Anarchists and frightened police face off in London

Bobbies learn spoiled kids are holy terrors 

by Don Hank

The UK newspaper Daily Mail reported today on a riot by anarchists in the UK, which broke out as part of an anti-cuts demonstration. They number in the thousands, have done a lot of damage and have also scared the beejeebers out of the police, who have become accustomed to fear over years of facing Muslim demonstrations against Western values (which make Muslims uncomfortable and never seem to quite go away no matter how many Europeans they terrorize in an effort to gently convert them–or else).

While many Americans still believe that the main source of economic benefits is a combination of work, ingenuity and risk taking, along with simple notions of supply and demand (commonly known as free market principles—once believed extinct until live specimens were recently found in China), Europeans have been taught since about the end of WW II that the government is where all money, jobs and benefits come from. Some of them also reportedly believe government is where babies come from and where people go when they die.

They pray thusly: Our Government, who art in heaven, give us this day our dole of bread, lest we blast your stuff to kingdom come. For mine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen and to the barricades.

Sadly, the anarchists featured in the Daily Mail story are protesting something that practically no longer exists: capitalism.

Today’s Western economy is based on a system that can charitably be called corporatism, or, if you are mean, fascism, which has replaced the free market system so gradually that most have not noticed and don’t even know it is there.

We can all agree that the present system is impoverishing us and eliminating the middle class, while enriching the oligarchs.

However, since it is a hybrid between corrupt Big Government (essentially socialism) and corrupt business interests, conservatives (on both sides of the pond) hate it but only see the Big Government side of it, which is corrupt — while socialists / anarchists (on both sides of the pond) hate it but only see the capitalist side of it, which is corrupt.

It’s like the 4 blind men and the elephant. There aren’t enough people yet who see the system for the many-tentacled hybrid that it is, and herein lies the tragic inability to solve the problem. Indeed, if you don’t understand what you are up against, then it is hard to fight effectively. A friend of mine has likened problem solving of this sort to buttoning a shirt: If you start wrong at the top, you wind up wrong at the bottom.

Many, including the above-referenced anarchists, believe all of their problems can be solved by a government willing to cooperate with their hedonistic whims. That’s because not nearly enough understand that the EU is a dictatorship that looks out only for its own interests (as elegantly explained by Sonya Porter) and has been controlling the corrupt government side of the economy (by teaching young people fairly tales about climate change and social justice), while most of the capitalists have joined forces with this same government and together they have a jolly good time robbing all of us poor blokes down at the bottom of the food chain.

If young people can be made to understand this, then, once they outgrow their Pampers, they can help us rebuild the West, now that we have all managed to muck it up.

So what do you say? Let’s teach them.

That should work a lot better than sending teams of frightened bobbies after them.

Bank of America’s thanks for that bailout

This is the thanks we get

by Don Hank

Aren’t you thrilled that your government chose to bail out the banks with the most irresponsible lending policies? After all, they have a way of making you proud you lent them a helping hand.

Bank of America in Gaffney SC thanked you just recently for your generosity, by removing American flags planted out front to honor a local fallen soldier.

The excuse given by the rude branch manager who pulled up the flags was that some customers of this branch would be offended at the sight of American flags.

About 15 years ago, I pulled my savings account out of Bank of America because they were then giving special privileges to illegal aliens, accepting the infamous Matricula Consular in place of a passport or drivers license. 

Since the Matricula Consular is not real proof of identity and is used exclusively by illegal aliens, Bank of America was thereby pursuing a policy that actively promoted wanton illegal activity that, no matter how you look at it, was hurting — and still does hurt – America (particularly — need I say it? — during the current unemployment crisis).

Simultaneously with the active promotion of illegal immigration, the bank had a special politically correct policy to hire more homosexuals, as if homosexuals were a victim group that has trouble getting hired. Next time you’re at your local beauty salon or next time you’re watching Ellen DeGeneres or Rosie O’Donnel on TV, or listening to a speech by Barney Frank, ask yourself if homosexuals really need special protection from unfair hiring policies.

These two BofA policies went hand in hand with a deeper lying sinister leftism, which hails back at least to the late 1800s when the Revolution in Europe (for example, the Fabian Society of England) declared itself at war with traditional family and Christianity (the Apostle Paul clearly condemns homosexual behavior (Romans 1:25-8, for ex) so promoting homosexuality and portraying homosexuals as victims in dire need of protection is a perfect wedge issue to turn weak-minded people away from traditional Christianity).

Thus, I knew back in the early 2000s that the Bank of America policies went a lot deeper than just these superficial symptoms. This latest incident of a Bank of America branch manager removing US flags from their premises that were planted to honor a fallen US soldier provides a valuable clue and if your thinking cap is on, it should be the last one you need.

BofA, which has received $20 billion in ill-gotten TARP funds as well as an $118 billion guarantee from you and me, is clearly a darling of leftwing politicians, thanks in part to the above-describe “progressive” policies in favor of illegal aliens and homosexuality and its duplicitous anti-Americanism (after yanking the flags, it issued a statement declaring it honors US soldiers. Gee, it sure has a funny way of honoring people).

The pro-illegal alien policy was also a symptom of corrupt and irresponsible lending policies, which have gone hand in hand with the above-cited “progressive” policies. It is no surprise then, that it is one of the banks with the most reports of scandalous activity and a strong smell of corruption about it:

There are plenty of banks out there. If you have money in BofA and you want to be a good American, even just a so-so American, you need to pull it out and put it in a bank with sound policies that does not clearly hate the US flag and dishonor our fallen soldiers.

Click here: YouTube – Bank of America removes American Flags Honoring fallen Marine in Gaffney SC REMOVE YOUR MONEY

Businesses like Bank of America are the quintessence of how the free market is being replaced on a grand scale with an unsavory blend of business and Big Government. Capitalism has all but vanished from the American scene and it happened so gradually many don’t realize it happened.

