Milan court sentences Google officials to prison for posting whistleblowing video

Milan court sentences Google officials to prison for whistle-blowing video

I have shown before that the internet is very much under attack in Europe, which now completely controls it. Censorship-happy Europe is the very worst place to be controlling your freedom of speech.

The world elites are stealing our freedom incrementally by stealth, just as they have been doing for the last century since the founding of the Marxist Fabian Society in England.

Now some Google officials have been sentenced to prison in Europe for allowing the posting of a video clip showing a boy with Down’s syndrome being abused by a group of students. It was hardly what anyone would call graphic or violent footage but it was a good excuse for censorship that could not be left to go to waste.

The group Vividown brought suit and the judge sentenced the Google officials to prison based on an alleged violation of the victim’s privacy. Nota bene: There is no mention of any trial against the perpetrators. Clearly, no one is portraying them in a bad light.

Anyone who expects to be able to use the Internet freely from here on out is not paying attention.

There are at least 2 reasons why the court (in Milan) accepted the suit and issued this incredibly draconian sentence, not on the perpetrators of the abuse but on those who dared to make it public:

1–The elites need to keep progressing toward total control of the Internet until they control it just as tightly as they do the “mainstream” press. Otherwise the masses may eventually break free and demand a say in the governments of their nations.

2–The only way illegal activity can continue unabated is by censoring the evidence — in this case, the video showing children harassing a handicapped boy. The real issue is the violation of the boy’s rights and in a common-sense traditional world, the courts and press would be focusing on the perpetrators and demanding they be punished.

But those days are gone. In the increasingly autocratic EU and in the individual governments of Europe, corruption abounds and officials are routinely getting away with misdemeanors and crimes. Those who take steps to expose them and bring them to justice are attacked in the media in subtle ways designed to make the unsuspecting public believe that telling the truth was somehow a criminal violation of their privacy rights. Thanks to distortions in the press, the issue becomes one of how whistleblowers violate people’s “rights” by telling the truth about perpetrators and abusers of human rights. Attention is diverted away from the perpetrators and toward those who exposed them. Readers are gently persuaded to accept the notion that committing crimes or violating human rights is of little consequence, but that exposing a perpetrator is a criminal violation of privacy.

Think about it. If this new policy of trying and punishing the ones who report crimes under color of “protecting the victim” and ignoring or downplaying the perpetrators is pursued to its logical end, anyone who reports on a crime in detail in the media, particularly by showing images of graphic crime scenes or battered victims, can be considered to have violated the rights of the victim and can be given jail time, thereby trivializing the actual crime itself and inevitably paving the way for increased criminality. At the very least, in a reversal of technological advances, the presentation of videotaped evidence against perpetrators of crimes and misdemeanors would not only be inadmissable (as is sometimes the case already), but in fact would be punishable in some cases by harsher penalties than the crimes it was attempting to expose!

The following site (also from Europe — UK in this case) provides an important hint as to why the elites think it is important to make the whistleblowers appear to be the bad guy in order to cover up for high-ranking perpetrators:

So far, America has not fallen quite this far, thanks in large part to the Internet. But if the European elites can succeed in censoring the Internet throughout the world, it can easily happen here as well, even eventually becoming the norm. (In case you missed the news, control of the Internet was transferred from the US to Europe last year, and since then, the attacks on our freedom have been substantial).

Thus, in order to protect high-ranking evil doers and dictatorial policies, the Internet as we know it is being attacked like never before! They can’t afford to have you know the truth.

Europe has long been a dictatorship — where the people now have almost no say in any of the lawmaking process or choice of lawmakers or judges — but sadly, few Europeans realize it. Most are under the influence of the sensational media which keep them dazzled by images of glamorous stars and athletes, cats rescued by firemen, “global climate crisis” and the latest cinematic achievements.

We will see more and more of this censorship and down-dumbing as time goes on. The pretext is privacy, but the real issue is freedom of speech. The use of Down’s syndrome as an excuse to censor is a new and creative one. Just wait. There will be thousands of such excuses and each one will seem “justified” to the uninitiated who fail to understand what is going on behind the scenes.

But legal censorship isn’t the only way to silence sites like this one. Recently, the far-left site Tecnorati condemned Laigle’s Forum as “neo-nazi” for the article “Enjoy the internet while you can.” Other than mention of an anonymous report, no reason was given for this, but my best guess is that I had mentioned in the article that the far-left Frankfurt School was founded by a group of Jewish German Marxists who came to the US in the early 30s to avoid the impending Holocaust. My use of the word “Jewish” is no-doubt deemed anti-Semitic by the hypersensitive tecno rats, and this pretext is no different from the use of Down’s syndrome as an excuse to go after whistleblowers. Of course, if I hadn’t mentioned they were Jewish, the reader would have been left wondering why a group of Germans would be fleeing before the impending holocaust, so the use of the word was clearly not racist. Besides, I didn’t say anything negative about them, only that they were intent on destroying traditional American culture, and that’s a positive for the far left, so what’s the problem?

But the point is: for a group of Marxist activists desperate to censor, any excuse will do.

There is very little time left for the public to wake up in time to save what is left of the New Media from the wolves.

Enjoy it while you can. Or better yet, help save it by spreading the word.

Don Hank

European censorship

The rotten fruits of the “carbon credit” scam

The notion of “global warming” has been used to introduce perhaps the biggest tax in history, and one of the avenues for this tax was so-called “carbon offsets” or “carbon credits.”

