sign the Prague declaration and defend freedom

Modern Westerners have been brain-washed into tolerating communism — something most Russians, Poles or Czechs, for example, would never do. Many of the older ones have lived through the murders of up to 20 million. They know what this barbaric system is and freely condemn it.

Thus only ignorance makes us tolerant of communism, which killed over 100 million people (not to mention the unborn) to Hitler’s 6 million.

Yet, despite the heavy loss of life and freedom, a history lesson etched in the hearts of all who witnessed it first hand, in the US today, anyone identified as anti-communist risks being labeled a McCarthyite nut. We’re clearly supposed to trivialize communism to get along. In Germany, you can even go to jail and face a heavy fine for saying in public that the communists killed more people than Hitler, because that is considered by some judges to be “trivializing the holocaust.” Obviously, the German government got it backwards. It is no exaggeration to say that the worst holocaust of the 20th century by far happened in Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China (up to 70 million dead), Pol Pot’s Cambodia (about one-third of the population killed) and other communist countries, and is still happening in Kim Jong Il’s North Korea.

Despite the facts of history, it is a risky thing to stand up in the Western world and denounce communism because the Left has infiltrated our education system, entertainment world, media, universities and almost every facet of our lives. The fact is, by denouncing communism, we are practically denouncing most Western governments, which practice wealth distribution, and that makes the elite ruling class very nervous.

Yet if we don’t denounce communism for what it is, we will lose our freedoms, the way the Germans did.

So please sign this petition to defend what is left of freedom:

And never be intimidated into being quiet.

Dare to say it now out loud: Communism is an evil system and I reject it.

And finally, remember that the initiators of the system called it by its near-synonym: socialism. Neither is a good system for a free people.

Klaus says “too late” to stop the train

Klaus caved. Keep signing anyway!

By Don Hank

I want to thank those who signed the petition. You did the right thing. I think Vaclav Klaus would have held out, but his advisors probably told him “they have all the cards.”

Laigle’s Forum received a thank you note from Klaus this weekend for the support we gave him, and I don’t think it is naïve to say he meant it. Others who emailed or wrote him reported that he had also thanked them personally.

He was beaten down. But his reasons for opposing Lisbon were not the right ones. He was concerned about the Sudetenland, which is a WW II issue. Not that the issue is or ever was settled, but the point is, the salient issue of the EU was simply the dictatorial nature of the beast. It was not a Czech issue. It forces all national governments to bend to its will in matters of conscience, for example, by introducing the notion of “hate” into law, where it has no business being. Hate is a private matter and must be resolved on the private level. If it can’t be resolved, then that is still not a matter for the State.

The EU will decay and fail for lack of moral authority, but before it does, it will drag down nations that could have been perfectly good with a little free debate and a grain of faith.

But free debate will be banned. For the foreseeable future.

The 1000 years of darkness Ronald Reagan spoke of is in the works.

From a human standpoint, there is one last chance: a truly conservative party could be elected in the UK and demand another referendum there. It is likely that, should this happen, the people there would reject Lisbon or whatever they would be calling the treaty by then.

For this reason, I am asking: Please continue to sign the petition, even though Vaclav Klaus is no longer the subject. The petition started averaging about 1,000 signatures a day after Laigle’s Forum got involved.

Klaus knew that if he could have held out, there was this chance of the UK being encouraged to leave the EU. You and I know that there still is this chance because most of us are people of faith.

But the UK must be a moral force before it is a political force. If the people there continue to reject God and His mandates, and allow Islam and/or humanism to supplant Him, then nothing they do or say will save them because a rigid, near-totalitarian socialism is then the only option and that does not work, never has. They can march, they can organize, they can protest, they can sue, they can petition. It won’t do a bit of good. A spiritual revival and a humble, praying populace is the real hope of that nation and all others.

I appeal to Mr. Klaus to look to his only Hope as well. Please pray for him to find the way, the truth and the life. Sign the petition and alert your friends to it, prayerfully, as a show of faith.

And one more thing: If you decide to pray in love for Mr. Klaus, let him know this by sending him a brief email to his various offices.

The following is my email in response to his signing of the treaty:

Dear President Klaus,

I recently devoted a few days of my time to urging people to sign a petition encouraging you not to sign the treacherous Lisbon document. I did so because I believe you are one in a million. You are different from the others. I know you did not want to sign and felt pressured. I am not upset or angry at you for doing this, particularly since many Europeans had warned me that you probably would. I know you did it because you are thinking and acting in your own power, having been educated as a European humanist.

However, as you can see, the fruits of humanism inevitably end in slavery to the many by the few. This is because of a principle enunciated in the Bible: There is a way that seems right to men but the end thereof are the ways of death. This principle has led, for example, to over 100 million deaths of the unborn in the world, to the worship of “sexual orientations” that bring disease and unhappiness to millions, and to laws that “protect” people from information that could show them how to stay healthy in mind and body by avoiding these; laws that “protect” non-Christians but fill European cities with angry mobs, countless welfare cases, a surge in rape and prostitution, which threaten your safety, while making Christian speech all but illegal. Don’t you see life being supplanted by death here? It is as plain as the nose on your face. Yet you have ignored this totalitarian aspect of the EU while harping on the Sedetenland, as if the treatment of Czech Germans were the salient evil of the day. This issue is so terribly irrelevant to the rest of Europe! You should have stood up for honest hardworking traditional Europeans who love their homelands and their God, but you were blind to their pain and suffering.

