Why Washington and Wall Street support Wahhabism

Why Washington and Wall Street support Wahhabism


by Don Hank


A reader of my commentaries sent this link to a story of a large American man confronting a Saudi in a US city who was raving on in defense of ISIS. This shows, among other things, that radical Islamists feel comfortable defending ISIS because they know the US government does not sincerely oppose the group.

I keep reminding readers that 92% of Saudi citizens polled have said that ISIS represents the “spirit of Islam.” That means we are not fighting just a rogue government but in fact an entire populace that would die for this fanatical idea. The Saudi fanatic is representative of an entire nation that loves ISIS, hates America and receives the full support of our wretched government.

Now Turkey is starting to run along with the Saudis and adopting Wahhabism.

Now this would be horrible but manageable if it were not for the fact that the US government has wholeheartedly supported the Saudis.



After reading this, you will stop thinking the Washington Satanists are just crazy or inept. They know exactly what they are doing. They are propping up a dollar that, without the Saudis’ charging ONLY US dollars for their oil, would have melted down a long time ago thanks to the Fed’s seemingly insane policy of printing dollars unbacked by anything and our government’s frenetic give-away policies.

The Fed knows the Saudis have teflonized the dollar and it can’t lose its value. (BTW, if it were not for the Saudi support of the dollar, the Fed would be brought into line and the US would be able to grow its real economy again so don’t think for one minute that this artificial life support for the USD is a good thing. It only allows your government to control you and keep you poor while making its cronies rich). How do I know your “government” has made this pact with the devil and supports the spread of Wahhabism in exchange for a sound petrodollar?

The answer is so obvious and easy you will kick yourself for not figuring it out a long time ago.

Since Sunni Wahhabism teaches that the world should only be inhabited by Sunni Muslims of the most radical kind (like the chap in the video linked above), they will not tolerate 2 kinds of governments in the Muslim world, namely:

1–secular ones, like Ghadaffi’s, Mubarak’s, Saddam Hussein’s, Assad’s, etc. Now what happened to these governments? The leaders were deposed and they are all dead, and all the Christians in those countries are now in deep peril, are dead or have emigrated, right?

WHO — what country and its allies — killed or deposed these leaders? You know the answer to that. The Saudis’ GOOD FRIEND the USA. (It was not the fault of the general public. They were kept in the dark. But today is Sunday. If you are a Christian and you continue to let this happen — by never protesting and never telling your friends and family this awful truth, how are you going to face the Lord on Judgment Day?)

2—So what is the other kind of government the Saudis will not tolerate?

Christian governments, like the Serbian government. The Serbs are Orthodox, like the Russians. Not only that, there was a large group of Muslims in Serbia, and they were being ruled by this Christian government, which refused to coddle them when they committed the usual crimes like raping Serbian women. So the government cracked down on them. Behind the scenes, the Saudis told Bill Clinton they would not tolerate this situation. So the US government, media and allies spread the tale that the Serbian government – trying to bring the Muslim trouble makers under control – were committing genocide (that is the same story they tell about Assad – a story told and promoted by the genocidal Saudis!).

So the US went into Kosovo, supported by a false story of genocide, attacked the civilian population, bombed hospitals and other infrastructure, brought down the Christian leader, and carved a new MUSLIM state out of Serbia.

Our mistreatment of the gentle beleaguered Bashar Al-Assad fits this pattern perfectly. While he is  not a Christian himself, he is a Shiite (and specifically, an Alawite), and if there is such a thing as a good Muslim, it is the Alawites, who protect and aid Christians.

Assad is in turn supported by the Russians, and this fits the puzzle, showing why the Neocons in government and media have created artificial hatred of Russia, the most Christian country in the world, which has been provoked almost beyond measure by the US government. There is nothing in any of these details that does not fit my theory to a t.

Now we come to the most ticklish part. What about Israel?

Surely you have noticed by now that the Saudi-supported ISIS has not attacked or threatened Israel? How can Wahhabis tolerate a non Muslim state in their midst?

Friends, Israel is surviving by doing what the US government is doing: going along with the Saudi strategy (both the US and Israel are dhimmis). For example, Netanyahu came to the US Congress to try to persuade them to support an Israeli airstrike on Shia Iran. This is exactly what the Saudis want. Sunni Wahhabists cannot tolerate Shiites, and Iran is almost 100% Shiite — the branch of Islam that tolerates Christianity (although you would never learn this from the Neocon press and msm). Israel does not need to fight Iran for its own purposes. In fact, almost half of Israelis do not want such a confrontation. But the Israelis know that if they please the Saudis, like good dhimmis, they will be rewarded. They also know that they will please the Neocon US government. Finally, note that the only groups and nations that oppose Israel are predominantly Shiite, the enemy of the Sunnis, esp the Wahhabis. You see how seamlessly it all fits together?

There are many more details but let us stop here and analyze what we have got:

Since GW Bush, every aspect of US foreign and military policy has coincided perfectly with the Saudi Wahhabist plan, as you can see. There were no wars or near-wars – such as the US support for the Arab Spring, which brought down or challenged secular governments – that did not benefit the Saudi plans for the spread of their fanatical religion. And likewise, you will have noticed that there were none that really truly benefited the US or its economy.

The evidence for my theory is overwhelming and those who have read my pertinent analyses here http://laiglesforum.com/how-the-petrodollar-perpetuates-islamic-terror/3216.htm and http://drrichswier.com/2014/06/15/washington-d-c-seat-caliphate/ and have absorbed them are convinced. There can be no rational argument against this theory. The only barriers to accepting it are normalcy bias and a feeling that knowing this is like eating the forbidden fruit.

But God knows I am right, and Jesus said He was the truth and the light. The Bible says that men love darkness because their deeds are evil.

Washington DC is the heart of darkness. Our job is to flood it with the truth and the light.

We have no time to lose.


Are we on the brink of world war?

Are we on the brink of world war?


Don Hank
Zero Hedge recently published an utterly apocalyptic article titled The Quagmire To End All Quagmires, suggesting that the world is once more on the brink of war, and again faces madmen – this time Turkish president Erdogan and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The factual content of the article is good and the analysis is good as far as it goes. However, the author is in thrall to normalcy bias and the usual overdose of Russophobia.

This quote shows that ZH has never considered the only possible way out:


In Syria, the US will either fold or go all in. On past form, it will choose the latter and rue it ever after. Few Americans, inside or outside the government, realize either that those are the choices or that the stakes are so high. Sadly, such realizations may come only when their sons and daughters are drafted, or as the image of a mushroom cloud fills the screens of their mobile devices.


