Do ISIS and Al-Qaeda really hate Israel?

An alarmingly large group of Americans have a terminal case of naiveté. They believe implicitly that Islam teaches hate toward not only the West but also Israel and the Jews and that if ISIS gets strong enough, they will attack Israel.

Although there have been attacks by Muslim terrorist loners in France, the facts in the Middle East get in the way of this theory, and indicate that the Sunni countries of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf statelets, which have demonstrably sponsored ISIS, are extremely cozy with Israel (whose hospitals are known to treat jjhadis, including ISIS:, where ISIS has apologized for attacking Israeli soldiers , and where the Israeli director of a think tank praises ISIS:

QUOTE: “The continuing existence of IS serves a strategic purpose,” wrote [Israeli scholar] Efraim Inbar in “The Destruction of Islamic State Is a Strategic Mistake,” a paper published on Aug. 2.

Inbar, an influential Israeli scholar, is the director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, a think tank that says its mission is to advance “a realist, conservative, and Zionist agenda in the search for security and peace for Israel.”

All of this suggests strongly that there is an ISIS-Israeli-Saudi-US axis (because the US is a faithful ally of Israel, the Saudis and the Gulf states and supports the “moderate” rebels, which no one can show differ substantially from Al-Qaeda and ISIS.)

Now pay strict attention to the below information showing that the Gulf state Bahrain is a brutal dictatorship supported by the US, protects Israel by muzzling those who oppose it. (BTW, Bahrain is Shiia majority but is ruled by Sunni dictators.)

First, here is how we know that Bahrain is a brutal dictatorship that supports ISIS.

QUOTE: The U.S.-backed dictatorships in Qatar and Bahrain also massively fund ISIS.

So if we stop supporting the tyrannies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain, we’ll get a two-fold reduction in terror. END QUOTE

QUOTE: Not only is there a direct link between IS and Bahrain’s security services (as the video suggests), but the Bahraini cohort in the Islamic State includes Turki al-Binali, one of the movement’s most influential radical preachers. END QUOTE

And here is how loyal these ISIS supporters are to Israel, which, as we saw above, also has warm feelings for these jihadis:

QUOTE: A Human Rights Watch (HRW) official who was barred from entering Bahrain over his support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has accused the Gulf state of infringing on free speech.

QUOTE: Since 2015, the Palestine Football Association (PFA) has been urging FIFA to take action against the Israel Football Association (IFA) for allowing six Israeli settlement teams to play in the occupied territories The IFA has been resisting efforts to have settlement clubs relocated to Israel or banned from competition.

So stop saying Islam hates the Jews. The SUNNI Wahhabists support Israel with all their hearts. And remember: every ISIS and Al-Qaeda member is a Sunni Wahhabist. This sect is the most intolerant and violent in the world.

What is the purpose of this officially sanctioned lie? Apparently to create the false impression that Israel and Americans are both victims of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, when in fact, these terror groups are quite fond of Israel. This false impression helps gain the sympathy of softheaded Americans for the Israel-Saudi-ISIS/Al-Qaeda alliance.

As long as we think the enemy is just Islam, pure and simple, we will never ever defeat terror. We will just keep clandestinely supporting it while killing innocent Shiites, as we do in Syria.

Someone needs to ask Trump why his no-visa list included Syria, Iran and others but exempted Saudi Arabia and why one of the first countries he visited as president was Saudi Arabia followed by Israel.


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Charles Tolbert
Why should the presidential press secretary not have stated, “the president will be visiting three major religious countries/communities”. The President is visiting Saudi Arabia Israel and Rome. The press secretary misrepresents the purpose behind The President visiting three major countries. When the press secretary stated that The President is visiting the three major religious groups : Muslim Jewish Catholic/Christian Research will prove he presented this improperly. Islam is not a religion and the majority of Islam is not in Saudi Arabia and in fact Islam is Sharia Law. As American citizens are not all Christians, nor should we be saying… Read more »