Restoring America and getting our free market system back won’t be easy. It will require doing battle in earnest with Big Government in all areas where it rears its head – and in both parties — and consistently doing business only with those businesses that steer clear of political correctness.

Update on the Treynor / DHS propaganda exercise. Thanks for helping, but we’re not done with them yet:

We forced the Treynor School system to back away from their phony joint drill with Homeland Security, but they are not done playing dirty. They claim it was our “threats” that made them cancel. In other words, they are still pretending we are violent racists. They obviously haven’t learned their lesson yet.

So please write Kevin Elwood again and tell him you are not buying the story that they cancelled due to fear of threats.

Tell him that if they had believed conservatives were violent and posed a threat to the school, they would never have antagonized them by taking part in the phony propaganda effort with DHS.

And if the DHS really were afraid of conservatives who think illegal means illegal, then they would get off their duffs and do their job to keep out illegal immigrants, build a reliable fence at the border and stop releasing alien criminals onto our streets once they serve their prison terms.

After all, taking people’s money in return for doing a job and then refusing to do that job might very well antagonize any group. In business, that would be deemed theft by breach of contract, and the party who reneged on the contract would be liable. The other party, no matter how pacifist, would be really steamed.

So don’t pretend to be afraid of us.

You’ve proven convincingly that you’re not.

Kevin Elwood is still at:

School does propaganda exercise for delinquent DHS (updated. We did it! But…)

School does propaganda exercise for Homeland Security

by Don Hank

I recently received an urgent report, which says, in part:

“This Saturday, Pottawatamie County and Homeland Security are conducting an exercise with the Treynor, IA (Iowa) Community Schools and will simulate a school shooting. The premise of the mock shooting has been changed to suggest that a student, whose parents oppose illegal immigration comes to school with a gun and shoots a Latino Student.
This was sent to Joan and Michael Becker, whose child was sent home with a permission slip to participate.
From Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP)  CLICK FOR PDF HERE” [Note: DHS may remove this site under pressure. If you want a copy, please email me. I have saved it in case. Don Hank]


There has NEVER been an incident such as the one they are manufacturing here in the State of Iowa or any other for that matter. This is highly politically motivated, racially inflammatory, and completely egregious.
What message does this send to those students and families in that school district? It very powerfully suggests that any student with parents that have a certain viewpoint are racist and dangerous. It is completely politically motivated, unbelievable egregious and has no place in any school. 

Please call as many reporters, radio, TV and newspaper personalities and web sites as you can. Please forward this to your mailing lists as well! Here are some of the Contacts;
Superintendent Office
Treynor Community School District
Superintendent- Kevin Elwood
102 E Main St, Box 369
Treynor, IA 51575
(712) 487-3414 Voice
(712) 487-3332 Fax
High School Office
Treynor High School
Pricnipal-Jenny Berens
102 E Main St, Box 369
Treynor, IA 51575
(712) 487-3804 Voice
(712) 487-3332 Fax
Exercise Director
Doug Reed
Emergency Management Specialist
Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency
227 South 6th Street, Suite 23B
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501
712.328.5776 (office)
402.943.9106 (cell)


I wrote to Supervisor Kevin Elwood at:


My motive was to verify that the email was truthful (it was) and that the school was indeed participating, and also to rebuke the school for its participation in this bold-faced propaganda exercise.

Kevin sent a brief polite email stating that the school was involved only in the drill, not the message stating that the fictitious mock attackers are supposedly motivated by sentiment against illegal aliens.

This is not true, because the Homeland Security message reflected in the pdf file regarding the simulated attack by fictitious violent radicals (a concept invented by Homeland Security) opposed to illegal immigration was sent by the school to parents, who then sent out an email alert.

Content of my second email (response) to Supervisor Kevin Elwood:

Thank you for sending your standard response to my concerns regarding the exercise scheduled to take place at your school.

Actually, your school sent to parents a permission slip for a mock attack exercise supposedly involving violent radicals motivated by opposition to illegal immigration, so your denial that you are involved in disseminating the preliminary message about a fictitious family using violence to oppose illegal immigration is disingenuous.

The problem is: many of us saw a pdf file (CLICK FOR PDF HERE) from Homeland Security that explained the background for this exercise, and we are certain that you too saw this and should have objected to it, for the following obvious reason.

The Homeland Security message to parents ignores

1-    that the term illegal means illegal for millions of people, not because they are racists. Many Hispanics, fearing for their lives and safety, pray every night that Homeland Security will halt the flow of drugs, crime, and gangs into our country so their kids can be safe. Many others realize that a lot of non-Mexicans flow into our country every year and there are terrorists in that group. Instead of sincerely addressing these concerns, Homeland Security obfuscates with propaganda efforts of the kind you participate in in an effort to throw the blame for their failure back on Americans.

2-    that the vast majority of terrorist attacks in America are from Islamists motivated by a combination of hate and religious fervor. To stage a mock attack on the premise that terror can be expected from another group is deceitful. To suggest that the danger comes from those opposed to Homeland Security because it refuses to address and counter this typical kind of terror is obviously a means of providing cover for a do-nothing agency that endangers Americans with its irresponsibility.

There is a clear suggestion in the letter introducing the exercise that people who dare to oppose a government policy are violent and that good people are supposed to just sit back and let people violate our immigration laws, pretending that illegal does not mean illegal. If Homeland Security can make a solid case for its denial that illegal is illegal, and can justify its refusal to do its job, then it should do so by publishing its reasons for this, backed up by scientific facts and conclusions directed at the American people, rather than staging an exercise absurdly portraying people who object to illegal immigration (and hence to the reckless inaction of Homeland Security) as violent fanatics and racists.

