Removal of briefing paper on move against 14 governors

Thursday –

May the 27th, 2010

1300Hrs; m.s.t. (Arizona)                                                                  



May I take this opportunity to share some thoughts and insights regarding a recent briefing paper I wrote revealing Mr. Obama’s oppressive move against 14-Governors who took steps to develop State Defense Forces’ and bringing those forces under the Command-and-Control of a Governor invoking his Constitutional right to establish State Sovereignty.  My paper was quickly removed from a well known site shortly after appearing, and this has led to all sorts of speculation.

My briefing paper was not “scrubbed” because of some sordid reason.  I became aware of an issue in the content of my report, and wholeheartedly endorsed removing the report.  The government did not threaten any action.  I was not nor was the site coerced into removing the report.  I became aware that the sensitivity of the material was of such a nature that unless I could produce actual National Security Letters I referenced, it would be better to remove the report.  I could not produce these, and I realized the information could easily be questioned and discarded as another reactionary conspiracy theory gone amuck.  This would be a shame.  The information and the seriousness of the actions reported on should not be so quickly dismissed no matter how uncomfortable we become.   Some of the information was already public (from other sources) prior to my distributing this briefing.  I did not want to add any confusion to the subject matter, and I did not want the subject to be easily dismissed by not being able to produce the specific letters of warnings. 

I think events would have worked out well, except more attention was paid after the removal of my report.  Being that my report was so quickly pulled allowed people’s minds to flirt with the gambit of possibilities, hence, this more personal letter and explanation.  There was no nefarious or calculated reason other than what I have shared.

Another reason I wanted to reach out to folks across our Nation is to thank you (and them) for a tremendous influx of emails showing support and kindness – even graciousness by a few who disagreed with my findings.  Even in disagreement, I was taken back by the kind points made, the absence of personal attack, the remaining on point to mutually look at troubling information and times.  I really sensed the couple of individuals who took offense, or found fault, also hold a deep desire to see our country come away from the bitter and divisive means that have become routine by elected officials who forget they are “representatives” of us – WE THE PEOPLE; whether as President, Senator, Congressman – or as Mayor of our communities.   

There was a much larger segment who wrote supportively.  Some were worried about me personally even though we had never met.  Some were concerned the paper had been “scrubbed” because of content.  Some just wanted to write and demonstrate support for those who are attempting to expose the darkness covering much of America today.  Here is part of one email I received from a gentleman who fought in World War II and Korea: “I am beginning to stop recognizing the country I grew up in and fought for to keep her free from tyranny…I have seen the results of tyranny up close, and it is not pretty…you hang in there and fight to bring our America back to the nation it once was, and I will fight with you shoulder to shoulder like I did before.”  I read several others also before the tears made me stop. 

Thank you.  Each one of you who wrote, thank you for taking the time; thank you for caring enough about our beloved Nation; thank you for wanting to get at the truth of what is occurring in our country where states have to protect themselves from an intrusive federal government that appears to want to oppress them, and the people within each of the states. 

I have a great privilege standing “Watch on the Wall” and sounding the trumpet, so when the Barbarians come who want to trample us, the people have been alerted ahead of time as to the seasons, and they don’t die for lack of knowledge.  I have accomplished this for 20-years in various capacities, but never have I seen the gathering of storm clouds as I do now.  The very fact you accessed my report or a site in which it was posted means you are standing watch, also.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

With appreciation, I remain,

    LYLE –



Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Independent Intelligence and Information Warfare Analyst

Editor’s note:

The briefing paper referred to above reported, among other things, that the Obama administration planning to arrest 14 state governors for maintainig State Defense Forces. This report, which I read, was quite similar to a May 26 report attributed to Sorcha Faal, a known hoaxer. The Faal report is linked below and is to be taken with a grain of salt.

As warned by the comment below, we must be very careful to check out the veracity of all web sites and other sources that we quote in our emails and web sites. On the one hand we have to deal with the lamestream media (LSM), and we know how reliable they are.

But on the other, we have hoax sites that run stories by authors like Sorcha Faal, who is known to go beyond the pale. A site that carries a seemingly earth-shattering report supposedly from a Russian source that is impossible for most to verify must be checked out carefully or ignored. Just searching the web for duplicates of such reports is not helpful, because many sites pride themselves on finding scoops (what news and views site does not?) and they may be just a bit quick on the draw. I am not immune to falling for such traps, and am the first to admit it, although I do work hard to avoid the pitfalls and can usually spot a fake a mile away. 

