

This story is also typical of those I used to hear all the time as head of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents.

There is not one story that I mentioned about Germany that has not been duplicated in America, land of the free, home of the brave. We are no longer brave or free. We have caved in to PC and a godless cheap relativism.

Don’ t believe it?

Pick any one of these videos and watch:

YouTube – Innocence Destroyed – Part 1 – WARNING: Graphic Content#t=52

YouTube – Innocence Destroyed – Part 2 – WARNING: Graphic Content

YouTube – Innocence Destroyed – Part 3 – WARNING: Graphic Content

Hitler is alive and well, in Germany, in the US, almost everywhere in the West. How did this happen? The short answer: we have forgotten God.

The long answer: we have forgotten God.

Without God there is no answer for any of us. The people have forgotten God, and when this happens, there is nothing but darkness. I have lived long enough to know that. Wherever people reject God, there is misery and hearache. It is plain to see, and yet “intellectuals” often get it backwards: they look at how godless people harm others and then they say God is to blame. But that is nonsense. God gave you a brain and a free will. What you do with these gifts is up to you. If you choose to harm others, then that is your choice and your fault and your sin. You say “but I don’t harm anyone, and yet God gave me a miserable life.” Misery didn’t come from God. It came from the absence of God. Wherever people sin — do harm that is — it is because they have rejected God’s laws. The 100 million murders under communism are irrefutable proof of the existence of God: it’s what happens when you remove Him. If people have not rejected Him, these murders would not have happened. It is really that simple, although the rocket scientist in you may get in the way of your accepting that.

Some of you have complained that the bad guys have taken over our country. Then you turn around and say it’s because of God. If it was the bad guys, then how could it have been God? That doesn’t make sense. You say “what about pedophile priests?” Do you not realize that Jesus predicted false teachers would come in His name? If He warned of them and they came, doesn’t that reinforce your faith?

Jesus said “I am come that ye may have life and that ye may have it more abundantly.” Let’s put aside this foolish playing at life. It is not a game and you can’t make your own rules. God already made them. All you need to do is follow them — straight on  to happiness. That’s how the West was won the first time around and that’s how it will be won again. If you want it back, that’s the only way.

But you need to stop the crying and be a real man.

God bless and good night.

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[…] Hitler is alive and well in the Western World […]

Maggie Tuttle
Having read Hitler is alive and well, yes I will agree that he lives on in many, if he was allowed to kill 6 million people, and yes the world knew it was happening,but then they say it was war, the only war at the time was the UGENICS SOCIETY, remember in 1933 at the 3rd world ugenics meeting held by the most prominent people in the world, they said that the population must by the year 200? be bought down. But what ever they and Hitler did, although horrendous, is nothing compaired to what is happening to children world… Read more »
Christopher Witmer

The first video link does not work; here is a functional link to the video:

Portia Barrett
“Kids who are too bright to swallow this garbage are considered anti-social or retarded” Yes, I had the same problem in Eire/Irealand some years ago- where social services deemed my children too intelligent and in need of “normalising”- so their “cure was to lock the children in prisons and give ELECTRIC SHOCK THERAPY. No psychiatrist was ever involved with the children- just a UK trained social worker and a rubberstamp judge. We did escape and I home schooled abroad- resulting in the children being free to think for themselves and being self employed at 15 yrs old. I know several… Read more »