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Mar 31

State governor bans Christian tradition in “Land of the Free”

State governor bans Christian tradition in “Land of the Free”   by Don Hank Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has usurped power over his own citizens and abolished religious freedom in his state by vetoing house bill HB757, with the text:    “A BILL to be entitled an Act to protect religious freedoms; to amend …

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Mar 29

Film on Saudi brutality corroborates my warnings

The new video Saudi Arabia Uncovered is an expose of the brutal torture and murders occurring almost daily in the Saudi kingdom and the Western acceptance of this evil. I have said before that the US government has shaped its foreign policy around Saudi interests — in order to keep the Saudis happy enough to …

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Mar 26

Why we can’t see reality

Why we can’t see reality   by Don Hank   In response to my commentary intended to show that the Western elites actually often make mistakes by blindly shaping and implementing policy based solely on ideology and not on reality, a reader, who either missed my point or disagreed with it, averred that the European …

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Mar 25

Elitists shocked: Same identical experiment fails again

Global elites shocked: Same identical experiment fails again   by Don Hank I am hearing from a number of people who say that the elites are allowing terror acts in order to have an excuse to declare martial law. In other words, the elitists are omnipotent and all-wise and everything that happens these days is …

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Mar 24

Horrible news! Russia and Assad rout ISIS

The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling! I was just listening to Fox News (“know the enemy”) and heard the news that Assad’s troops, aided by Russian air strikes, had just routed ISIS from Palmyra in Syria, the city whose priceless ancient ruins were blown to bits under the watchless gaze of NATO and …

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Mar 23

The only way Europe can be saved

Fox News recently reported that there are some 400 ISIS fighters poised to unleash hell against the foolish Europeans who insist on importing them to their shores in the vain hope that they will somehow assimilate and learn “European values.” So why this is happening in Europe and not the US? This is happening there primarily …

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Mar 22

So you’re fond of NATO, eh, Mr. Cruz? Check out these videos of NATO in Kosovo

If you liked GW Bush and his wars, you will LOVE Ted Cruz, guaranteed. He will enable all of you folks nostalgic for the Bush years to relive all the exciting action and more. And Fox will make it even more enjoyable for you with their glowing reports of all the glorious US-led wars and …

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Mar 21

Open letter to Stratfor publisher George Friedman

Open letter to Stratfor editor George Friedman by Don Hank Your latest analysis titled “Even as the Russians withdraw, their legacy in Syria remains,” reveals the estimated numbers and positions of Russian armaments left after the partial drawdown of forces in Syria. Your point seems to be that, while Russia promised a withdrawal of its military …

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Mar 16

Rodney Atkinson’s visit to Russia

Our colleague Rodney Atkinson is an entrepreneur, prolific author (visit Amazon and search his name), academician and more. He has been variously a lecturer at the University of Mainz in Germany but has also lectured before the UK Parliament. He recently returned from Krasnodar in Russia, where he was lecturing, as described in his article …

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Mar 16

NATO gives Saudis free reign to promote terror

Below is my translation of the latest article form german-foreign-policy. What is said about Germany applies to the US as well. But those of us who have read my exposé on the petrodollar agreement know that this pact with the devil, ie, the Saudis, has always been the reason for our subservience to the Saudi royals and …

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