This land is THEIR land

This land is THEIR land


By Don Hank

The New York Post reported today that a large encampment of jobless immigrants has been discovered near Southampton, a development featuring $1 million dollar homes.

The thrust of the story was the media’s usual focus: the rich-poor dichotomy that fuels the hatred of the rich in America but obfuscates the salient issue, a problem caused by politicians on both sides of the aisle, and that is, the elite’s abandonment of sovereignty for the US. Even “conservatives” ignore this theme as though we had “gotten beyond” it, as if abandoning our national identity and cohesion could constitute “getting beyond” anything and not getting into a growing and gargantuan tragedy.

The article about the encampment of immigrants (the word “illegal” is purged out) ends with a quote from the local police chief, who is obviously steeped in the lore of globalism:


“There really isn’t much we can do,” he said. “Our hands are tied on this.”

It has not dawned on either this police chief or the NY post writer that the reason the authorities’ hands are tied is that the “authorities,” the education system, the universities and the media have succeeded in erasing practically all memory of national sovereignty from the consciousness of the government and the American public in their race to hustle us into an EU-like dictatorship that now grips all of Europe and has impoverished the “rich” countries like Britain and Germany and stripped Europeans of fundamental rights, such as freedom of conscience, the right to protest, and the right to determine their own destiny.

Neither the police chief nor the writer dares to mention this or the fact that our only hope of restoration not only for Southampton or New York, but for the late great United States of America is to restore the awareness that we not only are still a nation of laws and borders (i.e., sovereignty) but we must be for our survival.

A border is like the skin on a living organism. Without skin there can be no meaningful protection from the encroachment of germs, viruses, temperature effects, drying, etc. Imagine a doctor prescribing the removal of all your skin in an attempt to help out with your relations with other people. The theory, in analogy with the globalists’ theory, would be that skin makes people selfish, reminds us that we are different and distinct from others and creates an unnecessary boundary that separates us from them. It sounds outlandish to us in a medical context, but yet, our education system, our media and government have endorsed just such a skinless system for our nation. Just as physicians routinely prescribed and performed bloodletting for more than 2 millennia, our government, with the backing of media, is prescribing, and even enforcing, the removal of the protective membrane – borders – around our country with alarmingly little opposition from conservatives or liberals, all of whom have an immense stake in national security and sovereignty. And just as the common man watched for millennia as physicians killed patient after patient with bloodletting, asking “what can be done?”, we stand by and ask the same question, without seeing the obvious answer in front of our face, namely, stop flaying our nation alive.

The results could not be clearer: Phoenix now has the second-highest kidnapping rate of any city in the world, after Mexico City. Kidnapping as a feature of life obviously came there from Mexico. Further, according to a widely quoted estimate by Strategy Forecasting, Inc., “at least half of the $65 billion worth of illegal narcotics purchased in the U.S. each year come through Mexico.” It is also estimated that 25 Americans are killed every day by illegal aliens, either by automobile or by weapons in the hands of criminals. Obama’s response? Apologize to the Mexicans for the drug use in the US.

The federal response here in York County, PA, has been to build a facility to provide assistance to citizenship applicants at the York County Prison, where immigrant criminals are housed. Yes, your government can’t wait to get these potential voters, with their paternalistic view of government, on their roles.

As the Southampton police chief said, his hands are tied.

But yours most certainly are not.

No matter what your pet issue happens to be, whether abortion, parents’ rights, homeschooling, crime, religious freedom, marriage, or whatever, your agenda is not going anywhere in a country whose laws could soon be subject to the UN or a North American Union, because once we are part of a one-world government, our laws will no longer be in our hands. Ask any European for details on that.

The first thing you need to do is refuse to vote for any candidate for any office who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (or the Trilateral Commission or other globalist group) or who refuses to acknowledge our right to have protected boundaries or strong immigration law enforcement. If your pastor preaches against nationalism, calling it dangerous and un-Christian, that is code for: I am a globalist and I do not believe in sovereignty.

Why is he your pastor?

Stop supporting that church. Worship at home if necessary. Where two or three are gathered together…

America’s foundation is riddled with globalist termites. The Bushes were such termites. McCain is such a termite. So were all the other candidates in the last election with the exception of Ron Paul and Alan Keyes. Obama and the Democrats all are termites.

But weak though it is, this is our country, and we must stand up and defend it. Let us make anti-nationalism as unpopular as racism or communism.

Racism is an excuse for slavery on an individual scale. Communism is an excuse for slavery on a national scale.

Globalism is an excuse for slavery on a world scale and once it happens, the good old USA won’t be there to stop it because we will be part of it.

Tony Perkins, a tarnished icon

Please read Gregg Jackson’s letter below for details on how a pro-family icon betrayed his supporters.

Tony Perkins was an icon of the pro-family movement until he started supporting Mitt Romney, in kind of a zombie-like irrational way, despite the warnings from Christian leaders. I too have had an acquaintance who was very pro-family. Until the last primaries, when suddenly she became very defensive about Mitt. I sent her some of the information about him that clearly showed how he had supported same-sex marriage in MA while he was governor, thinking I could change her mind. She sent me a terse email saying “my mind is made up. I am supporting Romney.”

It didn’t make sense because she didn’t give any reasons for this, and I had my suspicions even then because her husband was highly placed in the GOP.

Since then, it is becoming abundantly clear why some people have remained so adamantly pro-Romney despite the evidence. Romney trades in a commodity called loyalty, and there are sellers, some in very high places.

Why do they sell themselves?

Tony and his ilk want to have their rewards on earth.

Friends, don’t sell your loyalty for a fistful of devalued dollars. God has something better in store for you if you are willing to wait.

Donald Hank



As many of you are aware, I have called on Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council (FRC) on numerous occasions to retract his support for Mitt Romney and return any money he and FRC have received from Romney and/or his surrogates.

Yet, Mr. Perkins continues to promote and support Romney, recently calling him a “friend to the pro-family movement” in a fundraising e-mail (from July 22, 2008) as well as featuring Romney at the upcoming FRC/Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C.

As all of you know (including Mr. Perkins), Mitt Romney:

  • Established abortion with a $50 co pay as a “healthcare benefit” (AFTER his supposed “pro life conversion”) in his socialist healthcare plan that was endorsed by Hillary, Teddy K, and Planned Parenthood.
  • Appointed a Planned Parenthood member to his healthcare advisory board (AFTER his supposed “pro-life conversion”) and no pro-life appointed representative.
  • Illegally instituted same sex “marriage” without an accompanying legal statute to fulfill an earlier promise to the Log Cabin Republicans not to oppose same-sex “marriage” in return for their endorsement. (There was no “court order” as Romney has falsely claimed.)
  • Boosted government funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren.

  • Refused for his entire four years in office to order his education officials to enforce parents’ legal rights to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality.
  • Forced Catholic Charities to place children with homosexual couples or go out of business (which they ultimately did) even though he was not required to do so by law.
  • Forced Catholic Hospitals to issue the abortion pill claiming that he was required by law to do so even though Mike Dukakis admitted there was no law that existed which required Romney to do so.
  • Opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters.
  • Favors sexual orientation “anti-discrimination” laws for homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders.
  • Opposed the Bush Tax Cuts.
  • Raised taxes and fees by over $900 million as governor which has destroyed the Massachusetts economy.
  • Implemented a socialist healthcare plan endorsed by Planned Parenthood that in the words of the Wall St. Journal is in “intensive care” whose costs are estimated to more than double and which the Cato Institute and Boston Globe has said is a total failure.
  • Lied about seeing his father march with MLK.
  • Lied about being a hunter “pretty much” (his) whole life.
  • Lied about being endorsed by the NRA in 2002.


Isn’t it time that Tony Perkins and FRC cease from portraying the Founding Father of sodomy “marriage” and the 50 dollar tax funded abortion, Mitt Romney, as a “friend to the pro-family movement?”

Isn’t it time that we shine the light of truth on the man and his “pro-family” organization who continues to deceive millions of pro-family Christians and grassroots conservatives about a very wicked man?

Will you take a stand as a pro-family and pro-life leader and join me in calling for Tony Perkins to:

  • Return the $250,000 that Perkins/FRC received from Romney and his surrogates?
  • Retract his support for Romney and claim that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement?”
  • Resign as President of FRC?


If you choose to take a bold and courageous stand for truth and righteousness, please hit “reply all” and let every other leader on this e-mail including Tony Perkins, know where you stand.

