Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 21

Why did Russia and the West reverse roles?

Russia, the West and persecuted Christians   by Don Hank   There is evidence that Russia is, for whatever motive, interested in protecting Christians. One article in Interfax bears the title “Putin vows Russia will defend persecuted Christians abroad.” So how sincere are the Russians? There has been a plethora of commentaries on the subject here …

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Feb 14

Ye shall be deceived and deceit shall make ye free?

  by Don Hank The Chinese Daoguang emperor in 1838 tried to oppose the British in their attempt to force opium on the Chinese people. One could say that, in doing so, the emperor was an anti-democratic despot, but he saw that the opium dens were destroying lives and families and turning productive Chinese into …

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Feb 11

Breakthrough study suggests not smoking pot or drinking alcohol correlated with better college grades

by Don Hank  No, actually no such study has made headlines lately. But there is a new study on pot that mediocre students will love. According to UAB News, Associate professor Stefan Kertesz of the University of Alabama has discovered, in a longitudinal study of over 5000 marijuana smokers aged 18-30 years, that “marijuana smoke is not …

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Feb 10

A day of reckoning is coming

by Don Hank A recent article by Bob Unruh in WND shows how states are fighting back against federal encroachment – in the case in question, by declaring themselves unwilling to comply with federal detention orders under NDAA. This quiet revolution is merely an extension of other local and state muscle flexing, such as the …

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