Many of these hoaxter sites also carry anti-Jewish, anti-Hispanic or anti-black opinion pieces and for these reasons (hoax articles and racism), I believe that they may have been set up for the purpose of discrediting conservatives.

Any conservative who falls for this racist message (this is unrelated to the above letter, BTW) is contributing to the downfall of our worthy movement toward smaller government and more freedom. Our job is not to discredit any race, ethnicity or culture. It is to do everything in our power to stay free as a nation. Racism is a dead end or worse, the road to hell.

Please be on your toes out there. Our world is full of booby traps.

The devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour… 1 Peter 5:8

 Don Hank


Night Time, by Franz Kafka

Friend, I think this watchman is you and I.  Don

Night Time

by Franz Kafka

 Immersed in the night. The way you sometimes lower your head to contemplate, so completely immersed in the night. All around people are asleep. A little play-acting, an innocent self-deception that they are sleeping in houses, in solid beds, under a solid roof, stretched out or curled up on mattresses, in sheets, under covers; in reality, they have come together as once before and as they later did in the wilderness, a camp in the open air, a vast number of people, an army, a nation, under a cold sky on cold earth, cast down where one once stood, with one’s forehead resting on one’s arm, one’s face toward the ground, breathing calmly. And you watch, you’re one of the watchmen. You find the next one by swinging a firebrand from the bonfire beside you. Why do you watch? Someone must watch, they say. Someone must be there.

Translated by Don Hank

(Original German text)

Why is a same-day response equivalent to a non-response?

Americans rate non-response same as prompt same-day response?

 By Don Hank

 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died… (Revelation 8:9)

 The answer to the title question: Progress. We have progressed.

The BP oil rig disaster happened on April 20, 2010. Today is May 27, 2010 and British Petroleum is just now getting started using a “top kill” method to plug the hole.

Got your calculator handy? Let’s see, I come up with about 37 days from explosion to the first attempt to plug the hole. About a month and a week.

Of course, this is definitely a BP-induced disaster. But when it comes to disasters, it doesn’t matter whether they are an act of God or an act of man when it comes to the government getting down to business and solving the problem. We expect promptness from our federal agencies.

After all, G.W. Bush was advised of the levee breach in New Orleans at 7:30 A.M. on Monday August 25, 2005. At 11:00 A.M., 2 hours and 30 minutes later, Michael Brown requested 1,000 employees be deployed to the region.

But at the time, that was much too slow a response for people like the operators of the web site Thinkprogress.

Yet Obama has had almost no response to the BP oil spill for about a month, and the press seems ok with that.

In fact, while a poll around the time of Katrina showed 54% gave Bush a bad rating for his response within 2.5 hours,  around the same number of Americans (53%) gave Obama a bad grade or his almost total non-response to the oil spill.

Of course, we know Americans aren’t racist so skin color makes no difference to them. So who can explain this mystery?

Why do the same number of Americans rate a 2.5 hour response time by a white president and a total non-response by a black president “poor”?

Wouldn’t a non-response be worse than a prompt same-day response? Well, that’s what one might expect, but this is America and it is 2010.

The “progressives” are solidly in charge of our government and our minds. Chalk it up to progress.

God is love, but tough love

By Richard Hess

We hear from modern day preachers about how God is love. He loves us so much and is always looking out for our welfare and only wants His very best for us. Preachers like John Hagee, Joel Osteen and the rest of the prosperity, “name it and claim it gang” continue to tell their followers how God is this loving, warm, fuzzy, doting grandfatherly, Santa Claus old man in the heavens who is just waiting to give us everything our hearts desire. They quote supporting scriptures to their followers, like Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me…. and they never tell them that this does not mean they can become a brain surgeon or a fighter pilot. These men continually pull scripture out of context to build up large congregations, and in a lot of cases become quite wealthy in the process.

