Fanatics who agree with atheists

By Don Hank

When I was a kid, there was this friend of my father’s who liked to show off what a good Bible-believing fundamentalist he was. I always suspected he was terrified of burning in hell for making just a slip of the tongue and therefore went overboard to show his rigorous adherence to the scriptures in all his conversation. My father and he were discussing the biblical concept of the “four corners of the earth” one day and Brother John said “Brother Ralph, I do believe the earth is flat.” Daddy looked at him in surprise and said “how do you explain that airplanes fly around it then and that there aren’t any corners?” John got this beatific look in his eye and sighed “I just believe that if the Bible says it’s so, then it’s so.”

Many years later, I drifted away from Christ and fell under the thrall of atheistic ideas. It wasn’t atheists who pushed me in that direction. I didn’t know any atheists them. It was people like John, who insist that you either choose God or science, and there’s no middle ground. Yes, a near-illiterate hill-billy helped to separate me from my faith.

Finally, after God came for me and took me back, I had a revelation: Many atheists (perhaps the majority) and many religious fanatics both share a very important viewpoint, namely, the conviction that science is incompatible with religion and that the intellect is therefore the enemy of God.

Both of these groups have misled numerous people into believing that they have to make a choice between God and religion. The somewhat more intellectual ones without much depth or analytical ability choose science.

But the truly wise ones eventually come to understand that God created the laws of science and created life, and that all of nature, in its most spontaneous behavior, is obeying His will.

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