Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 24

FDA falsely claims Stevia unsafe

FDA-generated stevia myth by Don Hank  May 24, 2015 One recent “viral” email making the rounds claims that the natives of Paraguay have used the intense sweetener stevia as a contraceptive and that it can cause infertility. This raises suspicions because primitive societies are known for performing fertility rites so that women will reproduce. Primitive …

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May 22

Soros predicts the past with uncanny accuracy

Soros predicts the past with uncanny accuracy by Don Hank   May 22, 2015 George Soros just warned that something that just happened might happen. Soros is portrayed as a pundit by the msm. But in fact, he is generally a step or two behind the times and keeps coming in way late with his “predictions,” as I …

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May 21

China-Russia deal opens door to Christianize China

By Don Hank  May 21, 2015 A few months ago I read and forwarded an article reporting that China would be the biggest CHRISTIAN country in the world within about 10 years. China already has a large and growing Christian population. But this (open link below) is Phase II. China has authorized the ordination of …

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May 19

My analysis of Stratfor’s take on the world

My analysis of Stratfor’s take on the world by Don Hank  May 19, 2015 A Stratfor article penned by Editor-in-Chief George Friedman, and appearing here, dances around the real issues in the usual Neocon manner, not naming the real issues that are affecting our existence — including the real reasons ISIS is winning in the …

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May 13

Western policies ignore potential consequences

by Don Hank  May 13, 2015 A major problem with Western thinking and behavior is that it is based on assessments with little or no context, in terms of time, place and factors that will affect the outcome of our policies. For example, our irresponsible war mongers in politics and media are pushing hard for …

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May 10

How the petrodollar perpetuates Islamic terror

March 14, 2015 How the petrodollar perpetuates Islamic terror By Donald Hank Casey Research has done an outstanding job of explaining the origin and workings of the petrodollar. To summarize their analysis, In 1971, Richard Nixon killed the gold standard, unconstitutionally circumventing congress. This deed is far more egregious than Watergate in the harm it …

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May 07

What is wrong with Russian studies in the US?

This article is long and may be a bit specialized for many, but if I may sum it up, it shows that US universities offering Russian studies are stuck in a cold war mind set that hardly captures the essence of today’s Russia. In other words, Russian area “specialists” don’t generally know beans about today’s …

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May 05

GOOD NEWS: Austria files criminal complaint over alleged NSA snooping

by Don Hank on May 5, 2015 Why is this good news? Germany is one of the few countries in Europe that still wants sanction against Russia, not because Russia has harmed Germany in any way but because the Neocons in Washington told her she must. They can’t articulate their reasons any better than Merkel …

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May 04

US foreign policy a lot worse than libertarians think

US foreign policy a lot worse than libertarians think by Don Hank  May 4, 2015 The blog Americans for a Free Republic recently ran an informative article relating to the origin and nature of Neoconservatism, showing that these people are anything but conservative and are in fact statists who advocate a strong central government and …

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May 03

Fox News pretends unconfirmed report is confirmed

Fox News pretends unconfirmed report is confirmed Posted by Don Hank  May 2, 2015 A friend just sent me the below linked report which says “Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for NORAD, declined to confirm the incursion to The Times, but said that no jets were dispatched to intercept intruding aircraft.” [other reports …

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