Fortunately, the American people have not completely fallen for this scam as yet. But the UK, which has long labored under the heavy hand of two essentially foreign governments — their “own” out-of-touch “leaders” and the EU — has had little choice. Almost none of the elected leaders in the UK there are in touch with the people, who are increasingly aware that they are being scammed on a grand scale. (While serving as the head of state, Tony Blair was also the head of the Fabian Socitey, whose avowed purpose is to undermine democracy and introduce Marxism — Karl Marx’s sister was one of the founders).

Now please pay attention: America now faces the same choices as they once did: either we go it alone as the exceptional nation we have been or we take that same turn into oblivion and let the “elites” take us over. So far we have done a terrible job of maintaining our sovereignty and our representative government. Many “conservatives” and even the somewhat more enlightened Tea Party people have fallen for the RINO neocon scam in MA, where Scott Brown was presented as a “conservative”. CPAC portrayed Scott, Mitt Romney and other RINOs the same way, although, to the credit of the attendees, in a poll taken by CPAC, Romney lost to Ron Paul — a sign that the leadership of groups like this is no longer calling the shots.  A McCain loss in his Senate campaign in Arizona would be a further sign that even without any higher-up leadership, the grassroots can now make up its own mind.

Our heads are very slowly emerging from the sand, but there are a lot of GOP die-hards out there who keep longing for the “good old days” of the globalist, open-borders GW Bush administration. They haven’t quite figured it out yet.

The press release appearing below is one of the most amazing but likewise, one if the saddest, pieces  of news Laigle’s Forum has ever received from an independent source.

It is in fact the fulfillment of what WND’s Jerome Corsi had foreseen and written about earlier ( It shows not only the extent of the criminal activity of the world elites but also the extent to which they will go to hush up their activities.

The sender, the assistant to Nigel Farage, founder of the UK Independent Party (UKIP), one of the most outspoken voices in Europe and a man who has consistently opposed the European Union dictatorship — even from his position as a Member of Parliament in the EU, sent out the press release immediately after dictating it, showing the outrageous consequences of “carbon credits.”

To sum it up, 1 billion pounds sterling  in carbon credits were given to an Indian-owned UK steelworks so that the plant could be closed down — ostensibly to save the world from the emissions caused by this plant — leaving 1,700 workers jobless. And here is the rub: in Robin-Hood fashion, the cool billion of UK taxpayer money will be invested in steel plants in India, where no one believes in the “carbon offset” schemes and where the emissions will continue unabated, with nothing of the stated goal being accomplished.  The net result is an enormous transfer of wealth by Fabian-style stealth from a “rich” (but soon to be poor if the elites have their way) country to a developing country. I hope you understand that the end game of the elites is to “spread the wealth around” as Obama told Joe the Plumber he would do. It has nothing whatsoever to do with saving the planet or anything else. It is like Chicago-style power politics on a world scale.

It is vitally important for us to be aware that all globalists and globablist organizations (like the CFR) want only to spread the wealth, Marxist style. They do not want prosperity for you or your children and, as evidenced hereinbelow, they could care less about the environment or “global warming.”  And here is the smoking gun in Mr. Nigel Farage’s press release, as dictated to his secretary.

Don Hank


Corus’ steelworks at Redcar, near Middlesborough, “Teesside Cast Products”, is to be closed (“mothballed” is the euphemism)  It is Britain’s last great steelworks and an essential national resource. Without it, we are at the world’s mercy.

Corus is owned by Tata Steel of India.   Recently, Tata received “EU-carbon-credits” worth up to £1bn, ostensibly so that steel-production at Redcar would not be crippled by the EU’s “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.  By closing the plant at Redcar – and not making any “carbon-emissions” – Tata walks off with £1bn of taxpayers’ money, which it will invest in its steel-factories in India, where there is no “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.

There’s more.  The EU’s “emissions-trading-scheme” (ETS) is modelled on instructions from the “International Panel on Climate-Change” (IPCC) of the United Nations Organisation. The Chairman of the IPCC is one Dr Rajendra K.Pachauri, a former railway-engineer, who obtained this post by virtue of his being Chairman of the “Tata Energy-Research Institute” – set up by Tata Steel.

UKIP’s leader in the EU’s “parliament”, Nigel Farage, revealed these data in a speech at Strasbourg, on 10th February, and was due to appear in the BBC’s “Question-Time” programme, from Middlesborough, on 18th February, where the closure of the Redcar-plant was inevitably discussed.  Almost at the last minute, his invitation to join the “Question-Time” panel was cancelled, without explanation.

An article, on the subject, by Neil Hamilton, which was due to appear in this week’s Sunday Express, has also been “pulled”.

 Yours etc


On another note, please let us know what you think of the below-linked post “Enjoy the internet while you can.” For example, is there anything offensive in the way it is written? Please let us know either by sending us a note at or by adding a comment at the bottom of this latest post “The rotten fruits of…”

Thank you!

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Ugandan minister rebuffs Obama for promoting AIDS

Encouraging news here, especially considering the un-Constitutional attack on Prop 8 in California. Africa is ignored by the Left and mainstream media for the most part, and that is a good thing. The less the immoral West meddles in Africa the better off they will be. Our aid goes to greedy dictators. “Christian” groups try to interfere in their politics to their detriment. And some US scientists have said we should not try to help them because starvation is a natural process.

Africa will do fine if only “progressives” can keep their hands off.

Interesting that our first black White House resident is harming his own people by encouraging the spread of AIDs in the continent of his origin – if not his birth.

