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Apr 14

The msm’s slander of Putin: “not my fight”

Slander of Putin: “not my fight” by Don Hank In response to my latest article on the Panama Papers and their false indictment of Putin, I received an email from a reader who said he had too many fights and didn’t have time to get involved in matters regarding Putin and rumors surrounding him. Obviously, …

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Apr 13

Those magnificent men and their lying machines

Those magnificent men and their lying machines by Don Hank Stratfor, a web site that purports to be a tool for strategic forecasting, generally presents a viewpoint and focus that have been identified as Neoconservative and pro-Establishment. Back in 2014, I commented here on Stratfor when I noticed that some of my friends had mistaken it for …

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Apr 12

Look what’s happening in the European region that NATO “defended”

Look what’s happening in the European region that NATO “defended” by Don Hank From the site: Pravoslavie.RU From the fourteenth century to the present day, the land of Kosovo and Metohija has been, and will always remain, the spiritual heartland of the Serbian Orthodox nation. Sanctified by a multitude of monasteries and churches as well …

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Apr 11

60 Minutes: declassify proof of Saudi role in 911 w/ Bush complicity

60 Minutes: Declassify proof that Saudis committed 911 attacks w/ Bush complicity by Don Hank CBS’s 60 Minutes presented on April 10, 2016 a “compelling case for releasing 28 pages on 911,” which apparently indict Saudi Arabia for its substantial support for the 911 hijackings and terror. The Bush administration kept these 28 pages secret …

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Apr 08

Commemorating the 1968 anti-Jewish campaign in Poland

Commemorating the March 1968 anti-Jewish campaign in Poland by Don Hank The Jerusalem Post recently ran a column commemorating the expulsion of Jews from Poland in March of 1968 in the regime of Wladyslaw Gomulka. The Jews in communist Poland in 1968 were seen as sympathetic to Israel’s gains in the 6 Day War of …

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Apr 06

Crack analyst confirms my assessment of Panama Papers reporting

Crack analyst agrees with my assessment of Panama “scandal”   by Don Hank I suggested to you here that the Panama story that falsely linked Russian president Vladimir Putin to an offshore account (in a scheme that is not illegal anyway) was manufactured and reported at this point in time because Putin and Assad had just …

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Apr 05

Russian vs US foreign policy

Russian vs US foreign policy by Don Hank Our thanks to our UK friend Viv for a video link to an excellent exposition by Nikolai Starikov, a brilliant geopolitical analyst. The US has some analysts of this caliber, such as Pat Buchanan but will never give them political power. (I had commented here under the …

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Apr 04

msm: Forget Putin/Assad routed ISIS

msm: forget Putin/Assad liberated Palmyra   by Don Hank   Remember my article “Horrible news! Russia and Assad rout ISIS”?  I just KNEW at that time that the msm would not let this news sink in before they ran a blitz of anti-Putin articles to help you forget. Well, sure enough. The Neocon propaganda machine …

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Apr 03

Who is the REAL bully in the Ukraine crisis?

Who is the REAL bully in the Ukraine crisis?   by Don Hank   The anti-Trump Neocons at Fox News are at it again. They recently aired interviews with ex-officials of the Obama government who blamed most of the world’s current ills on Russia, calling Putin a bully (standard fare today) because his country defended …

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Apr 02

Assad’s engineers unearth ISIS horrors in Palmyra

Assad’s engineers unearth horrors in Palmyra. We have Washington to thank   by Don Hank   Following the liberation of Palmyra by the Russians and Assad’s forces, horrors were unearthed. QUOTE Palmyra mass grave: Tortured women & children among dozens of ISIS victims unearthed by Syrian Army The Syrian Army is unearthing a mass grave …

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