European Court imposes immorality on Russia

The European court, which has played the part of God to packed houses in continental political theaters for decades, is now trying to assert the same role in Russia, demanding that this sovereign nation yield its sense of moral rectitude to the decadent West’s political correctness — and specifically, demanding that Russia allow “gay” parades and even pay a fine for past infractions of “human rights” in refusing to allow such parades.

Meanwhile Russia has always maintained that homosexuality spreads disease, is unnatural and offends the morals of Russians. 

While the sheeplike European nations have invariably fallen into line behind the unelected officials of the EU, I somehow can’t see Russia bowing to this pressure from the Western know-it-alls.  If they do, these snotty elites will have achieved what Napoleon, and later Hitler, were unable to do when they sent their armies into Russia: make her bow to the wishes of an arbitrary and godless foreign Empire.

Many Christians and the politically incorrect are — secretly or openly — hoping Russia stands her ground and refuses to cede her sovereignty to the arrogant European Court. Most probably think the Russians will flout the decision just to flex their muscles and show us who is boss.

That would certainly be one good reason for them to hold their ground. After all, like China, the other non-western super power, Russia has never shown the least bit of sympathy for the nebulous notion of “interdependence” that is the philosophical foundation for global elitism.  However, Russian history provides clues to an even more deeply rooted motive.

From the 1860s on, there was a smoldering social revolt gaining ground in Russia as the ideas of the “enlightenment” began trickling in, primarily from France, carried back by young aristocrats who had been to Paris and other European capitals and had been infected with the libertinism reigning among young university students there. The ostensible premises for change were political but were served up on a platter garnished liberally with heady promises of sexual freedom irresistible to young Russians of all social strata.

Thus from about the 1860s, Russia was shepherded into a European style socio-political revolutionary mindset that paved the way for the actual revolution in 1917.

But as with all revolutions, unexpected consequences set in. In retrospect, the revolutionaries should have seen it coming. Older Russians, even those sympathetic to the revolution, always had a disdain for the French and their moral depravity, as evidenced in the works of authors like Tolstoy and Turgenev.

Very shortly after the revolution, this titillating sexual apéritif that had provided a kind of euphorigenic drug, numbing the masses to the otherwise less-palatable realities (the blood baths and internecine warfare that led to the murder of thousands, including the czar and his family), was quickly swept away, supplanted by a rigid totalitarianism intolerant of the young idealists and their romantic notions of free love and Parisian-like communes. Anyone nourishing hopes of restoring the cherished libertinism was crushed. Some went to prison, others were murdered, others simply disappeared.

The fiery young poet Mayakovsky committed suicide. Others did the same as it dawned on them that the paradise they had longed for was turning into a sexually repressed hell, at least by their jaded standards.

Now, in terms of mores and sexual libertinism, Europe is approximately where Russia was then. So which way will Russia go this time, you ask?

It is clear that ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, the government was in no way sympathetic to the “gay” culture that had tried to carve inroads into its cities. The Muscovite mayor consistently refused permits for gay parades and when the “grassroots homosexuals” defied the bans, he bashed heads.

If we consider that Russian strong man Putin comes from the old-regime’s KGB, it will be no surprise if Russia decides either to ignore this decision by the European Court or even to drop out of the European Convention of Human Rights.

If that should happen, then we can put this Russian intransigence together with China’s refusal to upgrade its Renminbi and glimpse a picture of a West crumbling under the weight of its greed, arrogance, lust for power and loss of common sense and Christian values that once gave it moral authority over the rest of the world.

The West that once gained the upper hand over the Evil Empire, is quickly going bankrupt both economically and morally. As things turn out this time, it is not too big to fail either way no matter how many nations get together and bleat in unison.

Because bears aren’t afraid of sheep.

copyright© Don Hank, M.A. in Russian Studies

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Janet Hensley

Good for the Russians. At least for now there is someone who has their heads on right. Homosexuality is not accepted by God. That is what He has said in the Word.

Dave Levine

Don, you’ve convinced me it’s time to study up my my (uh-hm!) Russian history! I love the “apertif” reference to sex in France and then in Russia. From Russia, with love! “Debauchery” is another good description for the French and I guess the Russians prior to the Revolution.

The whole thing confuses the hell out of me. The left, and many on the Right insist that Homosexuals are born, and have no choice in the matter. They have zero evidence to support this but lets entertain them for a minute. If Homosexuals are Born with a predisposition toward self destructive deviant sexual behavior, Why not treat them? Why must we redefine normal as if sexual orientation were choice made between consenting adults, while insisting that they have no choice in the matter? Why offer children instruction on “alternative lifestyle Choices”, To make a few who claim its not… Read more »
George McAulay
I was tolerant of, but not accepting of) Homosexuality when was younger 40-odd years ago, I was in a well-mannered discussion over homosexuals (we could have well-mannered discussions on race, homosexuality and feminism in those days) before PC demanded an immediate hissy-fit from antagonists of the PC view. A charismatic Sergeant-Major had been discovered, and, as I found out later, not for the first time, in a homosexual ménage, and was dismissed from the Army. The older guy said to me ” Study your history –when a civilisation tolerates homosexuality, it collapses.” Very true. I had been unaware of his… Read more »
Feminism is behind the feminization of Western man. A society which is to survive has God as the head of all power, the man as the head of the family – the father. Feminism is as the sin of witchcraft and anyone promoting it is taking part in a dance with the devil. It is now time to warn those who have ears to hear that the end is upon us. Stand and if necessary die defending the right to speak the truth but do not let these hordes of gollums silence us. It is time also to dust off… Read more »
Constantine Ivanov
Just a few notes that I allow to myself as a former Russian citizen: 1. “since the fall of the Soviet Union, the government was in no way sympathetic to the “gay” culture” – not precisely correct. As long as I remember myself (hmmm…that’s long enough), meaning LONG BEFORE the said fall, not only the government but also common Russians were, to say softly, not much friendly to homosexuals whom they called just “pederasts,” which linguistically is not correct because in Greek it means only “boys-lover.” Just a couple of examples of an “unfriendly” relation of the Soviet Government to… Read more »

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