It’s official: Obama puts race over Constitution

DOJ official resigns over Obama’s racism

Don Hank

The below-linked is one of the most important reports I have read because it indicts Barack Obama as the racist he is and always will be. It shows what many suspect: For Obama, devotee of Black Liberation theology, there is no such thing as a criminal black man.

Remember Governor Spencer attacking Tea Party attendee Nathan Tabor? Spencer may get off and Tabor, who did not hit anyone, was also charged. The courts are in the hands of red revolutionaries of the Bolshevik type. We could be in Mao’s China or any of such brutal dictatorships now. BTW, Mao advocated using the “ruffian” class to help reach communist goals. It doesn’t get any worse than Maoism, and this is it, right now, in the USA. The psychology is dangerous and assaults our liberty at every turn. Worse, too many Americans – lacking any meaningful background in history – are ignoring these blatant symptoms of out and out tyranny.

A Department of Justice official has just quit because of Obama’s undisguised racism in dismissing a case against a criminal group of new Black Panthers.


“Based on my firsthand experiences, I believe the dismissal of the Black Panther case was motivated by a lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law. Others still within the department share my assessment. The department abetted wrongdoers and abandoned law-abiding citizens victimized by the New Black Panthers. The dismissal raises serious questions about the department’s enforcement neutrality in upcoming midterm elections and the subsequent 2012 presidential election.” J. Christian Adams

Read more here

Please help John Wayne Tucker help America

I’ve said it before: If the Tea Party only succeeds in electing Republican lap dogs of the kind we populate our Congress with, America is doomed (that is why the Arizona Senatorial elections are so important. If John McCain gets re-elected, that is the worst possible barometer reading for American conservatism).

Friends, some of you may recall that Dave Levine is a radio host who personally contacts people like myself who need to be educated about candidates. Dave goes to a lot of trouble to get to know candidates personally and is particularly sensitive to the difference between real conservatives and RINOs or weak-kneed candidates.

He has long been supporting John Wayne Tucker, a popular candidate for Congress in Missouri who is running on the GOP ticket but is being opposed by the treacherous GOP establishment. They are supporting the more malleable Ed Martin, who can be expected to compromise with the “other side of the aisle” when called upon to do so by the treacherous GOP.

This is spiritual warfare and we must win.

The GOP is why Obama won. They ran the weakest, most tarnished most leftwing candidate they could find, a man who most of us knew would keep the border open and wanted to amnesty millions of invaders.

John Wayne Tucker will definitely fight for our border. How do I know? Dave Levine said so and I trust Dave’s judgment.

In addition, he is authentically pro-life, which is a sometimes hard to find among anti-invasion candidates – probably because all “mainstream” churches officially support amnesty schemes.

If you click on the first link below and take the poll (vote for John Wayne Tucker), you will see that John has an amazing lead: 71.9% to Martin’s anemic 19.9%.

It may look like a wrap, but John needs $3,000 for yard signs and radio ads.

Don Hank

PS: Someone tell Sheriff Joe he got behind the wrong man. Schlafly is a Republican establishment hack so it won’t do any good to talk to her.

Dave’s email to me:


I know I’ve asked you this many times but unfortunately, they [my readers] haven’t come thru. I need to ask you one more time, for my friend JWT. He needs $3,000 to run radio ads and to buy yard signs to beat Martin. I spoke with Zac Bauer tonight, John’s Campaign Maganer. They have so many requests for signs but no money to buy them! The Primary is 32 days away.

Martin’s a wuss. He left Sunday’s Freedom Fights before the debate part began. While he has Sheriff Joe’s and Schlafly’s endorsements, he’s taking way too much for granted and John believes he’s beatable. That unscientific Missouri Sovereignty Project online poll was pretty amazing

John had a 70% to 20% District Vote advantage.

If you can send this out to your Conservative friends, perhaps some of them will send John a donation. His site is




Obama’s coup de grâce for the Gulf?

by Don Hank

Surprisingly, even the left-leaning Huffington Post seems to have writers who understand science and realize that the Obama administration lacks the most rudimentary grasp of sci-tech know-how. They see the danger, and more and more thinking people on the Left, for whom the environment is not a political tool but a sacred focus of their worldview, are having their eyes opened.

