Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 26


Aug 25

The elites are doing an about face

  by Don Hank   August 25, 2015   George Friedman, CEO of Stratfor, seems to be following the lead of other prominent Neocon elites. Recently, Kissinger and Soros both warned against taunting the Russian bear or escalating the Ukraine conflict. This was remarkable for them, because they had always generally supported, at least by their …

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Aug 20

The New World Order is Christ-centered

by Don Hank   August 20, 2015   A recent report from the UK bears the revealing title: Muhammad is top boy’s name; 1 in 2 young people identify as not 100% heterosexual; regular church attendance down to 6%?. I have said before that one of the top-ranking goals of the New World Order elites is …

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Aug 18

Stop this bad deal

by Don Hank  Aug  17, 2015 An alert sent from titled “Stop this Bad Deal” (see below)says: “This [the Iran nuclear power deal] is the greatest potential threat to our national security and must be stopped. You know this is a bad deal. It doesn’t stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Even if they …

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Aug 18

Was Russia really ever expansionist?

by Don Hank  Aug  18, 2015   An anonymous editorial at Sputnik News points out that the cold war started in 1917 just after the Bolshevik Revolution succeeded. However, Russophobia goes back farther than that, says the editorial. Thus, the Russophobic British had called Russia “expansionist” almost 200 years ago. It states:   Historians elaborate …

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Aug 09

The framing of Iran by the godless

by Don Hank  August 9, 2015 An article in globalresearch describes Neocon attempts to spread a false narrative ( implicating Iran in the 911 terror, which was perpetrated by 18 terrorists, 15 of whom were Saudis and none were Iranian (their funding came from Saudi citizens). This spinning of narratives to deflect attention from the guilty-as-sin …

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Aug 05

Exclusive story on Syria from contact in Middle East

by Don Hank  August 4, 2015 Just recently it was reported that Putin had said he would not be helping Assad fight ISIS. I also checked the Russian-language sources and they said the same thing. Since Obama and the other Western powers had failed to make a breakthrough in their fight against ISIS, things seemed …

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Aug 04

Saudi’s going for record executions?

by Don Hank  August 4, 2015 Our loyal Neocon press keeps reporting that Iran is the country that heartlessly executes more people than any other country. As usual, this is not quite true. While executions are certainly too high in Iran, our “ally,” Saudi Arabia, seems to be keeping up in that department and may …

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Aug 01

Stop Iran? How about stopping the SAUDI’S ??

by Don Hank  August 1, 2015 I keep getting requests from different groups, like ACT For America, to support a campaign to reverse the Iran nuclear deal. The groups behind this are all Neocons with an agenda, who think we are idiots who would never notice that Saudi Arabia is the biggest terror sponsor in the world …

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