GOOD NEWS: Austria files criminal complaint over alleged NSA snooping

by Don Hank on May 5, 2015

Why is this good news? Germany is one of the few countries in Europe that still wants sanction against Russia, not because Russia has harmed Germany in any way but because the Neocons in Washington told her she must. They can’t articulate their reasons any better than Merkel but she sees her partner across the pond as a means of staying in power so she is hedging her bets. Thus she is a lapdog of the Neocons who sound like they want war with a nuclear superpower, which comes in a package with another superpower. Feel safe yet? You betcha you don’t!
Several other countries in Europe and also a lot of German citizens are sick and tired of Merkel groveling at the feet of Washington every time she is told to heel. A lot of Americans are also sick of the war games, which are held mostly to appease the Saudis in exchange for the perpetuation of the petrodollar.
European media are saying that Merkel has so far insulated herself from these spying charges, and scapegoats are being found to preserve her Hintern intact.
But this news that Austria is seeking criminal charges for this unprofessional behavior could be a game changer. Charges are only charges. But the stench of a conviction would be wafted all the way to the top of the hierarchy. (from @AP)

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