Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 30

Why you should fear the Fourth Reich

Why you should fear the Fourth Reich by Don Hank Recently, in a mass email to friends, I referred to the Merkel regime as the Fourth Reich, and this raised eyebrows. One said “surely you can’t compare today’s Germany with the Third Reich?” My response was as follows: My ancestors were all Germans. On at …

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Jun 19

Declassified document shows Obama DID know he was creating ISIS

Declassified document proves Obama DID know he was creating ISIS   by Don Hank A recent column appearing at confirmed that a tweet by Donald Trump hinting that Obama knew he was creating a terror group when he sent arms to “rebels” in Syria was on the money.   QUOTE: The tweet included a …

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Jun 16

Obama’s own Napoleonic Wars

Obama’s Napoleonic Wars   by Don Hank In Europe, the elections are manipulated and Eurosceptical political parties are neutralized simply by being called “nationalist.” This is like the label “demagogue,” which is applied to non-Establishment candidates because they remind people of things that would make anyone but the lobotomized angry. Reminding people of the obvious …

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Jun 14

Who’s the REAL demagogue? Trump or the Establishment?

Who’s the REAL demagogue? Trump or the Establishment? by Don Hank A British writer who does not like Donald Trump recently expressed publicly:   “Mr Trump’s rallies increasingly attract violence – by his opponents and his supporters.” In a three-way conversation in which I was included, a mutual friend reminded him that it is not fair to blame a …

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Jun 11

Will Putin hand Trump the presidency?

Will Putin hand the presidency to Trump? by Don Hank I was invited to participate in a conversation among a group of friends who are hoping that the Kremlin will turn over their cache of Hillary emails obtained via the Romanian hacker “Guccifer” just in time to smear her prior to the November election. Judge …

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Jun 10

Anti-Russianism is every bit as dangerous as anti-Semitism

Anti-Russian is as bad as anti-Jewish. Both are dangerous by Don Hank After I published yesterday’s article, titled “RT condemned as anti-Jewish for copying a Jewish newspaper’s headline verbatim,” I received another email from the Russia-hating friend who had alerted me to the article condemning RT for its headline. She said that Ha’aretz is a …

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Jun 10

RT condemned as anti-Jewish for publishing an Israeli news feed verbatim

RT condemned as anti-Jewish for copying a Jewish newspaper’s headline verbatim   by Don Hank   There is a rumor that the Russian online news service RT reported that the Tel Aviv massacre that has been widely reported was perpetrated by Ultraorthodox Jews. However, even the hysterical article condemning RT for this “dishonesty” contains the …

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Jun 07

Do you feel lucky, Punk? Well, do ya, Barack?

Obama on power trip teasing the bear  by Don Hank Erich Zuesse wrote wrote an article for Global Research with the chilling title “Obama Slams Door in Putin’s Face: Says If Putin Doesn’t Want Russia’s Retaliatory Forces Eliminated, He’ll Need to Be the One to Press the Nuclear Button First.” QUOTE: “Aegis Ashore Missile Defense …

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Jun 04

Neocons farther down the path to extinction

Neocons making progress on the path to extinction   by Don Hank Zero Hedge has just run a commentary entitled “America’s Greatest Threat Is Its Crazed ‘Leadership’ And Its Brainwashed Population”. The following quote from that article best sums up its main point: QUOTE: ”The sole reason why the USA and Russia have found themselves …

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Jun 01

Prevent nuclear war: Stop Hillary

Stop Hillary and prevent nuclear war   by Don Hank An article recently appeared in a blog operated by an independent intel analyst who is particularly knowledgeable about Russian military hardware.  The article is co-authored by 3 experts and is a warning of the threat of a war with Russia that would be triggered not …

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