Unfortunately, Homeland Security has been highly politicized in recent years and is tending to polarize Americans, making us suspicious and fearful of those who, like myself, believe in the notion that illegal means illegal, a disarmingly basic notion that Homeland Security, derspite its smoke and mirrors, has never succeeded in overcoming intellectually or rationally – while continuing to irrationally act as if the opposite notion (i.e. that illegal does not mean illegal) were a given. Instead, the agency seems to want to emotionalize the issue without ever explaining why all Americans should accept what can only be described as an invasion. The drill at your school and the accompanying literature to the parents is more of a propaganda move than an exercise to keep people safe. And your school is shamefully lending itself to this outrageous, grossly unfair propaganda action.

If Homeland Security wanted to keep people safe, it would do exactly what Mexico, for example, does: Penalize those who enter their territory illegally and stop the flow or slow it to a trickle. Instead, it propagandizes to support its own unacceptable delinquency and make Americans fearful to oppose it, lest they be seen as potentially violent radicals and racists. Actually, Homeland Security’s policy in defense of open borders and tacit acceptance of illegal immigration (returning only the most violent of criminals among the illegal aliens) is radical and dangerous, not the position of millions of Americans who want the agency to do its job.

Your exercise is part of this propaganda activity and your response does not explain why you are willing to lend your school to this propaganda effort that portrays those opposed to foreign invasion as potentially violent rather than explaining to us why you all feel that way about ordinary Americans who pay your salary.

So please try again. Tell us why you want to be part of this vicious and unfair propaganda effort to belittle millions of non-violent Americans who just want to be safe behind protected borders.


I would encourage as many of you as possible to write a brief email, detailing your objections to their planned propaganda effort, to Superintendant Kevin Elwood at


Let Mr. Elwood know that by sending out the message to parents detailing the nature of the fictitious attackers as people opposed to illegal immigration, they are participating in a shameless propaganda effort to obfuscate the failure of Homeland Security to do its job and stop or significantly slow illegal immigration, and throw the blame for terror on Americans who want a safe border and an end to unlimited and illegal immigration and all the attendant ills of drugs, violent crime, gangs, and terrorism.

Thank you!

IT WORKED! THERE WILL BE NO DRILL NOW! But we’re being blamed for “threats.” There is no end to the propaganda. Now we need to contact Elwood and ask him if criticizing the government is always to be taken as a threat, just as it was in the Soviet Union and China:


Mainstream news coverage:

“Patriotic” Dalmatians chasing Obama’s re-election fire truck

The most important question you can ask yourself is:  Will I be emotionally manipulated by the Global Elite’s appeal to false patriotism or will I say “no” this time?

by Don Hank

It’s funny how all of the people who posted comments to my recent articles (here and here) agreed with me that getting further embroiled in another conflict in the Middle East to support a group we know nothing about (except that some belong to Al Qaeda and many are implants of radical Islamic groups from other countries) is not a good idea, no matter how you feel about the demonstrably unsavory Colonel Qadaffi. Some of you disagreed on minor points, but all posters so far have agreed with my main premise.

Yet, I have received a few private emails from people who seem to think it is unpatriotic to oppose the Globalist Elite when they try to drag us into a war – as if war itself were a sacred goal or a permanent pillar of our Republic and not being at war with someone is simply unacceptable and/or a sign of weakness. Oddly, the ones opposed refuse to share their views with the group. Are they ashamed of them? Should they be?

For example, I just received the following email today from a member of an email group that has adopted me as a member (I hadn’t asked to be part of it and the e-mailer was not on my list that I know of):



                                                                                             A VIETNAM VETERAN

[name withheld]


This kind of blind obedience to the Ruling Class using war for political gain is exactly what the Global Elitists and Obama were counting on.  In past instances of this kind, their manipulative tactic of confronting the public with a supposedly inevitable and noble military adventure (“never let a crisis go to waste”) has always served them well and there has always been an endless supply of propaganda fodder in the form of “patriots” who think that helping unsavory US politicians and their unsavory foreign allies win an unsavory war is noble and patriotic.

Need I point out that these brave souls who claim to have risked their lives and limbs in past wars (not saying they didn’t, mind you) often seem to lack the courage to stand up for what they believe? They have no fear of bullets but words scare them silly so they plead for mercy after attacking: “please don’t respond.”

Sort of like :

“I challenge you to a duel, but please please don’t accept…. Or else! Thank you and have a nice day”

And of course, most of them fail to post similar comments at Laigle’s Forum where others could read them and be influenced by their views. Wonder why they pass up the opportunity. No, actually I don’t.

There are excellent reasons for this refusal on the part of otherwise brave men to debate like a man.

As you can see, there is no rational argument in the above email that in any way counters anything I said in my columns. Nor does the orthographically challenged author show how I “slammed America” by refusing to obediently acquiesce to Obama’s call for participation in a civil war that does not concern us, on the heels of two other wars in other Middle East countries that we have not won. The email is clearly:

–an attempt to shame me for daring to oppose a war effort launched by a US “president” (who over 50% say they aren’t convinced was qualified for the office)

–a hit-and-run attack (I am not supposed to write back to this brave but intellectually unarmed military man)

–an attempt to silence me.

Further, he doesn’t simply say my “slamming” of America is intolerable to him. He suggests that what is intolerable to him is universally intolerable. End of discussion. A vet has spoken and you will listen and shut up (oops! Unfortunately, I do not seem to take orders very well).

Interestingly, all of these characteristics of the email are precisely those used for over a century by the far left and the Global Elite. This is not a coincidence, although the e-mailer is almost certainly oblivious to the Globalist scheme behind his reflexive actions. If indeed this individual is acting out of patriotic motives, he is doing so not for the benefit of America but – no doubt unwittingly – as part of a plot by the far left to get Obama re-elected. He has been set up by the Left, who are laughing their evil heads off over his childish naiveté.