Don Hank

Uganda Rejects Obama’s Pro-Homosexual “Change”

AIM Column  |  By Cliff Kincaid  |  February 5, 2010

Accuracy in Media’s review of coverage of the so-called “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda finds that it has been completely one-sided, inaccurate, and distorted beyond belief.

Ugandan Christian minister Martin Ssempa has issued a strong rebuttal to President Obama’s criticism of his country for considering passage of a law to discourage and punish certain homosexual practices. “Sodomy is neither the change we want nor can believe in,” says Ssempa, who runs the Family Policy and Human Rights Center in Uganda.

Ssempa, a major player in the country’s successful anti-AIDS program, says that Obama has an “obsession with the spread of sodomy in Africa,” in contrast to the efforts of the George W. Bush Administration to help Uganda resist the dangerous sexual practices which facilitate the spread of the deadly disease. The Ugandan anti-AIDS program has emphasized abstinence and monogamy.

Ssempa’s website declares, “HIV/AIDS is not an allergy. It is not a gay disease. It is not a badge of honor. It is a cold-blooded, indiscriminating killer that can only be stopped by a proven solution–abstinence until marriage and faithfulness within marriage.”

More here:

Prop 8 hauled into court — unconstitutionally

If Prop 8 is “overturned” it will only be because inept “Christian” “pro-family” and “conservative” lawyers, leaders and pundits allowed it to happen.

by Gregg Jackson

It’s obvious to me that the homosexual activist “judge” Walker in San Francisco will rule for the homosexual plaintiffs who claim Prop 8, legally defining marriage as limited to one man and one woman in the California Constitution, to be “discriminatory” and “unconstitutional.”

If Judge Walker issues a ruling that Prop 8 is “unconstitutional,” he should be impeached immediately by Governor Schwarzenegger. No judge possesses the authority to “overturn” a constitutional amendment passed via the proscribed legislative process by the sovereign voters of the state.

But is there any doubt that “conservative” “Republican” Governor Arnold will pull a Mitt Romney and assert that he “has no choice but to uphold the court’s ruling?”

Of course he will.

And when he does he will have once again abnegated his sworn duty to uphold the federal and state constitution he swore an oath in front of God Almighty to protect and defend.


Gregg also tells us Mitt Romney is in full campaign mode right now. That became obvious for me when he conspicuously attended fellow RINO Scott Brown’s acceptance speech and garnered the latter’s support. I had said that if Senator McCain is reelected, that would signal the complete collapse of the Tea Party movement, most of which has already been preempted by the Michael Steele’s GOP (the “right” wing of the Democratic Party). Well, Mitt being elected president would mean the entire movement has been fully absorbed by the RINOs. Here is Gregg’s excellent list of Mitt’s fiscal and social misdeeds:

Mitt Romney, Fiscal and Social Liberal:

  • Illegally & unconstitutionally instituted sodomy “marriage.” Proof here and here
  • Signed $50 tax-subsidized abortions into law (2 years AFTER his fake “pro-life conversion.”) Proof here
  • Boosted funding for homosexual “education” starting in kindergarten. Proof here
  • Opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters. Proof here
  • Promised the homosexual Republican “Log Cabin Republicans” he wouldn’t oppose “gay marriage” in return for their endorsement. Proof here
  • Instituted a quasi-socialist healthcare plan endorsed by Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and Planned Parenthood that destroyed the Massachusetts’ economy. Proof here and here.
  • Increased taxes and fees by close to a billion dollars which destroyed the Massachusetts’ economy. Proof here
  • Voted # 8 RINO by Human Events. Proof here.
  • Passed over Republican lawyers for three quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he faced and nominated 2 open homosexuals. Proof here
  • Criticized Joint Chief’s of Staff, Peter Pace for saying that homosexual acts were “immoral.” Proof here
  • Supports passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which would force churches and other religious organizations to hire homosexuals and transvestites or face criminal fines and prosecution. Proof here.
  • Romney opposed the Bush Tax Cuts and supported McCain-Feingold “campaign finance reform”, McCain-Kennedy “comprehensive immigration reform” (i.e. amnesty), and parts of the McCain-Lieberman “carbon cap and trade” bill.

Amazing so many “conservatives” portray this guy as a true blue Reagan conservative. He is a total and absolute liberal across the board. And he is one of the keynote speakers at CPAC in a few weeks. What a joke!

He also opposed the Bush Tax Cuts and supported Bush-Kennedy-McCain and Carbon Tax legislation, championed Mike Pence’s  “touchback” scheme for illegal aliens, where the illegals simply take a step back into Mexico, then re-enter the U.S. with papers and are “legalized”.

Finally, he was thoroughly embarrassed and destroyed politically when competitor Rudy Giuliani called him out on Mansiongate TWICE on two debates in a row telling voters that Romney had hired a contractor who had hired illegals to work on his Mansion’s grounds and that he hadn’t done anything about it until after the second debate where Giuliani raised the point again
Sorry for the hodgepodge here at the end, but people have been emailing me to add more Romney sins. This is a full-time job! DH

Is God Almighty laughing at Gaia?

God Almighty on the job after failed stint by Gaia

By Don Hank

If you live in the northern part of the US as far south as Washington, DC, you will notice that there is a lot of snow outside your window. And there was a lot of it out there this weekend too, more than you had seen in many years. Several photos appeared in various publications showing a snowed-in White House — the residence of Barack Obama, who just a few weeks earlier had tried desperately to get the world’s richest countries to pay a global tax for supposedly causing global warming.

The “global warming” strategists have created a perfect alibi. Now they are saying that if it gets colder that is because of global warming. If it gets warmer, well, you know. Their Copenhagen climate conference didn’t work out, but they are determined to do damage control. It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this. But after all, we are talking about the Left.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think God is in charge of the weather, and if I were Him, I would send mankind an unmistakable reminder right about now.

Oh, I don’t know, maybe like a larger than usual snow storm during the Copenhagen conference, and then maybe some record or near-record snows later in the year just so folks would not forget Who is in charge.

Now, if you are a Gaya worshipper like Al Gore, I don’t really mean to rub it in, but it sure looks like God Almighty has taken back the weather-making function. Not that He had ever relinquished it in the first place, mind you, but it was time for Him to make it clear.

Let me remind you of something: The Communist Manifesto calls for the abolition of religion and religion is what global warming is really all about.

By suggesting that man could be the weather-maker, leftists defy a plethora of passages in the Bible affirming that God is in charge of the weather.

Matthew 8: 23-27 tells us Jesus stopped a violent storm with a few words.

Yet in his book “Earth in the Balance,” Al Gore deliberately chooses to write worshipfully about the pagan goddess Gaia, who was once associated in Pagan world with the forces of nature. It’s not that he really believes in Gaia. It’s just that he wants to deliberately slur the Bible, because as a leftist, he feels compelled to do so. Real leftists aren’t currently at war with other religions, especially pagan ones like Gaia worship, so they can appear religious while committing the most heinous acts of blasphemy against the living God.

They see Christianity as the real enemy, and the tantalizing concept of man made global warming as a means of defeating it just sort of fell into their laps. The trouble is, the hacker who managed to break into the computer system of the department of the University of East Anglia, which had been charged with keeping and interpreting the climate records for the entire world, proved that they were massaging the data to make it seem like the earth was warming when for any objective scientist, there could never have been a clear-cut, unequivocal conclusion based on such tenuous data.

So why would they go to so much trouble to make us believe a myth?

A lot is at stake. Modern scientists think it is their duty to demonstrate that God does not exist in order to further the “progressive” cause. Darwinists have done the same sort of propagandizing for years, particularly in the origin-of-life area. Ben Stein’s movie Expelled shows the enormous lengths to which they will go to keep certain data and ideas away from the public – including firing academics who even suggest they may believe in the Creator. They act as if defeating the notion of a living God is a matter of life and death.

I personally waged a mostly one-man debate against a group of Darwinists at the forum on Stephen Meyer’s book “Signature in the Cell” and discovered how incredibly childish and silly their little games can be. For example, when I linked to Stein’s DVD at the Amazon site to support an argument about how Darwinists bully, the moderator momentarily changed the price of the DVD from less than $20 to $999.99 (changing it back shortly thereafter to avoid detection), and during this time, someone at Amazon, without my authorization, re-activated a seller account I had closed 9 months earlier, and someone “bought” a book I was no longer selling, trying to embarrass me. However, the Amazon moderators did me a favor, proving my point that Darwinists are bullies better than I could have without that perfect illustration. Leftists never learn.

And on a higher plane, God has His ways, and all the lies and distortions of the Left always com to light, leaving the Left with a black eye. Be sure your sin will find you out.

The Tower of Babel was a symbol of the Left in Bible times. This bunch, attempting to trivialize the Almighty, wanted to build a tower that would reach to heaven, but God stopped them in their tracks by confounding the builders’ tongues so they couldn’t understand each other.

Global warming was the same kind of idea, an attempt to displace God, making people think that puny insignificant humans were in fact in charge of the weather.

But they were found out, and now the “global warming” movement is in disarray.

And best of all, while we powerless humans who opposed this diabolical agenda could do nothing but pray, God did the heavy lifting.

Just look out your window.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

One State Strategy for Bringing Down Obama

Laigle’s Forum staff writer Anthony Horvath has posted a column on the Cypress Times describing a winning strategy for forcing Obama to confront his citizenship questions by relying on the efforts of a single state.  That column was picked up by, whose founder, Joseph Farah, is mentioned in the opening paragraphs.

Asking people of principle to look the other way in the face of what possibly could be the highest act of arrogance in modern history just isn’t possible.  If Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president then that’s that.  Furthermore, the burden of proof is on Obama to show that he is constitutionally qualified.  It isn’t Farah’s job to prove he isn’t.   We’re talking about the leader of the (so far) free world, not a dog catcher.  It is too important to ignore.

On the other hand, it is a simple fact that the people on the other side of this issue have every advantage.  Let’s face it.  The opinions of many Americans are formed by no more than a glance at the day’s headlines, the quick blurb at the 6 o’clock news, and the clever jabs on Stewart’s Daily Show.  Combine this with the average American’s deep fear that someone might think that he is ‘one of those extremists’ and the Left has all they need to defeat a ‘Birther’ candidate.  It really isn’t a winning issue… yet.

So how to stick to principle and win?  I have an idea.

Read the whole column.

UK elites want to muzzle Christians

The UK political elites have come up with a legal scheme almost identical in its content to our EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) law. Anyone who keeps up with alerts coming out of Christian, libertarian or conservative groups in Europe will easily see that the same fascistic programs are being pursued over there as they are here in the US. That will not surprise anyone who knows about the international left and its agenda and the scope of its action. But, sadly, few of us do.

For those who have never been exposed to this concept, you need to understand that the Communist Manifesto, written when socialism was in its infancy, already spelled out that the communist must oppose family and religion. This all-important fact is almost completely ignored by Americans, and consequently, when they hear of plans to “protect” homosexuals, they buy it at face value, believing that this particular sexual orientation is undergoing some horrible holocaust-like pogrom and is subject to economic persecution that threatens the livelihood of every single member.

This could not be further from the truth. As David Kupelian points out in his book “The Marketing of Evil,” homosexuals have a higher than average income and level of wealth.

The real agenda behind “protection” of homosexuals and same-sex marriage bills, for example, is to take civilization one step closer to the utopia envisioned by Marx and Engels.

If this seems surprising to you (or even if it doesn’t), please read this Christian response to the Equality Bill, which was recently defeated in the House of Lords.

Don Hank


By Graham Wood, UK

The defeat of the government’s Equality Bill by the House of Lords recently was of huge importance and significance, because it brought to a halt, albeit only temporarily, a long succession of laws restricting Christian liberty and freedoms.  The Bill sought amongst other things to impose a perception of “equality” on Christians and churches and a duty on all public bodies, including Christian employers, to ensure that no discrimination takes place against homosexuals or lesbians in employment.

The Bill if passed would have compelled churches and faith groups to a course wholly alien to their doctrinal positions and ethos.  Already Christians critical of homosexuality, or declining directly or indirectly  to associate with this ideology have met with opposition and even suspension or dismissal from their places of employment,  on what can only be described  as grounded on unnecessary or flimsy grounds.


What was intended as a law to prevent discrimination and to ensure “equality” has in fact led to cases of direct discrimination against others who on conscientious grounds have objected to being compelled to

recognize and associate with an ethos with which  they fundamentally disagree.  Whilst the intention of the law may have been good, its practical outworking, and that of similar legislation already in place, has resulted in the very opposite of the original intention, and so reverse discrimination occurs.

In addition, such legislation is seen by Christians as being at best, a non existent problem, and at worst, a direct attack upon  long held basic  freedoms,  of opinion,  of expression and  of association,  formerly taken for granted under our Common law.

 These have been secured for us at very great cost over the course of centuries by defenders of liberty from the ever present threat of loss through the encroachments of arbitrary governments which are often hungry to accrue power to the State at the expense of individual freedom.  Such lovers of liberty believed these principles to be so fundamentally important, especially those grounded on conscience, that they were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve such freedoms for their posterity.   We do well to remember the costly price of those freedoms once again under threat.

Instead of the Common law assumption that all is allowed, except what which is directly forbidden by statute law or which endangers or threatens others, we now have increasingly the assertion by the State that it alone is the dispenser of such rights, to be granted or withheld through the will of Parliament or even by other unelected organsations.

  In this respect we should remember that the Equality Bill and its predecessors have come to us primarily through mandatory European Union “directives”.  As we know, these ride roughshod over the long held accepted norms of democratic political accountability, not to mention our national characteristics of easy tolerance of minorities, even when their  views may strongly differ from our own.   Indeed, the imposition of a homosexual ideology as seen in this Bill and similar legislation has the hallmarks of institutionalised  bigotry and intolerance by the State, and ironically, a main function of which is to protect minorities to live in freedom and  harmony within the rest of society.


  Aware of increasing surveillance by the State on every aspect of private and public life, together with the avalanche of restrictive legislation militating against the freedom of the individual one observer notes: “slowly, and the political elites hope imperceptibly, we are being brought under totalitarian control.  It goes largely unnoticed because the moves seem unconnected and journalists and opposition politicians are part of the same ruling class.  This ‘ideological caste’ is made up of cultural Marxists that admits only those into power with the same views, and expels after disgracing, any who dissent”   Is not this the central tenet of “political correctness” – i.e. an imposed standard of homogenous uniformity?.   One familiar example is that of labeling dissenters to the ‘global warming’ theory as “deniers”, a pejorative term associated with those who ‘deny’ the Nazi holocaust of Jews in WW2.  Similarly those who for various reasons reject a homosexual ideology are  lumped together as ‘homophobes’.   Cultural Marxism is now a world-wide phenomena in the Western world where the watchword is ”everything is political…… a total ideological system supplying opinions for every aspect of life”.   This parasitic mind-set feeds on stirring up concepts of permanent victim-hood in which all perceived inequalities in life must be attributed blameworthy by, or to, somebody – described by some as ‘the politics of envy’, warranting it is believed ever more State intervention on one hand or ‘vexatious’ private litigation by the aggrieved on the other.  Thus it is that those who do not accept a homosexual ethos can now be identified as creating “victims” merely by virtue of their dissent, and such victims are seen as being gratuitously “offended” and therefore requiring the protection of the law.


There is a growing body of opinion which identifies cultural Marxism as having  another and more sinister agenda, namely to systematically and deliberately undermine and eventually to destroy, all traditional Christian values and freedoms of expression and association.  The route to these objectives is to so influence and then move public opinion to see normal Christian values as being regressive, backward, and the enemy of  modernity and progress. The attacks are anti-family through homosexual  indoctrination of the young in schools and education, anti independence of thought, and even anti academic freedom.  Finally, this ideology seeks to corrupt and distort Western culture and the remnants of its Judeo/Christian elements at every possible level, particularly through a largely sympathetic media in popular TV programmes and print media.  