 Jesus told the rich young ruler, after he said that he had kept the commandments from his youth up: Matthew 19:21 … If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. This is in stark contrast to the affluence and opulence that many of the modern day evangelists preach and flaunt. When is the last time we’ve seen men like Hagee, Osteen, Copeland, give up all their worldly possessions to help the poor and needy, the down-trodden and destitute. The apostle Peter says: Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. (Acts 3:6)

Many times I read scriptures like the following and my brain goes into spasms.

 Isaiah 34:1  ¶Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it.
2  For the indignation of the LORD is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

5  For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, and upon the people of my curse, to judgment.

8  For it is the day of the LORD’S vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion.

 So tell us some more nice stories, Preacher. Make us feel all warm and cozy while we go on in our stubborn, stiff-necked rebellion to God. Your congregations are just like these people:

Isaiah 30:10  Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:
11  Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.
12  Wherefore thus saith the Holy One of Israel, Because ye despise this word, and trust in oppression and perverseness, and stay thereon:
13  Therefore this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in a high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instant.

In other words, they say, “don’t tell us things that are right, but tell us smooth things, nice stories, tell us more lies. We don’t want to hear about God, the Holy One of Israel. We want to sing pretty songs and feel good about ourselves and build up our self esteem. After all, we are somebody and we deserve it”!

It’s time for America to climb down from its lofty ivory towers and repent in sackcloth and ashes. And maybe, just maybe, God will be gracious enough to hear and save this country from “being delivered to the slaughter.”

Bank robbery in reverse

Remember when it was little guys who robbed banks?

By Don Hank

Remember when little guys robbed banks? Well, now big crooked bankers rob us, thanks to the crooks we put in office.

Alternet recently ran an amazing article on the ten most corrupt capitalists. I take issue with the use of the word “capitalists” to refer to people whose behavior is best described by the term “fascist” or, as my UK friends politely say, “corporatist.”

But the point is, as a quick scan of that column shows, if you want to get rich through corruption, the winning formula is to be an investor who is well connected to government officials. The popular bank bailouts, started under G.W. Bush and pursued enthusiastically by the Obama administration, are the quintessence of the concept. The idea is to hit up the taxpayer to make your banking buds richer. Of course, no kickbacks ever occur, because crooked politicians wouldn’t stoop that low.

Most of us are vaguely aware that this phenomenon of government-private partnering as part of a get-rich scheme is not just happening in America. It is all the rage in Europe as well, and the following illustrates to just what extent.

Previously, we had run a German language column (no translation yet) at Laigle’s Forum exposing a giveaway of hard-earned EU taxpayer money to millionaire investors in Panama under the wafer-thin guise of “carbon credits.” I sent the column to a number of outlets and a Swiss publisher asked for permission to reprint it there. Briefly, the column shows that the investors received the cash because they planned to build a hydroelectric plant instead of a coal-fired power plant.

What’s wrong with that, you say?

Two things come to mind:

1—There never have been nor ever will be coal-fired power plants in Panama. Thanks to the country’s rich water resources, rivers brimming with enormous flows and lakes to back them up, anyone proposing the construction of a coal-fired plant would become laughingstock immediately. Therefore, the incentive is not an incentive.

2—The same people who want to give the “carbon credits” to Panama for not proposing a coal-fired plant are keen on distributing “carbon credit” wealth to the Tata company to build a coal-fired plant in Gujarat, India under the paper thin pretext that this plant is more efficient than ordinary coal-fired plants.

In other words, there is always an excuse to rob from the poor to give to the rich. The governments of 2 continents saw how readily we swallowed the warnings that the banks would all collapse without a bailout, and now the sky’s the limit.

Now here comes an even taller tale of poor-to-rich wealth redistribution — but a true one (sorry, I was unable to find an English language report on the web).

The report comes from a small conservative blog but is backed up by facts from German radio/TV giant ARD and the widely read mainstream German daily Welt, and my translation follows:

Banker profits most from bailout?

The billionaire rakes in an additional 12 billion from the billion euro grab in Germany. He’s friends with EU Chief Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso. Get the picture?

Naturally, the report by the ARD didn’t come out until after mental pygmies in the Bundestag (German Lower House) agreed to the package.

According to the report, the billionaire gets an additional 12 billion euros because ordinary Germans are being forced by greedy hands with long arms and fingers reaching into the multi-billion euro grab bag shoveled in by the Bundestag.  Is it insane to wonder whether money is being transferred to certain parties in Germany from these 12 billion extra euros that the billionaire will rake in? Are we out of our minds to think about a secret ugly but juicy kick-back?