Therefore, I invite you to think on a higher level from now on. Believe it or not, God loves you and wants to use you for His glory.

Freedom comes from within our hearts, not from powerful politicians, laws or treaties.  Therefore, please focus on making Europe free, with or without the EU, not as the President of the Czech Republic but as a redeemed human being, because that is so much, so much more. Repentance is the first step. Redemption is the next. The rest are automatic. For further instructions, see the Holy Bible.

God bless you and keep you!

Don Hank;;;;;;;;;

Don Hank

‘Too late’ to stop Lisbon Treaty, concedes last EU leader left to sign

By Daily Mail Reporter

Czech president Vaclav Klaus said he could not block the EU treaty

The only EU leader who has not yet signed the Lisbon reform treaty has conceded he will not be able to derail it.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus’s admission has paved the way for the document to become law.

The treaty has already been signed by the leaders of the other 26 EU states but had been put in doubt by Mr Klaus’s last-minute objection over World War Two property claims.

Some had speculated he wanted to delay signing until after a general election in Britain, in the hope the Conservatives would be victorious and call a referendum.

Mr Klaus said: ‘I will not and cannot wait for the British election. They would have to hold it in the coming days or weeks.’

He had demanded an opt-out to shield his country from property claims by Germans expelled after the war.

The new hurdle raised concern it could require new talks and another agreement by all EU members, threatening to undo years of diplomatic work to create an acceptable treaty.

But eurosceptic Mr Klaus, an admirer of Margaret Thatcher, told newspaper Lidove Noviny that despite his opposition to the charter, it had gone too far for him to stop it.

He said: ‘I do not consider the Lisbon Treaty to be a good thing for Europe, for the freedom of Europe, or for the Czech Republic.

‘However, the train has already travelled so fast and so far that I guess it will not be possible to stop it or turn it around, however much we would wish to.’

Read more:

Support Czech president’s resistance to tyranny

Support Czech President Vaclav Klaus’s resistance to tyranny

By Don Hank

Recently I read an open letter written in support of Vaclav Klaus, the last holdout in Europe against the Lisbon Treaty, a document that seeks to supplant all sovereign nations in Europe in a ploy that is increasingly appearing dictatorial and anti-democratic. To understand why that is, I recommend in particular the following article showing how the EU is seeking to ban Christian speech:

I am asking my readers to likewise please send their own emails thanking President Vaclav Klaus for his principled stand against the anti-democratic elites and asking him to stand firm and refuse to sign the Lisbon Treaty.

My letter to President Vaclav Klaus:

Greetings President Klaus,

I belong to several groups that support your resistance to the Lisbon Treaty. These are groups with rapidly growing memberships primarily in the US, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Perhaps you are already aware that there is a new web site dedicated to supporting your principled stand:

I am very happy to say that the signatures are being added at the rate of over 1,000 per day.

Our reasons for supporting this resistance come down to our belief that the EU is controlled from the top down and not from the bottom up — by the elites and not by the peoples of Europe.

Thus we are convinced that it is in no way democratic, to say the least.

Some articles supporting this contention are linked below: and

Today I just received an email from a German group that also supports your efforts. They have published an open letter to you at their site (in German):

Mr. President, it is no exaggeration to say that you are perhaps the only hope left for a free Europe. We are asking you and praying earnestly that you will continue to do not what is politically expedient at the moment but what you know in your heart is right, resisting the currents of trendy but simplistic and misguided political ideology, just as you have done in the past.

Those of us who recall 20th Century history know that the Czechs proudly resisted totalitarianism for decades under the most difficult possible conditions, out of a noble sense of loyalty to their country and countrymen. We also know and admire a famous Czech writer whose works gave rise to the world “kafkaesque,” a word that, sadly, applies to much of what Europeans now are experiencing in their daily lives, deprived of freedom of speech, thought and action thanks to EU directives translated into laws that violate their own national constitutions (see the second link above).

We believe that your people have learned through trials and tribulations the lessons of history that many comfortable Westerners, including political activists, have yet to learn, and that you have the wisdom to recognize, and the strength to resist, totalitarianism in whatever form it may appear.

Your justification in opposing this treaty is disarmingly simple, namely, that Czechia was founded as a sovereign state under a national Constitution that was written by the elected officials of a sovereign national government and that you were elected as the leader of this sovereign nation. Your Constitution therefore cannot be superseded by any foreign power without violating the will of the Czech people as expressed in their constitution. Inasmuch as the EU government seeks to override this Constitution, the EU Constitution cannot be considered valid in Czechia and must not be signed by you as the leader of a sovereign country.

May God bless you and your country.