This author is just as brainwashed as the average Joe Sixpack. As we see, he thinks we have only two choices — either stay out of the fray or go all in — but this is patently false. We have the same choices we had in December of 1941, namely, either go in as an ally of Russia or lose. And lose more than we did in Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Syria, etc. We’d lose our country and what is left of civilization.

The hard truth that no one wants to face is that without Russia, the allies would have lost WW II. The Russians killed 3 fascists to every one killed by all other combatants combined. Yet only a handful of Westerners are aware of this – or of the fact that it was the Russians, not the Americans, who liberated Auschwitz. Russophobia was already doing its dirty work back then. There would have been no D-Day without the Russians because after the Germans made the mistake of sending their hapless troops into Russia, they lost the bulk of their fighting men, who mostly simply froze or starved to death. Without this catastrophic invasion of Russia, the German army we met in Normandy would have been overwhelming.

But the playing field is radically different today, and the layout of the chess board more favorable for a win if we can ever snap out of our media-induced delusion that Russia is the enemy and not our potential savior. Here’s why:

1–Russia is well prepared to fight the Sunni radicals in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Her war planes are said to be faster and more maneuverable than anything we have; they have hyper-precision missiles, warships with anti-ship missiles; S-400 ground to air missiles that scare US military leaders to death; T-90 tanks that reportedly have withstood a direct hit by TOW anti-tank missiles; reportedly, tactical nukes that would level the playing field despite overwhelming numbers of men and materiel; and China.

2—The US is also well prepared militarily,despite rumors that we are weak,

3—Whereas the US hesitated for years before entering WW II, it now has the option of entering early.

On the debit side of the ledger, however, is the following:

Whereas in WW II, despite the fact that Russia was a communist dictatorship, Americans had no qualms about joining it in fighting the fascists, because they had not gone through a Cold War replete with anti-Russian Neocon propaganda including GOP primaries, and had not seen all episodes of Stallone’s Rocky series. Russia is now a modern forward looking democracy (maybe not perfect, but a more efficient state than any state in the West, given the populace’s willingness to fight and to follow a highly competent leader without the handicap of dozens of victim groups demanding special favors – a debilitating situation in peace time, but dangerous in war time).

Many hapless Americans now are imbued with the false notion that Russia is somehow our worst enemy. Our last 2 GOP presidential candidates fed us this lie and most of our current batch of losers is saying the same thing. Trump is the most notable outlier but even he has done some Putin bashing, perhaps just to blend in.

The most precarious aspect of our current situation is that, in a superhuman effort to suspend disbelief in order to support the petrodollar, we have been pretending for over 50 years that the Saudis were the good guys, to the point of actually supporting their insane campaign to make Wahhabism the dominant religion in the world, even allowing their proxies, ie, various terror groups starting with the Taliban and ending with ISIS, to eradicate Christianity and all other religions that stood in their way. You can argue that Washington was not really literally doing this intentionally, but US foreign and military policy makes a deliberate effort on the part of the US government to support the murderous religious fanatics the default explanation. Washington’s words were whispered, its actions screamed.

Events are now catching up with us faster than they did in WW II, and the inevitability of our joining forces with the Russians against the Sunni hordes is almost upon us.

Unfortunately, we have pretended for 50 years that the Sunnis were friends and the Shiites and their Russian allies were foe.

This is the main obstacle to our doing what we must do. In other words, Washington will ultimately have to eat a hearty helping of crow if we are to survive.

Given the past reluctance of our elites to allow Russia to do what she had to do to protect civilization, and in fact their absurd contention that Russia was a worse enemy than ISIS, the US has painted itself into a corner with its propaganda.

And yet events have a way of overtaking people at the most embarrassing times.

To get a glimpse of what is likely coming, remember French President Hollande’s abrupt about-face on Russia and Assad when he realized that he had been personally targeted by the jihadists in the Paris massacre.

Reality has a way of not going away when our propaganda effort demands that it do so.





Are you prepared to see your daughters and wives enslaved?

Are you prepared to see your daughters and wives enslaved?

by Don Hank

A reader who read my article Neocons: Isis is friend, Iran is foe emailed me and objected to my solution to team up with Russia and bring order to the Middle East, saying that Iran is a client of Russia and the Saudis and Turks are clients of the US. In other words, there never will be change in the Middle East, and we will always be enemies with Russia and friends with the Saudi and Turkish throat slasher supporters.

Maybe he’s right and this futile dance macabre will never stop. But it sounds like something worth fighting to stop, especially if you know a little something about the historic modus operandi of Sunni Muslims.

The difference between Russia and the Washington government is that the former has a client, Shiite Iran, that bears Russia goodwill and will genuinely cooperate with it (because it knows Russia will not tolerate any nonsense), while the latter has a client, ie, the Sunni world, notably Saudi Arabia and Turkey, that hates everything the US stands for and will eventually overcome and kill it (because it knows the entire Western power structure is a pathetically weak and stupid negotiator). Like a rattlesnake and its careless handler.

If the Saudis and Turks are a client of ours, then ISIS is also our client. They are all on the same team but Americans, suffering from terminal normalcy bias, refuse to face that vital fact and demand an end to this deadly relationship. Unfortunately, we have been led by the nose by Washington elites, but this must stop at some point because you can’t be with Satan and God at the same time. (The reason for the seemingly irrational favoritism toward the Saudis is explained here: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/150314. It turns out the US has a justification but an evil one).

The only way we can stop the wars in the Middle East is to do what is unthinkable for many Americans, trained to reflexively hate Russia, and that is, join forces with Russia and, as a team, make it clear to everyone in the Middle East (including Israel) that no one is special any more and no one is anyone’s client. And that our only aim is true and lasting peace between the nations. And that we won’t tolerate sneaky tricks or nations taking advantage of others or bullying others. You are taught to hate Iran and Assad and a large percentage of you do, but the fact is, they are being bullied mercilessly by the Saudis and Turks and their terrorist protégés, and Washington is cheering on the bullies thinking it can somehow outsmart them and stay ahead of the game without the snake ever biting them. Marlin Perkins also thought he was smarter than snakes, may he rest in peace.

Russia has already taken concrete steps to bring the two sides – Sunni and Shiite –   together and to equalize them, but the US refuses to go along and to seek peace or balance in the Middle East. Instead, Washington seeks to impose its will by creating chaos. But this policy has a shelf life and the product is starting to smell.