The US government will not allow the oil skimmers in the Gulf to do their job. If they were operated as intended, and as is done in Europe, the skimmers would separate the oil from the water in the skimmed material, returning water with a small oil content back to the spill area. This returned water, while slightly contaminated, would have a lower oil content than the surrounding water, thereby providing a considerably more-positive net oil/water balance than existed before the skim run.

Let’s back up here a moment and look at the term “oil/water balance.” It is critical to the Gulf situation. At this moment, due to the administration’s slow response, the ratio of the amount of oil entering the Gulf (and hence the world’s oceans) to the amount of water is in all likelihood increasing. This means there is a negative oil/water balance and it is getting worse. In medicine, a balance like that means the patient is on his way out. You can’t constantly increase the amount of toxins to healthy fluids in the body and expect to survive. 

In the Gulf by law, the tanks into which the skimmers pump their payload must be filled not with almost water-free oil, but with a material consisting mostly of water, and returned to a processing plant unseparated — a highly inefficient process in which the tanker carries oil with a high water content for remote processing in lieu of the cheaper and more elegant rough-processing in situ in order to enable much more-pure oil to be sent to remote processing. The logic of our brilliant lawmakers is that returning slightly contaminated water into the Gulf would tend to pollute the water again. That could be the case if only a limited number of skimming runs were allowed. However, there is no limit to the number of runs a skimmer can make. But because of the high output of the ongoing oil spill, the only limiting factor is time, and this absurd rule – made by politicians lacking the rudiments of scientific understanding and completely lacking in common sense – is the factor that most greatlyincreases process time. If the water were returned to the ocean at the spill site with a small oil content, as a result of imperfect separating techniques currently available, the residual oil in the water would again float to the top and be skimmed in a subsequent run. Very quickly, at yields several times those obtained under this disastrous rule, the last tanks collected would run clean. On balance, the Gulf would be cleaned up several times earlier.  That is the essence of the process used in Europe, and they have gotten quite adept at this.

Obama can and should ask Congress for an emergency waiver of this law that so severely hampers cleanup.

Let’s see. It took him one and one-half months to realize we needed to accept those Dutch oil skimmers offered on April 25, 3 days after the oil well exploded. Maybe if we’re lucky he can move a bit faster on this.

Of course, not much hinges on it now where he is concerned. The Democrats in Congress who are up for re-election are doomed anyway.

Will he go out like a shooting star and let the Gulf die, expending the last ounce of Democratic capital on making America more humble and striking at the British Empire that mistreated his Kenyan family? It’s entirely possible given his rigid mentality.

Or will he remember that with the Gulf completely dead — as it eventually may be at this rate — there will in fact be less incentive for an offshore drilling ban, not more?

After all, even if we can eventually no longer fish in the Gulf, thousands of Gulf residents still might be able to make a livelihood from it.


The Great Vanity meets the Great Indifference

by Don Hank

It has been discovered that the wildcat BP oil well at the bottom of the Gulf is actually an enormous methane deposit that is becoming more and more unstable and threatens to blow with incalculable force and unknown consequences for nature and man.

Whether he acknowledges it or not, Barack Obama is gradually encountering a profound and inscrutable truth, and that is:

No matter how well a vain man plays God, he is only playing. There is Someone for whom the role was made, and He is not playing.

As was demonstrated by the near-record snow storm during the Supremely Vain Men’s conference on global warming in Copenhagen, and again when a volcano polluted the atmosphere more than all the cars in the world and could not be taxed into submission, there is an all-encompassing Vastness that even a dyed-in-the-wool far-left secularist like Obama must eventually acknowledge (if only by confronting death), something that this secularist might — lacking a better term or feeling inhibited by a supremely vain Supreme Court decision — call the Great Indifference of the universe, which is oblivious to people like Obama who dream of greatness and audacity, a force that cares even less about the usurper than does the usurper about his subjects.

Indifference is normally a passive phenomenon, and Obama might expect its effects to be tolerable, not much worse than a bout of loneliness. Yet there is something about the Great Indifference that is beginning to feel more active and positive to Obama than mere non-existence could feel and, despite his mask of studied aplomb, he is increasingly aware of its existence.