The move on the part of Obama to embroil the US in another fiasco sure to bring us embarrassment (and who received the Nobel Prize in anticipation that he would not get his country involved in any more such fiascos!) is a brilliant strategic move designed to pave the way for Obama’s re-election.

The Left therefore has much more to lose than the Right by my resistance to the Coalition’s attack on a country with which we are not at war and on a man who so far had been friendly and cooperative with Western behests.

The far-left schemers behind this scheme in their comfortable recliners know that there are numerous Americans who react reflexively and unhesitatingly to any “call to arms,” no matter how vile or stealthy and how transparent the motivation.

These are that noble group of helpful lackeys Lenin called useful idiots. They are not unlike Dalmatians that instinctively chase fire trucks, not because they have any interest in saving lives or putting out fires, but because such behavior is bred into them. They simply cannot help themselves.  And therein lies a tragedy.

But unlike Dalmatians, they pour fuel on a conflagration that for decades has been completely out of control. It is all part of an elaborate scheme that has led us into war after war that we do not win and that results in improved strategic positions for our enemies, while weakening and endangering our allies (particularly Israel in this case) and the US – and that has led to China becoming a super power both militarily and economically, even as our sun sets on the western horizon.

Obama spends money we will never be able to repay, takes us infinitely far to the Left, salivates over every opportunity to deprive Americans of freedoms such as gun rights, religious expression, and even sovereignty for their own nation, and knows he can always count on the dutiful assistance of these stalwart self-proclaimed  patriots who seem oblivious to the hatred Obama and the Global Elitists show toward patriotism itself.

Americans as a people are normally too smart to fall for this demagoguery.

In fact, if it weren’t for the “patriotic” Dalmatians chasing his fire truck, Obama probably wouldn’t stand a chance in 2012. But  he thinks he can always count on these noble misguided souls in a pinch.

And that pinch is the upcoming presidential election. Can Obama count on your support? Or have you seen the light and had enough?

There is hardly anything more important than your answer to this question (either publicly expressed or formulated in your heart and mind): will you be manipulated or will you say no this time?

I respectfully invite your comments – both pro and con – here at Laigle’s Forum, where my articles are now averaging about 400 hits each. Remember: a comment against my premise that is sent to me personally and not shared with the group will count as a hit-and-run, which is, of course, cowardly and unfair no matter how many wars the respondent has been in. If you have never posted here, please note that while this WordPress blog is designed to allow publication only by my consent, I will allow all reasonably respectful responses once I receive notification by email. (However, I am not always here at my computer. You see, this is not my full time job, just my passion. Thanks!).

I am not a hit-and-run type guy and actually enjoy low-key online conflict which is shared with the public because it can help resolve simmering issues in people’s minds. All the rest is just gaseous emissions.

Personally, I would be ashamed of myself if I said nasty things to you behind everyone’s back and I expect you wouldn’t like that either.

So let’s talk and let’s keep it public so everyone can participate.


Biden says Obama can be impeached:

The far-left connection to the Near-East rebellion

The far-left connection to the near-east rebellion

by Don Hank

It is now well known that Obama pals and Marxists Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Jody Evans were instrumental in instigating the rebellion in Egypt:

Without this far-left intervention and the blessings of the White House there may well have been no rebellion in Egypt, and a stable (though imperfect) regime would still be in place, friendly to the US and tolerant of Israel.

Since then the rebellion has spread to Libya, and this too is arguably part of the Egyptian-Islamic / Western leftist-inspired revolution. Indeed there are reportedly at least 100 Egyptian operatives there, as well as US and British commandos.

A reader objected to my latest column critical of the Coalition’s Operation Odyssey Dawn, and this is my response to his objections.

You are free to support with heart, mind, propaganda and even finances whomever you please, but excuse me if I decline to be part of a rebellion instigated by the far left and strongly supported by friends of Islamic terror who deny Israel’s right to exist. Excuse me if I see gross hypocrisy in supporting an all-out attack on a Middle East dictator who has long been cooperative with the West, while turning a blind eye to more egregious dictatorships like China (where a Noble prize winner is now in jail for speaking his mind) and North Korea (where dissidents and their families are routinely jailed and it is a crime to own a radio with unlimited tuning).  You say I want to soft-pedal on Ghadaffi. Yet you are perfectly content to soft pedal on the undemocratic rogue regimes of China and North Korea that also kill their own people at times (eg, Tiananmen Square).

Where were the noble contenders for democracy when China was holding Liu Xiaobao? Oh, that’s right, democracy champion Barack Obama was fêting him at the White House. Further, China is one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, which decided to attack Ghadaffi because he was behaving like a Chinese dictator. As for North Korea, we have sent them free food for years, and China, our “ally,” runs interference for that country. Apparently, the Koreans don’t need democracy.

But isn’t Iran also a dictatorship that suppresses democracy? Should we be soft pedaling on Iran? Well, judging by the silent consent of Western leaders, Iran is perfectly democratic. There was an uprising there during the one in Egypt, but Obama didn’t think it would be appropriate to demand that Ahmadinejad step down. After all, that dictator, who has reportedly been executing people at the rate of one every 9 hours, is anti-Israel.  No need to get rid of him.  He’s on “our” side.  A few years back, the US Energy Department even subsidized 2 Russian institutes that helped build parts of reactors for Iran.

So if the true motives of the Fabian leaders for the attack on Libya are not the noble ones they enunciate, what is the motivation? The Left never starts anything that will not likely further their cause of world domination or that will have the outcome expected and intended by the public. That explains Obama’s role in opposing a regime that in recent years has been forthcoming toward Western interests, while ignoring regimes antagonistic to our interests. Sarkozy has an additional motive: he is up for re-election soon and needs a good war at his back.