Don Hank

Your suggested brief email:

Greetings President Klaus,

I am asking you to maintain your firm stand against the anti-democratic Lisbon treaty that seeks to override the laws of your sovereign nation.


[your name]

Here are the various contacts for the Office of the President in the Czech Republic, and below these are their 9 addresses ready for you to quickly paste into your browser when you send your letter to President Vaclav Klaus:

Dr. Jiri Weigl, Chancellor or the Office of the President

Dr. Petr Hayek, Deputy Head of the Office of the President (communication and culture)

Petr Muzak, Deputy Head of the Office of the President for Economics and Organization

Jindirch Forejt, Protocol

Zuzana Rycova, Secretariat of the Office of the President

Radim ochvat, Press

Ladislav Mravec, Foreign Affairs

Dr. Dana Rimanova, Legal Department (constitutional law)

Radim Bures, Security Department

Libuse Schmidova, Secretariat of the Wife of the President

Ready to paste into your browser:;;;;;;;;;


These addresses are also shown at the official web site of President Klaus:

The EU wants unlimited fines for Christian speech

EU targets Christianity and free speech

I have sometimes heard American conservatives say that what happens in other parts of the world is of no consequence to us. They get impatient with those of us who look at what is happening in Europe and say “well, they made their bed. Now they must lie in it.”

While it is true that our founders spoke against “entangling alliances” and we should have avoided such a long time ago, the fact remains that the US and Europe are virtually joined at the hip thanks to the alliances our past leaders have established. And thanks in no small part to the blindness of voters in the last presidential election.

Thus we see the European Union poised to destroy Christian speech in what appears to be an imitation of the ACLU this side of the Atlantic. But it is not. Though no monolith, the Left eyes the same ends everywhere. The Fabian Socialists in the UK (Tony Blair was a prominent one) and the Frankfurt School from Germany (now firmly implanted in the US) have the same end: eradicate our culture and replace it with a leftist one in which a self-elected Big Brother decides what we may and may not say and do.

Why should I care what happens in Europe, you say?

The EU is using the same tactics to achieve its ends and has the same goals as our Left. That goal is a one-world leftist government.

Therefore, what happens in Europe will happen here if it has not already, so at the very least, it is a barometer. But worse, the EU is already extending its tentacles to other places. There have been proposals within the EU to widen its reach to Africa and the Middle East. Turkish membership is already being discussed.

And German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries has already called for German control of the internet and the adoption of the German legal system throughout the world. In case you didn’t know, German courts and legislators have all but banned home schooling and have banned “hate” speech on the internet and in public. A pastor was jailed there for preaching an anti-abortion sermon. Frau Zypries has said she wants us to follow suit. Sweden seems to be perfectly  willing.

Anyone daring to say current politicians in Germany are like nazis is violating the law prohibiting the “trivializing of the holocaust.” So if you think the nazilike politicians are nazilike, better keep it to yourself. (I won’t travel to Germany and I believe a travel boycott is warranted. Maybe that is a subject for another post).

At some point, American leftists will make a bid for one-world government, something that US presidents of both parties, now including Obama, and the EU, the UN and the IMF have been quietly working toward for years, including a worldwide currency to replace the dollar.

The Obama government has said it does not want a good crisis to go to waste. Clearly, both parties, which have long been in the hands of one-world advocates (most presidents have been Council on Foreign Relations members, who are indoctrinated to believe that a one-world government is inevitable and desirable for world peace), and the goal will be the same as in the EU.

The EU started out as an economic entity too, supposedly concerned only with creating a giant market place where goods could travel freely, unfettered by trade barriers.

But from the very outset, this economic focus was only part of a bait and switch scheme. The bait is now gone and the switch is in place. The EU now is telling courts and legislatures all over Europe what they can and must do, and as you will read below, the results are a bit on the totalitarian side. This brings us to another implication for the US: beware multinational efforts like NAFTA.

Ireland was a holdout for years, having voted No in a referendum. But the EU insiders pretended to make a few changes to mollify the Irish and called for a new referendum so that the Irish could vote Yes on the supposedly“new”Lisbon Treaty concerning a EU constitution. But the Irish were duped. The “changes” were minimal to non-existent, but the actual document – though hyped by the elite — was more inaccessible to voters than the Health Care bill was to the US public.

And did you notice something?: If Ireland got to vote twice, shouldn’t the other member nations get that opportunity?

Of course. The fact that they don’t is clear evidence that this is pure snake oil.

There is nothing even remotely democratic about having nay voters vote again and again until the elites get the result they want but not allowing yea voters to do the same. Further, groups in the UK and Germany are saying it was illegal. The EU apparently illegally invested public monies from the member states in promoting the Yes vote in Ireland. And Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the EU Commission, also went to Ireland on the tax payers’ dime, in violation of the EU’s own rules. This was supposed to be an internal affair but the unsuspecting Irish were dragged into it by a foreign power.

The only holdout today is Czech President Vaclav Klaus, one of the most brilliant men in Europe, who sees through the hype but is being pressured by the EU and member countries to sign the Lisbon treaty.