The unintended discriminatory elements of the Equality Bill against Christian employers is to be deplored and resisted as it represents a challenge to the independent nature and government of the church.  It raises the question as to whether the State has the right or authority to legislate for the internal affairs of the Church of Christ, whether established or not, where the employment of church officers or youth workers or others are concerned?   The question itself raises the ghost of past conflicts throughout church history in which arbitrary government laws have sought to regulate the life of the church.  The church v State issue therefore is not new, and the Equality Bill and its predecessors   serves to bring the issue to a head once again. 

What is at stake is much more than a question of employment rights, or even some concept of ‘equality’, but rather one of the historic right of Christians, and indeed other faith groups, to independently determine their own course of action in these matters. The long established and recognised freedom of association principle whereby Churches alone govern their internal affairs would be set aside by the Bill.   That freedom ensured for Christians the right to choose with whom they associate, and conversely, to exclude those who do not share their doctrinal convictions based on the clear teaching of Scripture.   That includes, of necessity, the exclusion of ‘gay’ or lesbian applicants for employment within churches.


 Until relatively recently that right was fully recognised by the State – a right incidentally that was expressed as far back as the Magna Carta of 1215.  This  stated in unequivocal terms:

  “We have in the first place granted for us and our heirs for ever, that the Church of (in) England shall be free”.

It is noteworthy that this  great Charter of civil and religious liberties  pre-dated the existence of Parliament, and is not therefore subject to amendment or repeal by Parliaments to this day, representing as it does a contract between the Sovereign and people.

The same conflict re-emerged repeatedly when Tudor and Stuart kings sought to impose their will upon the church, and this prompted the great poet and pamphleteer John Milton  to write his great treatise –  “ Of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes”, with the pointed sub-title,  “Showing that it is not lawful for any power on earth to compel in matters of religion”.

Over 200 years later the principle was once again contested when the Presbyterian Church of Scotland claimed its right to full independence from the English Crown, asserting that the civil power had no authority over the Church.  The dispute led to the passing of the Church of Scotland Act of 1921 by which the State recognised in law the independence of the Presbyterian Church.  One main Article in the Act is the ringing declaration on the headship of Christ over his church in all matters.  It can hardly be bettered:

“The Church as part of the universal church wherein the Lord Jesus Christ has appointed a government in the hands of church office bearers, receives from Him, its Divine King and Head, and from Him alone, the right and power subject to no civil authority to legislate, and to adjudicate finally, in all matters of doctrine, worship, government, and discipline of the Church”.

If the Equality Bill returns for the collective church to grapple with then  two courses would provide a sure bulwark against the inroads of further secularism and mis-placed concepts of equality.  The first is the recognition of the principle which the Scottish church expressed so clearly. All it requires is application, faithfully and fearlessly.

The second is not an available option but ought to be if any future government takes seriously a fresh appraisal of the church/State relationship.  It should adopt the First Amendment of the great Constitution of the USA which stated so simply and clearly the fundamental principle in 1776:

 “(Congress) may not establish a religion, restrict free speech or press freedom, or deprive citizens of rights to assemble peacefully or petition the government”

Is there a REAL grassroots out there?

Ok, the American people showed we could march on Washington in dazzling numbers. We showed we could support a less-leftist candidate than Obama’s favorite.

But if you’re still feeling smug about RINO Scott Brown beating far-left Democrat Martha Coakly, it’s time to come back to earth. Fast.

I told you at that time there would be lots of work to do — and undo. Some got mad and said I was an alarmist. Some said my attitude was not Christian because we should try to convert Brown into a real conservative rather than criticize him. This is how we got to where we are today, incrementally, one RINO at a time, always believing we could make friends with them. Some people just don’t understand it doesn’t work that way and never will. The Left is a ratchet wheel. It only turns in one direction. Proof of that is where we are today, where the world is today, further and further from freedom and enlightenment, dropping year by year in our world ranking in education. Dumb, dumber, going, going, soon to be gone!

I warned you of excessive euphoria over Brown because it was clear this euphoria had shriveled up a lot of “conservative” brains to pea-size and had people actually believing Brown was a Divine Gift — one of the fatal flaws of the false Christianity that inundates our churches.

We had been warned by cooler heads that Brown had voted with the “liberals” in the Massachusetts Senate (need I remind you most are to the left of Hugo Chavez) 91% of the time and was openly pro-abortion — despite the totally unearned and disgraceful endorsement he got from MA Citizens for Life.

Ok, the “conservatives” have proven they can elect a left of center RINO to the Senate. But don’t forget that the Democrats were no doubt relieved to hear Brown say, shortly after his election, that he will not be voting with the Republicans on a routine basis.

Does Brown need to say more to convince his voters he despises them?

I am not saying there was an alternative. What I am saying is that his election can be expected to have a RINO-boosting effect, particularly for McCain, and the GOP are already trying to make hay of it. Brown is now busy campaigning for Mr. Amnesty-Open Borders John McCain. If McCain re-takes his Senate seat, that will spell a huge loss for the grassroots because it will mean that “conservatives” have fallen into the psychological trap set by the elitist GOP leadership. Here is the setup:

1–Convince the grassroots that “they” succeeded in electing Brown, and that

2–Brown is a conservative

3–Have this newly minted “conservative” Scott Brown support John McCain and other RINOs for high offices

Please bear in mind that the grassroots has yet to score a real victory in the tea party anti-Obama movement. The real winners so far are the GOP open-borders elite who despise America and couldn’t give a rap about you and your job security and personal secutiry. They have at least 2 things going for them:

1–The Brown win, which only seems like a victory for many of you, and

2–The phony news that joblessness has sunk to below 10%.

