Farewell time for Mitt and Hermann?

Time to bid Hermann and Mitt farewell?

 Don Hank

As it turns out, both Mitt and Cain have tons of baggage.

Seriously folks, is it time to take a fresh look at, say, Bachmann?

Opinions welcome (you may post yours below). 

So far, any baggage Michelle may have seems to be the carry-on type. Nothing aggravating. Plus she was the only one at the debate who called herself a “Constitutional conservative.” That, of course, was ignored by the press and by Fox News, who told us the lackluster Mitt performed brilliantly. Actually, the most memorable thing Mitt said was “nice try,” a line he repeated several times to parry Perry’s criticism. In response to the question about how to solve the economic crisis, he muttered something incoherent about “patriotism.” Mitt’s response on that number one issue was probably the most conspicuous non-sequitur in the debate.

A lot of you are starting to support Bachmann. I don’t see the kind of drawbacks with her as I do with these 2 sad sacks.

Let’s look at Hermann Cain. It seems Cain’s wife is unable to support him against these persistent sexual harassment accusations and has backed out of a planned TV interview slated for that purpose (see link below). Most people who have been in politics or worked closely with a candidate know that a wife’s support is absolutely crucial in this kind of scandal.

Not only that, well-known radio personality Steve Deace says Cain has personally shown him an example of questionable morals prior to a scheduled appearance on the air.



As for Mitt, the news about the Romney family’s relationship with a criminal Ponzi scheme is all over the internet (see below) and apparently, the MSM are licking their chops waiting until Romney’s candidacy is officially announced to bruit this to the world.

Assuming that happens, with this scandal in his background (even though it is via his son Tagg), it seems doubtful that Romney can win the election against anyone.

Now, GOP, will you finally start looking for a candidate who can win?

Or is losing “what you do”?