Monthly Archive: April 2010

Apr 19

Transforming Culture by Transforming Hearts Through the Arts; a Conference

Laigle’s Forum contributor Anthony Horvath is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, which is hosting an online apologetics conference coming up in the second week of May.

From the Christian News Wire:

RELEASE: Athanatos Christian Ministries is hosting its first annual apologetics conference May 7th-8th, 2010. The conference will cast a vision for promoting Christianity through the arts, and literature in particular. The conference is unique because it will be held entirely online, allowing anyone from around the world to attend and participate.


Apr 18

Is God done yet, or revving His engines?

By Don Hank This year puny little man declared that HE and he alone must control a runaway climate and decided to tax the beejeebers out of the rich countries to pay the poor countries, boasting that this would surely stop “global warming” and save the planet. And all of this on the strength of data that did …

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Apr 08

Is social justice a Christian doctrine?

By Don Hank Recently, Christian Left leader Jim Wallis recently said: “Christians across the theological and political spectrum believe that social justice is central to the teachings of Jesus and at the heart of biblical faith.” Actually, not only is there no consensus on this issue, but in fact, Jesus did not speak of such …

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Apr 08

Ridding America of evil, one RINO at a time

John Hostettler for Senate Laigle’s is a site by and for the little guy. We only have time for the most important issues, so at election time, most of our effort goes into investigating and reporting on candidates. Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with a web guy who can put in graphics and YouTube presentations. If …

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