And know this: Civilization will definitely die within the lifetimes of our children unless we stop antagonizing people of good will and aiding and abetting the Sunni killers. ISIS will just continue to grow and flood our shores just as it is doing in Europe, even as brain dead Americans say “we have to be nice.”

There’s not much time left to rectify all the sins of the past and start moving to save civilization. If we don’t, you had better practice bowing toward Mecca and get used to watching your daughters and wives taken as slaves.

If you think I am making this up, view this video and draw your conclusions:



And stop saying it is all the fault of the Dems and Obama. This foolish mindset has brought us to the brink of calamity by inducing us to shuttle back and forth between 2 effete political parties that have no intention of ever taking a step toward saving civilization. And dismantling these parties, my friend, is job no. one for every American.

BTW, revisiting that earlier article, I wanted to point out that, despite the Neocon slogan that “all Muslims are equally evil,” there are in fact major differences between Iran and the Saudis. The people of Iran (not necessarily the leaders, of course) are kindly disposed toward the American people. Here are some links that clearly demonstrate that:




The article linked below shows that the Iranians and the Americans share a lot in common: Like us, they mistrust Washington. But 51% like the American people.


Now contrast this with the Saudis, where a poll showed that 92% of the population think ISIS embodies the spirit of Islam


Now considering that the Saudis spawned Al-Qaeda, which in turn knocked down the Twin Towers and perpetrated other massacres against Westerners, it is plain to see that the Saudis do not like Americans at all.

In fact, their main religion, Wahhabism (a Sunni sect ), teaches that only Sunni Muslims have a right to inhabit planet earth. The practice of Christianity is banned in Saudi Arabia. By contrast, there are 600 Christian churches in Shiite Iran. Now no one is saying these Christians have an easy life. But much of the persecution is undoubtedly due to the fact that Christianity is falsely associated with the US and we have deliberately behaved as the enemy of Iran – starting with the killing of their popular president Mossadegh in 1953 in a coup instigated by the CIA (as confirmed by a declassified document). By this act, the US government provoked the Iranian people to see Washington as the enemy. Prior to 1953, they had done nothing to America to merit this slap in the face.

Washington then foisted the Shah on them (just as Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland later foisted the inept puppet Yatsenyuk on Ukraine), a leader they only reluctantly accepted and who wound up perpetrating brutal acts of violence on various segments of the population. This led to the radicalization of Iran that we experience today, which sees the US and Iranian governments at loggerheads with each other.

Incredibly, US officials have learned absolutely nothing since 1953. They saw what their intervention did to Iran. And then they saw how their more-recent intervention made failed states of Kosovo, Libya, Syria and, for a time, Egypt. Yet they have shown no signs of slowing down.

So how can this vicious cycle be broken?

Only you can break it, by telling your officials you do not accept this unwarranted support of the Sunni world – the Saudis and Turks who reject our people and our culture – and this unwarranted provocation of the Shia world, which is inclined to be friends if we let them.

Demand that the government stop the unfair treatment of our friends, including Assad and Putin, who protect Christians in Syria, and the Iranian people, who, along with the Syrians, are the only boots on the ground fighting ISIS.

Either that or prepare to see your women enslaved.

Neocons: ISIS is friend, Iran is enemy

A friend (C) sent me the WSJ article appearing below my commentary. It represents the Neocon viewpoint that Iran and its other Shiite allies are the most dangerous enemy of the American people. The author exploits the fact that Obama is a disaster to suggest that the trouble with Obama’s foreign policy is his Iran policy. Yet, upon analysis, this article harbors a hidden suggestion that the Sunnis — including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and their protege ISIS — are not a serious problem, and that if we can just bring Iran under control then ISIS will just melt away, and we can rely on our “allies” Saudi Arabia and Turkey (which spawned and fund ISIS) to resolve the Middle East crisis. Authors like the one below are really up against a huge challenge, namely, making black seem white and white seem black. Logic tells us that the group that chops heads of Christians and declares that it will take over the world must be by far the most dangerous enemy. Yet the Neocons insist that ISIS is not the problem at all. Iran — the only country other than Syria that sincerely engages ISIS on the ground — is the biggest threat. Logic tells us this is absurd and dangerous thinking.

So how do these enemies of the American People manage to control your minds?

By making you think anyone who disagrees with them is a bad American, lacks patriotism and supports Obama.

But the fact is, if you support the GOP and Democrats in Washington and their supporters in the msm, the groups that most Americans mistrust, then it is impossible to say you are a good American. You are an Establishment stooge, and that hurts We the People. Because there are two Americas — the Washington Establishment and its minions in the msm, on college campuses, etc — and We the People.

Until Donald Trump announced his candidacy we had virtually no representation at all. We were sitting ducks.

It behooves every good American to oppose with every fiber of our being the false and treacherous narratives of our Establishment, especially with regard to the Middle East, where Washington’s Satanic policies are killing Christians and other minorities in the name of “security.” The main reason they have gotten away with this so far is that Americans know next to nothing about the cultures, politics, religions and intrigues of the Middle East.

We keep hearing “all Muslims are evil.” This is exactly what the Neocons want you to think.

Below is my response to C.

Don Hank




And yet the writers who want to disarm Iran are just fine with Saudi Arabia and Turkey having all the weapons they want to kill innocent Kurds and Yemenis and to arm their terrorist pals in Syria and Iraq. (Pretending they are “moderates.” However, these moderates include a group called Al-Nusra, which is in fact Al-Qaeda in Syria. Thus our “allies” are supporting the group that knocked down the Twin Towers. And Washington is fine with that! John McCain is delighted.


A quiz on three nations: Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey:

Now, can you tell me which of these countries support and founded ISIS (besides the US) (you may choose more than one)?


Saudi Arabia



Here is another question: One of these nations teaches that ONLY the Sunni religion should be allowed to exist in the world. This same nation bans the worship of Christianity and the importation of Bibles.

Which one?


Another of these nations has 600 Christian churches and allows Bibles to be imported.

Which one?


Pakistan warned one of these nations that if it steps out of line, Pakistan will nuke it. Which one?

We are being led to believe that SUNNI ISIS is a minor league player and that the Shiites are the main enemy. Yet the Muslim world is completely dominated by the Sunnis.


Two of these nations are SUNNI and one is SHIITE. Which ones?


If we were smart, we would improve our relations with the Shiite nations in order to establish a balance, rather than supporting the biggest bullies and even helping them to beat up on the weaker ones. This policy is the very essence of Neoconservatism and is the reason why the Middle East is a mess.

