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Don Hank, email: zoilandon@msn.com

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Anthony Horvath

Bio of Anthony Horvath

Anthony Horvath is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries. ACM is an apologetics ministry that aims to reach out both to the Christian and the nonChristian.  Anthony’s primary outreach site is www.sntjohnny.com, based on his longtime screen name in Internet chats, ‘sntjohnny.’ Anthony is the author of Fidelis, the first in the Birth Pangs …

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Editor-in-Chief: Bio of Donald Hank

From 1971 to 2009, Don Hank was the owner and operator of a technical translation agency. He has translated professionally from over 20 languages and is the author of Japanese-to-English Technical Translation Manual and French-English Dictionary of Aluminum Manufacturing Terms. He is now retired and residing in Panama with his wife and their daughter. A former language teacher, …

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  1. RUTH

    HELLO , I have been receiving Sons emails and updates for about a year or more and all of a sudden they quit . I have talked to a couple of others and the same thing happened .I was wondering if everything is ok with Don? Or why his emails stopped coming . Could you please make sure im on the email list for Dons articles ? terrianda2@yahoo.com , thank you . I believe i have contacted Don by email asking what happened but didnt get a reply just wanted to make sure I continue getting his messages as he is a true expert on many things especially RUssia . thank you hope to start tecieivng emails soon . Ruth slater

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