Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 21

Newsflash: Robin Hood Steals from Himself to Give to the Poor!

The commandment is:  “Thou shalt not steal.” Most people believe that this commandment represents sound morality, even if they are not Christians.  Nonetheless, it seems that this moral precept is forgotten once we start talking politics.  And no wonder:  Americans have been making up ‘right and wrong’ for themselves for quite a while.   Obviously it …

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Dec 20

A true conservative candidate vs. a libertarian/ Part II

  by Don Hank   Does Ron Paul understand cultural Marxism? Ron Paul’s scoffing attitude toward those of us who care about culture makes me wonder whether his administration would cater to the cultural Marxists. America has been victimized by cultural Marxism for decades. First it was the feminazis, who ushered in the “woman’s right” to kill …

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Dec 19

A true conservative candidate vs a libertarian. Part I

A true conservative candidate vs a libertarian. Part I   by Don Hank   A libertarian who says he is more constitutional than the rest   Before you read this, check out this video. Ok, here’s what I saw when I viewed it. I was impressed by Ron’s observation that defending individual property would …

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Dec 18

Outing Ron Paul

Outing Ron Paul   by Sapient   Is Ron Paul, “Mr. Constitution,” uniquely channeling the spirit of the Founders of our nation and their thinking as clearly embodied in our founding documents, the Federalist Papers, etc — so much so that his seeming eccentricities are due to OUR having forgotten our own true national principles, …

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Dec 13

Déjà-vu: McCain-Obama all over again

We didn’t learn the last time   by Don Hank I showed yesterday that Newt Gingrich lied when he denied that 1-      he had peddled lobbying services, 2-      he had supported cap and trade 3-     he  had supported an individual health care mandate. A thrice denial of New Testament proportions. I provided links to articles that showed this was …

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Dec 12

Newt Gingrich thrice denies the public record in public debate

Newt was once touted as the “best debater” in the Republican candidate field. He was also supposed to be the smartest candidate. But would a really smart debater brazenly lie about something that is a matter of public record? How stupid does he think we are? by Don Hank Last night there was a Republican debate among the candidates in Iowa. …

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Dec 05

Implications of the Jaffe Memo for Christians in Society

It is has never been more important to carefully examine what one believes and why they believe it. If you do not carry out this work, you may end up being nothing more than a useful idiot of the worst sort: directly bringing about the goals and ends of those you specifically repudiate as wicked and evil… condemning the communists, nazis, and eugenicists, while carrying out their work.

Dec 01

Opposing the tyrant while drinking his Kool-Aid

You can’t have it both ways. Either you want to stop the tyrant or you want to assist him.   by Don Hank   Pat Condell has a unique way with language, as a recent video shows. Look at this delightful phrase: ” [the EU]…will collapse under the weight of its own illegitimacy.” It occurs to …

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