An alliance between Russia and the US for the purpose of restoring balance between Sunnis and Shiites and between both of these branches and Israel would bring peace to the region and enable both East and West to prosper. Russia is already working toward that end but is facing fierce opposition throughout most of the West. Authors like the one below are contributing to the chaos.

The Neocons in both parties want chaos. They, the Neocons, are the true enemy of We the People. We will defeat them or continue to be their slaves.

Here is the most curious thing:

Polls show that only about 20% of Americans trust their government and that we also mistrust our press. http://www.people-press.org/2015/11/23/beyond-distrust-how-americans-view-their-government/ Trump’s poll numbers confirm this.

And YET, while we mistrust our government, a shocking number of us are willing to accept the bipartisan government narrative that the Sunnis are the good guys and the Shiites are the bad guys in the Middle East.

So while we are smart enough not to trust the government, we are allowing it to lead us around by the nose in terms of foreign and military policy.

Our government knows that, even if we mistrust them, thanks to our ignorance about the Middle East, they can still control our minds.

But for how long?

The truth about the Middle East can be found easily enough, even by a Google search if you know what to look for.



Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 14:45:19 +0000


Subject: While all eyes are on the Race – –



Stumbling Toward War


By Arnold Ahlert [PatriotPost.us]

A spate of stories published last week all point in one troubling direction: America’s adversaries have taken the measure of our commander in chief — and found him seriously wanting.

We begin with the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Iran Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan regarding the purchase of the S-300 air defense system and offensive weapons that include Moscow’s most sophisticated T-90 tanks and Su-30 Flanker fighter jets. Thus one of the key provisions of the Iran nuclear deal, a.k.a. UN Resolution 2231 — requiring Tehran to get UN permission before acquiring “battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large calibre artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems” — is on the verge of being ignored. Adding insult to injury, Gen. Dehqan is believed to be the architect of the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 American service members. [SO AHLERT THINKS THAT IRAN AND RUSSIA ARE OUR ADVERSARIES. SINCE HE IGNORES ISIS, HIS MESSAGE IS THAT IF WE CAN JUST CONTROL IRAN AND RUSSIA, THEN ISIS WILL GO AWAY. THIS IS ABSURD SINCE THESE ARE THE ONLY COUNTRIES SINCERELY FIGHTING ISIS—DON]

Iran is also expected to thumb its nose at the same resolution this month when they test a Simorgh space launch vehicle characterized by U.S. officials as the basis of their covert program to develop long-range nuclear missiles. [AND YET, PAKISTAN, WHICH IS INFILTRATED BY ISIS, ALREADY HAS NUKES AND ISBMS AND NEOCONS LIKE AHLERT NEVER MENTION THIS. PAKISTAN IS SUNNI, SAME RELIGION AS ISIS. PAKISTAN HAS BEEN SHOWN TO BE A GREATER THREAT TO ISRAEL THAN IRAN  http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/tarek-fatah/israel-iran_b_3506504.html –DON]. An unnamed State Department official who spoke with The Washington Free Beacon epitomized the administration’s flaccid response to the prospect, declining to speculate as to whether such a launch would violate the agreement, but promising to address any Iranian actions “inconsistent with any relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions … through the appropriate channels.” Iran insists the space launch vehicle’s 220 pound payload is too small to carry a first-generation nuclear warhead. The Beacon’s Bill Gertz reveals otherwise: “Space launch technology is identical to long-range missile technology.”

And from whom is Iran getting the technological expertise for such an effort? An April exposé by Gertz reveals that while the nuclear negotiations with Iran were proceeding, North Korea supplied the mullahs with “several shipments of missile components” that also “appear to violate UN sanctions on both countries.” That would be the very same North Korea that South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) asserts is planning a terrorist attack orchestrated by Kim Jong Un. The same North Korea that launched a long-range rocket of its own this month — following January’s test of hydrogen bomb components. [WHAT ABOUT PAKISTAN, MR. AHLERT? – DON]

Americans must never forget why North Korea has nukes. The same bankrupt ideology that animates the Obama administration’s horrendous deal with Iran drove Bill Clinton and his North Korean emissary Jimmy Carter. They repeatedly assured the nation the Agreed Framework of 1994 would prevent a nuclear North Korea.

> Even if one were to concede such a momentous failure were an honest mistake, the idea the Obama administration would so willingly repeat it exemplifies the arrogance of a president who believes clever rhetoric can overcome evil ambitions by Communist or Islamist totalitarians. [BUT IRAN IS SHIITE, TOLERANT OF CHRISTIANITY, WHILE PAKISTAN IS SUNNI, INTOLERANT OF ALL OTHER RELIGIONS—DON]

An equally ambitious China revealed the hollowness of Obama’s promise of an Asian “pivot,” locating surface-to-air missile launchers and a radar system Woody Island in the South China Sea. The island is part of the Paracel Island chain and ownership is claimed by both Taiwan and Vietnam. The rising level of aggression follows condemnation by China, which vowed there would be consequences following the passage of U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54) within 12 nautical miles of Triton Island, also part of the Paracel chain. A U.S. defense official called “on all claimants to halt land reclamation, construction, and militarization of features in the South China Sea,” but one suspects this is another “red line” moment for the administration. [THE SAME NEOCONS WHO WANT THE US TO CONFRONT RUSSIA AND CHINA CLAIM THEY WANT TO RESTORE THE POLICIES OF RONALD REAGAN. YET THEY IGNORE THE FACT THAT REAGAN HAD THE GOOD SENSE NEVER TO CHALLENGE NUCLEAR-ARMED NATIONS, AS I HAVE SHOWN HERE http://laiglesforum.com/ronald-reagan-would-be-crying-now/3517.htm]

Speaking of red lines, the administration’s failures in Syria may also lead to tragic consequences. “The Syrian civil war, still spiraling out of control, may soon lead to something even worse: a Russian-Turkish conflict that would engulf the region, magnify the war’s death toll and destruction, and likely mark the end of NATO,” explains columnist Benny Avni. Thus Secretary of State John Kerry’s allegedly engendered “cessation of hostilities” has become little more than what the French ambassador in Washington, Gerard Araud, referred to as “a smokescreen for the intensification of the offensive” by Russian and Syrian forces that included the bombing of two hospitals near the former rebel stronghold of Aleppo. “If Russia continues behaving like a terrorist organization and forcing civilians to flee, we will deliver an extremely decisive response,” Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated following the strikes. [YET TURKEY IS PRECISELY THE NATION THAT BUYS AND SELLS ISIS OIL http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/12/12/erdogan-and-the-islamic-state-oil-trade-is-turkey-funding-terrorism/ This makes Turkey a terror supporter, not Russia—Don ]