There is a haunting, mocking feel to it that grows more certain with each passing day and is becoming less and less tolerable. It’s an emptiness that rings in the ears, floods the senses. But with what does it fill and flood you, Barack Obama, if indeed nothing is there, as your masters have assured you? What or who is mocking you? Bodily chemistry perhaps? Or the machinations of the vast rightwing conspiracy, as a person of slightly inferior vanity and emptiness once postulated?

Being ignored by nothing is manageable. But Obama must by now sense that there is a compelling yet elusive substance to this nothingness, a realness which is everlasting and demands a bending of the knees, a falling to the ground with a groaning lament.

The drama of the Great Fall, about to unfold, promises to be uniquely compelling because no one has ever so fully embodied the Supremely Vain Men’s desire for a godman than does Obama, and no man, not even the inscrutable yellow Khan, has ever felt so comfortable with, and worthy of, the role. He is his own most adoring devotee.

And this is why the godman and the prophets who installed him will now see a perfect storm unleashed against the perfect embodiment of narcissist vanity that they have groomed to impersonate deity.

For they have come up against another immutable law of nature, which can be written thusly:

He who will not lead with wisdom will be led by circumstances.

The immovable object is about to meet the unstoppable force, which lurks in the entrails of the earth under the Gulf of Mexico ready to explode with all the fury of hell.

Full report:

The heresy is now inverted

Heresy in reverse

by Don Hank

Ken Blackwell reports at that speaker Nancy Pelosi “has decided to follow Obama’s lead in claiming that God directs her lawmaking, invoking the Bible as her legislative roadmap.”

In matters of religion and socialism, I keep going back to Schafarevich’s book “‘The Socialist Phenomenon” because a knowledge of those origins can teach us what we need to know to defeat this heresy.

But an unnoticed reversal has happened since the 13th through 16th centuries  in the sense that the early socialist heretics — where heresy is defined very generally as the rejection the original intent of the scriptures — were uneducated but powerful grassroots groups that didn’t understand the Bible and could be easily persuaded by charismatic leaders that Jesus wanted socialism. (He did not, as evidenced here)

There were various reasons for this lack of biblical knowledge but chief of these was the fact that the Bible was not available in the vernaculars of the various countries. It was available in Latin and only the schooled could read it.

Despite the known flaws of the Catholic Church, the clergy could therefore read the scriptures, and stuck to them at least in practical areas of life like economics, tacitly supporting the biblical idea of private ownership (thou shalt not steal), while also teaching thrift, honesty, hard work and common sense family values. This is precisely why Europe became the most highly developed civilization in the world. When the Americans successfully shed British control, while astutely avoiding the Leftism of the French Revolution, this entire traditional value system was transferred intact to the New World where it was further refined by the addition of religious freedom and frontier rugged individualism.

The church eventually overcame these early heresies, but at a price, with the heresy slowly migrating upward even as traditionalism remained consolidated in the grassroots.

While the church never lost its power completely, it was slowly infiltrated from the inside. Major social upheavals like the popularization of Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species” caused church leaders to absorb the new secularism, which became part of the subconscious catechism.

Protestantism also underwent its own forms of secularization, as manifested in the radical politics of the National and World Councils of Churches.

Slowly, without anyone being able to discern a major shift at any one time, the Left took over the church hierarchy and is now sitting squarely atop it.

Even so-called “conservative” churches like the Southern Baptists, with the Richard Land as its spokesperson, have fallen completely.

A few years ago, Land debated “Christian” far-leftist Jim Wallis and the salient outcome of the encounter was the impression among truly conservative Christians that the differences between the “conservative” Land and the avowed leftist Wallis, were little more than cosmetic. Like virtually all denominations and the Catholics, Land has not only joined the ecumenical effort to grant amnesty to millions of aliens lawbreakers but has bought into Al Gore’s climate change heresy.

As in the Middle Ages, lawlessness prevails and socialism is taking hold.

But in contradistinction to the past, the heretics are now at the top of the hierarchy, not the grassroots.

There is no counterweight at the top. The leadership has all been hijacked, lock stock and barrel.

There is an elegant symmetry to this whole story:

As I said above, the conservative church hierarchy in the 13th through 16th centuries understood Christ’s message, while the grassroots largely lacked this capability. And fortunately, the more-conservative church had the official power and could prevail.

Today, top-level religious and secular heretics are in control while only the grassroots still honor the Bible. In fact, church leaders are teamed up with government to redefine Christianity and ram their definition down the throats of the grassroots. It would seem like taking candy from a baby.

The subtle difference, however, is that the official church, while still able to read the scriptures, no longer is a spiritual leader in any relevant way, using the scriptures mostly as a vehicle for their social gospel (just as was done in the Soviet Union). Thus the official church is no longer a real church but rather the false churches that Jesus, the Apostles and John of Patmos warned of. It is a political machine designed to destroy grassroots culture and install and support regimes of the far-left type.

So, despite the wishful thinking of uninformed “conservative” Christians, the last thing we need today is for the official church to step in with its powerful propaganda machine and stop the heretics. Because the churches are the heretics.

What is in fact needed is for the grassroots to stop feeding the enemy.

There is only one way to do that, and that is for true believers in Jesus and in biblical truth to either find one of the rare independant churches with a passion for traditional scriptures or, failing that, start worshipping at home with loved ones and friends, and stop investing our money and emotions in the official churches.  The house church movement is already here and mirrors the home schooling movement. It has untold potential to turn America around.

If traditional Christians can get up the courage and show the wisdom needed to just leave the apostate churches, the socialist heresy will be defeated in America just as it was defeated in medieval Europe.

Conservatives are stronger now than perhaps at any other time in our history.

Of course, only God knows whether we have the will and the wisdom necessary to take this soul-wrenching but vital step.

We can’t even hope to take it without Him.

Yet with Him marching on before us, it could be like taking candy from a baby.

Links to invaluable resources like Igor Shafarevich’s “The Socialist Phenomenon” and the Epoch Times’ “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party” can be found under “Links” on the left-hand column of the Laigle’s Forum home page. There are also links for the original-language texts.

A problem solving method that is not — and is popular

by Don Hank

Despite the affirmations of petroleum experts that BP’s wildcat well in the Gulf may not be cappable, numerous pundits are now complaining that BP is tapping the oil spill and not capping it. Some of them are obviously sore that these capitalists are making money on oil that should by rights be contaminating the Gulf, as if capturing the oil and selling it is somehow exacerbating the problem, when in fact the most efficient way to get the oil out of the water is to tap it off and sell it, if for no other reason than that this provides an incentive to continue the cleanup and will provide the cash needed to pay for those minor parts of the cleanup effort that cannot be accomplished by this tapping.  It is a much more viable alternative than, say, fining BP and hence reducing its stock value (which in turn would devalue the portfolios of the elderly, among others).

This lament, heard from both the Left and the right as well as from the ostensibly politically neutral, reflects the Left’s perverted definition of petroleum as a waste product and not a valuable product fit for sale.

 Note the new approach to problem solving:

We can’t solve the problem we have at hand but we can change our policies to prevent them in the future.

In the case of BP, this implies rejecting the idea of recovering the oil but trying to stop the flow – as if BP had invested all that money in a rig designed to make sure the oil stays in place?

 Applied to the illegal immigration problem, this way of thinking is expressed by the following formula:

Secure the border first.

Applied to the oil spill, it is written:

Stop the leak first. 

Both ideas are expressions of a subtle new perversion whose universal expression as follows:

Once a problem exists, it is too late to solve it, but you can make new policies.

This is right in line with the Far-Left’s idea never to let a crisis go to waste.

Implicit in the formula “secure the border first,” is the suggestion to do absolutely nothing to send back illegal aliens while haggling interminably in a tied congress to stop the flow of immigration. When you look at the politicians who keep mouthing this inanity, we find that most on the Republican side of the aisle are the old pro-amnesty suspects (“immigration reform”). On the Democrat side, the picture is even more grim: they turn out to be Democrats.

Implicit in “stop the leak first” is the suggestion to dedicate all efforts toward changing the policies that supposedly caused the spill while doing nothing to clean up the spill and mitigate the effects on nature.

As insane as these policies sound – and really are – they are both being pushed as hard as possible, one by the Left and run-along RINOs like John McCain and the other by Obama and his allies in congress.

This is why we not only can’t afford to re-elect Democrats. We also can’t afford to elect any more RINOs.

They both think alike. And their way of thinking is spreading to the grassroots.

Let’s do our level best to keep them out of congress and out of our national psyche.

It’s official: Petroleum is a waste product

by Don Hank

A clear-cut obvious and elegant solution to the BP oil spill is now available and its use would not violate union rules.

As Gergory Sullivan reports in Pajamas Media:

“John Lapoint of Packgen in Auburn, Maine, says he’s got plenty of floating oil containment boom and can make lots more on short notice. There’s just one problem: no one will buy it from him.”

Obama, the man who claims not to have slept since the spill, and BP, whose shareholders need the revenues from the recovered oil, aren’t interested in this elegant solution to the greatest environmental disaster ever.

By simply recovering and selling the spilled oil, accumulated in large masses all over the Gulf surface, BP could pay for the cleanup and have money left over to divide among its shareholders.

But you see, there’s a hitch:  Doing so would be an object lesson and a reminder to the world that petroleum is a valuable product, not waste to be eliminated, a concept that runs counter to wisdom received from on high.

For decades, Americans have heard the subliminal message that products once deemed useful are in fact waste and need to be eliminated to save the planet. CO2 has always been a plant food, always will be, but not in the eyes of severely brainwashed Homo sapiens. Throughout the planet people now firmly believe that CO2 is a toxin.

But few realize, and no one articulates, that, like CO2, petroleum (a product demonized by the Left since the earliest times) is now also officially becoming a waste product and is seen as such by just about everyone. This is best illustrated by a well known YouTube presentation showing 2 gentlemen cleaning oily water with hay.

It works too.

They suggest the oil-soaked hay could subsequently be incinerated.

Brilliant. Except that, firstly, hay is a valuable and costly product and there is not enough on the whole planet to soak up the BP spill. And secondly, whatever happened to the concept of salvaging oil, the product that is quoted daily on the commodities exchange, rather than incinerating it like so much garbage? BP went to the enormous expense and effort to drill a hole in the sea floor to get the stuff, ostensibly to recover and sell it.

But now that the stuff has leaked out unexpectedly and is right there where they can skim it off, centrifuge it and put it on a tanker for sale to eager buyers, what has happened?

They are treating it in accordance with the post-modern viewpoint, promulgated everywhere in media, the education system and even in world governments, that oil is a toxin that when burned forms CO2, another toxin. Therefore, to recover it and use it for the purpose intended by BP shareholders would sully the sensitivities of all good people everywhere who care about air quality.

Makes you wonder what they were really up to in the first place.

The longer the crude sits on the Gulf surface, the more the low-boiling volatile components, such as gasoline, will evaporate, not only harming the atmosphere environmentalists claim to care about, but also poisoning the soil onto which it precipitates. And of course, becoming unrecoverable as a product. But the Left, from the Sierra Club to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) never once cared about the environment or you, and this refusal by BP and Obama to recover it is hard evidence of that lack of concern for the environment. The Left’s only mission is to destroy all existing systems, traditions, science, technology, business, religion, all things needed for life, because these things run counter to its ideology of perpetual “change,” its designs on total control in general and on mind control over every human being in particular.

So they are willfully sacrificing the oceans to preserve the air – killing mother earth to “save” it.

After years of brainwashing by the media and the enviro-marxists, it’s official, both in governments and in big business: oil is no longer a product. It is instead a pollutant that must be discarded – preferably soaked up and burned off. From the lowliest of the grassroots to the highest officials of BP and its partner in the White House – America and the rest of the world have bought into this insanity.

Thus, ironically, it was the enviro-Marxists, their followers in the top echelons, and now even the useful idiots on the grassroots level, who have created the most portentous threat to Mother earth in all of history!

The disaster came to us from top down. The only way it can be fixed is from the bottom up. You must end this madness by first understanding how it happened and why, and then actively opposing the Left (including RINOs) in every possible way, including at the polls.

Politics is no longer a matter of ideological preferences. It is a matter of survival, for you and all living things.

Further reading(union rules prohibit saving the Gulf):

“it’s been widely reported that a major part, a major part of the Kerry-Lieberman bill [“cap-and-trade”] was essentially written by BP.”  “Let me say that again. A major part of the Kerry-Lieberman bill was written by BP.” —Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on the Senate floor, June 9, 2010

SPLC unfairly discriminates against me

Our friend Laurie Higgins has been the object of a smear campaign by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC):

This really bothers me. Laigle’s Forum has been in business since 2006 and the SPLC has never once attacked us for our hard-hitting conservative reporting and opinions. I couldn’t help but wonder what we have done to deserve the cold shoulder.

I went to their web site, entered a message and got this screen:

1.                        Don Hank said,

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

on June 10th, 2010 at 3:47 pm

I want to thank you for giving all this free publicity to my friends like Laurie Higgins, Chuck Baldwin and others. Your assessment of these people makes it easier for others to distinguish friend from foe, left from right.
However, I need to point out that your site has consistently ignored my comments on the homosexual agenda and the Left in general and has unduly given us a pass. There are several articles on Laigle’s Forum ( that would make us worthy of a smear campaign if you would be so kind as to honor us with one. Perhaps you can help us out by blacklisting or slurring us publicly. After all, we are against Obama’s leftist policies so doesn’t that make us racists? Further, we acknowledge that Stalin killed as many as 20 million and Mao killed as many as 70 million. Shouldn’t you be calling us neonazis or holocaust deniers for saying these things? We also acknowledge that male homosexuals account for about 70% of AIDS cases, so wouldn’t that make us homophobes? We also acknowledge that the 911 attacks were perpetrated by Muslim terrorists, so that should qualify us as bigots. My conservative Christian friends keep asking why SPLC has not put us on a blacklist or warning list yet, and frankly, I don’t know what to tell them. It is embarrassing not to have had you attack us once since we started our Christian conservative rants in 2006. People are beginning to suspect we are leaning too far to the left, if you know what I mean. Please see what you can do. My site could use a little boost.
Thank you in advance for your assistance and have a lovely day!

The Southern Poverty Law Center hates Laurie Higgins:

If they approve it, it should be here:


As you will see if you visit the above-linked site, my comment was not approved today, over 30 hours later.

SPLC is obviously just another pack of bulllies who only attack people they think they can deal with and who they think are afraid of them.

This is pretty hard evidence that the best way to deal with blowhards like the SPLC is to show them you don’t take them seriously.

On the other hand, if they do decide to include me on their “hater” list, that would be a badge of honor as far as I am concerned. As Ann Coulter once famously said: You don’t want people like that to like you.

Update #2:

Read about the criminal who founded the SPLC:

High-level eco-terror or incompetence?

Is Obama an eco-terrorist or a bungler? You decide.

If the US government had ok’d the Dutch offer for oil spill cleanup assistance, tendered three days after the BP spill leading to the greatest ecological disaster of all time, Louisiana would not be cleaning up its beaches and the backs of oil-smeared pelicans. Its fishermen and shrimp boats would still be on the job. And there would have been no need to destroy tens of thousands of offshore oil platform jobs as Obama has done by issuing a halt order on most offshore drilling. Help was available, but Obama was likely following Rahm Emanuel’s advice not to let a good crisis go to waste. Can you say Scoundrel-in-Chief now? Please try it. It’s cathartic.

I am about to say what most of you have been thinking all along:

How dare a president who once promised to clean up our planet deliberately delay a desperately needed cleanup of our precious Gulf for the obvious purpose of creating an excuse to deny offshore drilling permits — and at a time when the jobs on these oil platforms are so desperately needed?

The slanderous, clueless media lambasted Bush mercilessly for waiting 2 and a half hours to make a decision to send help after he learned the levee had broken in New Orleans.

Let’s see: it has been almost 2 months now. Only about 45 days after the spill, after untold amounts of fish and wildlife have been killed and injured, is your government preparing to accept assistance that was tendered by one of the most credible agencies imaginable – the Dutch government – just three days after the spill.

There can only be two possible explanations, starting with:

Ecoterrorism, the deliberate destruction of habitat, is generally attributed to lone vigilante types acting out their own impulses in a mad effort to influence public opinion and hence government regulation. Yet, what has happened to our Gulf these last 40 some days suggests that ecoterrorism may well have crept into the highest levels of government, with the possible collaboration ( of high ranking persons in the business sector. I know that may sound off the wall, but consider the open, known Marxists surrounding this president and the degree to which business is increasingly partnering with government, in an unsavory, un-Constitutional scheme more and more observers are calling either fascism or corporatism. Free market capitalism has all but vanished.