The ARD web site explains the European Central Bank (EU) is buying Greek government junk bonds and that Spiro Latsis, Greece’s most powerful banker, is the chief beneficiary. He owned the government bonds, which fell to a value of zero until the EU bought them back from him at face value. Latsis is a personal friend of EU Commission Chief Barroso, who is one of the decision makers in the bailout process. The conflict of interests is obvious, and the ordinary Europeans who paid the bill now know the story.

Once they have taken our last dime, we may all finally figure things out.

Just don’t expect to get your money back.

¿Donde hay más justicia — en Arizona o en México?

¿La nueva ley de Arizona realmente es racista?

por Don Hank

 El Presidente Calderón de México expresa su disgusto para con la nueva ley migratoria del estado de Arizona.

Los medios de comunicación en EU y en todo el mundo concuerdan con El Señor Presidente, criticando la “injusticia” de dicha ley y calificándola de “racista.”

El periódico El Venezolano de Panamá del 21 de mayo de 2010 publicó un artículo exponiendo que “organizaciones cívicas” demandarán la nueva ley en Arizona que le “permite a la policía exigir su documentación a quienes sospeche están indocumentados.”

Afirma el autor “De esta manera, la ley criminalizará la falta de permiso para estar en Estados Unidos…”

Sin embargo, lo que ni los medios de comunicación ni los políticos demócratas exponen es que esa ley de Arizona prohíbe en particular el uso de estereotipos raciales en la aplicación de dicha ley – lo que no hace ni siquiera la ley federal migratoria de EU o la ley migratoria de México.

Es más, la ley federal migratoria de EU también, mientras no menciona la palabra “delito” (crime o felony en inglés), sí establece una pena de 6 meses de prisión para los que se internen en EU ilegalmente. Pero ni el Presidente de EU y sus compartidarios ni los medios de comunicación en todo el mundo comparten esta información con el público. Por ende cree el mundo entero que Arizona es un estado injusto lleno de racistas. Y por ende me siento obligado compartir esta comunicación con Ud.

De hecho, la ley estatal de Arizona refleja la ley federal, con la diferencia de que la ley de Arizona establece como delito menor (no como crimen o delito mayor como manifiestan incorrectamente los medios de comunicación) el ingreso no autorizado en ese estado, clasificándolo como entrada ilegal (trespassing). Ahora los que violen esa ley enfrentan cargas federales, pero esto no constituye ningún cambio de la aplicación de las penas bajo la ley porque una vez detenidos por las autoridades federales bajo la nueva ley estatal, son sujetos a la ley federal, ley que nadie ha criticado.

Ahora, con tal de comparar la ley tan vilipendiada por la prensa mundial y por el mismo Presidente Obama de EU al igual que casi todos los Demócratas, con la ley homóloga del país del Sr. Calderón, comparamos los aspectos sobresalientes de la Ley de la Población de México y la Ley Migratoria (Immigration Law) de EU, a la cual se recurre, como se ha dicho previamente, en la aplicación de la ley de Arizona.

La Ley Migratoria de EU establece :

A un extranjero quien (1) se interne en los Estados Unidos en un tiempo o un lugar que no sea el designado por los oficiales de inmigración, o (2) evite la inspección o revisión por parte de los oficiales de la inmigración, o (3) intente ingresar o lograr entrada en los Estados Unidos a través de una representación falsa o la ocultación de un hecho sustancial, se le impondrá una multa según el Título 18 o una pena de no más de 6 meses, o ambos, y por la comisión posterior de un tal delito, se le impondrá una multa según el Título 18 o una pena de no más 2 años de prisión o ambos.

Por su parte, la Ley de la Población de México establece:

Artículo 123.- Se impondrá pena hasta de dos años de prisión y multa de trescientos a cinco mil pesos, al extranjero que se interne ilegalmente al país.


Artículo 118.- Se impondrá pena hasta de diez años de prisión y multa hasta de cinco mil pesos al extranjero que habiendo sido expulsado se interne nuevamente al territorio nacional sin haber obtenido acuerdo de readmisión. Igual sanción se aplicará al extranjero que no exprese u oculte su condición de expulsado para que se le autorice y obtenga nuevo permiso de internación.

Ahora, Estimado Lector, una pregunta para Ud.:

¿En cuál de los dos países, Estados Unidos (o el Estado de Arizona) o México, prefiere ingresar ilegalmente?

¿En cuál obtendrá un hispano más justicia – en Arizona o en México?

Transfer of billions to Mexico must stop (how you can help)

Sen. Russell Pearce of Arizona stood alone and did an incredibly brave thing when he proposed a law enabling police in his state to ask questions about the immigration status of persons suspected to be there illegally. Any illegal immigrants that were found would then be turned over to ICE.

Now the US Constitution states in Article 4 that the federal government must protect the States from invasion, and since a half-million illegal aliens including enough criminals to make Phoenix the town with the highest kidnapping rate in the US (almost 100% of their kidnappings are committed by illegal alien drug dealers), constitute an invasion no matter how you look at it, taking the illegal aliens caught under this law was not an option for ICE. It was a mandate.

But because the Chicago mob run the White House, they did the unthinkable. John Morton, Chief of ICE, said he reserved the right not to do his job — i.e., to continue to be paid but sit down on the job and refuse to deal with any illegal aliens caught in Arizona. This amounts to an insurrection on the part of Washington officialdom and a criminal dereliction of duty the brazenness of which (like so many other acts perpetrated by the Obama White House) was unknown heretofore.

But there is another way to deal with illegal immigration that does not rely on any federal agency, as you can see in my letter to Senator Russell Pearce, below. While Arizona may be the pioneer again, your state could be first. If you have a state senator or rep who is a reall firebrand, be my guest — go ahead and use my idea.

Don Hank

Dear Sen. Pearce,

I recently ran a column at Laigle’s Forum challenging lawmakers, particularly state lawmakers, to tighten up on security of money transfers abroad. Many of these transfers go to terrorists and many are sent by illegal aliens who work “under the table” and pay no taxes.

When they send part of this illegally gotten money abroad, they are in fact committing the crime of money laundering. Interestingly, the US is one of the countries that most vociferously decries money laundering in Latin American countries. Yet, when US banks and money transfer agencies like Western Union and Moneygram allow illegal workers to send money to their home countries (billions every year), the federal government looks the other way.

This lawlessness cannot be tolerated any longer.

Lawmakers like yourself who have been working hard to stop illegal immigration need to keep reminding the public that these uncontrolled, unmonitored money transfers aid and abet terrorists and allow billions of dollars earned illegally to be transferred mostly tax-free in a scheme we should be calling money-laundering because that is exactly what it is.

In turning a blind eye to this situation, the US government is party to the biggest money-laundering scheme in the world, making the US the number one money laundering nation!

Here’s what needs to be done:

Anyone wishing to send money abroad should have to show at least a valid drivers license issued by the state in which the transfer is to be made, or from a state that is known not to issue drivers licenses to undocumented aliens, or other proof of citizenship or legal residency. The presentation of false ID will be punishable by a prison sentence and fine.

I have heard that you had tried to introduce legislation of this kind but that there was little interest. However, in the meantime, federal officials, foremost among them ICE Chief John Morton, are threatening to completely deny you the constitutional protection they owe you (under Article 4) — in violation of their oath of office and their job description. This absolute lawlessness on the part of this current administration is so egregious, and so outrageous, such a slap in the face to your state and constituents, that I am certain you will agree it simply cannot go unanswered. I am also certain you know that the American public will back you in a proposal that is fair, does not in any way encourage racial profiling, and yet is tough on crime and illegal activity.

The tightening of state banking regulations to stop money transfers from illegal aliens is one area where, to my knowledge, no federal cooperation is necessary — at variance with Arizona SB 1070, which relies on a minimum of cooperation on the part of an uncooperative ICE.

I have heard from people who have already contacted you in this regard and understand that you have shown interest. I would be pleased to hear from you directly regarding your specific interest in, or plans for, combating the drain of US resources and US jobs and helping defend your state from terrorism through important legislation of the kind outlined above.

Needless to say, the rest of the nation will follow suit. You have paved the way before. That could be just the beginning. The eyes of the nation are on you now.