If Russia and Turkey engage in all out war, NATO is supposed to help Turkey. Avni notes what will likely happen in that event. “We don’t do wars anymore, remember? We, and NATO, are the weakest link in the Syrian war, which by now is a mini-world war, with players from near and far deploying armies and backing proxy militias.” A senior NATO official was even blunter regarding cause and effect: “It’s clear that there has to be some actual ‘redline’ for Mr. Obama, something that the United States cannot tolerate Russia doing — but where is it? If I don’t know, I’m sure the Kremlin doesn’t either.”  .  . [“TOLERATE RUSSIA DOING”? AHLERT CLEARLY THINKS WE SHOULD BE SUPPORTING TURKEY, THE PROVEN SUPPORTER OF ISIS, WHILE CONFRONTING RUSSIA, THE PROVEN ENEMY OF ISIS. THE NEOCONS WANT YOU TO ACCEPT THEIR UPSIDE DOWN VIEW OF THE WORLD SO THAT THEY CAN ENRICH THEMSELVES FROM THE DEATHS OF UNTOLD NUMBERS OF AMERICAN SERVICE MEN IN ANOTHER WAR WITH A FORESEEABLY DISASTROUS OUTCOME—DON]

If Putin is a thug, what is Erdogan?

If Putin is a thug, what is Erdogan?

by Don Hank

A reader forwarded an email exchange between him and a friend who repeats the refrain that Putin is a “thug.” The reader wanted to know how I would answer this friend. I responded as follows.

Western commentators and politicians like to call Putin a thug, based on suppositions and suspicions.

However, when we evaluate human character, since no one is perfect, the conclusion cannot be absolute. To be valid and fair, it must therefore be relative – relative, that is, to other people who are their peers. In this case, to make the evaluation relevant and useful, we would have to compare Putin with a comparable peer or peers among Western allies – in analogy to the use of a control group in scientific studies. Otherwise, if Putin is no more a thug than a US ally is, it would be unfair to Putin and a clear cut sign of Russophobia to call Putin a thug but not others who exhibit similar or worse behavior. But Russophobia is racism, and racists is not who we are – or are we?

Since we are living in the here and now, the only fair evaluation would be a comparison with a comparable peer, say, Turkish president Erdogan, whose country is a NATO member. If we could demonstrate that Putin is more of a thug than Erdogan, then we could perhaps validly call Putin a thug.

In other words, to conclude Putin is a thug would be to conclude that Erdogan is not a thug, or at least that he is significantly less of a thug, since our elites never call Erdogan a thug.

After all, evaluations of foreign leaders are made to assemble useful pragmatic evidence for use in forging foreign policies vis-a-vis the foreign leader in question. It’s a matter of national security.

In the case of Putin, perhaps the most important issue is:

Can we trust Putin enough to cooperate with him, say, in Syria?

Let us just examine this one issue to keep it simple.

Now the internet is awash with reports that Erdogan, via his son Bilal, is buying and selling Syrian oil stolen by ISIS. While complete verification is not yet possible, it is nonetheless certain that there is a thriving oil smuggling business in Turkey and it would be impossible for this to be going on under Erdogan’s nose without him knowing it. A very well-documented report is here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-l-phillips/research-paper-turkey-isi_b_8808024.html.

This suggests 2 things right off the bat:

1—Erdogan’s government is complicit in criminal activity – specifically dealing in stolen goods — a felony.

2—By virtue of the above, Erdogan’s government is a terror supporter and specifically, it supports ISIS, a terror group with which we are at war – or rather We the People are at war with ISIS. Our government is not seriously engaging ISIS on their Syrian turf (thus Obama by his negligence is exposing the people to harm).

So while we may or may not trust Putin, we certainly can see that there is no reason whatsoever to trust Erdogan, particularly in Syria. Further, no one has found credible evidence that Russia supports ISIS or buys ISIS oil. And yet the US Establishment has declared Erdogan an ally in the fight against ISIS and very few Western journalists have protested – even though many of them do protest against cooperating with Putin, who is not buying ISIS oil.

Now comparing Erdogan (and in part, Obama – though he is beyond our narrow scope here) with Putin, we see right away that Putin is fighting ISIS. Our Neocon press is pretending this is not true, but we can easily see that ISIS certainly feels attacked by Russia because when Russia started bombing ISIS targets, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Russian plane downing over Sinai, as reported here http://www.ibtimes.com/isis-group-claims-responsibility-downed-russian-plane-officials-say-malfunction-2163917. (BTW, Turkey had focused its investigation on ISIS in a deadly bombing attack in Ankara months ago but ISIS did not claim responsibility as they normally do, suggesting that Turkey was grasping at straws in an effort to make its alleged opposition to ISIS seem plausible:


“Though no group has claimed responsibility for the deadly weekend bombings in Ankara, the focus of the investigation is the Islamic extremist group ISIS, Turkey’s Prime Minister said Monday.”)

One might contend, however, that the bombing of Syrian hospitals and schools was thuggish, and Putin has been blamed in the Western press for this. But there are several drawbacks to this contention. For one thing, the culprits in the bombing have not been proven to be the Russians, and in fact, the US has also been fingered in this bombing. Further, the Russians have absolutely nothing to gain by bombing civilian facilities, and there therefore is no plausible motive for the Russians, whereas the anti-Russian West has plenty of motive to have done this and pinned it on the Russians.

But thuggishness in foreign leaders also includes bullying and strongarming one’s own people.

Has Putin ever been proved to have bullied his people?

Despite the kangaroo court in the UK where Putin was found “probably” guilty of ordering the murder of Litvinenko, a detailed analysis of the British investigation procedure shows that it was not in keeping even with British law: http://thesaker.is/the-litvinenko-inquiry-londons-absurd-show-trial/ and that there is no such legal precept as “probable guilt.” It is clearly a politically motivated verdict.

There have been an unfortunate number of journalists murdered or suspected to have been murdered in Russia but no link has been established with the government, although some victims were opponents of Putin. However, some of these victims in fact had ties to the underworld while others had run afoul of Chechen Muslims and were apparently killed by terrorists. None of the victims were serious threats to the Putin administration and no strong motive could be established.

Most went unsolved.

In stark contrast to this, it is well known that Erdogan muzzled journalists just before the last presidential election and also has jailed journalists. Erdogan is known to have ordered these thuggish actions, as reported here


“Turkish police on Sunday launched a series of arrests of journalists and other media workers – including the editor of the country’s biggest-selling daily paper – as a purge of opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan worsened.”

So whereas Putin is only suspected by already anti-Russian governments of having been a thug, Erdogan perpetrated his thuggishness openly and therefore, no investigation is necessary to establish his culpability.

So while the Western political class, press and blogosphere routinely call Putin a thug, and never call Erdogan a thug, we can say that a gross injustice is being done against Putin by highly Russophobic Western officials and politicians.

We could also make a similar comparison with Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, the deputy Saudi crown prince, who recently had 46 people executed, including 4 Shiite leaders. The dominant Saudi sect, ie, Wahhabism, the most intolerant Muslim sect, teaches that non-Sunnis, including Christians, deserve the death penalty. The Saudis founded and sponsor Al-Qaeda and ISIS while claiming they oppose these groups. Killing people for their religious faith is thuggishness by any measure.

Yet Western political “leaders” and commentators never call Mohammed bin Salman a thug and the press that they virtually control also gives him a pass, even while keeping the pressure against Putin high. But why wouldn’t they? Washington has been sending arms to Al-Nusra for years, and the other name for that group is “Al-Qaeda in Syria.” So the Neocons are arming and funding the group that took down the Twin Towers. Yes, it serves their purposes to make Russia look bad.

Clearly, in calling Putin a thug while giving true thugs like Erdogan and Salman a pass, the Western elites are relying on their peoples’ lack of analytical ability and the residual anti-Russian sentiment left over from the Cold War, which, thanks to the tireless propaganda efforts of these elites, is now raging once more, even threatening to become a hot war.

Going  back to our question whether we can trust Putin to cooperate with us in Syria, it looks like he is the only one we really can trust to be effectively fighting ISIS, even as the other “allies” seem to be supporting ISIS by their inaction, by supporting them financially and by opposing the most effective adversaries of ISIS.

Is this effectiveness in defeating ISIS not in fact the reason behind all the slander of Putin by the Establishment?

Parable: Donald Trump and the monkey cage

by Don Hank

Trump keeps saying “I’m smah’t”. Well, you know what I’ve noticed: all the smart people I know are for Trump. Seriously! It’s because they know that, despite all his flaws, he is the only NON Establishment candidate out there. But the dummies don’t seem to get it.

A friend of mine asked me why people  are for Trump — where he will take our country to.

I said we don’t want Trump to take us TO anywhere. We want him to take us OUT of somewhere.

When he asked what I meant I said he will take us OUT of Establishment politics and that is all we have longed for for so many many years. We want a government by us and for us and of us, not by, of and for a bunch of shyster old cronies looking out for themselves.

We are like a monkey in a cage at the pet shop. A lot of pet owner candidates are promising the monkey to take him here or there or wherever in his shiny cage. Some of them promise to pick up the cage and bring it to nice parks, tourist attractions, beautiful sights, girl monkeys, etc. But the monkey just sadly shakes his head and curls up in a ball.

Because the monkey is still in the cage. And yet they can’t figure out why he is so unhappy. Cause they’re not very smah’t.

Then years later, a smah’t person from New Yawk comes along and says: Hey, little Buddy. Let me open that cage door and set you free.

The monkey perks up and starts dancing and prancing and jumping up and down because he is so happy! He loves this guy and will follow him anywhere!

That monkey, my friend, is you and me. We don’t want to be taken for a ride by Jeb or Kasich or Christie or another candidate who just can’t seem to see the cage. We just long to be free.

And THAT is why we love Donald Trump.

Security conscious Americans entrust the most vital security task of all to amateurs

Security conscious Americans entrust the most vital security task of all to amateurs


By Don Hank


Americans are funny critters. Many of us are very fussy about safety, as we should be. Most of us are careful to avoid smoking and excessive drinking; we get our exercise, watch our diet, get our check ups, etc, When it comes to our homes, very few of us would leave home with the door unlocked. Most want good fire protection and police services in their neighborhoods and many will organize neighborhood watches to protect themselves from crime and drugs. And we watch our kids to make sure they are doing their homework, not falling into drugs, etc.

Yet, irony of ironies, when it comes to our nation’s foreign policy, which should stand between us and wars that can get us literally blown up or trigger a nuclear winter, our attitude is often as follows:

Our nation is wicked and deserves to be punished. So if God wants to punish us, there is nothing we can do about it.

So don’t lock your door tonight. Prove that God loves and protects you.

No, of course they won’t do that. But foreign policy is something they don’t know the first thing about so that must be left up to God. This is reflected by the kind of questions asked of our candidates. Almost no one asked them about how a war with Russia and China can be avoided, even now that Russia has taken charge of the Syrian conflict. No one has mentioned the plight of Syrian Christians, who almost all are praying daily that Putin, and not the US, will prevail. Why? Hardly anyone one in the US knows or cares. When if comes to starting wars, it’s our business. But when if comes to keeping foreign Christians safe, that’s God’s job.

Why don’t we care what candidates will do about this desperate situation of Syrian Christians?

Why did so many candidates state on public TV recently that they would like to shoot down Russian planes in Syria and why did so many TV viewers sit there and say nothing or even question the wisdom of such an overt act of war? Why did we not care that we might see a nuclear holocaust in the next 4 years as a result of our belligerent and ethnocentric foreign policy? Do they really think foreign policy is a football game? The NH primaries reflect our almost total insouciance toward foreign policy and the threat of war. John Kasich managed to garner second place in the voting and yet he had said some very reckless things about how he would treat Russia without even attempting an explanation. Here, for example, he has said that he wants to confront Putin.

But has anyone thought whether the US should actually confront or, perhaps at first at least, dialogue with the only leader who has dealt a serious blow to ISIS? It seems all too clear that the GOP establishment candidates consider that Putin, a leader who was after all invited by the duly elected president of Syria to help defeat throat slitting terrorists, is the real enemy, while ISIS is just as Obama described, a JV team that poses little danger to US security. Conservatives chide Obama for that absurd statement, but it seems many have fallen for it. Talk about confusion!

Yet our government has so far found no way to keep ISIS and their sympathizers from pulling off mass murders in the US and Europe. They come and go as they please and so Angela Merkel comes up with a typical liberal solution: kill them with kindness by inviting hordes of unvetted Muslim refugees into Europe. Who cares if some have pledged allegiance to ISIS?

