Déjà-vu: McCain-Obama all over again

We didn’t learn the last time


by Don Hank

I showed yesterday that Newt Gingrich lied when he denied that

1-      he had peddled lobbying services,

2-      he had supported cap and trade

3-     he  had supported an individual health care mandate.

A thrice denial of New Testament proportions.

I provided links to articles that showed this was all true. It is a matter of public record.

But you know what I found out today?

Today, people who lie about the public record are praised as being expert debaters. Lying is in vogue.

Telling the truth, as Michele Bachmann did, is considered bad sportsmanship and she is being spanked for it. I should have known.

We the People know the GOP has anointed Newt, so we need to shut up and fetch their water. It’s that simple. Newsmax, a faux conservative rag, ran two very telling articles today, one praising Newt as a “true conservative” and another on how Bachmann’s book sales have plummeted, while Newt is selling books like hotcakes. To prove it, Newsmax is helping their darling sell his books, offering us a discount.

I am no prophet and I don’t pretend to know the future. Michael Savage predicts that the “fat little white man” can’t win against Obama.

I won’t go so far as to say that. He could, given a miracle.

But I will say we are reliving 2008, with another McCain clone, and we all saw how that worked out last time.

Here is the danger behind this kind of strategy, where you run a candidate who talks like a conservative but is not all that far to the right of the far-left candidate you are trying to beat, in hopes that people who sort of like Obama’s policies but not the man himself will mistake Newt for a white, fat Obama and reverse their racism again.

Two out of the 3 links I chose for yesterday’s article were taken from the far-leftwing mainstream media and one from Fox News, which is now center-left but still mistaken for “alternative” news by the gullible masses. I chose those links to show that these were not just from some little blogger like me blowing off steam.

Now most of the mainstream is pro-Democrat, even if they aren’t necessarily pro-Obama (how could they be any more?).

So while the three major blemishes I pointed out in yesterday’s article may be glossed over by the GOP and the RINO press, they will be taken under the MSM’s microscope as soon as Newt gets the nod and you will see his pimples, blackheads and fat rolls up-close and personal around the clock ad nauseam until election day.

Now we see through the glass darkly, but then face to face.

Once those blemishes are magnified 1000X as only the MSM can magnify them, even conservatives who backed Newt will be appalled at their naked little emperor.

Many will still vote for him, of course. Conservatives are herd animals.

But it is that amorphous middle that must be courted and brought into our circle to make this work.

And the image they see of Newt, who has never been the darling they cherished in the first place, will not endear him to them, quite the opposite.

They will see the cap and trade endorsement, the individual healthcare mandate, the shameful lobbying for the drug companies, the loot from the discredited Fanny and Freddy, the parade of trophy wives and much more, probably even worse.

As a result, many will vote third party, possibly Ron Paul or the like, and Obama will have a shoe in. (That is, unless Ron Paul has some tricks up his sleeve. He is, after all, closing the gap).

I will make only one prediction. If Newt gets the GOP nod, we are in for some real trouble up ahead. That is absolutely certain.

So why do the top brass at the RNC keep making the mistake of running smelly RINOs every single time? Not being very smart, they think they can convince you that all these blemishes I spoke about, as well as the unspoken ones, are only liberal lies. After all, they did show up in the liberal press.

But here is what they ignore. When the liberal press printed Gingrich’s pronouncements in support of, say, cap and trade, or an individual health care mandate, Gingrich did not go on record denying that he had said those things. He wasn’t running for president as a “conservative.” He was pleasing what he perceived to be the middle. So for Gingrich to deny these statements now makes no sense. He is very obviously lying. Unlike his crony Bill Clinton, he didn’t do something behind closed doors with no witnesses present. Bill was a better liar than Newt. He only miscalculated.

Newt just doesn’t know how to lie. And you won’t have to figure all this out for yourself. The press will eventually tell you. And everyone else, including the vast amorphous middle.

That’s Newt’s problem. And now it’s ours.

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Dave Levine

Correction, Don:

SOME Conservatives are “herd animals”! Bahhhhhh!

I’m not one of them and neither are you.


Indeed so. The only way out I see at this point is for people to get smart and support Ron Paul in the primary. I don’t agree with him across the board, but he is a far cry from going to the general election looking at the Democrats yelling,”Our crook is better than your crook!”

Don, I have believed if people today had a choice of inviting Jesus or the devil to dinner they would choose the devil as he tells more stories that they like to hear and Jesus would tell them the truth. That is something most people don’t want to hear. They prefer the ‘feel’ good story even it is a lie. Truth today is a stranger to most people. It doesn’t bring a good enough laugh it seems and that is why this coming election just might be another joke on the people just like the last one was. We tend… Read more »
joana briggs

Good article. I am buying Michelle’s book and giving copies as gifts. Don ‘t want to let those silly folks use book sales as a criteria to say she is loosing.

Dan Talbot

Ron Paul? BITE YOUR TONGUE !!! The youth voters want him so they can get their pot legally and that is his main attraction to this rotten generation of X-Laxers. We need that organization called SPASM (Society for the Prevention of Asinine Student Movements). RP also wants to sit back and let Iran have the bomb “they are entitled to”. He wants us to mind our own business? So did Neville Chamberlain. So does Cindy Sheehan. We don’t need a surrender-monkey for POTUS.


Newt is no McCain. John was spineless and wouldn’t expose Obama for the radical he is. He held Palin back and refused to dish the dirt on the dirt bagger. Newt will get in the trenches and throw the mud at Obama. Newt will not play nice like McOld. Someone needs to sling the dirt back because the Obamites will be slinging plenty.

Morgan Ward
Great article as usual Don. I really do appreciate your great insight as well as candor in presenting facts that every Logical thinking American should ponder when deciding upon which Candidate to support. I for one can’t understand the thought process that goes on within the GOP and their electorate in their selections as a Presidential Candidate. Facts are a stubborn thing as it doesn’t matter what you believe or desire to be true, facts do not go away. In Newt’s case as you so justly pointed out, the facts are within the record that is easily verified by anyone… Read more »
John A
play it again Sam……….NO THANKS to the Porker! With the RNC running the likes of Bob Dole, John Mc Cain and the Bilderberg suggestion of Newt, one has to finally figure out the fix is in. It is not about liberty and freedom and the success of taking our country back, it is business as usual. The two parties are the problem. They are in it for themselves and will take down the middle class in the process, unless a change outside the box is attested. The intentional handling of Ron Paul by the media is proof positive of their… Read more »