The federal government does not own the Malheur wildlife refuge

The federal government does not own the Malheur wildlife refuge


by Don Hank


Under the Constitution, the federal government may not own the land that is being disputed in Burns, Oregon, between the Bureau of Land Management and a group of ranchers who have until recently enjoyed heirloom land use there. The feds are strictly limited by the Constitution.

Legitimate reasons that the federal government can own land in the States are spelled out in Article V, Section 3, Clause 2:

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings–

Note that the above list of reasons the fed can own land are not just examples. They are specific and concrete and are exclusively military in nature. It is crystal clear that the Founders intended for the states — not the Fed — to administer and own other lands such as parks and wildlife reserves. Thus the ranchers being systematically driven from their ancestral grazing lands have more right to those lands than the federal agencies that claim them.

Now some have contended that since the federal government purchased most of the land in the Western states, this fact gives them more rights than those enumerated in the Constitution.

However, whereas the US government may have the rights to create states out of this land, it can only purchase land, not people. The people inhabiting the lands in question have equal rights, to whit

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

…No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Naturally, federal government advocates will argue that this amendment only applies to states and state laws. However, the federal government is a collection of all the states and any law that applies to the states must also apply to the federal government by extension.

After all, the rationale and purpose of the above-cited clause was that all US citizens must be given equal rights and privileges. It would be absurd for the Constitution to forbid the states to deny equality but to allow the federal government to do so.

Therefore the US government cannot create a legal situation where the people of the Eastern states have more rights to land ownership or use than those in the Western states. Yet in the West, the US government claims huge percentages of the state lands – with the feds owning 47% of a block of 11 states and Alaska representing over 1/3 of the US land mass  – while in the East, the amount of state land owned by the feds is limited.

This creates an un-Constitutional inequality between Eastern states and Western states, giving the residents of Eastern states more control and ownership of their land than the residents of the Western states.

This rationale must be added to our arsenal of arguments as we seek to dislodge the US government from their illegitimate claims in the Western states.

Further, we may not allow the Supreme Court to rule on this because that body is an extension of the corrupt government that we the people are seeking to free ourselves from. They will inevitably side with the federal government. This makes it crucial for rancher and small farmer groups to keep up the pressure on the feds. The feds may not be allowed to participate in the negotiations in this case because they wield an unfair and un-Constitutional fraction of the power and represent a conflict of interests. Only the states and local governments may be allowed to decide who controls state land.

State and local officials who side with the feds are acting in contravention of the Constitutional texts cited above, have no place at the table and must be denied the right to participate in the discussion.

That is the only way we will get our states back.

I had written this commentary a few days before the federal government allegedly murdered in cold blood LaVoy Finicum, one of the patriots who occupied part of the Malheur wildlife refuge near Burns.

I wrote the following in response to that news for my small reader group:

PLEASE listen to this emotional witness who sat within a few feet of LaVoy Finicum as he was shot with his hands up and then fell to his knees, where he was shot 3 more times. Their car was allegedly riddle with bullets by the state police. No photo of the car will surface until a freedom of information suit is filed. Just wait, folks.

Add this tragic event to the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, Waco and Ruby Ridge, etc. American exceptionalism won’t cover the blood or wipe it off.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Nobel Peace Prize-winning Barack Hussein Obama and his thugs are murderers. Coincidentally, Russian activists flew a 30 ft banner across from the US embassy in Moscow yesterday bearing a color image of Barack Obama and under it, the word “KILLER.” The activists were not referring to the murder of Finicum. It was about the “experts” sent to Syria ostensibly to fight ISIS, but that is almost definitely a LIE. They are stealthily gunning for President Assad, whose troops protect minorities, notably Christians. Washington, DC, absolutely is at war with Christianity and Christians. Anyone who is diligently and carefully reading current events knows that.

Anyone who can’t see that the Soviet Union and the US have traded places, with the US now playing the bloody tyrant and Russia playing the nation helping the helpless victims of the US government, is either blind or brain dead.

You can’t spin that away. It is very obvious. If you are selling that smelly story that Russia is the “most dangerous enemy” of the US, you are either an evil Neocon politician or politician’s henchman in msm or you are brain dead. Yea, that is a little rougher than my usual self, but I have been hearing from some really mean and nasty Neocons lately, who know the truth but keep repeating the ugly lies. These inhuman psychopaths would not hesitate to shoot their moms right between the eyes if someone paid them a handful of dollars.