But hey! Have Russians killed any Americans in our streets lately?

Apparently a lot of people in New Hampshire think Russian terrorists are likely to start hacking us to bits any day now. Perhaps they think we need ISIS to protect us.

More likely they have fallen prey to Neocon Russia-bashing propaganda.

You know what is really weird here? None of the candidates, such as Hillary, Carly Fiorina, Kasich, Christie, etc, who stick their chests out and crow about confronting Putin, have offered the slightest rationale for opposing him and his policy in Syria or Ukraine. They are exploiting, for their own personal gain and power, the notorious lack of knowledge and concern on the part of American voters.

Again, I remind you that the duly elected president of Syria, an Alawite (the one Muslim sect that believes in coexisting with other religions), has invited Russia to fight ISIS and other terrorists, including US-backed Al-Nusra, a branch of Al-Qaeda (you know, the JV team that knocked down the WTC on 911, 2001). But hey, according to Kasich, you’re supposed to be mad at Putin for killing our terrorists! John McCain, the man who spent your money to train and arm them, sure doesn’t take kindly to Putin. Kasich and McCain would get along famously.

As for Ukraine, our own Assistant Secretary of State, the Neocon Victoria Nuland, admitted in a video-recorded speech that the US spent $5 billion of your money to initiate and promote the bloody coup that overthrew a legitimately elected president in Kiev. And Soros bragged to Fareed Zakaria on national TV here:


“Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now.”

So the US illegally initiated a bloody coup in Ukraine and installed a new government that immediately started bombing Eastern Ukraine and is even today threatening Russian speakers in the East of that country for not cowing down to a quasi-fascist government, and Putin is evil because he protects these people? Kasich thinks so and he thinks you don’t care enough to research the issue.

If you are still struggling with the propaganda that Putin is evil for opposing the new Kiev government, do yourself a favor and watch the new documentary on video titled Ukrainian Agony, here, You will never be confused again.

It is amazing how many Americans are still falling for this absurdity that somehow Russia has no business defending countries and regions that have invited him to do so out of desperation over their security (even as NATO and the US invade without asking), and how many are willing to turn over your national security to men like Kasich whose main attraction is repeating the anti-Russian slogans over and over until your brain falls asleep.




Russian destruction of ISIS oil routes could mean war

Russian destruction of ISIS oil routes could mean war


Don Hank

Russia is fighting the US government’s war for it but no one will thank them because it is only a war for show.

Now RT rports that Russia is destroying ISIS oil routes in Syria, threatening the livelihood and further survival of these murderous religious-fanatics.

The report is good news for anyone who understands the danger ISIS poses to civilization as we know it (that leaves out the Neocons, who think Russia is the enemy and secretly consider ISIS their friend, and can’t seem to wait for WW III so they and their Sunni terrorist pals can whip Russia).

At the same time, a new danger lurks. Assuming this story is true, the Turks will have lost a major source of income, ie, the stolen oil from ISIS, which was being sold to the rest of the world via Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son Bilal. (Google Bilal if you need to).

Already, the Saudis and other Sunni gulf states have threatened to send troops to help ISIS and their collaborators, the US backed “rebels” (don’t forget, that means essentially al-Nusra, aka Al-Qaeda in Syria — can you believe John McCain, who almost became president, helped recruit Al-Qaeda, the group that attacked the US on 911, to fight Assad, and our current White House resident is sending ground troops to aid these terrorists?! Truly America has not had a real president for decades, only Vichy-type collaborators).

This threat from the Sunnis is motivated by the realization that Turkish oil revenues from the stolen booty of ISIS will soon be lost when Russia and Assad finish off ISIS.

How ironic that the country that suffered over a thousand casualties on 911 is now aiding the terrorists who killed so many of us in order to overthrow the legitimately elected government in Syria. But Americans are starting to wake up and the charade is wearing thin.

So what may happen next is that Washington’s loathsome NATO “partner” Turkey and its terror-supporting allies will send overwhelming ground forces to Syria in an attempt to defeat Assad and undo all the progress that has been made since the Russians started operation in Syria. (But do they not realize that China is perfectly capable of defending Russia’s interests if things get hot? Do they think they can defeat the biggest army in the world plus another similarly large one, both equipped with superior high-tech arms and materiel?).

How long will our government pretend that those fighting and defeating ISIS are the enemy, without tipping their hand and admitting that ISIS itself is their de facto ally? Imagine our president saying on national TV: “We must send ground troops to Syria to help ISIS and the rebels defeat the Syrian Army so that the rest of the Syrian Christians can be wiped out forever.”

But indeed, ISIS has always been the ally of the oligarchs in Washington, just as I wrote  back in June of 2014, when people refused to believe it. Now the chickens may soon come home to roost as war breaks out and Washington is forced to decide whether to fight Assad, the friend of We the People (who defends Syrian Christians) or the Frankenstein they created and who wants us all dead or converted.

Remember that when the Turks shot down a Russian plane that was part of the coalition of which the Turks were supposedly members, Washington and NATO “stood by their man” and said Turkey was fully justified in shooting down a coalition plane because the plane had allegedly strayed for a few seconds into Turkish air space.

It should be interesting to see what excuses they manufacture this time.

Islamists burn 86 children alive while Obama visits mosque

Islamists burn 86 kids to death while Obama visits mosque


Don Hank

Nigerian Islamists rampaged in a village and burned 86 children alive, as reported here, where we see a heart-wrenching photo of a little girl’s charred body. Around this time, Obama was visiting a US mosque to show solidarity with people of this religion. Obama never breathed a word of protest or condolences.

QUOTE from the article:

Former police anti-terrorism official John McHugh; “Perhaps if we elect a president with moxie, groups such as Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and other ISIS offshoots will be a thing of the past.”

Yes, John. Now can you think of any presidential candidate with moxie?

What if we had a candidate with the guts to admit — despite all the veiled threats from Neocons not to defend Russia — that it would be smart to let the Russians continue to fight ISIS, even if it means letting Assad continue his legitimate rule in Syria, provided the Syrian people re-elect him? Yes, there is such a candidate. Only one.