The Brown “victory” only serves to give you false hope that things will be different from now on, and the phony figures from the Obama administration are intended to make you forget that open borders and amnesty are deadly prospects that can take us further down the path to economic ruin (we have forgotten that millions of the subprime mortgages that poisoned the world economy went to illegal aliens). BTW, I call those figures phony because the rise corresponds mostly to government jobs, which are in fact a drag on the real economy and far from bringing in needed tax dollars, they cost the taxpayer more money. I also say they are phony because they do not include the workers who have given up on job hunting. Economist Jerome Corsi recently estimated the true unemployment rate at over 20%.

So if you think the war is over, it has only just begun. So be like Gideon’s soldiers and keep an eye on that weapon, Soldier! You will need it.

JD Hayworth may not be an exemplary candidate to unseat McCain, but he is anti-invasion. He does not want to outsource your job to an outlaw who sneaked into your country and wants to stay and eat your lunch. And the GOP elite is scared to death of him. That alone should tip you off.

As such, Hayworth, if he can be taken at his word, represents something infinitely more than just law and order. He represents American sovereignty in a further reaching sense. Our pastors and politicians have told us for almost 20 years that the immigrant is a gift of God and must be treated with the utmost respect. They didn’t tell  you that because they are devout. They told you that because they are far left.

That the immigrant is a person deserving respect is not necessarily untrue, but the devil is in the definition.

An immigrant, traditionally, is a person who comes to our shores with a visa in hand stating he is approved by our government. He has the ability to earn his keep, is not likely to depend on welfare, will obey the law, will be a contributor, or in some cases, will return to his home country once his stint is done.

A person who breaks the law to enter here is not much more than a thief. Yet, our churches (many of which don’t deserve that name) are busy teaching us that there is no such thing as an illegal alien. Some even make sanctuaries out of their churches to hide lawbreakers.  Yet these same pastors would call the police if a stranger surreptitiously entered their homes late at night. To put it diplomatically, they are rank hypocrites.

But sovereignty is much more than just wanting to have protected borders. A politician today who cares about the sovereignty of our country is a rare jewel. A chilling number of high-placed politicians, like McCain, are members of the CFR, a group that is seriously intent upon not only erasing borders but also dragging you into supranational government intended to replace the national one. If you want to know why that is a problem, ask anyone in Europe, where national “governments” are reduced to mere rubber stamps of the European Union, which is nothing but a wealth redistribution enforcer. It practices a unique form of communism under color of law, keeps allowing a constant influx of Third World immigrants, many of them common criminals, writes and enforces increasingly anti-Christian and anti-freedom policy and is increasingly hated by ordinary people, who have absolutely no say in all of this.

Already the EU is talking about not only taxing the internet (Europe is now in control of the Net!) but also issuing licenses for internet use.

Now is the time to show grassroots muscle because tomorrow may be too late. We have not made a move yet that is outside the scope of the elitists’ plans. They think they have us just where they want us.  And if we can’t succeed in unseating McCain, then they are absolutely right!

BTW, a lot of you probably think I sit around most of the time scratching my head wondering what to write for Laigle’s Forum. That’s not quite how it works. My readers send me stuff that is important and I just say what I think about it, off the top of my head. I don’t have to sit around wondering what to write next. Quite to the contrary, I sit around and think “now, which of those ideas do I postpone to address this urgent issue.”  For instance, here is something that just came in as I was thinking about what a horrible bully McCain is. It is unbelievable:

Ok, please read what Alex Isenstadt says in the article below about McCain and his bullying tactics to keep Hayworth from defeating him. If you are from Arizona, kindly forward a link to this article to all your friends and family. Tell em friends don’t let friends vote for bullies.

John McCain turns up heat on J.D. Hayworth

By ALEX ISENSTADT | 1/26/10 4:45 AM EST
Updated: 1/26/10 3:37 PM EST

One year after seeing his presidential ambitions extinguished in an overwhelming defeat, Arizona Sen. John McCain is launching a scorched-earth campaign aimed at incinerating a reelection challenge from J.D. Hayworth, the conservative former Arizona congressman and radio talk show host.

McCain is attempting, with a series of hardball tactics, to cut Hayworth down before his campaign even gets off the ground. He’s mounted a concerted effort during the past month to push Hayworth off the airwaves, run an ad targeting Hayworth on his own radio station and warned him through emissaries that going through with a bid to unseat McCain would be a serious mistake.

One source familiar with the McCain campaign said the offensive was only a preview of things to come, adding, “I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this.”

The anti-Hayworth effort began in earnest Dec. 15, when Grant Woods, the former Arizona attorney general and onetime McCain chief of staff, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. Woods argued that Hayworth, who has used his KFYI drive-time program to blast away at McCain as a soft-on-immigration moderate, was essentially getting free airtime to wage a campaign as a de facto candidate.

Then, last week, McCain campaign attorneys Paul Charlton and Joseph Abate also wrote the FEC to complain that Hayworth was effectively using his radio show as a campaign platform, arguing that Hayworth’s radio parent company Clear Channel “has an obligation not to allow one specific candidate ­ regardless of that candidate’s occupation ­ unfettered daily use of its facilities to promote his candidacy for federal office.” 

Read more.

Enjoy the internet while you can

Major threat to world internet freedom

The Germans are the “free” world’s leaders in censorship. Some of my German contacts estimate that 200,000 Germans are in jail for saying and writing things that are legally considered offensive. Some of these contacts have been jailed for what they sent or posted on the internet!