It is more than obvious that replacing regimes that support the US and Israel with our enemies (like the street mobs of Egypt — dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood; and of Libya — strongly allied with terror) will help the Left, as led by Obama and socialist Europe, to undermine Western culture and values.

The Fabian Socialists (of which Tony Blair is a member) were founded in the 1880s for the express purpose of spreading socialism and eliminating Christianity by stealth.

They believed that they could get away with anything as long as they pretended to be supporting worthy-sounding causes, and it is going swimmingly (Tony even has a religious foundation aimed at uniting all religions — that goes nicely with the Christian teaching: I [Jesus] am the way). They have managed to pretty much take over the West. You see, it wasn’t only Tony Blair. The entire power structure, top to bottom, is infested with globalist New World Order operatives, and “conservative” parties are in no way exempt. David Cameron used stealth to get elected, in keeping with the West’s trademark Fabian tactics. As head of the Conservative Party, he promised that, if elected, he would allow a referendum as to whether the UK should stay in the EU. Even though everyone now knows that was a lie, many see Dave acting like a “conservative” now, helping with a war effort in the tradition of “conservative” GW Bush (reminder: Blair’s staunchest ally). Yet starting wars whose predicted outcome is to undermine Christianity and our relations with the Middle East and endanger Israel is not necessarily a conservative thing to do, though it can certainly be deemed within the scope of Fabian stealth activities. It is hard to believe that any true conservative could support this cheap and transparent stealth tactic of starting wars for the apparent purpose of strengthening our enemies and weakening our friends. In fact, judging by the popularity of my last column on this topic (which has been reposted at several sites) and also the next-to-last (which shocked even me with the boldness of its conclusions), I seriously doubt any true conservatives do fall for this.

There is no excuse for Europeans to believe in the sincerity of the Western coalition. The Western powers that now support the attack on Ghadaffi, replete as it is with abundant collateral civilian casualties, are essentially the same leaders who insist on importing millions of hostile Muslims to Europe who refuse to assimilate and who not infrequently kill Westerners (like the people who bombed Madrid and London, like the killer of Theo van Gogh, and like so many other Islamic terrorists and violent criminals who had enjoyed Western hospitality or claimed the West as their home) or deliberately configure the Southern US border as a welcome mat for terrorists (eg, some of the 911 attackers) or promote rabidly anti-US soldiers to high ranks (eg, the Fort Hood shooter).

Democracy sounds like a worthy cause and the vast hordes of politically unsophisticated (whose study of history – or even current events — is next to non-existent) and the spiritually blind are liable to fall for this ruse.

However, the rest of us generally realize that if democracy were really a cause worth the shedding of blood, then Iran, for example, would be a nation marked by justice and protection of the weak — now that Carter has gotten rid of the cruel dictatorial Shah and paved the way for democracy there.

But the dirty open secret of democracy (as distinct from the republican form of government our founders founded) is that it neither protects the weak nor promotes justice. Invariably, it eventually winds up protecting the majority or a very powerful group of oligarchs, just as it did in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Cambodia, N Korea, and just as it is now doing increasingly in the Americas and Europe.

And as for Christianity, by supporting the Coalition, we are contributing mightily – knowingly or unwittingly — to the demise of Judeo-Christianity in the world.

By supporting the Iraq war, we indirectly eliminated the Assyrian Christians in Iraq by toppling a dictatorship that protected them, and are now witnessing the genocide of  the Egyptian Copts, who were at least allowed to exist under Mubarak. Within a week after Mubarak stepped down, at Obama’s behest, the democratic activist military that replaced him attacked a monastery and shot a monk and six church workers, and they’re just getting warmed up.

Behold democracy, a foul fruit with a noble-sounding name.

Remember these fruits of past Western adventures in the Middle East when the conflagration starts in earnest in North Africa and the torrent of crocodile tears from the instigators and participants from our own democracy movement starts to drown the West.

In the end, we all believe what we choose to – whether out of dangerously naïve or false altruism or because we are sympathetic to the far-left Fabian New World Order.

In either case, we reap the consequences.

Obama is already reaping some of his, both at home and abroad.

The terrorists fighting Qadaffi (he’s too moderate for them):

Further reading by a readers and friends:

Spare me the crocodile tears when Northern Africa explodes

Now that the street mobs are in control of the Middle East, I predict first the unleashing of a fireball throughout the region.  And then after that a flood of crocodile tears from the Western leaders who triggered it. 


by Don Hank

Jim Kouri reports at the that Western coalition forces have launched “Operation Odyssey Dawn” to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to “protect the Libyan people from that troubled nation’s dictator, according to the Pentagon.”

Kouri’s article mentions criticism of the operation, but this is limited only to the fact that the coalition “places US troops under the command of foreign generals.”

This is very far from the crux of the main issue as recently highlighted by Olavo de Carvalho (here) and myself (here).

As we have stated, the salient outcome of US involvement in each case in



Iraq and


was to take the world step by step closer to a worldwide Caliphate or at least to a world increasingly hostile to Christianity, Jews and Western traditions. And as we pointed out, while this occurred under color of “spreading democracy,” the so-called democratic regimes that sprang up in the power voids we created were much more aggressive toward opposition and much more hostile toward Christians and Jews than the governments Western allies helped overthrow. Libyan rebels are reported to have terror ties. Whereas we once fought, at least ostensibly, to defeat terror, we now fight to defend it, as if it needed our help!