But see, folks, we’re supposed to believe that, well, yeah, ISIS is not all that good, and maybe they are naughty boys sometimes, but Assad, the guy whose valiant troops have sacrificed life, limb and comfort for years to fight ISIS and protect Christians and other endangered minorities, are the worst kind of evil and must be prevented by Western leaders — who are, of course, paragons of virtue, morality and exceptionalism — from continuing to rule in Syria. We’re the good guys of the world, rah rah rah! Obama agrees with this. So does Hillary. And almost the entire field of GOP candidates is right there with them.

Yet, folks, have Assad’s troops committed the kind of atrocities depicted in the above- linked article? Has Russia done anything like this? Absolutely not! Our “allies” the Saudis support and finance those atrocities. Your tax money arms and trains these terrorists. Assad fights these fiends and is therefore the bad guy.

Who but Donald Trump has the guts to say in public that the Russians must be allowed free reign in Syria, even though the Establishment beats him up for it? Did Cruz ever say the Russians should be allowed to fight ISIS? Oh, no. He said just the opposite. He wants war with Russia for “interfering” in Syria. See, the elitists like Cruz and the rest of the GOP field think Syria is theirs. In fact, they think the whole world is theirs. And these superior beings decide what is right or wrong and they pass along their wisdom to us peasants. They successfully got rid of that nasty old Judeo-Christian God (whom they hypocritically pay lip service to in Iowan megachurches during electoral campaigns) and are taking His place because they are smarter and more moral than He is. They will be like the most high

Although the Neocon goons keep shrieking that Russia is a “murderous empire,” the US government is by far the most murderous and immoral government of all times. None surpass us.

Nonetheless, the thinking of Washington warmongers, Russia bashers and Assad bashers has infected the body politic. Many of you fell for it. This blindness to the glaring truth is what causes little children to get burned alive. Some of you helped unwittingly. Ignorance is no excuse.

See that charred little body in that linked article?

Thank a Russia-bashing Pied Piper and the false-patriot false-Christian fools who follow him!





My friend Olavo. Part I

Our thanks to Julio Severo for this article exposing activists who actually defend the Inquisition – a tragic institution that most of us would have guessed has been relegated to the dustbin of history. I urge you to read this because Olavo De Carvalho, one of these defenders, is not just active in Brazil, he is in fact the president and founder of the Inter-American Institute, which boasts a number of prestigious thinkers, activists and writers, almost all of whom are Christians – mostly Evangelicals. Yet , with their hard-earned reputations at stake, Olavo’s actions have many of them worried.

Quote from Julio’s article:

On October 2015 Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho said in his Brazilian Twitter, “A entidade chamada Inquisição é uma invenção ficcional de protestantes.” Translation: “The entity called the Inquisition was a fictional invention of Protestants.” His original statement is here.

The Inter-American Institute over which Inquisition-defender Olavo presides touts a few really fine fellows as well as a few lurkers. BTW, on his FB page, Olavo says that Protestantism is responsible for America’s ills. Yes, the guy who left the biggest CATHOLIC country in the world because it is corrupt, poor, crime-ridden and leftist, says our main problem is Protestantism, although he makes no attempt to explain the mechanism by which our religion has caused these ills. Ready to convert yet, Evangelical friends?

Olavo is also an editorialist with a certain following in his native Brazil whose work I once translated for free — I never took a penny for it. One of my translations, in fact — this one http://laiglesforum.com/behind-the-subversion/52.htm — was Olavo’s introduction to WND. I sent them a link and they merely published the link at WND together with a brief bio which I supplied, and Olavo got his introduction to US newsprint. I got 7000 hits on this. He was giddy with pride and elation. You’d think Olavo would be eternally grateful to me, wouldn’t you?

But life is full of twists and turns.
And ingrates.

This Institute over which Olavo presides purports to be Christian and I personally can confirm some of the fellows to be solid Christians, no doubt.

However, as I keep pointing out, Russia-hating Neocons are doing everything they can to stop Russia from fighting ISIS and other Islamists in Syria, and these Islamists are in turn hell bent on killing or force-converting all the Christians in the Middle East, the birth place of Christianity. Now as soon as you click on this link http://theinteramerican.org/ to Olavo’s institute you will see a banner warning ominously that the new Russia, which has not only religious freedom but where anyone can freely criticize gay marriage without being shouted down or losing their job, is in fact a murderous empire no better than the Soviet Union. Now this is odd (unless you consider that writing like a red-eyed Neocon pays well) because Olavo now lives in a country where activist LaVoy Finicum was shot to death in plain sight last week by the government while surrendering and where you can be fined for not kissing the derrieres of 2 lesbians who are planning a “wedding.” In case you forgot, 2 bakers in a Western state were fined $137,000 for refusing to accept the concept of gay marriage and bake a wedding cake for 2 lesbians. Everyone knows that you can’t get in trouble for sticking up for your Judeo-Christian principles in Russia. They also know that Russia is fighting in part to save Christians in Syria. So why would a professing Christian focus on allegations of wrongdoing in Russia when our country’s policies are killing Christians abroad and fining them at home and Russia is not doing anything like this? Further, the accusations against Russia are speculation while our murderous foreign policy is an open book. Is this not upside-down?

So in view of what US policies are doing to Middle Eastern Christians and the fact that the Russians are clearly protecting them I asked Olavo in an email what he had against Christians. He retorted by calling me a slew of the filthiest names in the book (he is very fond of the Portuguese equivalent of the F word but also adept at using all sorts of other colorful language.) His curses aimed at Julio and me can still be found on his Facebook page (in the event they are taken down, we have the screen shots so they are here for all eternity. Just ask for them at zoilandon@msn.com).

So how does he get away with this clearly un-Christian cursing in public and his expressions of enthusiasm for the slaughter of Protestants? Well, as I said, he writes these controversial things in Portuguese while his English language writings are quite innocuous. For over a year, no one at the Inter-American Institute had an inkling of this gross misbehavior.

Now might I point out that, whereas Olavo claims to be not only a Christian but also an intellectual, one might expect a reasonably intelligent person (like him?) to be aware on some level that simply using a foreign language to write foul language, curses and slander about one’s critics does not really do a very neat job of covering one’s tracks. Because there are bilingual people out there, a lot of them, and these things eventually leak out. Christians are aware of the verse: Be sure your sin will find you out.

I leave it up to the reader to decide if Olavo is a true intellectual Christian or something else.

One thing is certain: God loves Olavo and forgives the vilest, most foul-mouthed and anti-Christian sinners, even those who blame the Protestant faith of Americans for all our ills and propose to burn us at the stake.

I welcome your comments.

Don Hank

Link to Julio’s this article published in Barbwire: http://barbwire.com/?p=49799