There is only one other possibility:

Obama is clueless. Without a single advisor in business or science and technology, with no palpable science, technology or business background, and therefore having no idea which experts to trust, Obama would have simply let the Gulf be permanently destroyed rather than get involved and show his profound ignorance and total incompetence as a real-world problem solver.

Those are your two options:

Either high level ecoterror, or incompetence. Or maybe a combination of the two?

If Obama were competent to sit in the Oval Office, this would be criminal.

But you know what? I am feeling generous. I’m willing to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt. Let’s let him off the hook and just call him an incompetent bungling idiot.

At any rate, this late acceptance of an early offer is the first glimmer of real hope — by June 13, they should be starting what could have — and should have — been started on April 23.

If any of you are letting that old “respect for the office” routine interfere with normal brain activity, it is high time to kick that habit right now and switch on your brain again. You’ll need it no later than November to vote out the bottom-feeding scum that rubber stamps everything our Marxist-in-Chief asks for.

It’s cleanup time in Washington too!

Further reading, suggests collusion among top-level execs:

FAO paper: Fuel combustion the least significant CO2 source

by Don Hank

Stop breathing, now!

UN organizations like the FAO are pushing the idea that cattle growing is bad for “climate change,” causing too much “greenhouse gases” to be generated, mostly by the burning of fossil fuel in growing their feed but also by their “wind”.

Yet in one of their papers, they admit that fossil fuel burning generates only 5 billion tonnes of carbon per year, while respiration of animals generates 50 billion tonnes/yr. See page 85, Table 3.2 of this doc:

They are admitting that our fossil fuel use causes only a tenth of the CO2 output into the atmosphere, the rest being natural.

The unmistakable message, though subliminal and nowhere pointed out, is that animals, including people, must all die to save the planet.

So breathing is an ecological crime against… humanity? Wait, humanity is the crime.

It is high time Europe threw off the yoke of the EU that promulgates this toxic nonsense. Eurpeans need home rule and the right to feel proud of their resepective nations. It is time America threw out the Democrats who poison our minds and our children’s minds with this nihilistic One-World Government propaganda.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel guilty about driving a car or breathing — not even about exhaling. I don’t feel guilty about having children and raising them in a god-fearing environment. And my family and I will eat meat and drink milk and we will apologize to no one. We know that the “climate change” is a hoax and the hoaxers will eventually be brought to justice.

May God have more mercy on them than they have had on us.

And the greatest of these is love

Once in a great while, a person who disagrees with a conservative viewpoint can be brought around by just being very patient and sticking to small talk, in person or in emails, but then every now and then, sending an absolutely factual report, preferably from the MSM that supports what your view, with little or no comment. In addition, a question every now and then is helpful — the kind Socrates used to ask, which was designed to elicit a stupid answer proving to the interlocutor that he was not as smart as he thought.

I had a Christian friend who believed it was cruel to repatriate illegal immigrants. She was very adamant about it and would brook no discussion.

But I knew she lived in a bad part of Philadelphia.

Once I knew where she stood  — or thought she stood — politically, I just avoided arguments and waited, occasionally sending a factual report about illegal immigrants, without comment.

I didn’t hear from her for many months, mostly because I stopped sending her stuff — my usual stuff is pretty strong (the Bible talks about milk for babes in Christ, right? I couldn’t send “meat”). But I never got mad at her for her ignorance and I decided to continue to love her in Christian love–not because such a person is lovable, but because she was not, and Jesus had said no one gets credit for loving the lovable, but for loving the hard to love. That is the most important part, not just a side issue.

Well, a while back she wrote me and said her part of town was completely falling apart and she could hardly stand to live there because of all the gangs.

I wrote back and asked what ethnicity these gangs were.

She told me they were Hispanic. She proceeded to go on and on about illegal immigrants and sounded more furious than I ever did.

She is now on the side of law and order and I have stopped worrying about her. She will fight for what is right.

Just remember what all of us parents know: Learning is a slow, slow process.

And a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (I Cor. 13:13)