Best Regards,

Don Hank

After posting this article I received links to 2 videos showing how non-Mexican terrorists are pouring over our southern border into Arizona (click below). One of the most effective ways to stop the traffic into these border states would be state laws prohibiting foreign nationals from sending money from these states. Many, if not all, of the coyotes there would go out of business and there would be no one left to guide the terrorists across. This is a win-win idea.

Video 1

Video 2

Newt Gingrich: From ‘save the planet’ to ‘save America’

by Don Hank

Newt Gingrich has a new book out on saving America and has sent out an ad to people he believes might want to buy it. I was one of the lucky ones on his list. Now, I own and have read a few “Save America” type books, by people like Glenn Beck, Joseph Farah and Michael Savage, for example.

Now comes Newt to join this team of warriors.

The ad says, among other things:

This book argues that the modern left – what can only be understood as a “secular-socialist machine” – is a fundamental threat to America’s survival. It warns that the lethal combination of high tax, big bureaucracy and radically secular policies imposed through a ruthless political machine will radically transform our country to something we barely recognize as America. This is something we’ve worked together to stop at American Solutions, whether it’s repealing and replacing Obamacare, stopping the Energy Tax, or stopping the Employee “Forced” Choice Act. [emphasis added]?

I was a little confused by Newt’s opposition to the “energy tax,” because I had seen a YouTube ad Newt made together with Nancy Pelosi, where he said, “We must take action to address climate change.”

 Read more:

Hit “El Presidente” where it hurts most — in the wallet

by Don Hank

(Don’t miss the latest column on this subject. Since this was written, a number of readers have been encouraging their state senators and reps to draft this legislation. Two of them are working with Senator Russell Pearce in Arizona.  The new column contains a letter to Sen. Pearce as a sort of template with talking points. Also my heartfelt thanks to staff writer Jim O’Neill of the Canada Free Press for linking to this column.)

 Mexican president Calderon complains that Arizona wants to do what Mexico does: exercise their right to enforce immigration law.

Calderon has a really good reason for wanting to keep Mexicans in the US illegally – money. Every year illegal workers send billions of dollars home to their families. So far this year, they have sent a reported $15.5 billion. On top of that, illegal Mexicans cost state governments many more billions. So let’s stop calling them “cheap” labor. They are anything but.

The major cash transfer agencies like Western Union and MoneyGram, as well as ordinary banks, aid and abet by not requiring any ID of the transferring party that would establish the client’s legal residency or citizenship.

That needs to stop, ASAP.

State lawmakers need to introduce a bill that would require Western Union, MoneyGram, other such cash transfer agencies and all banks to demand ID for sending money to foreign countries and turn away any customer without legal documents authorizing him/her to be in the US. After all, this is money laundering because in many cases, no tax is paid on that money. And money laundering is a crime! The US blasts Latin American countries for it, but we hypocritically engage in it on an even larger scale here.

Arizona may be amenable to such a law already. If so, other states would follow.

If this seems like a far-out idea to you, consider that when I make a transfer here at MoneyGram in Panama to someone in the US, I need to show a passport or Panamanian ID card issued by the Migration Ministry or they refuse to serve me (I was turned down on one occasion when my passport was at the Migration office getting stamped with a visa.) No one in the local foreign community here yells discrimination or racism. We understand this is good business practice and keeps everyone safer, including us in the long run. Besides, we know protesting could eventually get us in trouble, or maybe even sent back home.

Now guess what bank provides the MoneyGram service locally here in Panama?

Banco Azteca, of Mexico!

That’s right. The Mexican bank demands ID from me when I transfer cash anywhere. Yet they think Mexican lawbreakers have a “right” to send cash from my country to theirs with no questions asked?

The hypocrisy sickens!

Some of you activists and candidates need to get behind this idea and feed it to state legislators, candidates for state and federal office, and others. Remind them that money laundering is going on in their state and needs to be stopped.

This being an election year, I predict that if you float this idea to your state senator or rep, someone will pick up on this and a law of this kind will be passed in some state soon.

You could stop these lawbreakers in their tracks or at least have them move to another state in a hurry!

Here’s what needs to be done:

Anyone wishing to send money abroad should have to show at least a valid drivers license issued by the state in which the transfer is to be made, or from a state that is known not to issue drivers licenses to undocumented aliens, or other proof of citizenship or legal residency.

Among the issues addressed by such a bill are national security and money laundering.

Move over, Obama — Arizona leading US now

Obama and the Democrats are apparently trying to turn leadership of US imigration over to El Presidente Calderon. They gave him a huge round of applause recently when he knocked Arizona’s new get-tough-on-illegals law.

But in reality, according to Dave Levine, Arizona is now the new leader in this area, with all of 18 states looking to pass similar legislation to stop the invasion. Have a look.

Don Hank

Arizona‘s 1070 Law Is Leading The Country And Reshaping The Country

 by Dave Levine

 As of today, May 21, 2010, 18  states  ( are planning 1070-style anti-trespass bills of their own. 1070 authors Prof. Kris Kobach and Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce have to be feeling good about the popularity of their bill-now-law not only among Arizonans but among Americans across the country. There would be 30 states by now with mirror bills but for the ACLU class action suit having already been filed. Hopefully, a decision on that frivolous suit will be rendered shortly.

While 1070 is the talk of the nation, it has brought the horrors of the Invasion (aka illegal immigration) to the mainstream media and has the left backpedalling. This thing is so popular that to speak out against it is making those who do quite unpopular! Whereas in years past cries of “racial profiling” and “racism” would cause those who might support such a bill to “cower in a corner”, now the worm has turned and it’s the leftists and reconquistas who are reeling! Their cries of “racial profiling” and “racism” are falling on deaf American ears. Why? Because thanks to leaders like Russell Pearce and Governor Brewer in Arizona, Daryl Metcalfe in Pennsylvania and so many others like them–along with the wonderful vehicle of American talk radio–Americans are finding out just how deadly and vicious and detrimental the Invasion by 40 to 50 million foreign nationals (most of them Mexicans) really is. Not just Rob Krentz’ murder by a cowardly illegal alien but also the 25 Americans killed by DUI accidents caused by illegals and murdered daily by illegals across the country, the hundreds of thousands of rapes, child molestations, kidnapping, burglary, battery, the massive document fraud committed by millions of illegals against Americans and our continuing to get them “bennies” while all this is going on! Something had to “crack” and it was Arizona that said “No more!”

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BREAKING: Leaked Doc Proves Spain’s ‘Green’ Policies — the Basis for Obama’s — an Economic Disaster (PJM Exclusive)

PJM has received a leaked internal document confirming Spain realizes its green failures, just as Obama pushes the American Power Act based on Spain’s program. (Click here for the original Spanish document. An English translation is provided in this article.)

May 18, 2010

Pajamas Media has received a leaked internal assessment produced by Spain’s Zapatero administration. The assessment confirms the key charges previously made by non-governmental Spanish experts in a damning report exposing the catastrophic economic failure of Spain’s “green economy” initiatives.
On eight separate occasions, President Barack Obama has referred to the “green economy” policies enacted by Spain as being the model for what he envisioned for America.
Later came the revelation that Obama administration senior Energy Department official Cathy Zoi — someone with serious publicized conflict of interest issues — demanded an urgent U.S. response to the damaging report from the non-governmental Spanish experts so as to protect the Obama administration’s plans.
Most recently, U.S. senators have introduced the vehicle for replicating Spain’s unfolding economic meltdown here, in the form of the “American Power Act.” For reasons that are obvious upon scrutiny, it should instead be called the American Power Grab Act.
But today’s leaked document reveals that even the socialist Spanish government now acknowledges the ruinous effects of green economic policy.
Unsurprisingly for a governmental take on a flagship program, the report takes pains to minimize the extent of the economic harm. Yet despite the soft-pedaling, the document reveals exactly why electricity rates “necessarily skyrocketed” in Spain, as did the public debt needed to underwrite the disaster. This internal assessment preceded the Zapatero administration’s recent acknowledgement that the “green economy” stunt must be abandoned, lest the experiment risk Spain becoming Greece.
The government report does not expressly confirm the highest-profile finding of the non-governmental report: that Spain’s “green economy” program cost the country 2.2 jobs for every job “created” by the state. However, the figures published in the government document indicate they arrived at a job-loss number even worse than the 2.2 figure from the independent study.
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