Fanny-Freddy lock barn after horse escapes

Fanny-Freddy lock barn door after horse escapes

By Donald Hank

I just attended a settlement for sale of our home and while at the table, I had the opportunity to talk to the lender for the buyers, who was very savvy about the way government-backed mortgage lenders are enforcing and writing policies.

I asked him whether policies at the government sponsored lending agencies had changed. Here is what he said and what every American needs to know if we are to remain free:

Fanny and Freddy, the Democrat controlled GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) who used to all but force lenders to lend without documentation or credit are now more strict than any other lender!

Isn’t it obvious what is happening? This new crackdown is aimed to make it look like the Bush administration caused the whole problem by not regulating anything. But for decades, Fanny-Freddy had all but caused the entire banking problem by 1) refusing to regulate lending and 2) by enforcing the CRA, which forced banks and other lenders to lend without checking documents and without requiring down payments. People on welfare were getting mortgages. People with bad credit were getting mortgages. Millions of illegal aliens were even fraudulently getting mortgages, all with the blessings and encouragement of Democrat-controlled Fanny-Freddy.


Male pattern eye wanderer outs himself on Laigle’s Forum

About that, er, orientation

By Donald Hank

Scientists discovered some time ago that people who once thought they were enslaved to an orientation aren’t. That discovery went unheralded. The theory that they were “born that way” was met with fanfare in the media. The truth was spiked. The myth lives on.

I have a confession. I have an embarrassing sexual orientation too. I have male pattern wandering eyes. My now wife then girlfriend discovered this sexual orientation when we were sitting on a park bench and a young thing in shorts went by. I absent-mindedly checked her out.

My wife let me know in no uncertain terms that the outward manifestation of my orientation would not be tolerated. No excuses.

Did I get neurotic? Did I pout? Did I become an activist and proudly demand the right to check out pretty chicks in the park any time I darn well pleased because I was “born that way”?

Actually no. I made a choice. I consciously decided not to exhibit male pattern wandering eyes any more so I could get married, settle down, have kids and be happy.

I chose happiness.

Did I betray my fellow eye wanderers by suppressing my orientation?

I dunno and I don’t care. I am having the time of my life and I’m not looking back.

Speaking of myths, another one fell just recently. Well sort of. Don’t expect your newspapers -those failing entities that need a bailout and wonder why – to mention it. Not even on the back page.

Are you ready for this? Homosexual “parents” tend to raise homosexual kids. Laurie Higgins, Director of Illinois Family Institute’s DSA, reports.


The Truth About Homosexual Parenting

By Laurie Higgins, Director of IFI’s DSA –Illinois Family Institute
Mark Twain is reported to have said “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes.” Never were there words more applicable to the pro-homosexual movement than these.

In 2001, Time Magazine trumpeted there was “New Evidence of a Gay Gene.” The completely false notion that a gay gene has been discovered is so prevalent that many believe it is indisputable fact. And pro-homosexual organizations have seen no need to disabuse the public of that error.

The mainstream media, with little apparent commitment to truth, have widely publicized the fallacious notion that homosexuality is biologically determined, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has long promoted that view.

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Obama’s speech in Cairo

Obama’s speech in Cairo

Here is some of what Obama said in Cairo, praising Islam for its “tolerance”:

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.  We see it in the history of Andalusia and Cordoba during the Inquisition.  I saw it firsthand as a child in Indonesia, where devout Christians worshiped freely in an overwhelmingly Muslim country.  That is the spirit we need today.  People in every country should be free to choose and live their faith based upon the persuasion of the mind and the heart and the soul.  This tolerance is essential for religion to thrive, but it’s being challenged in many different ways.

Contrast what Obama said about Andalusia and Cordoba with this article (written several years ago) showing that non-Muslims were persecuted in Andalusia for 800 years:

Andalusia, or Al-Andalus, was the area of the Iberian Peninsula under Islamic control during the middle ages. For Bin Laden, the “tragedy” of Andalusia is the Reconquista – the liberation of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslim rule, which came to an end in 1492. But an objective analysis of the history of Al-Andalus shows us that the real “tragedy” was the yoke of Islamic persecution non-Muslims in Al-Andalus suffered under for nearly 800 years.

Muslim apologists claim that Andalusian Spain represented the “Golden Age” of enlightened Islamic tolerance and peaceful co-existance with other faiths. This is a despicable exaggeration.

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Contrast what Obama said about Indonesia being tolerant with this article:

Indonesia: Gambling That Tolerance Will Trump Fear

By Calvin Sims

SEVEN years ago, in the pre-9/11 fall of 2000, I was retrieving my luggage at the airport in Jakarta when a tall Indonesian man in a flowing white robe and green scarf accidentally bumped me off my feet.

He apologized and helped me up. Then I noticed he was part of a gang of grim young men stalking the airport with wooden rods.

He said they were from the Islamic Defenders Front and were searching for Israelis to kill.

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On the other hand, Obama spoke more boldly about intolerance in the Muslim community than GW Bush ever had:

“Among some Muslims, there’s a disturbing tendency to measure one’s own faith by the rejection of somebody else’s faith.  The richness of religious diversity must be upheld — whether it is for Maronites in Lebanon or the Copts in Egypt.”

All in all, despite the fawning to Islam and the distortion of history, this speech could have a mitigating effect on Islamic nations and could give moderate Muslims the support they need.

If only he could produce a valid birth certificate.

Were Hitler and his followers Christians?

Book review: Hitler, the Holocaust and the Bible, by Joe Keysor

By Donald Hank

The left is the most Christ centered religion in the world. They are perfectly centered on making the historic Jesus Christ and the faith He inspired in millions, go away.

In his new book, Hitler, the Holocaust and the Bible, Joe Keysor, a scholar and authentic truth seeker who has lived in various countries and speaks several foreign languages, goes toe to toe with some serious advocates of the “Christians-are-dangerous-potential-fascists” theory, such as Jim Walker, owner of the website “Hitler’s Christianity”, and Richard Steigmann-Gall, author of The Holy Reich, pointing out that, while Christians have effectively fought back against anti-Christian attacks like the novel The Da Vinci Code, the myth of Hitler as a Christian has gone largely unchallenged. He believes this is because few know what Christianity really is and even fewer approach the issue from the standpoint that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that tampering with it has dire consequences.

In a world in which Christ’s message has been distorted, to the extent that even ruthless baby killers like George Tiller can serve as an usher in a church, the anti-Christian movement has had easy going. After all, Hitler confessed Christian faith during his political campaign, signed a Concordat with the Vatican and had his minions do photo ops with church leaders. The “Germanic Christians” helped him sell his ideology of Germans as a master race through their doctrine of “Christian positivism,” according to which Christians had a duty to support Hitler. This was based on 2 doctrinal notions: 1) that Jesus had come to do battle with the Jews, and 2) that the Nordic “race” was chosen by God to oppose Jewry.

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Tiller Murder Requires Proportionate Response in Perspective

On my blog at, I issued a series of posts trying to establish some sense of proportion and perspective about the Tiller murder, the question has been raised as to why the emphasis.

I had my reasons.

Here are links to those entries:

Tiller’s Death and the Internet and Right Wing Extremists

gun control needed to stem abortionist killings in churches

BREAKING NEWS: Today 150,000,000 pro-lifers woke up and DID NOT kill an abortionist.

And this present essay that you are reading was posted already at:

Why Proportion and Perspective is Needed Regarding the Tiller Murder

The reasons for this emphasis go beyond the recent murder of Tiller, however.  We can go back to a post that I made not too long ago that suggested that a ‘right-wing extremist’ attack was not merely inevitable, but something that the current administration actually wants to happen.

Here is a little quote:

Here is what I think. I think that the recently admitted NSA over-collection of American domestic communications revealed that people- even decent people- are really, really, really, really, really, POed about the way things are and the way they are going. I think that material helped drive the DHS report, but I think the DHS was just looking for an excuse.

This report is likely to produce the very thing it is warning about. With this report, every conservative American became subject to the Thought Police and a target of scrutiny by the Federal government. I believe it will put some people over the edge. I believe the intent was to put them over the edge. Continue reading