Tax haven USA

Tax Haven USA

By Don Hank

Is Panama a tax haven? Some Democrats think so and oppose a free trade agreement with that nation on that basis. Chief among them is John Kerry, who acquired millions in cash and real estate tax free simply by saying “I do.” There are good reasons to oppose a free trade agreement with Panama that is modelled on NAFTA, not the least of which is that NAFTA-style agreements have at their base more to do with dissolving the national sovereignty of the nations party to the agreements than they do with allowing free and unfettered trade.

Aside from the desireability of a free trade agreement, what should be made of those folks accusing Panama of charging little or no tax on foreign investments and not reporting bank account activity of foreign nationals? To start, it is worth noting that besides the United States, many countries like Germany, the UK, Japan, China and Sweden do not believe Panama is a tax haven. France and Russia have already stopped listing it as such.
Some questions arise:

1–Is it hypocritical for a large rich country that is a known tax haven to accuse a small poor country of being one and to threaten to make it poorer as a punishment?

2–Does a tax haven for the rich have more or less impact than a tax haven for the poor?

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Tony Perkins, tell the truth

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tony Perkins, isn’t it time to come clean regarding your continued support for pro-abort, pro-sodomy Romney?

From: “Conservatives For Truth”
…an ad hoc group including Steven Deace, Gregg Jackson, Dr. Earle Fox, Phil Magnan, and John Haskins (see affiliations below) and others

Ninety-five legal authorities, social conservative leaders, writers and radio hosts and other public persons are listed below. Each affirms here (or has previously affirmed in their own words) some or all of the disturbing content of this letter. Signatures of countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity.

Mr. Perkins, as President of one of the largest Christian pro-family organizations
in the country,The Family Research Council, you have repeatedly ignored former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s far left-wing record publicly claiming to donors that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement” and are featuring him as a speaker this coming weekend at the FRC “Values Voters Summit” in Washington D.C.
How can you reconcile your claim,Mr. Perkins, that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement” with his actual anti-family, anti-life record fully documented here?

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Hitler is alive and well in the Western World

by Don Hank

Dear Reader, I need to come clean: Assuming you have now read the horrible stories about what happened to Christer Johannson ( and Michael Hickman (, I need to say I have been getting a steady stream of such reports as these from Germany since I founded this web site and have published a few here, but quite honestly, I have not been able to report nearly as much of this news about the child abusing authorities in Europe (or the US or Canada either) as I have wanted to. Once I have read too many such accounts depression sets in and I need to pull away.

I can’t tell you how many dozens of these reports I have had from Germany over just the last few months. In one case, a girl committed suicide in the custody of the Jugendamt because she was denied access to her mom. In many cases, as in Michael’s, the children were intelligent, well balanced and doing well in school. They had a bright future ahead of them. And then after being snatched by the “child welfare” (it is a cruel joke to call it that) authorities, they lose all interest in school, their future, themselves. They turn to drugs, alcohol and sex.  In other cases, the JA allowed kids to stay with horribly dangerous parents who eventually killed them — after the JA had received numerous warnings that the kids were at risk.

In most cases, the abducted kids are never allowed to see their parents again, and in many cases, the whole case has exploded over an anonymous letter with no foundation in fact. In a very large percentage of cases, the kids are removed from homeschooling Christian parents who are declared part of a “parallel society.” That is the weirdest thing of all, because the German authorities are a parallel society with almost no relation to the real world at all. They are completely heartless zombies who seem totally incapable of feeling any empathy. Like polilticians, they are only interested in keeping their jobs and getting their paychecks.

Muslims are also targeted for their beliefs.

And then there is a certain percentage of the kids who are taken because they are too bright. I kid you not. Kids with high IQs almost invariably hate German schools because they are incredibly boring, in a politically correct way. For example, in math class, the teacher may give them a problem involving the calculation of the amount of pollution that comes from cars at a given exhaust output per hour or the like. It is not usually useful down-to-earth information that will help the kids cope with everyday life, just a lot of cheap green politics aimed at making people hate humans, human children, child bearing, child rearing, etc.  Kids who are too bright to swallow this garbage are considered anti-social or retarded. The officials can’t face the fact that it is they themselves who are anti-social and possibly underdeveloped mentally.

I finally decided to write something about these child abuses on the part of the authorities when a German lady in exile begged me to. Otherwise I would not have been able to gather up the nerve. It is that painful.

I have never mentioned this but I think now is the time to say it:

I have German Christians, many of them home schoolers, writing me from various points in the globe who have escaped their home country, generally with their children. They either won’t give their whereabouts or they make me promise not to divulge them. Of course, I won’t. Some will not even tell me what country they are in and some are extremely bitter toward the authorities who divested them of all of their humanity. They are everywhere and they are scared! One wants me to encode all messages but I don’t know how.

Others in Germany are just biding their time waiting for their chance to escape.

Some German friends have told of being followed by secret agents abroad. Fantasies? Perhaps, but when we look at what these officials do to children, how can we doubt that they would destroy an adult without remorse?

But I need to say this too: one of my closest friends in the US is a Christian who has 3 boys who were doing well in school too, when the judge gave custody to a mother who had no family values whatsoever. This man could prove that the children were doing well with him. He could prove in court that the mother wasn’t even sending the kids to school. But he was poor and could not afford a lawyer.

So his boys are now paying the price of a corrupt judiciary. Their mom lets them bring their girlfriends home and sleep over. They drink, smoke, do drugs, and one boy is now in a juvenile correction center. He has done petty crimes, has threatened to kill people, has even attacked the father.

Mom has had 3 husbands. Her favorite trick is to wait until hubby goes deer hunting. Then she moves out with the furniture, the kids and moves in with another guy, whom she then marries only to ditch him as well.

The court sees no problem with her.

This story is also typical of those I used to hear all the time as head of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents.

There is not one story that I mentioned about Germany that has not been duplicated in America, land of the free, home of the brave. We are no longer brave or free. We have caved in to PC and a godless cheap relativism.

Don’ t believe it?

Pick any one of these videos and watch:

YouTube – Innocence Destroyed – Part 1 – WARNING: Graphic Content#t=52

YouTube – Innocence Destroyed – Part 2 – WARNING: Graphic Content

YouTube – Innocence Destroyed – Part 3 – WARNING: Graphic Content

Hitler is alive and well, in Germany, in the US, almost everywhere in the West. How did this happen? The short answer: we have forgotten God.

The long answer: we have forgotten God.

Without God there is no answer for any of us. The people have forgotten God, and when this happens, there is nothing but darkness. I have lived long enough to know that. Wherever people reject God, there is misery and hearache. It is plain to see, and yet “intellectuals” often get it backwards: they look at how godless people harm others and then they say God is to blame. But that is nonsense. God gave you a brain and a free will. What you do with these gifts is up to you. If you choose to harm others, then that is your choice and your fault and your sin. You say “but I don’t harm anyone, and yet God gave me a miserable life.” Misery didn’t come from God. It came from the absence of God. Wherever people sin — do harm that is — it is because they have rejected God’s laws. The 100 million murders under communism are irrefutable proof of the existence of God: it’s what happens when you remove Him. If people have not rejected Him, these murders would not have happened. It is really that simple, although the rocket scientist in you may get in the way of your accepting that.

Some of you have complained that the bad guys have taken over our country. Then you turn around and say it’s because of God. If it was the bad guys, then how could it have been God? That doesn’t make sense. You say “what about pedophile priests?” Do you not realize that Jesus predicted false teachers would come in His name? If He warned of them and they came, doesn’t that reinforce your faith?

Jesus said “I am come that ye may have life and that ye may have it more abundantly.” Let’s put aside this foolish playing at life. It is not a game and you can’t make your own rules. God already made them. All you need to do is follow them — straight on  to happiness. That’s how the West was won the first time around and that’s how it will be won again. If you want it back, that’s the only way.

But you need to stop the crying and be a real man.

God bless and good night.

New link: We have added a permalink to the Home School Legal Defense Association ( on the left sidebar under “Friends of Laigle’s Forum.” We urge you to check their site from time to time to update yourselves on the issues surrounding home schooling throughout the world. Our movement for freedom of speech and thought is worldwide and we are happy to say that HSLDA is an important part of it!

Tax Haven USA at JBS:

German Jugendamt unlawfully blocks father’s contact with children

See our prior article on the persecution of home schoolers in Germany:  Also note:

New link: We have added a permalink to the Home School Legal Defense Association ( on the left sidebar under “Friends of Laigle’s Forum.” We urge you to check their site from time to time to update yourselves on the issues surrounding home schooling throughout the world. Our movement for freedom of speech and thought is worldwide and we are happy to say that, along with Laigle’s Forum, HSLDA is a vital part of it!

The unlawful abduction of my children John-Michael and Sebastian Hickman from Durban South Africa to Wilhelmshaven Germany in November 1995

September 12, 2009

by Michael Hickman

On the 29 November 1995 my two children disappeared without my knowledge or permission together with their German born mother from our home in Durban South Africa.

The first knowledge I had of their whereabouts was obtained from a letter written to me in German sent to me from a then unknown German institution known as Jugendamt. The letter demanded child support from me for my children that had been unlawfully abducted from my home a few weeks earlier.

Six months passed and although I had spent thousands of South African Rands on lawyers both in South Africa and Germany I had not been able to gain contact to my children, I therefore finally decided to travel to Germany.

On arrival in Wilhelmshaven Germany I went to the florist shop belonging to my wife’s parents to ask were my children were to be found, there I was greeted with hostility and within minutes two police officers arrived dressed in camouflage uniforms and carrying sub-machine guns. I was promptly arrested for disturbance of the peace. Hours later after paying a considerable amount of bail I was set free, my next stop was the office of the German Jugendamt. Although they knew where my wife and children were and had telephone contact to her they would not assist me in gaining contact to my children neither would they tell me where to find them.

Two weeks later the matter finally went to court and within the first five minutes of the court hearing I realised that my attorney was not representing my interests but those of the German parent and the German Jugendamt so I told him to sit down and keep quiet. At the proceedings the German Jugendamt demanded of the judge that I have no contact to my children whatsoever because I could possibly abduct them and take them back to South Africa. (The fact that my children had been abducted to Germany in contravention of Germany law by the German parent a crime that I later discovered has a maximum sentence of up to five years appeared to not  be taken notice of by the judge, my attorney or the representative of the Jugendamt). I finally after over two hours of debate I was granted the right to see my children on three occasions each time for one hour under the supervision of the Jugendamt.

At that point in time little did I know what supervised contact by the Jugendamt meant until I arrived at the offices of the Jugendamt and was locked into a very small upstairs room and put under guard by two social workers of the Jugendamt. A half hour later my children arrived, the door was opened and they were brought into the room, the door was again firmly locked and in addition guarded from outside as well. During my one hour with my children who were terrified by the experience I was not allowed to speak English to them. At the end of the one hour the door was opened and my children were taken away under guard, I was again locked up with two guards inside and a number outside the door for about half an hour. These actions I later discovered constitute a criminal act in Germany with a sentence of up to ten years in jail. Again my lawyer even after I complained to him was quite happy with the situation he certainly did not advise me of the criminal aspect of what has occurred to both me and my children, he certainly did not advise me to take criminal action against the social workers of the Jugendamt, he was clearly in collusion with them.

After I returned to South Africa I was once again denied all access to my children via the telephone. All further attempts to have contact to them both on visits to Germany and via the telephone were denied on the recommendation of the Jugendamt in Wilhelmshaven.

In November 1999 I again travelled to Germany to attempt to gain access to my children which failed as a result of the recommendations made to the family court by the German Jugendamt in Wilhelmshaven. While in Wilhelmshaven I was approached by the police officer Dieter Has, the third of the meetings with him were held in the offices of the Jugendamt under the supervision of the psychiatrist Renate Terlinden. (I later discovered on gaining access to my Jugendamt file that police inspector Has had been commissioned to carry out the terror tactics against me by Rita Eden-Reske of the Jugendamt) The object of the meetings was clearly to attempt to intimidate me by means of psycho-terror, I was instructed by police officer Dieter Has to return to South Africa never to return to Germany, to abandon all attempts to gain access to my children and to make sure that I send regular child support payments to the Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven for the upkeep of my children. Police inspector Has warned me that if I did not heed his warning that he would personally see to it that if I ever should be unwise enough to return to Germany that I would be arrested on trumped up charges such as the possession of drugs and that I would be sent to jail for a considerable period of time. I reported these facts to my German attorney who did absolutely nothing about the matter. On returning to South Africa I wrote a full report on the matter which I sent to the South African Government representative to International Social Services for her information and action. My report with a covering letter was send to International Social Services in Germany for information and comment.

In April 2000 I travelled without prior announcement together with my mother to Wilhelmshaven, Germany in a further attempt to see my children. The Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven soon got word of my visit and within no time at all I was arrested by the German police on the grounds of insult (Beleidigung). Apparently the social worker of the Jugendamt in charge of my case, Rita Eden-Reske had felt insulted because of my report on the terror tactics used on me by police inspector Has. I believe that it was a further attempt to intimidate me into giving up my campaign to gain access to my children. I was released from custody after having paid a very large amount to bail. I handed over the bail money with the firm understanding that I would only do so provided that I could personally represent my case before court in Germany.

In July 2001 I returned to Germany to participate in a hunger strike at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin together with a group of other foreign parents who were also victims of the German “Regime” in order to bring the international spotlight on the blatant violations of fundamental freedoms and human rights as well as the total denial of both international and local legal rights by the “Regime”. After spending three weeks on hunger strike were where finally received by representatives of the German government and political establishment, we were made many promises, none of which have been fulfilled to this date. While in Germany I attempted to find out what had happed in connection with the charge of insult made against me and when I could expect a hearing only to discover that my trial had been held without me being present, without me having legal representation. I had been found guilty and charged the exact amount as I had paid bail. All attempts to gain a copy of the sentence have failed to date. All requests for an explanation as to how I could be tried in my absence have gone unanswered. In 2006 I applied for and gained a police clearance from Germany, which  stated that I have a clean record all attempts to get a refund on my bail money have also failed.

While in Germany following the hunger strike armed with the assurances given by the German Government and German politicians I once again scheduled a court hearing in Wilhelmshaven in an attempt to gain access to my children. The family court of Wilhelmshaven granted me the right to meet with my children once for three hours once again under the supervision of the Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven. This meeting was to take place one day before my intended return to South Africa.  A few hours before the intended meeting with my children I received a phone call from Rita Eden-Reske of the Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven to inform me that the meeting with my children had been cancelled indefinitely. I immediately cancelled plans to return to South Arica and decided to stay in Germany until I had resolved the issue of contact to my children who had until this time been held virtual hostages in Germany by the Jugendamt in close co-operation with the district court of Wilhelmshaven. In all I remained in Germany three and a half years without gaining official access to my children even although most of the time I lived directly across the road from them. On the odd occasion that my children dared to make contact to me and it was discovered they were subjected to severe punishment such as house arrest for long periods of time without being allowed to view television, Play computer games of have friends visit them. I have been told on good authority that this under strict instructions from the Jugendamt.

As I had long suspected that my German lawyers had been misrepresenting me I took over handling my legal affairs myself. When I finally was give permission to review my family court file I was shocked to see to what extent my lawyers had double crossed me, therefore my advice to any foreigner with similar problems never trust your own german lawyer, only use one if you absolutely have to do so and then keep him on a very short leash.

Once again I took the matter to court this time being self represented, once again I and my children were denied justice, the strategy of the court was forced to alter, and they simply moved the goal posts so that I could not gain justice. When the Family court Judge Martin Staubwasser realised that he could not hold out much longer against my attacks against his denial of justice he drastically altered his tactics. Judge Staubwasser appointed the psychiatrist Dr. Heinz Winterscheid of the state psychiatric hospital Wehnen to do a family psychological assessment of me to determine if I was a fit parent to have access to my children.  As I was very suspicious of the circumstances

surrounding the appointment of Dr Winterscheid and the brief that he had been given him I wrote a letter to the court informing them that I could meet with Dr Winterscheid on certain days and times and that I would be accompanied by a private psychiatrist of my choosing and that further still I would have a cameraman digitally record the entire interviews and put a copy on the family court file. As a result of my letter Judge Martin Staubwasser tried every tactic possible to force me to see Dr Winterscheid without my witnesses and without digitally recording the entire interviews. Finally he ordered that Dr Winterscheid do a psychiatric assessment of me in my absence, which he did. Based on the 15 page psychiatric report done on me in my absence judge Martin  Staubwasser simply went ahead and ordered that I have no access to my

eldest child John-Michael until he was adult and to Sebastian until the end of 2007.

The fiasco of the psychological assessment that was made without the psychiatrist Dr Heinz Winterscheid ever having set eyes on me soon became know to the German psychiatrist Dr Klempel who came to Wilhelmshaven at his own cost to meet me and to make an independent psychiatric assessment of me. In his 64 page assessment of me he very clearly states that he found no psychiatric abnormalities and could furthermore find no reason whatsoever why I should not have access to my children.

Armed with the psychiatric assessment made by Dr Klempel I again made representation to the family court of Wilhelmshaven in November 2004. Up till today the 11.09.2009 I have not been able to get this matter on the agenda. No doubt it is just too hot for Judge Staubwasser to handle.

In this particular case here has very clearly been a blatant example of criminal collusion between Dr Uwe Biester the lawyer representing the children’s mother, the family court judge Martin Staubwasser and the psychiatrist Dr Heinz Winterscheid of the state psychiatric hospital Wehnen in regards to doing a psychiatric assessment of me in my absence and then using the assessment to deny me access to my children. It could not have been done in a more blatant manner.

Hello, this is Don Hank interrupting Michael’s story momentarily. I am sure you are hopping mad by now, and as in the case of the Swedish boy snatched from the plane (our story was later picked up by Bob Unruh od WorldNetDaily, BTW–praise the Lord!), there is something you can do about this now. There is more to this story, but please read this first:

The responsible persons in my case in Germany can be contacted by email at the following addresses.

Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven

Carsten Feist

Rita Eden-Reske

Mayor of Wilhelmshaven

Eberhard Menzel

Family Court Wilhelmshaven 

Richter Martin Staubwasser

Dr. Uwe Biester


Please bring this evil situation regarding child abduction to Germany to the attention of the entire world

President of the European Parliament.

Prof. Jerzy Buzek

And to anyone else who may be able to help the thousands of families both foreign and German who are the victims of the German Regime and its family police known as Jugendamt

This is an attempt to tie all this together:

Now back to Michael’s story:

Let me explain the situation more clearly to you, Dear Reader.

This entire episode was played out under the watchful eye and close supervision of Dr Uwe Biester who is the lawyer who represents the children’s mother. Dr Biester simply closed his eyes to what was going on although I made the fact know far and wide and reaped the benefits by winning his case for his client.

Dr Uwe Biester on the one hand in his civil capacity practices law and represents his clients in court in Wilhelmshaven where Martin Staubwasser is a family court judge.

On the other hand Dr Uwe Biester is a very prominent political figure in Wilhelmshaven, in his political capacity he is a member of parliament, where he sits on the law commission. Therefore one of his portfolios is law and order where he is partly responsible for appointing and promoting judges in addition to being the law and order watchdog. In effect he is the boss of the presiding judge in this case judge martin Staubwasser. I see this as a very clear and serious conflict of interest that would be highly illegal certainly in South Africa, New Zealand and I presume any other modern western democracy in the World, clearly this is not the case in modern Germany.

Dr Uwe Biester very clearly abuses  the system to influence the decisions of judge to further the interests of his law practice and to has done so to deny both me and my children justice in fact he has blatantly and deliberately committed a heinous crime against us.

Furthermore Dr Uwe Biester knows that judge Martin Staubwasser has refused to process my application to court and to give me a court hearing in regards to the psychiatric assessment made by Dr Klempel since November 2004. Possibly he has done so on orders from Dr Uwe Biester as I clearly have all the aces and it could open a huge can of worms if it went to trial.

Two weeks after my eldest son John-Michael turned 18 he made contact to me in South Africa. Since then he has visited me twice in South Africa, unfortunately he has been damaged for life by those who had the best interests of the child at heart in Germany. Those who believed that the South African father whould be a bad influence on the child. Instead of having been brought up in a loving caring Christian environment he was brought up as a German. He under the good influence of the German regime and the German Jugendamt has learned to become dependant on large amounts of alcohol. He experiments with all manner of drugs, he is obsessed with having sex with mostly very young girls, he is a declared paganist, he is also deeply involved in the death metal, black metal cult.

Since the first visit of John-Michael to South Africa I made application via The Hague Convention article 21 to have access to and knowledge of Sebastian so that I can try to attempt to avoid him landing up in the same situation as his brother. I very unfortunately have to report that the German “Regime” has once again gone out of it’s was to delay and hinder proceedings. The Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven has once again recommended that I have no access to Sebastian who is almost 16 years of ago. 14 years later I have still not gained access to my youngest son Sebastian, 14 years later the Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven is still doing all in its power to deny me access to Sebastian.

The result of the unlawful abduction of my children to Germany and their being held virtual hostage by the “Regime” for so long has been that they have been damaged for life. They have been culturally alienated, they have been alienated against their English roots, language and family, there is only one fitting term to describe the situation. My children have been germanised and made into freaks of modern German society. The situation would have been far different if they had been allowed contact to and been allowed the loving caring influence of their foreign roots and culture.

To further inform the reader as best I can in regards to child abductions to Germany and the role of the family police known as Jugendamt I have added the following

This case is very typical for what goes on in most child abduction cases to Germany and there are thousands of them that I know of.

To start with to help with understanding the situation as regards child abductions to Germany and the subsequent holding of the children as virtual hostage until their germanisation has been successfully completed where they become their own jailers never allowing themselves to escape the prison camp Germany. Something I have not mentioned in the body of the report is the fact that my fight from day one has not been a fight with the German mother. From day one the german Jugendamt declared war on me and my family, my fight has from day one been with the German regime in particular there family police know as Jugendamt. In fact it would appear that the German parents have no say in these matters that they are dictated to by the family police know as Jugendamt. For instance from day one I was instructed to pay child support to the Jugendamt and not to the mother. In this manner the family police know as Jugendamt have a hold over the german parent because they then hand over the money to the German parent with strings attached.

For instance to this day the children’s mother has made no allegations against me as to why she left me and abducted the children to Germany, she has given no explanation as to why she has prevented me access to the children. She has aired no dirty washing at all nor has she tried to fabricate anything negative against me the foreign parent, not that there was any dirty washing that I know of to air.

To date no one that I know of has been able to get the reason for the children’s mother having left me  or why she has prevented me access to our children all these years. The only answer that I have ever been able to obtain from her, the only answer my mother was ever able to get from her was that if she told us we would not understand.

In April 2000 as mentioned earlier I went unannounced to Germany together with my mother. Within 2 days my mother was able to convince the children’s mother to allow her to stay with her and my children in their apartment and a day later she was able to convinced the children’s mother to allow me to have access to our children. For just over two weeks the children’s mother picked me up from where I was staying before breakfast at 0800 in the morning and took me back to where I was staying mostly after midnight. I had full and free access to my children, on one occasion the children’s mother went out all day together with my mother leaving me alone with our children, she even gave me a key to her apartment. My mother told me that on more than one occasion she overheard conversations between the children’s mother and social workers of the Jugendamt in Wilhelmshaven, from what she was able to overhear and from what the children’s mother told her they were putting extreme pressure on her not to allow me to have access to our children. After we left and went back to South Africa, the Jugendamt apparently put overpowering pressure on the children’s mother under which she once again cut off all contact between me and our children, she even stopped sending photos of my children to my mother and allowing them to phone her and my father because I was not to be allowed to see photos of or have information in regards to my children.

I can not prove it but I am most certain that in my case and in most if not all others cases  the German family police known as Jugendamt is the one who forbids and ensures that there is no contact between the children that have been abducted and unlawfully held hostage in Germany and their foreign families.

It is so sad to see what they have done to John-Michael who is now an adult. It is even worse to see what they are still doing to my minor son Sebastian and I am not allowed to have any contact to him to give him some positive direction in life because of a band of criminals dressed up as politicians, family court judges and social workers..

Clearly the German regime is afraid that I may pass on some of my good Christian morals and principles to him and teach him to be a free spirit and lateral thinker like myself.

Please do what you can to help my children and the many, many thousand other foreign children who have been abducted to and are being held hostage in Germany by the German „Regime”.

Please pray for my children

The responsible persons in my case in Germany can be contacted by email at the following addresses.

Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven

Carsten Feist

Rita Eden-Reske

Mayor of Wilhelmshaven

Eberhard Menzel

Family Court Wilhelmshaven 

Richter Martin Staubwasser

Dr. Uwe Biester


Please bring this evil situation regarding child abduction to Germany to the attention of the entire world

President of the European Parliament.

Prof. Jerzy Buzek

And to anyone else who may be able to help the thousands of families both foreign and German who are the victims of the German Regime and its family police known as Jugendamt

Home schooled boy snatched from plane in Sweden

Home schooled boy grabbed by police on plane in Sweden

[revised version]

Help reunite this persecuted family!

By Don Hank

Christer and Annie Johannson are a Swedish couple from Gotland that attempted last year to home school their son Dominic, a bright and happy 7 year old, just prior to their leaving the country to take up residence in India. They made all the right moves, informing the school of their plans.

Home schooling was — and still is — legal in Sweden (there is discussion about banning it) and when Christer asked the principal of the local elementary school if he could supply some teaching materials, he agreed to do so.

But in the meantime, some locals decided that these parents should not be allowed to do this. The reasons for this are no more clear than they are legal, but Christer was once involved in an alternative on-line news mag that expressed politically incorrect ideas and as near as anyone can tell, this was the reason his home schooling plans were opposed.

When Christer went back to the principal to get the materials, he was told that he would not supply any materials and that Dominic must go to school.

The Johannsons insisted that the principal keep his promise. The drama quickly escalated and soon the local social services imposed a fine of 250 kronor per day that Dominic was not in school. This did not intimidate the Johannsons, because they knew they were within their rights under Swedish law.

But the Gotland authorities unanimously stood against them and eventually the court got involved and decided that while the school board had violated some of the parents’ rights, they still would have to send Dominic to school.

The Johannsons were on the plane, which was due to leave the gate in one minute when the Swedish police descended on it. Like commandos, they stormed the plane and took Dominic into custody, without stating any reason for doing so. Dominic was so traumatized he later threw up. Annie later fell unconscious to the floor of the police station. The police did nothing to help. Four days later, she stopped breathing in front of social workers, who also did absolutely nothing to help.

Can you even imagine this insanity?

The full story is given below (NOTE: the English version is below the Swedish version), but please come back after you have read it so you can help get Dominic back home where he belongs:

I called Christer some time after this happened and we had a long talk. He had not seen Dominic in a while, was only allowed short visits and had spent the  night before and most of the that day crying. Annie has been in bed with a heart condition that was exacerbated by the abduction of their son. (Tonight Christer emailed me that he had fallen into a state of semiconsciousness with an irregular heart rhythm.)

I was very impressed by what a kind and gentle person Christer was. He told me “ever since I was born I have only wanted to help people.” He described how he had traveled to help earthquake victims in India in 2000. He had, unfortunately, been thwarted by the large unruly crowds and was unable to help. I am not easily fooled, but I knew this was a genuinely good man with a kind heart. We both broke down crying when I ended the conversation telling him that God loves him, Dominic and Annie, that this was part of God’s plan and that everything would be all right.

I promised that because I know my readers and know that you will help.

After this conversation, I wrote an email to the Swedish authorities, and would like you to do the same. Please, if you have limited time, just write in the subject line “Please return Dominic Johannson to his parents. Thanks”

Dear Reader, Christer and Annie are actually giving you a rare privilege to help reunite a frightened little boy with his parents who love him with all their hearts. Remember what Jesus said: inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me.

These words are just as true today as they were 2,000 years ago. God will bless you for just taking a few moments out of your busy day and sending an email to the Swedish authorities pleading their case. Pray that God will give you the words to write and then pray that the icy hearts of the authorities will be melted by reading these words.

Here are the emails of some of the authorities involved. The first two, Sofi Rosenqvist and Caroline Palmqvist, are the ones responsible for the decision to separate Dominic from his parents. The third is Lena Celion, a politician who thinks that kidnapping was the right thing to do.  Apparently, according to her statements in the interview, she thinks children have a right to go to school but not necessarily to be with their parents and definitely not to be home-schooled by people who care about them rather than taught by strangers teaching for money.

Please tell them your opinion of their thoughtless actions, but be as polite as you can. YES, THEY ALL READ ENGLISH!

Pattern in Swedish here:

Hej pa er,

var vänlig och ge Dominic Johansson tilbaka till sin föräldrar.

Hälsningar fran USA

The 4th is the address for a politician who may be able to help. To save time you can copy them all into your browser at once.;;;;

Here is some contact info for Swedish government officials:

I especially recommend the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. Send at least one email to the Minister of Education, but there are others too here:

Then if you have time left, please send a few words of encouragement to Christer and Annie:

Finally here is a petition supporting the right to homeschool in Sweden:

Now, there is one more job and it is the most important: Pray that God will have His way here and that this experience, as terrible as it has been for this family, will bring them closer together and will bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who, as you recall, told the stoners “whoever is without sin, cast the first stone,” and THEN said to the woman: “go and sin no more.”

God bless!


My letter to the Swedish authorities:

I am a friend of Christer Johannson and have seen several documents pertaining to his case, namely, the seizure of his son Dominic by the Socjaltjänst in Gotland.

It is obvious that the authorities have misrepresented the Johannsons’ case to the public and I would like to help shed light on this. 

Please consider, for example, the following misleading article:

In an attempt to whitewash perpetrators in a sensational case of child abuse, this article ignores important facts of the case, such as the following.

  • The Johannsons originally requested study material so that Dominic could be temporarily home-schooled in anticipation of their permanent move to India, and the school originally agreed to supply this material.
  •  Inexplicably, the principal changed his mind and the school board started to fine the Johannsons exorbitant amounts of money for not sending their son to school, even though they knew that the parents had properly applied for homeschooling materials and were soon moving to India. I understand that, unlike the former Soviet Union, Sweden has no law that bans citizens from moving away, so once the authorities were notified that the Johannsons were leaving, they should have let them go. This would have obviated all the unnecessary trauma to Dominic and his parents.
  • The Johannsons then asked for a meeting with the school board, to which they are entitled by law under such circumstances. The person in charge, Lena Celion, failed to meet with Dominic’s parents, in violation of the law.
  • Later, Mrs. Celion was quoted in the above-linked news article saying a child has the right to go to school. However, this is misleading, because it suggests that the parents denied Dominic an education, whereas they only decided to move to the mother’s country, where the boy would no doubt have a right to citizenship and would no longer be under Swedish jurisdiction.

I remind you that a few years ago, at the time of the great tsunami, it was widely reported that Swedish pedophiles had been flocking to Thailand as a place to have sex with boys, some of them quite young.

At that time many people here in America were outraged that the authorities in Sweden had done nothing to stop these evil criminals.

Now in an ironic twist, the Swedish government is trying to stop good, loving parents from traveling to Asia to give their child a better life and to steep him in a culture that will teach him diversity first hand — something he could never accomplish in Sweden with its rigid attitudes and dictatorial polices. Many of us are starting to see a pattern here: In Sweden, pedophilia is viewed with tolerance, but parents who wish to give their children the best possible life are considered criminals. Do you not see something terribly wrong here?

I am absolutely baffled at these actions on the part of the Swedish government. How can they be justified?

I ask that particularly in view of the fact that, as I understand it, Dominic vomited when the police seized him and separated him violently from his parents. The police apparently did nothing to intervene. From what I have learned about child psychology, one of the most clear-cut signs that a child is being severely abused is vomiting. Clearly, the authorities abused this child.

Now, imagine a child whose loving parents come to school and force him to come home with them for the day. Can you imagine a child under these circumstances being so traumatized by his parents that he throws up? Of course you can’t. Yet the authorities continue to insist that what they did was good for the child.

The fact that the people who made the decision occupy positions of power in government does nothing to mitigate their guilt. Rather it exacerbates the heinousness of the crime they committed.

Further, instead of remedying the severe trauma done to Dominic by quickly reuniting him with his parents, the authorities further traumatize him by banning further contact with the parents and allowing only very short “visits.” It is my understanding that Dominic, who was very close to his parents and had a warm and loving relationship, was so traumatized that he hardly responded to his father’s first words when they were reunited under very strained and difficult circumstances. This is a clear indication that the child was brainwashed to alienate him from his own parents — another instance of cruel child abuse.

Despite the misleading article linked above, there is nothing noble about this act on the part of the officials, no excuse whatsoever. They pose as champions of children’s rights but that is hypocritical. No human being with a beating heart could call their action by any other name except kidnapping and no one who knows the Johannsons’ story will call it “protecting children” or think of these pompous officials as heroes. Through their incompetence, these authorities may well have destroyed this child’s trust in others for the rest of his life! Every one of them deserves to be fired.

What strikes me about this case is that, here, for the first time, a country other than Germany has adopted such an inhuman approach to ‘child protection.’ In Germany, there are several grassroots groups (I am a member of one) that have arisen to oppose these tactics and it is common knowledge that the authorities there (das Jugendamt) began to use these cruel tactics around the time of the Third Reich.

Now my question to the Swedish government is this:

Why are you reverting to the cruel tactics of the Third Reich? Do you not have the imagination, natural kindness and good will to devise a family-friendly and child-friendly way to deal with unique and special families like the Johannsons? Can’t you tolerate a dissenting viewpoint? After all, the Johannsons  represent true diversity, not the stultifying politically correct type that is rammed down children’s throats in schools throughout Europe by ideologically indoctrinated teachers, many of whom have never traveled abroad or lived in a foreign culture.

Finally, is Hitler not officially condemned throughout Europe? If so, then why does Sweden — like Germany — now wish to resurrect his cruel policies that led to so much misery in Europe?

We thought we had rid the world of him. But now it seems he is back.


Don Hank

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Obama wants your child’s soul

Obama wants your child’s soul. If you are concerned, and you should be, call your school and ask them if they will bow to Obama’s request to address your child and plan a lesson around the Obama personality cult. If the principal affirms that he will be complying with this request, tell him/her why he/she is wrong to do so. This is the first time a sitting president has tried to politicize school children in this way and it is clearly a step in the wrong direction and against the Constitution. If the principal still decides to go through with this indoctrination or even if he/she claims to be undecided, do NOT send your child to school on September 8.

DO attend the Washington rally on September 12.