So how do we mourn and keep alive the memory of this victim of federal government para-military action against We the People? And how do we leverage this death of decent and caring patriot LaVoy Finicum so as to lessen the chances of this happening again?

Kirk MacKenzie posted at his site some concrete ideas for how to focus the public on this wrongful death – or rather murder by government.

Kirk writes:

The prostitute media will do everything it can to justify the killing of these patriots, labeling them as “militants,” “terrorists,” and what not. On TV this morning, they even had the chutzpah to suggest these were “suicides,” thereby putting all blame on the patriots, not the feds, sheriff, or cops. Thus, it is up to us to get the word out. Accordingly, I encourage everyone to put this killing—and our issues—in front of the public eye in every way possible. Not everyone can go to Oregon, but everyone can do something in their own communities.

Here are some ideas.

o Put flowers or other at some significant, public site, in your own community, much like those who amassed flowers for Princess Diane.

o Wear a black band around your arm

o Put a black ribbon around the old oak tree

o Fly your flags at half mast, upside down

o Stand on corners, on freeway passes, shopping centers—wherever people amass

o Prepare and hand out flyers to those that stop to ask: Why are you wearing a black band? Flying the flag at half mast? etc.

o Submit editorials to your local newspapers

o etc. … let your ideas flow.

One more idea of my own if I may: Get on the forums of news sites that regurgitate the official story and tell them there is more to it. If possible, post this link

to the eye witness interview video so that people can hear for themselves what actually happened as opposed to the msm lies.

Let’s not let this story die. Our friend LaVoy Finicum must not have died in vain.


Who is with the Founders, Cruz or Trump?

Cruz or Trump: Who supports the Founders?

by Don Hank

There’s a new meme in the GOP presidential campaign. The sheeple are now saying that Cruz is more “constitutional” and more “conservative” than the others — same thing they said about GW Bush.

The GOP is desperately, feverishly lavishing money and resources on Iowa, perceived to be Donald Trump’s Achilles heel. Naturally, Fox News is busily staging interviews between Cruz and any news personality with any credibility they can find to make Cruz look like the only serious candidate and to make viewers forget there is a Donald Trump. The Muslim-friendly UK government is now debating whether they should ban the possibly future president of the US from travelling to their country. No one asked the citizens. The oligarchs rule over the peasants everywhere.

Folks, the fact that no one wants to face is that WW III has started and we are in the midst of it. The enemy by anyone’s standards is ISIS, or radical Sunni Islam. Yet our political class insists that the Saudis (who founded ISIS and whose Wahhabist ideology wants Christianity wiped off the map) are our friends but Russia (the only country sincerely fighting ISIS) is our mortal enemy. Iran, which isShiite and bitterly opposed to the 100% Sunni ISIS, is also considered an enemy by the Neocons, who have bamboozled many Americans into accepting their upside-down view as settled science. Consequently, we have otherwise intelligent-sounding Americans insisting, despite the fact that ISIS has never received one penny from Iran, that “Iran is the world’s biggest supporter of terror.”

Sorry to have to remind you, but Cruz’s chosen advisors think it is fine for the president to invade any country he sees fit to invade even without the Constitutional approval of the Congress, and Cruz himself has advocated arming Ukraine in a conflict that has nothing whatsoever to do with US national defense  in order to keep up the absurd pretense that Russia is our no. 1 enemy and that the Russians somehow forced the Crimeans, for example, to vote to accede to Russian sovereignty and also somehow forced the eastern Ukrainians to identify themselves as Russians and fight against the Kiev government that bombs and murders these civilians. This despite the fact that these people have been speaking Russian, studying Russian history and  honoring Russian heroes all their lives. And as a corollary, they insist the US had absolutely nothing to do with inciting the Ukrainians to stage a bloody coup at Maidan Square. This despite Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s proud admission that the State Department spent $5 billion of your money to make the coup happen and Soros’ confession that one of his foundations was behind the coup. Nuland’s cheeky admission is here. Soros’ confession is near the beginning of Part 3 here. Yet this was all illegal under international law and at variance with the teachings of the Founders.

Our framers believed in the sovereingty of other nations and did not want the US embroiled in foreign conflicts that did not concern us.

By now anyone who has lived through the shameful deceit of Dubya ought to have learned that the GOP top rank will use any pretext to pick fights with anyone, including those whom we cannot defeat, and those who do not in any way interfere with our interests, just to satisfy the devotees of the Satanic Neocon cult in Washington.

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.

Thomas Jefferson


 “[America’s] glory is not dominion, but liberty. Her march is the march of the mind. She has a spear and a shield: but the motto upon her shield is, Freedom, Independence, Peace. This has been her Declaration: this has been, as far as her necessary intercourse with the rest of mankind would permit, her practice.”

John Adams

Cruz’s chosen advisers are Neocon warmongers:

 Michael Savage finally sees thru Cruz:


“We have lunatics such as John McCain and Ted Cruz demanding that we arm Ukraine.

Now, you know that’s gonna do. War and rumors of war. Tell me what arming Ukraine will do, Mr. Cruz. You’re now finished.

You are no longer a libertarian. You are no longer a conservative. You are a neocon. Finished. Put an ‘X’ through Ted Cruz. He has now joined the warmongers. He’s part of the neocon brigade.”

If you are wondering what is wrong with arming the semi-fascist Ukraine government to kill the people in the East of the country because they identify culturally with the Russians, then you MUST see this film:

So far, there is only one candidate who seems to be for America minding her own business, and no, that is not Rand Paul, because he too has advocated arming Ukraine in a disgusting bid for votes. That one outlier is Donald Trump.

Maybe Cruz would do some good things as president, but the survival of planet earth is at the top of my priority list. I don’t have a crystal ball, but from what Donald Trump has said so far, I have reason to believe he is the only candidate who would do his utmost to get along with the countries that we are taught by the Neocons to hate.

How the oligarchy will die

The oligarchs will lose the revolution they started

by Don Hank

The concept of “case law” as the determinant of the judicial fate and future of our country is not constitutional. The Constitution does not mention this principle, which enables a succession of America’s enemies to rewrite the Constitution, thereby unjustly transferring the Constitutional power from We the People to the elites and oligarchs.

One of the most successful of such transfers was that of the traditional definition of marriage to perverters of language.

The perverted definition of “marriage” in the sense of a union between two people of the same sex has been unduly enshrined in law. As a matter of fact, language and the definition of words is not within the purview of legal authorities or legislators. ONLY the people — you and I — can determine the usage and definition of words. It is utterly erroneous to claim that a same sex couple has the right to marry. This is because marriage as defined by the People over centuries is a legal condition that applies only to couples of the opposite sex. Thus the real issue is not rights or even religion, but language.

Judges and legislators have no jurisdiction over language usage. YOU, as the people, are the sole keepers of language. You have it in your power to hold to the original definition of the word marriage. Any American who uses the word “marriage” in the sense of a same sex union is not only abusing language they are also giving undue power to the oligarchs who have been usurping our power and our Constitution.

It is not their Constitution to manipulate. It is ours to preserve. If you need to refer to the perverted institution of “gay marriage,” you need only say “so-called gay marriage.”

There is a principle at work in America that the oligarchs have not noticed but they will eventually notice it as long as they continue to push us aside in their own interests.

This principle can be illustrated by an example:

A few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union, a poll was taken among East Germans and 40% were found to agree with socialism. But shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall, a fresh poll found that only 10% agreed with socialism.

What does this illustrate?

It illustrates that the farther the ruling elites drift philosophically from their constituent base, ie, the people, and the more power they grab, the less authority they have.

There is an inverse relationship between power and authority, unless the authority is explicitly granted by the people.

Why did the Soviet Union and the Berlin wall fall?

Because the ruling class had overreached for power and lost their authority.

The system fell spontaneously. The people did not consciously wrest power from the elites in a violent revolution. No, the power slipped away from the elites because they ignored the principle outlined above: Their power was not commensurate with their legitimate authority to rule the East German people and myriad events and trends occurred — eg, the black market, the utter inability for the police to enforce senseless laws, because the police themselves no longer believed in said laws, etc — that made it impossible for the communists to maintain their power.

The “Trump phenomenon” is following this very same principle. America does not need us to go out in the streets and  march or fire on the authorities. It only needs time. The elites will do themselves in in the US just as they did in the East Bloc and Russia.

The collapse is happening before our eyes. It does not depend on Donald Trump. He has only been a catalyst. But he has blown up the bag of lies and they can no longer fix it.