Global warming: the hard, cold facts

A chill on global warming hysteria

By Don Hank

Al Gore never quits. He has now written an article for the New York Times turning up the heat on the global warming hysteria.

There is no science in the article, and even a low-key allusion to the fraud perpetrated by the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, which deliberately ignored data pointing to global cooling and presented the fraudulent “hockey stick chart” to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) as bona fide.

The climate change propagandists maintain that the actual data on which the dire Gore’ian predictions are based are available on the internet and therefore they weren’t really hiding anything. Of course, security experts tell us the safest place to hide something in the home is right out in the open. The Left has long mastered this technique.

But they are right, after all. The data are there for everyone to examine.

But there are at least 2 reasons you aren’t finding them.

1 – The warming-hysterical mainstream media aren’t about to besmirch themselves by pointing out the actual temperature trends, since global cooling is evident at the darnedest places.

2 –  Many conservatives are loathe to dedicate the study time needed to understand the issue.

Their intellectual laziness is an expensive mistake, because it is obvious to anyone who has taken even a cursory look at the issue, that “global warming” is all about bilking the world’s working stiffs out of even more money with a universal carbon tax and scams like the one perpetrated in the UK, where 1,700 people lost their jobs and almost a billion pounds in “carbon offset” cash was or will be paid to close down the Corus Redcar steel plant and move it to India, where supposedly less carbon will be emitted thanks to new technology. Excuse us, but couldn’t the new environmentally friendlier technology have been introduced in the UK instead of firing all those people and stealing a billion pounds from them?

But the real kicker is that the head of the Indian company (Tata) receiving the taxpayer’s hard earned cash is also the head of the IPCC, where the “carbon offset” scam originated – a clear cut conflict of interests. That’s illegal and would give these newly unemployed Redcar employees a perfect basis for a lawsuit. I would strongly urge them to aggressively pursue their interests in court.

So to set the record straight, here are some real data, collected by real scientists showing how unreal “global warming” really is:

1-Recent arctic data (up to 2009) show cooling and more extensive sea ice:

2 – Earlier arctic data also show cooling, since 1956:

3 – Over the last 100 years, arctic temperatures reached their highest levels in the 1930s, not in Al Gore’s life time, notwithstanding powerful suggestions to the contrary:

Further reading:

IPCC scandal – Climategate:

Global cooling charts:

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Constance E. Cumbey

THANK YOU for a hard hitting, well researched, and relevant article. It’s about time somebody proclaimed that “truly the emperor has no clothes.”

Simon C-S
Simon C-S

(or, as I should have said, an article on the article!) The article is here…

These are UNITED NATIONS paid scientists and let’s not forget Ban Ki Moon tried to lobby our legislators to pass Cap n trade to screw each and every one of us. It’s time to DEMAND the US withdrawl from the UN. On top of all of this, UNESCO pushes their propaganda through the International Baccalaureate PRogram in many US schools. What do you think they push? Global Warming. It’s right there in the IB Geography syllabus at the IB web site. IF you have IB in your town..fight to rid yourself of the program that’s nothing but political indoctrination for… Read more »
Richard J. Sannasardo
Richard J. Sannasardo

I look forward to your valuable and informative articles. It’s refreshing to read the truth that is spawned by God given wisdom and vigilance. God bless you for your courage and conviction. Keep up the good work!

Richard Sannasardo

Lee S Gliddon Jr
Rely on Al Gore for truth is akin to swimming a river with a two ton boulder tied to your waist. When you drown Gore would look and say, “Gee, I could’ve sworn that stone would float. I wonder what he did wrong to drown?” As a Liberal Gore blames anything he wants, that is impossible, on anyone other than himself. It is Obama’s intent to support Gore simply due to his insane desire to raise taxes (Cap & Trade) and justify spending America’s money to gain a place in the New World Order! We must do all within our… Read more »
Walter Dany

Liberals/Progressives are of one mind to deatroy the USA by any means. Once done they can start over by providing us with steel balls and chains.


Thanks Don, this website is at the forefront of cracking the global warming fraud. I have learned a lot on here already. Please keep it up!


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