Though many remain in denial about the motives behind this tragic power transfer, it is increasingly clear, particularly in Europe, that the virtually unaccountable  Ruling Class (in the EU, the national and local governments) has adopted policies and laws that are aimed to dismantle Christianity and traditional Judeo-Christian life and culture, at variance with the will of their constituents. The Germans may well have suffered more than the rest of Europe.  Indeed, there are public schools in places like Berlin where up to around 90% of all students are Muslims, many of whom mercilessly attack and insult the German students.

In retrospect, it is perhaps not surprising that after tolerating such abuse for many years, a German TV station picked up the story. Laigle’s Forum was one of the first US media outlets to report this to US audiences.

Within days, Chancellor Angela Merkel became the first top-level European leader to state unequivocally “Multikulti” (multiculturalism) is not working.

Not long thereafter, David Cameron, normally a lackey of the Ruling Class, said the same thing. So did France’s Sarkozy.

Now European leaders at this level never flout the top brass (in the EU, for example) in this way unless their jobs are at stake. For the first time in decades, the pressure was coming from the people, building to a crescendo and inviting revolt.

The point is that the Ruling Class in the West has been using Muslims as a means of undermining Christian culture, and the support of Islamic rioters in Northern Africa is but an extension of this policy. A hotelier couple in the UK, for example, was recently sued in court for sharing their faith with a Muslim guest. Homosexual “sensitivity” is also used on both sides of the Atlantic to suppress Christian thought and speech. The connection to the anti-Christian tone of US leaders (on all levels), with the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center making constant juridical sorties against Christians, is abundantly clear to anyone with internet access and palpable brain wave activity.

So given the above list of Islamic nations that has received military support, it is not unusual that the West would leap to the support of a group of radicals who want to overthrow the Libyan regime, even though Libya has had one of the highest standards of living in the region and a more highly developed network of social services, and even though Qadaffi had in the past shown remarkable cooperativeness with the West, even voluntarily dismantling his weapons systems.

So now there are 5 regions in the hands of another wild street mob, thanks to the intervention of the West. Watch the prices soar at the pump. Watch for streams of Middle Eastern Christian refugees in Western countries.

Watch Israel as Islam moves in for the kill.

Watch for crocodile tears as the Western leaders who triggered the debacle react with false shock and indignation at the blood bath they deliberately initiated.

Further reading:

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Olavo de Carvalho on Western support for radical Islam


Article at the Examiner on Operation Odyssey Dawn


Libyan rebels tied to terror

¿Puedes creer que existe un genocidio contra los gays?

¿Puedes creer que existe un genocidio contra los homosexuales?

por Don Hank

¿Existe alguna amenaza de que los homosexuales en los países occidentales pronto sean  eliminados por peligrosas bandas homofóbicas?

Pregunta ridícula, ¿verdad?

No, los homosexuales gozan de privilegios especiales aquí en el Occidente. En San Francisco ellos tienen libertad de circular desnudos por las calles durante el desfile del orgullo gay en la calle Folsom practicando actos sexuales reales en público a la vista de los infortunados espectadores, inclusive niños, que tengan la desgracia de encontrarse con este escenario. (No voy a dar los enlaces de las fotos de esta perversión, pero si desea confirmación, solo necesita buscar en Google utilizando las palabras clave: folsom street gay pride o cosas similares).

Entre tanto muchos gobiernos occidentales se encuentran afectados por las “terribles condiciones” de los gays, mientras que cristianos en el mundo entero están perdiendo el derecho de dar testimonio de la cura y del poder redentor de Dios por medio de Jesucristo. La agenda de estos tiranos, que nos gobiernan por medio de furtivas maniobras sin nuestro consentimiento, es evidente para todos los que tienen al menos la mitad del cerebro: Ellos están ansiosos por acabar con la cultura cristiana tradicional — de hecho, cualquier cultura mínimamente decente que incluya la boda tradicional, la ley y el orden.

A la vez los nuevos gobiernos “democráticos” en el Oriente Medio masacran las poblaciones cristianas, mientras gozan del pleno apoyo de casi toda la clase dominante — la oligarquía que maneja un poder cada vez más dictatorial a través de los grandes medios de comunicación, universidades, sistema “educativo” y la gran mayoría de las clases profesionales, y nuestra propia clase dominante pretende que se preocupan profundamente por la persecución de los gays.

Poco después que el gobierno americano invadió Irak, las iglesias cristianas asirias comenzaron a ser quemadas y sus congregaciones perseguidas, asesinadas y dispersas. Muchos ahora viven en Suecia. El gobierno americano no dijo nada, pretendiendo que el único enemigo era el “terrorismo”, no el fanatismo islámico. Los cristianos coptos en Egipto están, en este momento, sufriendo un destino similar, en gran parte gracias a la colaboración de Occidente. Las fuerzas armadas del nuevo gobierno “democrático” egipcio con el apoyo de Obama y de los líderes de Europa atacaron a un monasterio copto poco después de que Mubarak fuera derrocado de la presidencia, baleando y matando a varios monjes. La Hermandad Musulmana, con el apoyo de Barack Obama, está detrás del asesinato y de la persecución. La prensa occidental está totalmente de boca cerrada.

Pero la Clase Dirigente y los medios de comunicación nos dicen que los que están siendo perseguidos son los gays y que tienen extrema necesidad de nuestra protección. Es mentira. Los homosexuales no sufren ni siquiera una fracción del uno por ciento de la persecución que los cristianos están sufriendo en el mundo entero. Sin embargo, ellos son la nueva clase protegida, y gobiernos como el de Brasil se están apresurando para ayudarlos como si ellos hubieran sido víctimas de un tsunami, terremoto y desastre nuclear. (¿Y Su país tiene programas para proteger a los gays como si fueran una especie en vías de extinción?).

