China: Big bully in the South China Sea

China: big bully in the South China Sea


by Don Hank

China is claiming vast amounts of water in the South China Sea and this claim is a nuisance to our allies, esp the Philippines, and to Vietnam, which, ironically, could become an ally under these circumstances.

The international tribunal in The Hague just declared China’s claims illegal. It was a no-brainer since no country has ever in history claimed thousands of square miles of ocean far removed from its territorial waters.

So what does China say about the court decision? So What? That’s what.

So why is China doing this?

Because it can.

And why can it?

Because back in the 70s, Kissinger and Nixon got this hare-brained idea to give China “Most Favored Nation” status, or in other words, to treat it just like any other friendly nation, even though it was anything but friendly. In short, the hare-brains made China fabulously rich but without changing its mind about us in the least. Their government still hates our guts.

So why would anyone in their right mind do something so stupid?

That’s easy. Even before the Neocons like Zbigniew Brzezinski and the majority of the last batch of GOP candidates decided that Russia was the number one enemy (wtihout explaining why), there had always been a fear of Russia taking over the world. It started in the 1800s when England — the most expansionist state in all of history — began propagandizing against Russia calling it “expansionist.” Haha! Get it? Wait, it wasn’t a joke! The notion stuck and is alive even today, when the US, currently the most expansionist country in the world, has taken to routinely calling Russia expansionist. Plus ça change….

Now there were two large powerful communist states in the world in the 70s, but somehow, these hare-brains in the White House thought that if the US made China rich, it would become a faithful ally against Russia. I explained this in greater detail here if you care to check it out.

So now, our stupidity has led to a huge crisis, with China, the ally who wouldn’t be one, threatening the entire Pacific Rim, building islands and putting military bases on them to keep everyone else out. Thank you, Kissinger and Nixon.

So what is the answer?

Ok, we made China rich, right? By giving this avowed enemy free trade status. It turns out Trump was right. We need to eliminate that status right now, drastically cutting back on purchases from China and bringing manufacturing back to the US. There’s no point in sending more warships into that area and causing confrontations when we hold the Chinese purse strings. Don’t expect Obama or Hillary to do this. They’ll just pretend to confront China while giggling up their sleeves, the way they are doing in Syria and Iraq.

Trump says he would cut China trade.

Just sayin’.


More works than fireworks

More works than fireworks

Don Hank

I want to call your attention to an article by Chuck Baldwin that briefly explains how the international banking cabal has seized the reins of United States politics, media and finance and now controls us. Please save it for reference, read it, reread it, ponder it and let it motivate you to work and fight for the real independence day that awaits America and the world.

Sorry, Folks, but this is no time to celebrate. America is not independent of its tormentors, far from it, as you will see from Chuck’s article. We are truly less free than in colonial times under the British.

The US was actually independent for a few short years after the revolution, but shortly thereafter, the international banking community seized the reins and after a brief but valiant fight by President Andrew Jackson in the 1830s, We the People lost all control to these Satanic parasites, who have been grabbing increasing amounts of power and treasure ever since and now their minions in the Fed have impoverished the middle class, you and me.

But the bankers Chuck Baldwin speaks about here are also the Neocons who control our foreign policy, a senseless Satanic matrix that only kills and is not intended to bring even a moment of peace, let alone lasting peace. Once the Satanic bankers have been removed from power, Washington’s insane killing machine will be powerless to harm our friends and assist our enemies, killing Christians in the Middle East and Kosovo, founding and funding terrorists like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. (Note that John McCain, the Satanist who sends arms to terrorists in Syria, is mentioned below as a member of the CFR, clearly indicating that the banking elite that controls our government is the same Neocon elite that deliberately kills Christians abroad).

But recently, the peoples of the world, including the middle classes in the US and Europe and both the people and the entire hierarchy in Russia and its allies, have gotten awake and started fighting back, simply by learning and speaking the truth. What I call the “Trump phenomenon” in the US and the Brexit in the UK are the first rumblings and the first steps forward out of the darkness.

But without you and your successful search for the truth about the enemy that holds us in thrall, there is no way out. We will simply perish.

It is your duty to know the truth, because as Jesus rightly said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Only through knowledge of the truth can we be free. And even though we be in chains, we can be truly free in the knowledge that Jesus spoke of and the message He gave us of salvation.

It is all one and the same thing, the spiritual in a perfect marriage with the material.

But if you still feel like celebrating this Fourth, then celebrate our future independence, which we are just now beginning to see in the faintest of outlines. It could be a glorious thing.

But before we can glimpse the Kingdom, we all have work to do, and the mother of all battles ahead of us. More works than fireworks.