Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 31

Sex ed material with gay content suspended by Brazilian president

Laigle’s Forum recently ran an article by our friend Julio Severo showing how Julio and a handful of allies who trusted in God, almost single-handedly brought down the pro-gay political juggernaut in Brazil, which bullies and threatens anyone who dares to oppose “gay” marriage and the official view that homosexuality is a harmless and healthy …

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May 31

Police officer sacrificed on the altar of ‘integration’

Nothing new here. Just another good American life thrown away to bolster world government. by Don Hank Kevin Will, a Houston area traffic cop, was run down and killed yesterday in the Houston area for the sake of the North American Union. That’s right. In plain words, his life was sacrificed so that the US, …

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May 20

How Western powers abet Christian persecution

Blatantly anti-Christian Western foreign policy: support of anti-Christian dictators, war against Christian supporters  by Don Hank Recently, it was reported that Chinese Catholics will defy their government’s ban  on observing the International Day of Prayer. But how can there be a government ban on this, since prayer is speech, which is, to quote Barack Obama, a …

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May 16

The recompense of their error

This may be the most politically incorrect article you will ever read. by Don Hank  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. Romans …

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May 13

The power of a single blogger and his faith

The bill sought to give government the power to exercise out and out thought control and would have criminalized any speech construed as ‘antigay.’ It amounted to nothing less than a direct ban on biblical Christianity.” Friends, the Western world is falling into the hands of the wicked. I solicit your prayers for our brother …

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May 09

Brazil to send troops to EU for “military intervention”?

EU now eyes both North Africa and Latin America as possible new territories for their empire. by Don Hank The German language part of online journal German Foreign Policy reported today that Brazil is interested in sending troops to support EU “military interventions” in Europe. It also said that Germany and Brazil, as “hegemonial powers” in their respective …

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May 07

Never the twain shall meet

Oh East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet. Rudyard Kipling (the Ballad of East and West)   by Don Hank Recently, a quiet philosophical debate took place without media fanfare between Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho and Alexandr Dugin, Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical strategist and leading organizer of the Eurasian …

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May 05

Will Muslim Africa join the EU?

Millions of Muslims  live in Europe but refuse to integrate. The EU wants even more. And now, Muslims countries to join the EU? by Don Hank There has been much speculation as to the reasons for the US and NATO interfering in the internal affairs of Libya, the US and the rest of the West …

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May 04

They’re still catching up to Laigle’s Forum

by Don Hank As I have said before, the world is slowly catching up to Laigle’s Forum. I have written a fair amount about the hypocrisy of US policies that coddle Mexican illegal aliens and treat the corrupt Mexican government with exaggerated respect instead of standing up to it as it should. It is therefore …

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