En la mayoría de los países nadie se atreve a mencionar que su estilo de vida produce enfermedades como el SIDA u otras ETS. Nadie puede siquiera dar asesoramiento y asistencia a los ex-gays o personas con atracciones no deseadas hacia el mismo sexo. Mi amigo brasileño Julio Severo se vio obligado a abandonar su patria porque ayudaba a los hombres deseosos de una mejor vida a superar la homosexualidad y vivir vidas seguras, saludables y morales.

Él les estaba ofreciendo una valiosa ayuda.

Pero los dirigentes de la extrema izquierda de Brasil, empezando con el ex presidente Lula y ahora continuando con Dilma Rousseff (que es más virulentamente anti-cristiana y ex terrorista implicada en el asesinato de varias personas, incluyendo un estadounidense), dice que es ilegal ayudar a los homosexuales a superar su estilo de vida.

Cualquier persona que se encuentre en ese estilo de vida está prácticamente enjaulada por la ley para el resto de su vida.

Cualquier hombre que quiera abandonar el sexo anal, por razones de seguridad, fe o moralidad, o cualesquiera que sean las razones, se le recomienda salir de Brasil.

No hay espacio para la decencia en Brasil, que está siendo objeto de una andanada de malignidad ultra-marxista y no tiene como salir de este curso. El resto de Occidente está siguiendo la misma tendencia.

Y la mayoría de los americanos (y europeos) no está atenta a la tragedia moral que se está develando en Brasil — y en muchos otros países occidentales.

Es hora de despertarnos y tratar de conocer a las personas que viven en el mismo hemisferio que nosotros. Es hora de aprender una nueva palabra en el vocabulario: No.

No con nosotros. No con mi país.

Más detalles sobre Julio:

Julio Severo provocó un “terremoto” cuando advirtió a las iglesias y al pueblo de Brasil acerca de la agenda gay y sobre la reversibilidad del inmoral estilo de vida gay.

Él es el autor del libro “El Movimiento Homosexual” publicado en 1998 por la Editora Betania. Su obra fue el primer libro en portugués a desenmascarar las intenciones del movimiento gay.

En 2007, cuando ayudó a concientizar al público sobre el PLC 122, el proyecto de ley “contra la homofobia”, los activistas gays comenzaron amenazar a la Editoria Betania, que bajo esa presión dejó el libro. Los activistas también presentaron demandas contra Severo. Desde entonces, fiscales federales han estado tratando de ponerle mordaza y de bloquear sus artículos.

Probablemente no pueden hacer nada contra él ahora, porque está lejos de Brasil. Sin embargo, la mayor organización gay en Brasil, que recibió el apoyo de Hillary Clinton para tener una acreditación oficial ante la ONU en 2010, está tratando de encontrar su ubicación. Esta misma organización, la ABGLT, también presentó una demanda en su contra.

Traducido de portugués para español por Maria Valarini

Versión en portugués: Dá para acreditar que existe algum genocídio contra homossexuais?

Blog de Julio Severo en español:

Fuente: Laigle’s Forum

You can play God, just don’t expect to win

by Don Hank

People sometimes wonder why God would punish a nation full of apparently kindly and docile people like the Japanese.

Some, however, are blaming the disasters on Japan’s aid to the Palestinians and their stance against Israel.  Indeed, at best, the Japanese seem to be playing it safe as usual, with no conspicuous moral convictions in sight beyond political expedience. They know Obama has vehemently turned against Israel and know which side of their bread is buttered.

Whatever the case may be, I firmly believe God does have a plan, and the consequences of this plan go far beyond Asia. There are many possible scenarios.

For example, just what if He sees the Western Oligarchs (Ruling Class on the local, national, UN and EU levels) playing god and wants to remind them who’s in charge?

Remember when the “global warming” high priests were meeting in Copenhagen and a near-record blizzard hit Europe and North America? Since then, the term “global warming” has not been used much by the media. Al Gore  has been laying low. Like the pagan gods in Elijah’s day, Al’s Gaia has failed him miserably.

Suppose — just suppose — that God sees the Obama administration using the robust stock market numbers to demonstrate that the economy is “recovering” (despite the enormous actual unemployment rate) — or stashing all that TARP money away to dump on US businesses right around election time, temporarily invigorating the economy and making people think he is still the same messiah they elected.

Now, with gas prices rising anyway thanks in large part to US meddling in the Near East, a further rise in petroleum — coupled with the results of the Fed’s reckless money printing scheme (Quantitative Easing), could help bring about an inflation rate so dramatic that the TARP money in Obama’s piggy bank would not even make a dent.  A few temporary jobs might be created with all that extra cash freed up, but the inflation would eat up all the gains and then some.

The result could well be an economic tsumani, like the wave that breached the breakwater off the Miyagi coast. The TARP money would be like those giant buildings that were washed across the fields like matchboxes.

Of course, it is all conjecture at this point, but economists, such as Yale’s Robert Shiller, predict a stock market dip and significantly higher gas prices no matter what happens (the stock market took a major hit today).

At any rate, people who believe God intervenes in the affairs of men should not blame the earthquake cum tsunami cum nuclear accident solely on the sins of the Japanese. We should look inward instead. There is more to this string of disasters than meets the eye. The losers are scattered far and wide. They include you and me.

At this point, while I don’t necessarily recommend attending a church (most churches are collaborating with the Ruling Class today), I do strongly urge a bending of the knee and the assumption of an humble posture.

Warning to those who would harm Israel: Genesis 12:3; Zechariah 12:3

The Ruling Class is working to implement the Fabian scheme. Listen to this message on Fabianism:

How Europe can restore its freedom

Europe: Restore Christianity, restore freedom

 by Don Hank

 Christians in Europe are under direct attack. Many are losing their employment for speaking out, just as they did in the Soviet Union. And yet, despite the extreme hard times for Christians in Europe, the direct targeting of Christians and the demonization of their faith has an unintended consequence for the Ruling Class (Oligarchy) that represses them, and this could eventually unravel the progress they have made so far:

It raises nagging questions in everyone’s mind:

–Who is this Jesus Christ that makes the most powerful men in the world fear Him so?

