Monthly Archive: October 2009

Oct 30

sign the Prague declaration and defend freedom

Modern Westerners have been brain-washed into tolerating communism — something most Russians, Poles or Czechs, for example, would never do. Many of the older ones have lived through the murders of up to 20 million. They know what this barbaric system is and freely condemn it. Thus only ignorance makes us tolerant of communism, which killed over 100 million people …

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Oct 19

Klaus says “too late” to stop the train

Klaus caved. Keep signing anyway! By Don Hank I want to thank those who signed the petition. You did the right thing. I think Vaclav Klaus would have held out, but his advisors probably told him “they have all the cards.” Laigle’s Forum received a thank you note from Klaus this weekend for the support we …

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Oct 17

Support Czech president’s resistance to tyranny

Support Czech President Vaclav Klaus’s resistance to tyranny By Don Hank Recently I read an open letter written in support of Vaclav Klaus, the last holdout in Europe against the Lisbon Treaty, a document that seeks to supplant all sovereign nations in Europe in a ploy that is increasingly appearing dictatorial and anti-democratic. To understand why that …

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Oct 16

The EU wants unlimited fines for Christian speech

EU targets Christianity and free speech I have sometimes heard American conservatives say that what happens in other parts of the world is of no consequence to us. They get impatient with those of us who look at what is happening in Europe and say “well, they made their bed. Now they must lie in …

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Oct 13

You can help stop world dictatorship

Help stave off world dictatorship! (from a UK friend) I just now received the urgent letter below from a friend in Britain. The far-left EU leadership illegally (with public funds, in violation of its own law) influenced the Irish to vote for the Lisbon Treaty that gives the EU unprecedented power over the lives of …

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Oct 08

Hayek: Hitler was a socialist

Hayek would call Obama a socialist Before Rene Guerra introduces Hayek’s insightful letter entitled Nazi-Socialism, let me introduce Mr. Guerra. I have had the privilege of introducing some selected works of Olavo De Carvalho to the Anglo-Saxon world. De Carvalho and Guerra are both Latin Americans and students of Marxism, including theory, practice, psychology, philosophy …

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Oct 03

Christians Are Not to be Malthusians

This is an excerpt of an article that Laigle’s Forum staff writer, Anthony Horvath, had published at last week.

Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Thomas Robert Malthus would have disagreed. The philosophical forerunner to Darwin, Malthus argued that there are limited resources, and competition for them is intense. When there are too many people competing for those resources, you have war, famine and a continual threat to civilization itself.

For Malthus, the pie is only so big: We must reduce the number of people who want a share of it.

Christianity embodies another solution: Make a bigger pie.

In Christianity, God takes a few loaves and feeds thousands with them. Entrance to heaven is not contingent on space available. Jesus came that we would have life, and life to the fullest. Not just for some, but all.

None of what follows is an argument for Christian indifference to the plight of other people. However, Christians should not advocate “solutions” that repress human liberty, dignity and freedom. For some reason, all of the Malthusian’s solutions do just that.

Oct 03

Pharma-fascism rears its head

There is just so very much that can be said on this topic that it leaves me frustrated.  Let’s see: a representative of GlaxoSmithKline reportedly said, after its initial human test on 130 volunteers, “we have no information regarding untoward events related to this ongoing clinical trial.” I personally have translated dozens of reports on clinical …

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