Those charismatic warmongers

Those charismatic warmongers


by Don Hank

There are a number of very charismatic and famous people out there who are awfully good at convincing people of their way of thinking. GW Bush was one. Didn’t ya just love him and his little Texas twang?
Shucks yeah!

And you all know Glenn Beck. Great conservative, right? Charismatic, dynamic speaker, hates big government and taxes on the rich. He’s campaigning for Hillary. That is, he is adamantly against Trump — same thing.

Then there is Trevor Loudon, a baker from New Zealand. The timbre of Trevor’s voice and his down-under accent remind one of Crocodile Dundee. Charming man. He and Cliff Kincaid – less charming to be sure — have a little clique going. They claim to be conservative and have latched on to conservative issues to push for more military spending and stuff. But they have been highly critical of Trump because, see, for them, if you aren’t filled with seething hate for Putin, you are not a good American. One of them posted a piece in which he claims that since Trump once “thought about” building a Trump Tower in Moscow, why that means he is a filthy rotten anti-American commie scum. Stands to reason, right? Never turn your back on them Russkies. They have since come into line with the GOP in its acceptance of Trump but are no doubt ready to turn on him at a moment’s notice.

And then there’s Bill Whittle. Charismatic, dynamic speaker, has his facts straight… Well most of the time. Linked below is his fact filled expose of the KGB, the entire bloody history, tying Putin to all of this blood and gore, even claiming that Putin ordered the killing of a defector in England, despite the lack of any serious evidence, and in fact, despite some keen analysis here, here, here, etc.  By the time you get to the end of Bill’s video, you are convinced that Putin eats little human babies for breakfast and was the brains behind the murder of the Tsar.

Now to be sure, the KGB and its forerunners were horrible in the Soviet days. (Like the CIA in this country, which created the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and knocked off national leaders like Iran’s president Mossadegh whenever it saw fit, causing permanent bad blood between us and them. But of course, ISIS fighters are good guys down underneath and they need US protection and tax payer TLC.)

But in spite of the KGB’s horrid blemishes, there emerged, early on, media and art creations in Russia that glorified the KGB and portrayed it as a patriotic organization that protected its people – which, in its cruel way, it did. For this reason, the KGB has long been known in Russia as the Shield and Sword.

Naturally, then, a 1968 film glorifying a spy was titled “Shchit i mech” (the shield and sword), based on a novel by that name by Vadim Kozhevnikov. Johann Weiss, the man who eventually joins the KGB in the film, was the best friend of another man whose father had been murdered by the Nazis. They were both Germans raised in Latvia, then part of the Soviet Union, and as the plot progresses, we catch, on a train headed for Germany, a glimpse of the Nazis, sinister and cruel, contrasted with the Soviet citizens, their victims, who mind their own business and are peaceful.

On this train is Johann, returning to Germany as part of a mass exodus from Latvia. At first he is caught up in the enthusiasm surrounding the Third Reich, but soon he sees the brutal way that outsiders are treated by the Germans. He eventually joins a spy agency in Germany supposedly to spy on the Soviets, but in fact is a double agent in the service of the Soviets. Bill Whittle would feel uncomfortable with this film.

It is impossible to view the film without feeling revulsion at the Germans and admiration for their persecuted victims, both Jews and Soviets.

In his biography, Putin says that this film was one of the main reasons why he joined the KGB. Now since Putin was born in 1952 and the film hit the big screens in 1968 when Putin was still contemplating his future career choice, it is more than likely that he was telling the truth and his motives were no doubt mostly patriotic ones. Further, Western slander to the contrary, Putin worked primarily as an intel analyst, posted abroad — in E. Germany — and not in Russia, where the traditional KGB harassment of Soviet citizens took place at one time. He also states in his bio that the young KGB recruits of that time were a completely different breed and were only vaguely aware of the atrocities attributed to that organization in the past. Certainly, the mild-mannered Putin had no taste for the brutality of the historic Cheka and its later metamorphoses under Stalin. Almost no Soviets did at that time, a transition period toward more freedom that ultimately evolved into Gorbachev’s Glasnost period.

Of course, we can’t expect Neocons to have seen this Soviet film or to have an intimate understanding of the Russians and their history, particularly those dark years when they were thrust into disastrous contact with the Nazis. So naturally, we can expect a lot of often dangerous ignorance about the Russians in the West. We are not disappointed.

The problem is, as hard as it is for Westerners to countenance, the Russians are not living their lives to please the West, especially not the Neocons. Therefore, the more absurd and hateful things ignorant Westerners say and write about them and their leadership, and the more saber rattling and threats we throw at them, the more worried they get and the more they build up militarily. You’d think the Neocons would be more careful. You’d be wrong.

Even if you don’t want to assign blame, it is certainly long past time to stop the Russia bashing and try to sit back and get as accurate a picture as you can of these people who are not the enemy of We the people but whom we are told by our “leaders” we are supposed to hate for a lot of reasons that don’t quite pass the smell test (see my article “The Russkies are coming” here). But if we fail to show the requisite degree of hate, we are bad Americans in these petite-sized minds.

Can we ever grow out of this irrational state of mind and start being objective about the Russians? Our future survival may very well depend on it.

Linked below is an example of the marshaling of carefully selected facts – couched in slick language — to make the Russians look like congenitally cruel barbarians, in a video presentation that could contribute mightily to WW III.

The irony of this video is that, while it describes many of the horrors perpetrated by the KGB in the Soviet past, it omits a comparison to another country that caused two horrendous world wars, slaughtered millions of innocent Jews in concentration camps, almost destroyed all of Europe and Russia and cost the US hundreds of thousands of young lives. It also ignores an objective comparison with the shenanigans of the CIA that gave birth to ISIS. Selecting the most incriminating facts about any country and pretending that none of these negatives could ever be imputed to one’s own or another country is a recipe for war and it is the exact pattern of selective reporting by which Neocons work their evil.

Such a comparison of Russia with Germany or with our CIA would bring things into proper perspective, but that is not part of the West’s propaganda effort and today is considered beside the point. Bring on the war already!

In fact, without this perspective, the sheeple will slip and slide into another conflagration worse than the other two. It will be nuclear.

Here is that very biased and unbalanced presentation:

Don Hank