Fox News pretends unconfirmed report is confirmed

Fox News pretends unconfirmed report is confirmed

Posted by Don Hank  May 2, 2015

A friend just sent me the below linked report
which says

“Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for NORAD, declined to confirm the incursion to The Times, but said that no jets were dispatched to intercept intruding aircraft.” [other reports have maintained that jets were dispatched–Don]

Then after admitting that the report is unconfirmed, they cheekily continue

“The incident was the first Russian bomber incursion of a U.S. or Canadian air defense zone this year.”

Now wait, if it is unconfirmed, you can’t call it an “incident” or a “Russian bomber incursion” because you have admitted no one knows if it really happened or not. Honest reporters (back when they existed) would, in such a case, say “the alleged incident.” But now an allegation by an unnamed source is considered a verified fact.
So why do you think Fox News would bother to issue an unconfirmed report and pretend it is a fact? Hint: Their reports tend to support the Neocons and their source is a Neocon rag.
Yet the average American will read this unconfirmed non-report of a Russian incursion and assume it is all true and that Russia is about to nuke us so we had better nuke them first.
BTW, the cited source, the Washington Free Beacon, is itself a Neocon rag. One of its editors is married to the daughter of Bill Kristol, a RINO supporting Neocon, while the other is reported to have served as McCain’s communications director.
Yeah they can be trusted. NOOOOT.
I recommend you give reports from the Washington Free Beacon and Fox News a pass.

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