All of the above-described shenanigans reflect the way Obamacare is being rammed down our throats.

What does the EU teach us?

I think the main lesson is that the Fabian socialists are winning the world through stealth. They are, de facto, achieving their ends of world domination by “democratic” means. How did they do it? The churches went along, the Vatican went along, the “conservative” politicians went along, and now they are dragging the people along behind them. And many of the people are still under the delusion that this is all to their benefit. But a growing number smell a rat.

And note something curious:
While the EU, like American Democrats and RINOs, are using the “gay” issues like gay marriage, and immigrants of the Muslim faith to gin up sympathy for “victim” groups and thereby develop an artificial pretext for their anti-Christian schemes,
ironically, Russia, once the bastion of the Left, is not having any of this and hardly goes along with any of the EU’s schemes.

A few years back, the mayor of Moscow banned a proposed “gay” parade and made a few arrests when a few hardy souls decided to stage it anyway.

And about a year ago, the Russian Orthodox Prelate made a speech before the EU and told them that Europe lacks morality. He also complained to EU Commission President Barroso of Christian persecution in Europe.

If the mad rush to self destruction can’t be stopped from within, our traditional enemy may become an ally at some point and may become the last holdout for traditional Christianity.

And the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Don Hank

The EU wants unlimited fines for Christian speech

By Graham Wood

I am writing today in regard to the latest example of proposed legislation, which can only be described as horrific, which will be coming forward.   Needless to say it is an EU “directive”.

What is a directive?

A directive emanating from the EU must pass into legislation in an EU member state, although there is some freedom to adapt to national culture and circumstances. Note, however, that such is the sheer scale of EU legislation, not to mention its complexity of language (bureaucratic legalese) that the vast amount is not even known about by our MPs [Members of Parliament], let alone finding time or opportunity to debate in our House of Commons. 
When you read this you will know just how far we have travelled down the road to totalitarianism, and a return to the crudities of religious (Christian) persecution associated with former times (the absolutism of the Stuart Kings and the notorious Star Chamber).  It is proposed (I quote from a small Christian newspaper):

“The provisions are simply appalling, so appalling that most people will not believe what we say until it is too late.  The aim seems to be the destruction of our Christian culture and the removal of any right for free speech on Christian matters.
Of course, it affects other religions, but somehow we doubt whether Moslems and atheists will get the same rough treatment [GW: You bet they won’t – it’s aimed at Christians – and in reality through them, an expression of hatred towards the Saviour].
Basically, if in the province of any service, that is, any public gathering or building or employment terms, you say or do something that another person claims to be offended by, then it is up to you, not the offended party (complainant), to prove that they are not offended.  Should you fail to prove this negative to the court’s satisfaction you are liable to pay compensation to which no upper limit is fixed!
All sorts of people can be affected, not just hoteliers, landlords, (almost anyone involved in a public ‘service’), and it could include publishing houses, schools,universities, preachers, doctors, lawyers, and almost any aspect of media transmission.
According to the Christian Institute: “The proposals explanatory notes make it clear that churches will be forced to consider practising homosexuals for youth worker posts, and similar roles if these become law.”

But the implications are far wider than this one example — for the proposals are so loose and vague in definition that it could be a ‘catch all’ for almost anything whereby somebody could claim to be “offended”  
This is dangerous in and of itself as you will know, but it has other severe possible repercussions, for it reverses the historic principle of the presumption of innocence until proved guilty, would be a draconian inhibition of free speech and expression, and freedom of association.
(All in theory protected under our own Constitution and Bill of Rights and later Human Rights Act with which they come into conflict)
Let me give you an example of this heinous “law” in action.

Under existing “Equality” law:
A Christian couple, owners of a small hotel in the UK, had an open discussion in their own premises, a private conversation, with a Muslim guest. The discussion ranged over Mohammed, the person of Christ etc.  The guest left the hotel and later “reported” the conversation to the police, and they in turn charged the couple with a crime (not yet known) because they defended their faith and criticised Islam).
It is extremely unlikely that the charge will be continued or the couple taken to court, but of course the damage has been done. It is the intimidating nature of these laws that will “chill” free speech in almost any context.
Why “unlimited fines,” reserved usually for serious crimes such as robbery, violence, etc? Clearly there is a harsh vindictive determination on the part of the EU and our government to crush any Christian witness in the public square.  (Acts 4 comes to mind “Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God – judge ye….”).
Two fine Christian organisations in the UK work tirelessly to defend such cases as above – The Christian Institute, and Christian Concern for the Nation. Both need our prayers and support.
It is no exaggeration to say, as CCFON states, that “This is a recipe for cultural genocide”



President Klaus has since caved in to enormous pressure and signed. But my readers are mostly people of faith, and there is still hope that the UK will vote out the current rascals and vote in a new more euroskeptic (anti-EU) government in the spring. Please, therefore, sign the petition to show that ordinary people aren’t buying into dictatorship without a fight.

You can help stop world dictatorship

Help stave off world dictatorship! (from a UK friend)

I just now received the urgent letter below from a friend in Britain.

The far-left EU leadership illegally (with public funds, in violation of its own law) influenced the Irish to vote for the Lisbon Treaty that gives the EU unprecedented power over the lives of Europe’s peoples and nations – which as a result, will become practically powerless.

All that stands between Europe and full dictatorship now is the Czech president Vaclav Klaus, a real folk hero who is boldly standing up against the Left in many areas. (He is the only scientist among the European top leadership and he has boldly proclaimed that man made “global warming” is a hoax).

If Europe falls, that is one major milestone on the way to world government. The rich and powerful bankers and elitist politicians of the world will be one step closer to owning us all. Icann, the Internet oversight group, has already shifted from the more easy-going US into the hands of Europeans, many of whom are satisfied with an increasing degree of censorship for the sake of “security.” Our freedom of speech is at stake (according to one report, there are an estimated 20,000 Germans sitting in jail right now for exercising “illegal” freedom of speech).

The more power the Center acquires in this diabolical power grab, the less power the American people and others will have. On top of all this, the EU is reaching out to Africa and the Middle East, so it is European in name only. They want it all and we are within their grasp!

You need to let them know they can’t have us!

Here is another chance to act, and pray.

God bless,

Don Hank

(PS: You don’t have to name your country of origin. It is optional).


Hi Don. 

I’m asking for your help.  I’m sure you will be aware that the Irish voters have been tricked into voting ‘Yes’ to the Lisbon Treaty in their 2nd referendum.
All that stands in the way now of this tyrannical Treaty being imposed on all the peoples of Europe (27 member states of EU), is the principled stand of Vaclav Klaus.  He is a true patriot, fiercely democratic, and a trenchant opponent of this treaty.   At present he refuses to sign the Lisbon document, and has legal grounds for challenging it, and asking for amendments.  The pressures on him by the EU establishment are enormous.
Meanwhile peoples right across the member states are beginning to oppose the evil EU claims to total hegemony over their nations and lives, and are signing a pan-European petition.  It has only been going for about 10 days and is logging up about 100 signatures or so per hour.
Some from the USA have signed as they understand the crucial importance of stopping the EU’s takeover. 
The potential is huge, and could over the next few weeks reach many thousands of signatories, maybe eventually over the months something near a million. 
Can you have a look at the petition link, and if possible publicise  it  to your readership?  It would be great if many thousands of Americans could give their support in a common cause for freedom and democracy.
Do you know of other contacts/sites who could also be contacted to this end please? The link is: 
Most grateful for any help on this
Graham Wood

contact the author:

Mr. Wood may be sending us more information on EU policies, for example, on the Equality Act or the like, which in fact sets the stage for persecution of Christians.

Please contact Graham (or Don Hank: and watch for further posts on this subject if you are interested.

Hayek: Hitler was a socialist

Hayek would call Obama a socialist

Before Rene Guerra introduces Hayek’s insightful letter entitled Nazi-Socialism, let me introduce Mr. Guerra.

I have had the privilege of introducing some selected works of Olavo De Carvalho to the Anglo-Saxon world. De Carvalho and Guerra are both Latin Americans and students of Marxism, including theory, practice, psychology, philosophy and history of the movement. They are very well versed in all aspects and deserve our respect and gratitude for their contribution to our understanding.

Both know that Obama is a socialist, as do many Americans by this time. However, they understand better than most of us what to expect of socialists (who currently hide behind the label “progressives”) and why we should not trust the members of the far left, which has been operating on the principle of stealth since the Fabians came up with the idea of a peaceful takeover of the world back in the late 1800s (hardly anyone has noticed since then, and many Republicans still don’t, fatally ignoring the importance of this, believing that these people are marginal when in fact they have successfully infiltrated all major institutions, including education, the media, the universities, big business, Wall Street, etc, and dominate most). Due to the nature of the Left, it is and can only be, the enemy of the human race. It cannot be our ally, it cannot be persuaded to accept our traditional or Christian ways, and no compromise between a free system and a Marxist system can be tolerated (because they work like a ratchet gear, never relinquishing any power once it is gained) – at variance with what we are told by RINOs like John McCain and John Boehner, for example, who are the last people we should be looking to for leadership.

Don Hank


Some Say Obama’s “CHANGE” Is Not Socialism, But Fascism…“Not Me,” F.A. Hayek Would Say!
F. A. Hayek (1899 – 1991), Austrian by birth, British by naturalization. Economist and polymath. Gravitas mentor of the Austrian School of economics. Advocate of classical economic liberalism (i.e., free-entrepreneurism) and free-market capitalism. 1974 Nobel Prize in Economics. 1991 U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom. He also wrote The Road to Serfdom, a book that every concerned American should read, particularly now, when Obama is wrecking America.

INTRODUCTION      Rene Guerra         September 21, 2009

Fed up with pundits playing hopscotch all over the political spectrum of authoritarianism and totalitarianism in an attempt to identify the system that –with Obama and the Democrats at the vanguard — undemocratic, collectivist, anti-free-enterprise forces are attempting to impose on America? I am revisiting a memo that Austrian free-entrepreneurism economist and Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek wrote to the head of the London School of Economics, William Henry Beveridge, the Fabian socialist who would become the father of the welfare state and nationalized health care system of post WW II Great Britain.

Hayek wrote his memo Nazi-Socialism to Beveridge in the spring of 1933, when Fascism and its Nazi manifestation were in their puberty, less than two decades after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Hayek had been an eyewitness to the birth and growth of Nazism in Germany.

Rush Limbaugh has been at the forefront of those stating that what Obama is inflicting on America is not Socialism, but Fascism, without realizing that Fascism — Nazism in Germany, Fascism proper in Italy, and Falangism in Spain — is nothing but socialism behind another façade.

Fascism and Socialism are both siblings, or at worst, first cousins, though dysfunctional ones. That’s all. That’s Hayek’s main message in Nazi-Socialism. He also points out the wishful thinking of some — and the dallying with socialistoid ideas by others — in the German big-business strata of the time, who went along with Nazism and Hitler. The same thing is happening in America, with some representatives of “big-business” going along with Obama’s “CHANGE.”

Orthodox Marxists, Marxist-Leninists (aka Bolsheviks), Western Marxists, Fabians and others ganged up on Fascism — as they did on Trotskyism — for they saw in it a fierce competitor for the same place at the dinner table of socialism.
The caveat must be made here that Fabians stop at Socialism, although many maintain that Fabians do so maliciously, serving as a not-so-reluctant stepping stone to communism.

The Fascists in Italy under Benito Mussolini, and the Nazis under Adolph Hitler in Germany resorted to a transitory symbiotic relationship with the corporative strata of each of the two countries. State capitalism, corporate socialism or corporatism were once named ambiguously by fascists. It was Mussolini who embraced the system the most wholeheartedly. Hitler flirted with it for a few years. The Falangists disliked it.

Hitler was a messianic ideologue with specific goals of territorial expansion, as outlined in Mein Kampf. Mussolini was rather a populist megalomaniac who engendered among the Italian people, and then exploited, a nationalistic sort of nostalgia for the glories and grandeurs of Imperial Rome. They needed time and allies to consolidate power; hence their temporary symbiotic alliance with the corporate strata, the one to build the Third Reich, the other, to re-build Imperial Rome, both under Fascism.

Fascism created the impression of being materially more efficient (i.e., output/input) than Marxism-Leninism in terms of running and ruling societies. Hence also the fury that the rest of the Left unleashed against Fascism.

Obama may be resorting to fascistoid temporary measures, but socialism is definitively his objective, and if he can muster it, probably communism.

Others are opening their eyes to the threat that Obama poses to the world. In Central America, the Panamanians elected a conservative president, businessman Ricardo Martinelli. In Europe, the Germans are opening their eyes and giving continually increasing support to the pro-free-enterprise Free Democratic Party (FDP). This latter development is of a great importance, for Germany is now setting the political-economic tone in Western Europe. Read it for yourself.

Now for Hayek’s memo:

Now for Hayek’s memo:


 By Friedrich August von Hayek              Spring 1933

Hoover Institution, F. A. Hayek Papers, Box/Folder 105 : 10.

Incomprehensible as the recent events in Germany must seem to anyone who has known that country chiefly in the democratic post-war years, any attempt fully to understand these developments must treat them as the culmination of tendencies which date back to a period long before the Great War.  Nothing could be more superficial than to consider the forces which dominate the Germany of today as reactionary – in the sense that they want a return to the social and economic order of 1914.  The persecution of the Marxists, and of democrats in general, tends to obscure the fundamental fact that National “Socialism” is a genuine socialist movement, whose leading ideas are the final fruit of the anti-liberal tendencies which have been steadily gaining ground in Germany since the later part of the Bismarckian era, and which led the majority of the German intelligentsia first to “socialism of the chair” and later to Marxism in its social-democratic or communist form.

One of the main reasons why the socialist character of National Socialism has been quite generally unrecognized, is, no doubt, its alliance with the nationalist groups which represent the great industries and the great landowners.  But this merely proves that these groups too -as they have since learnt to their bitter disappointment -have, at least partly, been mistaken as to the nature of the movement.  But only partly because -and this is the most characteristic feature of modern Germany – many capitalists are themselves strongly influenced by socialistic ideas, and have not sufficient belief in capitalism to defend it with a clear conscience.  But, in spite of this, the German entrepreneur class have manifested almost incredible short-sightedness in allying themselves with a move movement of whose strong anti-capitalistic tendencies there should never have been any doubt.

A careful observer must always have been aware that the opposition of the Nazis to the established socialist parties, which gained them the sympathy of the entrepreneur, was only to a very small extend directed against their economic policy.  What the Nazis mainly objected to was their internationalism and all the aspects of their cultural programme which were still influenced by liberal ideas.  But the accusations against the social-democrats and the communists which were most effective in their propaganda were not so much directed against their programme as against their supposed practice -their corruption and nepotism, and even their alleged alliance with “the golden International of Jewish Capitalism.”

It would, indeed, hardly have been possible for the Nationalists to advance fundamental objections to the economic policy of the other socialist parties when their own published programme differed from these only in that its socialism was much cruder and less rational.  The famous 25 points drawn up by Herr Feder,[2] one of Hitler’s early allies, repeatedly endorsed by Hitler and recognized by the by-laws of the National-Socialist party as the immutable basis of all its actions, which together with an extensive commentary is circulating throughout Germany in many hundreds of thousands of copies, is full of ideas resembling those of the early socialists.  But the dominant feature is a fierce hatred of anything capitalistic -individualistic profit seeking, large scale enterprise, banks, joint-stock companies, department stores, “international finance and loan capital,” the system of “interest slavery” in general; the abolition of these is described as the “[indecipherable] of the programme, around which everything else turns.”  It was to this programme that the masses of the German people, who were already completely under the influence of collectivist ideas, responded so enthusiastically.

That this violent anti-capitalistic attack is genuine – and not a mere piece of propaganda – becomes as clear from the personal history of the intellectual leaders of the movement as from the general milieu from which it springs.  It is not even denied that man of the young men who today play a prominent part in it have previously been communists or socialists.  And to any observer of the literary tendencies which made the Germans intelligentsia ready to join the ranks of the new party, it must be clear that the common characteristic of all the politically influential writers – in many cases free from definite party affiliations – was their anti-liberal and anti-capitalist trend.  Groups like that formed around the review “Die Tat” have made the phrase “the end of capitalism” an accepted dogma to most young Germans.[3]

That the movement in more anti-liberal than anything else is closely connected with another important aspect of it — the anti -rational, mystical and romantic sentiment, which has been growing for years among the youth of Germany. The protest against “liberal intellectualism”, which was recently so strongly voiced by the students of the University of Berlin, was not an isolated aberration but a true expression of the feeling of great masses of the people.[4] It would be too long a story to go into all the different intellectual sources of the anti-rational tendencies in art and literature which have all converged -often to the amazement and consternation of their originators-in the Nazi movement. But it must be said that here again the main influence which destroyed the belief in the universality and unity of human reason was Marx’s teaching of the class-conditioned nature of our thinking, of the difference between bourgeois and proletarian logic, which needed only to be applied to other social groups such as nation or races to supply the weapon now used against rationalism as such. How completely this Marxian idea has permeated German thought can be seen from the fact that, during the past few years, it has actually been promoted, as “sociology of knowledge”, to the rank of a new branch of learning.[5] It is obvious that, from this intellectual relativism, which denied the existence of truths which could be recognized independently of race, nation, or class, there was only a step to the position which puts sentiment above rational thinking.

That anti-liberalism and anti-rationalism are so intimately bound up with one another is easy to understand, and is, in fact, inevitable. If rule by force by some privileged group is to be justified, its superiority has to be accepted for it cannot be proved. But what is less easily understood – though of immense importance – is the fact illustrated by German and Russian development that the anti-liberalism which, when confined to the economic field, today has the sympathy of almost all the rest of the world, leads inevitably to a reign of universal compulsion, to intolerance and the suppression of intellectual freedom. The inherent logic of collectivism makes it impossible to confine it to a limited sphere. Beyond certain limits, collective action in the interest of all can only be made possible if all can be coerced into accepting as their common interest what those in power take it to be. At that point, coercion must extend to the individuals’ ultimate aims and ideas, and must attempt to bring everyone’s Weltanschauung into line with the ideas of the rulers.

The collectivist and anti-individualistic character of German National Socialism is not much modified by the fact that it is not a proletarian but middle class socialism, and that it is, in consequence, inclined to favour the small artisan and shop keeper and to set the limit up to which it recognizes private property somewhat higher than does communism. In the first instance, it will probably nominally recognise private property in general. But private initiative will probably be hedged about with restrictions on competition so that little freedom will remain. Artisans, shop-keepers and professional men will, in all likelihood, be organized in guilds, like those of the medieval crafts, which will regulate their activities. In the case of the wealthier capitalists, state control and restriction of income will leave little more than the name of property, even while the intention of correcting the undue accumulation of wealth in the hands of individuals has not yet been carried out. Even at the present moment, state commissioners have been put in charge of many important industries and, if the more radical wing of the party has its way, the same is likely to happen in many other cases.[6] At the present time, when the National Socialist party has grown to such an enormous size, and accordingly embraces elements with very divergent views, it is, of course, difficult to say which views on economic policy hold the field, it will mean that the scare of Russian communism has driven German people unaware into something which differs from communism in little but name. Indeed, its more than probable that the real meaning of the German revolution is that the ling dreaded expansion of communism into the heart of Europe has taken place but is not recognised because the fundamental similarity of methods and ideas is hidden behind the difference in the phraseology and the privileged groups. For the present, the German people have reacted against the treatment received from the community of democratic and capitalistic countries by leaving that community.

Nothing, however, would be less justifiable than that the nations of western Europe should look down on the German people because they have fallen victims to which, in this country seems a kind of barbarism. What must be realized is that this only the ultimate and necessary outcome of a process of development in which the other nations have been for a long time steadily following Germany – albeit at a considerable distance. The gradual extensions of the field of state activity, the increase in restrictions on international movements of both men and goods, sympathy with central economic planning and the widespread playing with dictatorship ideas, all tend in this direction. In Germany, where these things had gone furthest, and intellectual reaction, which will now hardly survive, had been definitely under way. The fact that the character of the present movement is so generally misjudged makes it seem likely that the reaction in other countries will speed up, rather than weaken, the operation of these tendencies which lead in the direction in which Germany is now going. So far, there seems little prospect that the reversal of these intellectual tendencies elsewhere will come in time to prevent other countries from following Germany in this last step also.


[1] The memorandum may be found in the Hayek Paper, box 105, folder 10, Hoover Institution Archives. In the original memo quotation marks enclose “Nazi” in the German style, and Socialism was originally spelled “Sozialism” but was corrected – Ed.

[2] Gottfried Feder (1883-1941) was an early economic advisor to Hitler. A fundamental element of his economic teaching was the concept of “interest slavery” and his recommendation that interest be abolished. Once he came to power, Hitler abandoned Feder’s program in order better to attract the support of German industrialists. — Ed.

[3] For more of Die Tat, see chapter 12, note 41. — Ed.

[4] The student protests in Berlin culminated in a boo0burning in the Opernplatz on the night of May 10, 1933. –Ed.

[5] Karl Mannheim was one of the leading proponents of “the sociology of knowledge”. See especially his Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge, trans. Louis Wirth and Edward Shils, a volume in the series The International Library of Psychology, Philosophy, and Scientific Method (New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1936. -Ed.

[6] In the first few months of Nazi rule, self-appointed Nazi party radicals simply marched into certain enterprises and took them over, usually granting themselves and their accomplices large salaries and other perks. Goering and the other Nazi leaders considered these self-styled Komisars dangerous, and by late 1933 had rooted them out. –Ed


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Christians Are Not to be Malthusians

This is an excerpt of an article that Laigle’s Forum staff writer, Anthony Horvath, had published at last week.

Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Thomas Robert Malthus would have disagreed. The philosophical forerunner to Darwin, Malthus argued that there are limited resources, and competition for them is intense.  When there are too many people competing for those resources, you have war, famine and a continual threat to civilization itself.

For Malthus, the pie is only so big: We must reduce the number of people who want a share of it.

Christianity embodies another solution: Make a bigger pie.

In Christianity, God takes a few loaves and feeds thousands with them.  Entrance to heaven is not contingent on space available. Jesus came that we would have life, and life to the fullest. Not just for some, but all.

None of what follows is an argument for Christian indifference to the plight of other people. However, Christians should not advocate “solutions” that repress human liberty, dignity and freedom. For some reason, all of the Malthusian’s solutions do just that.

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Pharma-fascism rears its head

There is just so very much that can be said on this topic that it leaves me frustrated.  Let’s see: a representative of GlaxoSmithKline reportedly said, after its initial human test on 130 volunteers, “we have no information regarding untoward events related to this ongoing clinical trial.”

I personally have translated dozens of reports on clinical trials, and the very first thing you are looking for is untoward events (symptoms of disorders or mutations in the newborns), particularly in the model trials on animals. Vaccines always cause some side effects, ranging from minor ones to death. Either this official is lying or they have not done due diligence.

But why should they care or tell the truth? Kathleen Sebelius, the head of HHS, signed a decree exempting pharma companies of all responsibility — even criminal lack of due diligence — with regard to the new vaccines!

Who is Kathleen Sebelius?

She may be the first head of Health and Human Services not to have a degree or experience in any health field. She is a politician, chosen by a Marxist. I can’t help but think of a scene in the Chinese historical movie “To Live” in which a hospital in Mao Zedong’s China had no doctors, just young political activists trained in Marxist theory and wearing white hospital gowns. A young woman, the protagonist’s daughter, dies in child birth for lack of medical expertise.

If that is not where today’s America is headed, I miss my guess. Unless you do something.


Drug Companies Risking Your Health for Guaranteed Profits

By Don Hank

Much has been said about the H1N1 vaccine, which some compare to vaccines foisted on the public in the 1970s that killed more people than the flu itself. Many comments are certainly hype and the work of doomsayers. So what do we really know?

For starters, we know that NY health workers are being forced to take the sparsely-tested H1N1 vaccine. CBS News published an open letter from health providers warning about the planned forced vaccination, which states in part:

The H1N1 vaccine has been rushed out with minimal testing. Testing was to occur over a three-week period, and in the rush to be the fastest providers of the vaccine, manufacturers were funded for production before that brief period was even concluded.

What are the implications of this?

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And you thought Van Jones was bad?

Take a look at the criminally insane “safe schools” czar Obama named:

The child snatching goes on:

Note the role played by US authorities.