–What is it about the Bible that makes it so fearsome to the Oligarchs who normally rely on the stealth (Fabian) approach to win hearts and minds of the public to its side?

If this book is really so fearsome that they must drop their stealthy approach and directly ban Christian or Biblical speech, then that blows their cover and reveals their agenda in a way that leaves them exposed and naked.

For them to do such a thing means that they perceive something in the message of that book.

Europe has slumbered for decades through a massive power grab on the part of the Ruling Class in national governments (what is left of them) and has largely sided with this class, despite the abuse it has heaped on them by robbing them of national governments and shoving EU law down their throats.

In one area in particular, the people have agreed to a large extent with their masters, namely, in regard to Christianity.

The Ruling Class throughout Europe has put out the message that Christianity is largely responsible for Hitler’s rise to power, for example.

Yet recent research shows that it was in fact the erosion of biblical viewpoint that contributed most to preparing the hearts and minds of Germans to accept the Folkish propaganda that helped popularize the notion of Germans as the super race.

The popular anti-Christianity is passed off as a natural grassroots phenomenon. It is not. It is the result of a clever propaganda campaign that has led to the subjugation of the peoples of Europe.

German language version of the above-linked article:

Christian Concern:

Would you believe genocide against homosexuals?

Would you believe genocide against homosexuals?

by Don Hank

Is there a danger that gays in Western countries may soon be exterminated by hordes of dangerous homophobes?

Pretty ridiculous question, isn’t it?

No, gays enjoy special privileges here in the West. In San Francisco they are allowed to roam the streets naked during a pride fest on Folsom Street, performing actual sex acts in public in full view of hapless onlookers, including children, unfortunate enough to stumble onto the scene. (I am not going to link to photos of this perversion but, if you want confirmation, you can Google it with the key words: folsom street gay pride or the like).

Yet many Western governments fret over the “plight” of gays, even as Christians around the globe are losing their right to witness to the healing and redeeming power of God through Jesus Christ. The agenda of these tyrants who rule us by Fabian stealth without our consent is clear to anyone with half a brain: They are eager to put an end to traditional Christian culture — in fact, any decent culture at all that includes traditional marriage, law and order.

Even as the new “democratic” governments in the Middle East slaughter their native Christians, while enjoying the wholehearted support of almost the entire Ruling Class — that oligarchy that wields increasingly dictatorial power thru the mighty media, the universities, the “education” system, and the vast majority of cadres of all professions, our own Ruling Class pretends to care deeply about the persecution of gays.

Soon after the Iraq invasion, Assyrian churches began to be burned and their congregations persecuted, murdered and scattered. Many now live in Sweden. The US government said nothing, pretending the only enemy was “terror,” not Islamist fanaticism. The Copts in Egypt are now suffering a similar fate, thanks in large part to Western collaboration. The military of the new “democratic” government supported by Obama and the leaders of Europe attacked a Coptic monastery shortly after Mubarak was toppled, shooting several monks. The Muslim Brotherhood, supported by Barack Obama, is behind the slaughter and persecution. The Western press is silent as the Sphinx.

But the media and the Oligarchy tell us that it is the gays who are persecuted and sorely need our protection. It is a lie. Gays have not suffered even a fraction of a percent of the persecution of Christians throughout the world. And yet they are the new protected class, and governments like Brazil’s are rushing to their aid as though they had all lived through a tsunami, an earthquake and a nuclear disaster.

In most countries, no one dares mention that their lifestyle causes diseases like AIDS or other STDs. No one may even lend advice and assistance to ex-gays or people with unwanted same-sex attractions. My Brazilian friend Julio Severo was forced to leave his homeland because he was working with men with unwanted same-sex attraction who were eager to overcome this and live safe, healthy, moral lives according to biblical guidelines.

He was offering them valuable assistance. Many had seen their friends die of AIDS. Many were concerned about their lives, their health and safety.

But the far-left leadership of Brazil, starting with former president Lula and now continuing with the even more-virulently anti-Christian Dilma Roussef (who is a a former terrorist involved in the murders of several people including one American), says it is illegal to help homosexuals overcome their lifestyle.

Anyone who is in this lifestyle is practically locked in it for life by law.

Anyone wishing to abandon anal sex, for reasons of safety, faith or morality, or whatever reason it may be, would be well advised to leave that country.

There is no room for decency in Brazil. It has undergone a perfect storm of ultra-Marxist evil and is locked in. The rest of the West is catching up.

And most Americans (and Europeans) are oblivious to the moral tragedy that is unfolding there.

It is time to wake up and get to know the folks we share the hemisphere with. It is time to learn a new vocabulary word: No.

Not with us. Not with my country.

More details on Julio:

Julio made the biggest waves alerting Brazilian churches and society about the gay agenda and about the reversibility of the immoral gay lifestyle, according to biblical guidelines.

He is the author of the book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement), published in 1998 by the Brazilian branch of the Bethany House Publishers, an evangelical publishing house. His book was the first book in Portuguese to expose the intentions of the gay-rights movement.

In 2007, when he helped boost public awareness about an anti-“homophobia” federal bill, gay activists began to threaten Bethany Publishers, which abandoned the book under this pressure.  They also filed charges against Severo. Since then, Brazilian prosecutors have tried to muzzle him and block his writings.

Probably, they can do nothing against him now, because he is away from Brazil. Even so, the largest gay group in Brazil, which was backed by Hillary Clinton to be accredited in the UN system in 2010, is seeking to find his location. This same group, ABGLT, has filed charges against him too.

Julio Severo blog site: