Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 31

New details on US-Saudi deal suggest Washington supporting terrorist regime

New details of US-Saudi deal suggest Washington supports terror   by Don Hank Bloomberg recently exposed the story – kept under wraps for over 40 years — of the US-Saudi petrodollar agreement under which the US agreed to use its military to protect the Saudi family in exchange for the Saudis’ demanding US dollars as …

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May 28

Trump the most likely to keep the peace?

A world without war is possible (but you won’t see it)   Don Hank One of my correspondents sent me an email containing a pasted article entitled “A World Without Nuclear Weapons — Ours.” The gist of it was that the Obama government was paring back our nuclear arsenal while Russia was beefing up theirs …

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May 25

Saudi press claims US behind 911 attacks

Saudis now claim US behind 911 attacks   by Don Hank The Saudi press, seething over the possibility that Congress will allow the families of 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, is now claiming the US is 100% behind the 911 attacks. While  am not buying the Saudi narrative that the attacks were made in …

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May 24

Russia refuses to sell tanks to Iran

Russia refuses to sell tanks to Iran   by Don Hank Russia is constantly accused in the West of only pursuing its own selfish interests in the world, particularly in the Middle East. However, if that were true, then, particularly now that US-imposed sanctions are hurting them economically, one would expect them to sell arms …

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May 20

Germany’s Fourth Reich supports terror in Crimea

The entire Western elitosphere has been quietly dismantling Judeo-Christian culture and putting non-Muslims (Jews, Christians and non-believers) at serious risk for over a half-century, starting roughly in about 1953, when the CIA facilitated a coup against the democratically elected government of Iran ( The CIA later admitted their — and Britain’s role: The upshot was …

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May 17

Is your favorite news site REALLY conservative? Or is it Neocon?

Is your favorite news site REALLY conservative? Or is it Neocon?  by Don Hank There is a good chance that those “conservative” sites you read are not actually conservative but instead are Neocon or a combination of Neocon and Libertarian. Let me put it bluntly: Neoconservative is roughly the diametric opposite of conservative, as explained …

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May 13

Has WND gone full-bore Neocon?

by Don Hank WND reports here that “Russian officials” threatened to turn Romania into “smoking ruins.” They did not provide a link to that quote and did not state what Russian “official” had said it. So I went fishing and discovered that the quote came from a NYT article and no Russian officials were quoted. In …

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May 12

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a US-Soros-led covert operation?

Is Dilma impeachment the result of a covert US-Soros operation? by Don Hank The alternate news site takes a critical view of the Dilma Rousseff impeachment process and its lead-up in Brazil, pointing out that it has all the earmarks of a Washington-led covert action. The cogent analysis they present supports what I have …

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May 11

Next US president must understand the Putin Principle

The disarmingly simple Putin Principle in foreign policy by Don Hank One of the cardinal points raised by Sun-tzu in his “Art of War” is the proposition of knowing the enemy. I will take that a step further and say that sometimes knowing the enemy leads to the discovery that he is not the enemy after all. …

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