Monthly Archive: November 2015

Nov 27

Slapdown of Erdogan propagandist

The owner of a Turkish web site recently wrote the pro-Islamist email shown below to a group of his readers. I responded as follows and as shown in brackets and bold typeface in his message: Ahmet, In our quaint culture, when a person like you presents arguments to us, it is our custom to respond with …

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Nov 24

No, Obama is not a Muslim

No, dummies, Obama is NOT a Muslim   by Don Hank   I regularly receive propaganda pieces from various organizations with assertions representing a very common viewpoint among Neocons, worded essentially as follows: The recent sham and highly dangerous deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons development is proof enough that the president sides with …

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Nov 22

Dear Fox News: Has Russia left the planet?

Is there still a country called Russia? I was once an avid viewer of Fox News. I still watch when my wife tunes in. A lot of my friends are in the same category with me, having once seen Fox as conservative and as fair and balanced. A long time ago, you presented the “other” …

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Nov 18

Even after Paris, Libertarians want open borders

  Even after Paris, Libertarians endorse open borders   by Don Hank   The libertarian think tank Mises Institute just published an article titled ISIS May Be Our Ally Some Day. (My thanks to our friend Peter in the UK for this tip). Expressed in the following sentence from the piece is perhaps the most …

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Nov 16

We are being played: French strikes confirm my warning

by Don Hank In this commentary, written the day after the recent terror attacks in Paris, I warned that French president Hollande may use the Paris terror attacks to overthrow Assad. I based this in part on the aftermath of the 911 attacks, reminding: … GW Bush used the 911 attacks as a pretext to …

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Nov 14

President Hollande finally notices ISIS war

President Hollande finally notices ISIS’ war on civilization   By Don Hank   French President Hollande said after last night’s terror attacks in Paris: “C’est un acte de guerre” commis par une “armée terroriste, Daech” — This is an act of war committed by a terrorist army, Daesh (ISIS) Another report says: Francois Hollande [whose …

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Nov 09

Will Russia be first to unite the Middle East?

Will Russia be the first to bring Shiites and Sunnis together?   by Don Hank   Today’s situation in the Middle East is very confusing to the uninitiated because US policy is secretly based on a decivilizing and disordering strategy that, to survive, must masquerade as being beneficial to all and designed to bring peace …

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Nov 08

Peter LaBarbera praises Ben Carson’s queer idea

Anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera praises queer idea by Don Hank   Bruce / Caitlin Jenner is a confused man. So is Peter LaBarbera. Back in June, LaBarbera  plainly stated in public that transgenders like Jenner are promoting evil. But now LaBarbera is praising Ben Carson for wanting to introduce transgender bathrooms! Of course, recall that …

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