By way of background, if they are correct, it was the allies, particularly the Americans, who started this trend with “denazification,” but the ideas behind that actually are said to have come from members of the Frankfurt School, a group of German Jewish intellectuals who sought refuge in the US just before WW II and showed their appreciation by spreading propaganda aimed at destroying our culture. They also were given a lot of elbow room in shaping our “denazification” policies.

Herbert Marcuse, a famous 60s radical, was a member of that school, who took it upon himself to help fixate our children on promiscuity and drugs — an important part of the Marxist agenda to weaken America.

Norbert Schneider, a German leftist heading an important European public office in charge of communications, is a Hitler wannabe who wants to require licenses for all internet transmissions of YouTube-like materials. The trouble is, if implemented in his part of the world, this licensing requirement would automatically be implemented here as well. Schneider has too much power, and we either take his away or he takes ours. I think you can understand he needs to go.

No sooner had I receive the article from Prison Planet (excerpted and linked below) than I found, through a search of the German internet, the following:

So, folks, it is happening. It is no longer in the talking stage. Neonazi Germany is taking the lead.

Oh, and just to cheer you up: Late in 2009, the US, which once ran the Internet, turned control over to Europe.

Need I tell you that global governance (European Union, UN, NAFTA, CFR policies, and the notion of nationalism, patriotism and even the idea of nations having boundaries at all as  “threats” to world peace) is a serious threat to freedom?

The truth that world government advocates don’t want you to know is that nationalism is not the threat to world peace today. The real threat is international tyranny, and the global elite are the tyrants who are likely to start the next war.

Don Hank

There is just so much happening it is explosive. Before you read the Prison Planet article, check this one out, which came in a few minutes ago:

World Economic Forum calls for licensing internet users

Time Magazine Pushes Draconian Internet Licensing Plan

by DefendUSx February 03, 2010 13:34

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time Magazine has enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon to back Microsoft executive Craig Mundie’s call for Internet licensing, as authorities push for a system even more stifling than in Communist China, where only people with government permission would be allowed to express free speech.

As we reported earlier this week, during a recent conference at the Davos Economic Forum, Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, told fellow globalists at the summit that the Internet needed to be policed by means of introducing licenses similar to drivers licenses – in other words government permission to use the web.

His proposal was almost instantly advocated by Time Magazine, who published an article by Barbara Kiviat – one of Mundie’s fellow attendees at the elitist confab. It’s sadistically ironic that Kiviat’s columns run under the moniker “The Curious Capitalist,” since the ideas expressed in her piece go further than even the free-speech hating Communist Chinese have dared venture in terms of Internet censorship.

“Now, there are, of course, a number of obstacles to making such a scheme be reality,” writes Kiviat. “Even here in the mountains of Switzerland I can hear the worldwide scream go up: “But we’re entitled to anonymity on the Internet!” Really? Are you? Why do you think that?”

Kiviat ludicrously compares the necessity to show identification when entering a bank vault to the apparent need for authorities to know who you are when you set up a website to take credit card payments.

Read more.

Global warming takes hit / Take action on DOD pro-homo policy

Action item: DOD awards homosexuals coveted “victim” status

Don Hank

A friend sent me this email this am, along with the link at the bottom:

“Go to the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s website and blast him as did I. Can’t let the homos and their apologists get ahead of us on the blog there. Encourage others on your list serve.”

There is a lot to tell here. First, I can’t get to the below-linked site or even to my own site Laigle’s Forum ( with my msn / Internet Explorer combo, and some of my friends can’t either with their servers. There is definitely some hanky-pank going on! (Anyone else notice this with your server?)  I finally got on by using Mozilla Firefox, which I strongly recommend using — especially if you can’t open the link below. My post at the DOD site (if it gets approved):

I have a military friend in the UK who knows what it is like to serve with openly homosexuals in the military. His experience is that the homosexuals are promoted ahead of heteros and then they in turn promote those who will go along with their proclivities and serve as playmates. Heteros not only take a back seat in promotions but, more importantly, are harassed.
The military is not supposed to be for sex games, but you are letting political correctness change that perspective.
Now that America has fallen into the moral irrelevance of Rome, there is no longer a major moral high ground in the world, no moral authority and leadership. Our “men in uniform” are by no means any longer defending a clear-cut moral example for the world to follow. Any nation with a smidgen of morality can defeat us in the propaganda arena and – I don’t say this lightly –  deserves to.

Under this president, and with this weak-kneed military “leadership,” we are  no longer by any means unambiguously the good guys.

We need no longer worry about losing wars. We need to worry about winning them.’t-ask-don’t-tell/comment-page-1/#comment-1505

Dutch officials enraged at new blunder in climate report

By Don Hank

The global warming myth took another major hit recently.

Here is my partial translation of an article appearing in Volkskrant this morning:

According to the IPCC (International Climate Panel) report of 2007, Holland is 55% under sea level and 65% of the GDP is earned in that area.

The data are wrong, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics [in Holland], which contacted the weekly periodical Vrij Nederland (Free Netherlands). According to the CBS, only one-fifth of the Netherlands lies under sea level and about 19% of GDP is earned there.

“I am very incensed,” says Environment Minister Cramer. “And I will not accept any more errors.” The sea level flap follows earlier revelations that figures on the melting of the glaciers in the Himalayas are wrong and probably based on an informal estimate of the World Wildlife Fund.

The Volkskrant is a Dutch center-left mainstream newspaper. I was unable to find an English language source for this information: