Weapons of Freedom

We are honored to carry another article by Olavo De Carvalho. Laigle’s Forum is the venue of this its English language debut.

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Weapons of Freedom

Olavo de Carvalho

Diário do Comércio (São Paulo, Brazil), December 17, 2009

Translated by Alessandro Cota

The most obvious thing about the analysis of history and society is that when a situation changes considerably, you can no longer describe it with the same concepts as before: in order to account for unheard-of facts, not classifiable under known categories, you have to create new concepts or perfect the old ones through criticism.

With the stage of world government implementation already in full swing, it is pathetic to notice that political analysts, whether in academia or in the media, continue to offer the public analyses based on the old concepts of “national state,” “national power,” “international relations,” “free trade,” “democracy,” “imperialism,” “class struggle,” “ethnic conflicts,” etc.,  when it is clear that none of those bear much relation to the facts of today’s world.

The most basic events of the last fifty years are: first, the rise of the globalist élites, detached from any identifiable national interest and engrossed in the building not only of a world state, but a unified and entirely artificial planetary pseudo-civilization, conceived not as an expression of society, but as an instrument for the control of society by the state; second, the fabulous advancements of the human sciences, which have placed in the hands of those élites means of social domination never dreamed of by tyrants of other times. 

As early as several decades ago, Ludwig Von Bertalanffy (1901-1972), the creator of General Systems Theory, aware that his contribution to science was being used for undue purposes, warned, “It is perhaps the greatest danger of the systems of modern totalitarianism that they are so alarmingly up-to-date not only in physical and biological, but also in psychological technology. The methods of mass suggestion, of the release of the instincts of the human beast, of conditioning and thought control are developed to highest efficacy; just because modern totalitarianism is so terrifically scientific, it makes the absolutism of former periods appear a dilettantish and comparatively harmless makeshift.”

In his 1998 book, L’Empire Écologique: La Subversion de l’Écologie par le Mondialisme (The Ecological Empire: the Subversion of Ecology by Globalism), Pascal Bernardin explained in detail how the General Systems Theory has been used as a basis for the construction of a world totalitarian system, which in the last ten years has definitively gone from blueprint to patent reality — a reality which is clear to all but those who do not want to see. Von Bertalanffy, however, was not referring only to his own theory. He speaks of “methods” in the plural, and ordinary citizens of democracies cannot have any idea of the plethora of scientific resources now at the disposal of the new lords of the world. If von Bertalanffy had to mention names, he would not have omitted Kurt Levin, perhaps the greatest social psychologist of all times, whose Tavistock Institute, in London, was founded by the global élite itself in 1947 for the sole purpose of creating means of social control capable of reconciling the permanence of formal legal democracy with the total domination of the state over society.

Just to give you an idea of how far all this goes, the educational programs of almost all nations of the world — which have been in force for at least twenty years now — are determined by homogeneous rules directly imposed by the United Nations, and calculated not to develop children’s intelligence or conscience, but to make them docile, malleable, morally characterless creatures, ready to adhere enthusiastically and without discussion to any word of command which the global élite may deem useful for its objectives. The means used to achieve this are “non-aversive” control techniques conceived to make their victim not only feel as if he is acting of his own free will when he yields to impositions from authority, but also to develop an immediate reaction of irrational defense to the mere suggestion that he should critically examine the subject in question.

It would be a euphemism to say that mass application of such techniques “bears influence on” public education programs: these techniques are the whole content of current schooling. All disciplines, mathematics and science included, have been reshaped to serve psychological manipulation purposes. Pascal Bernardin himself meticulously described this phenomenon in his 1995 book Machiavel Pédagogue (Machiavelli the Educator). Read it and you will find out why your child cannot solve a quadratic equation or finish a sentence without lapsing into at least three solecisms, even though he comes back from school bossing you around like a people’s commissar, demanding “politically correct” behavior of his parents.     

The quickness with which sudden mutations of mentality — many of which are arbitrary, grotesque, and even absurd — are universally imposed without meeting the least resistance (as though they had emanated from an irrefutable logic and not from despicable Machiavellianism) could be explained by the simple school brainwashing that prepares children to accept new fashions as divine commands.

But obviously, school is not the only agency engrossed in producing such results. Big media, now massively concentrated in the hands of globalist mega-corporations, play a fundamental role in dumbing down the masses. In order to achieve this, one of the most widely employed techniques nowadays is cognitive dissonance, a discovery made by psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-1989). This is how it works. If you read today’s newspapers, you will see that Tiger Woods, the golf champion, one of our most beloved citizens of late, is now under heavy attack by newspapers and TV news shows because the poor man has been found to have mistresses. Scandal! Horror! General indignation threatens to drop half of the adulterer’s sponsorship deals and strike him off of the list of the “beautiful people” who appear on advertisements for sneakers, bubble gums, and miracle diets. But there is a telltale detail: aside from the protests against the sportsman’s immorality, there are fierce attacks on “right-wing extremists” who do not accept abortion, gay marriage, or the inducing of children to premature sexual delight. The two moral codes, mutually contradictory, are simultaneously offered as equally obliging and sacrosanct. Excited and impelled to all kinds of sexual debaucheries, while at the same time threatened with character assassination in case he may practice them even to a modest degree, the anguished citizen reacts through a kind of intellectual breakdown, becoming a servile fool who no longer knows how to orient himself and who begs for a voice of command. The command can be empty and meaningless, as for example “Change!,” but when it is uttered, it always sounds like a relief. 

Blaming scientists for this state of affairs is as idiotic as pinning the blame for murders on weapons. Men like von Bertalanffy, Levin, and Festinger created instruments that can serve both the building up of tyranny and the reconquest of freedom. It is we who have the obligation of taking those weapons out of the hands of their monopolistic owners and learning to use them for the opposite purpose, freeing our spirit instead of allowing it to be enslaved.

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The attacks aren’t because Palin is pro-life

Sarah Palin is possibly the most controversial politician in America. She is condemned by the Left for reasons no one can explain satisfactorily. For one thing, they condemned her for having too little executive experience and ignored the fact that she was a state governor and that Obama had zero executive experience. It was truly baffling and a perfect example of leftwing blindness.

Janet Morana, President of Priests for Life, has a theory that I thought was interesting enough to post here.

On the other hand, many conservatives regard Sarah with some suspicion or at least reservation, in part because of her nebulous views on illegal immigration and her recent Supreme Court pick in Alaska. Many are not really sure who she is, and so many feel burned by GW Bush that we are not quite – or nearly — as naïve as we once were (I include myself in that category).

There is a chance that we may be looking at presidential candidate Palin, so this might be as good a place as any to discuss the pros and cons of a Palin presidency.

I solicit your views on this topic. If you are passionately pro-Sarah, please tell us so and why – particularly because we now already have 2 negative comments and you will want to help even the score. If you have reservations, also please tell us so and why, for the same reason.

You can further influence our discussion by alerting your like-minded friends and having them post their thoughts.

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Thank you so much for your participation! It is important.

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The Attacks Aren’t Because Palin Is Pro-Life…..

by Janet Morana

It’s been over a year since the election of 2008 and yet Sarah Palin
cannot show up in the news without a barrage of vicious attacks from the
media. Although she is no longer a candidate for vice president, the
vitriol continues to spew over the release of her book, “Going Rogue: An
American Life.”  Many think the anti-Sarah sentiment stems from her solid
pro-life position but I would like to explore reasons that go way beyond
her feelings about abortion.

As you look back in history to the late 1960s and 1970s,  you see a wave
of feminist ideals being sold to women, including the notion that they
needed to delay motherhood to get ahead in their careers. Many women bought
into this belief that giving birth and career advancement didn’t mix. So
what happened?

Many women chose the birth control route, delaying marriage and childbirth
well into their thirties and even forties.  Their biological clocks ticked
away and they sacrificed the most fertile time in their lives for career
advancement and what they thought would be true happiness.

Some, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy they believed would interfere
with their careers, chose the abortion route.  They sacrificed the life of
their unborn child for their own personal career advancement.  Now enter
Sarah Palin, a woman with a husband, children and a high-profile career.
Yes, this hockey Mom went from school board, to mayor, to governor to a
vice presidential candidate! And her own unplanned pregnancy ended not in
the hands of an abortionist, but in the loving embrace of the Palin family.

Now when the women who sacrificed motherhood either by abortion or birth
control look at Sarah, they can’t stand her, even if they can’t explain
why. Because she was able to have a family and a career, they see her as
having the best of both worlds. They see, in this confident,
self-possessed, accomplished woman, surrounded by a loving family,
everything they gave up.

In a nation that has lost more than 50 million children to abortion, we
have millions of women who have these repressed feelings.  Many have
suffered silently from these negative consequences since their abortion.  I
know first-hand about this trauma and I invite anyone still dealing with
the pain, shame and regret of abortion to visit

The next time you hear Sarah being attacked so viciously, consider that it
might be because we are a nation that has been wounded by abortion.

Dec. 2009

Janet Morana
Executive Director, Priests For Life
Co-Founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Priests for Life
PO Box 141172
Staten Island, NY 10314
Phone: 718-980-4400
Toll Free: 1-888-735-3448
Fax: 718-980-6515

Article tip from Laigle’s Forum on illegal immigration: