Does Trump only pick on women?

Most of you probably know that a judge in Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant called one of the most promising contestants a foul word and drew a pornographic picture of her just because she does not share his warped leftist views about marriage.

But how many of you have associated that with the bully Trump on his TV show where he fires trembling helpless ladies with such apparent pleasure?

I wrote the following letter to Donald Trump. I asked him if he has the courage to fire a male.

If you also have misgivings about the way this yound lady was treated, won’t you take the time to write to Donald Trump? He does not accept emails, but this time, I figure writing a snail mail is worth the effort.

April 22, 2009

Mr. Donald Trump / 725 5th Ave. / New York, NY 10022

Dear Mr. Trump,

By now you will have heard from a number of Americans who are wondering how the Miss USA pageant could have possibly degenerated to the extent it has just recently, with your judge Perez Hilton calling one of the most popular and promising beauty queens a foul name and drawing a pornographic picture of her, all because she – like you, I am sure – believes in traditional marriage.

We know that you pride yourself in showing class. Yet it seems you have hired a man with so little class it seems hardly appropriate to say “no class,” or even “low class” when describing him. His kind of behavior is so putrid and repugnant it is off the charts. The behavior of animals in the barnyard is a cut better.

Please tell me you didn’t know he was this kind of slime before you allowed him to be a judge in this event. If I thought you did, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time writing you.

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama has said he too believes marriage is between a man and a woman. I wonder if Hilton has an equally low opinion of Mr. Obama. Or does he only pick on helpless women?

My readers and I would be really interested in what you think and would appreciate more than just a boiler plate response. Do you think people who believe in traditional marriage need to take a back seat on the bus? Are atheism and leftist ideals a requisite to being a Miss USA these days?

Americans have seen you many times on TV looking a scared little girl in the eye and shattering her dreams by thundering the words “you’re fired.” Bravo! I’m sure that took tremendous courage for a powerful billionaire like yourself. I now challenge you to show equal courage in dealing with a low-life, foul-mouthed, slithering slimeball male who gets his thrills by attacking helpless females simply for standing up for decency.

Mr. Trump, all eyes are on you now. Screw up your courage again and say what you need to say: Perez Hilton, you’re fired!

Or do you only pick on ladies?


Don Hank


Laigle’s Forum


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6 Responses to “Does Trump only pick on women?”

  1. Enough said.. Well done!!!

  2. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I implore you to do the right thing and put this Perez guy out of the lime light once and for all. Perez is a want a be celebrity with issues. In all honesty even the gay community can’t stand him. What he did was inappropriate, the question was slanted and I am proud this girl stood up for her convictions regardless of who was listening or judging her. Judges are suppose to be impartial clearly Perez is incapable of being impartial. I will never watch a pageant again. NEVER… and I will boycott the Apprentice Program as well. I will also encourage others to Boycott these shows.

  3. Who is Perez Hilton or anyone else in this country to tell ANYONE what to say or to expect them to lie and say the opposite of what they believe, just to please a group of people or to be politically correct?? First, he had no business asking such a question. He did it on purpose. Let’s label him the troublemaker he is. If Hilton and others don’t like people sharing honest answers when ASKED then they are in the wrong country. This is AMERICA! Understand that or go somewhere else!

  4. Well said, Don.

    What in God’s creation is a foul-mouthed, low life sodomite like this doing as a Miss USA Contest judge anyway–judging a female beauty contest!

    This was a setup from the get-go in my humble opinion, and we are now expected to be intimidated and marginalized and silenced. Yeah, right! like I am prepared to give any credence to anything anyone dumb enough to practice sodomy would try to foist on me.

    God bless the attractive Miss Prajean for standing her ground. Mark my word–her star will now rise and she will become far more famous and respected and effective as an “ambassador” to the world (most of which doesn’t agree with the gay agenda either) than Miss USA and Miss Universe themselves.

  5. Somebody running the Miss America,
    must be a homosexual, themselves.
    Why would they have that slime-bag
    as a JUDGE? He might be able to
    judge a Mr. American-pervert contest.
    But he does not belong ANYWHERE in
    polite society.
    Miss California prefaced her
    remarks with ” No offense intended
    to anybody, but….”
    The slime-bag had just offended
    her entire home state; who had twice
    voted on whether or not to mock the
    institution of marriage.
    If Trump does NOT fire “Perez”,
    maybe it is Trump who is the odd
    man out. (“odd” meaning queer).

  6. Trump’s response on Fox this morning was cowardly. He does not condemn Perez in any way. While praising Miss USA for the way she handled the question, he would not admit that giving a contestant a bad mark for her views on marriage is wrong!
    I have heard from many of you who will no longer watch the “trumped up” pageants.
    Donald Trump, you’re fired!
    (Keep writing those letters and emails to the pageant).

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