Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 31

The US loses another battle for hearts and minds

The US loses another battle for hearts and minds   by Don Hank I never see in the media or the political world any connecting of the dots with regard to the US’s loss of prestige, and yet the ground is giving way under our very feet even as we party on into oblivion. It …

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Oct 27

Is Putin a sincere Christian? The Bible says it doesn’t matter

Is Putin a sincere Christian? The Bible says it doesn’t matter by Don Hank If your young child were drowning in the surf and a swimmer ran toward the water’s edge to save him, would you consider stopping the would-be rescuer and asking him whether he was a Christian before allowing him to proceed to …

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Oct 25

Are the Russians upsetting the “balance” in the Middle East?

Are the Russians upsetting the “balance” in Middle East?   Don Hank   Neocons shriek that the Shiite Assad is evil and the Neocon Obama insists that anyone messing with his Sunni pets in ISIS in Syria is “upsetting the balance” in the region. (Neocons described here). But what balance? The balance in the entire Muslim world had been upset since …

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Oct 13

Game over for Obama power in the world?

I don’t know how to make people realize how significant just that first sentence in the QUOTE OF THE CENTURY below. Suffice to say it signals the end of Obama’s power in the world arena. Merkel broke the ice about a week before Putin’s blockbusting speech at the UN debate, saying that Assad needs to …

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Oct 12

Ron they never knew ye

Ronald Reagan would be crying now   by Don Hank In the context of the current Syria crisis, I am seeing articles by “conservatives” suggesting that Ronald Reagan would have solved this by threatening the Russians or even shooting down Russian planes in Syria. Conservatives (really Neocons if we are to be honest), I daresay …

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Oct 07

US officials no longer cover lies about Syria, Russia

US officials don’t even bother to cover their lies about Syria by Don Hank Our Neocon Government used to make subtle suggestions and use obfuscation and omission to control your mind. Now they blatantly lie, even about things you can read about in the msm. Why? They know the public is so dumbed down anything …

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Oct 02

Normandy Four snub Obama

Normandy Four snub Obama   by Don Hank The fact that Ukraine, Germany and France have agreed to meet with Russia in Paris on Oct 2 (see story linked below) without any kibitzing from Obama (not invited) is clear evidence that 1-Obama – not Putin (per the Neocon fable) – is the one who is isolating himself …

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