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Laigle’s Forum accepts column submissions for review and potential publication. To have your column(s) considered, please send an email to editor@laiglesforum.com

Editor in Chief:

Don Hank, email: zoilandon@msn.com

Staff Writer:

Anthony Horvath

One thought on “Editorial Staff

  1. HELLO , I have been receiving Sons emails and updates for about a year or more and all of a sudden they quit . I have talked to a couple of others and the same thing happened .I was wondering if everything is ok with Don? Or why his emails stopped coming . Could you please make sure im on the email list for Dons articles ? terrianda2@yahoo.com , thank you . I believe i have contacted Don by email asking what happened but didnt get a reply just wanted to make sure I continue getting his messages as he is a true expert on many things especially RUssia . thank you hope to start tecieivng emails soon . Ruth slater

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