I will post this letter on my site along with those leaders who choose to stand with me in calling for Mr. Perkins to resign as the President of Family Research Council (with a list of those who chose not to) and will distribute to the entire news media.

I will assume that if you don’t respond and call for Mr. Perkins to resign, that you support Mr. Perkins’ backing of Mitt Romney whose legacy as governor is even to the left of much of today’s ultra-left wing Democrat Party and is one that Barack Obama would be proud of.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely Yours,

Gregg Jackson

Book/DVD list for your April 15 Tea Party

Book/DVD list for your April 15 tea party


By Donald Hank

The local tea party in Lancaster PA seems to have been organized by 2 fine ladies who, on the tea party web site, also recommend a book list for invitees. Good for them. Much of the list, apparently originating with Ron Paul, is made up of the True Liberals, or libertarians, like Ludwig van Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand and many others.

I emailed these ladies and thanked them for doing this and then said there were a few other books that Americans ought to read.

I wrote:

For today’s world, the most important information – most of which your school and/or college probably made sure you missed – is the story of the socialist dictators of the 20th century.

An invaluable contribution to your list would be “Harvest of Sorrow” by Robert Conquest, describing the slaughter of millions of Ukrainian farmers, “Son of the Revolution” by Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro, an eye-witness account of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the 3 disk DVD set China, a Century of Revolution, directed by Sue Williams (one of the co-producers was Karma Hinton, my first Chinese teacher). You will immediately see the unmistakable similarity between the Red Guard and ACORN.

Further DVDs: Repentance, a top-notch surrealistic Russian film (RU title: Pokayanie) about a Stalin like figure, Est-Oueste (East-West), an excellent film about a French family that visits the Soviet Union in the early post-WW II years and is trapped there. The Chinese film To Live is also an artistic masterpiece but at the same time, a realistic portrayal of the tragedy of Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

Others: A somewhat tedious but trail blazing book “The Black Book of Communism” was written by a group of French communists under Stéphane Courtois who decided to come clean about the death toll of the 20th century, namely, almost 100 million innocents slaughtered throughout the world in the name of “social justice.”

Further, the Russian film Nest of Noblefolk (RU: Dvorjanskoe Gnezdo), an adaptation of the Turgenev story, shows the remarkable similarity between the mid 1800s and our 60s, with the elite classes talking about the same ideas that threw our society into moral and social turmoil. Shot in the Russian countryside, it is a cinema buff’s delight, with gorgeous photography, period-correctness in all aspects, soulful Russian gypsy music, a gripping love story with 2 intertwined love triangles and a surprise ending.

Note, however, that Turgenev’s best description of the early revolutionaries is given in his novel “Fathers and Sons,” which reflects the ideas that we considered revolutionary in our 1960s. In reality, we were a century later than the Russians in introducing ordered chaos, which is why freedom survived so long here. Nothing stands in the way of totalitarianism now – except you. And you know what? I believe in you.


Don Hank


Nationalists International

Nationalists International

Not even out of the box and we’re already drawing enemy fire!

By Donald Hank

I recently wrote a letter to some friends essentially with the text of the following article:

A speech by Brian Gerrish shows that the organization, Common Purpose, was formed for the purpose of ramming the European Union down the throat of the UK. Their ultimate goal is a world government that would supersede national governments, just as the EU has largely superseded European nations, bypassing the people’s will.

Common Purpose is part of the International Leftist elite that wants to micromanage your country, whatever that country may be. Their bullying tactics are typical and can be traced to the earliest communist manipulators of the masses, particularly Antonio Gramsci, who proposed putting each individual in a “psychic iron cage,” making it almost impossible for people to speak their minds when their ideas are at loggerheads with the left’s agenda.

Read more

In addition to the text shown above, I had included, near the end, the following paragraphs for my European readers, mostly British friends:

I therefore propose the formation of an international organization to fight back, and I propose the name Nationalists International.

This name will sound like an oxymoron, and in the absence of a common enemy, it would be. But recall that the Soviet communists once pleaded “workers of the world unite” and the International Elite is following the very same socialist ideal. They want power, namely, your individual power and the political power of your nation to function as an independent and sovereign entity free of interference from any outside nation or group.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a great number of very favorable replies from activists over there, including one long, thoughtful response from a member of the EU Parliament who wants to pursue the idea of Nationalists International using a name of his own invention that conveys the same idea.

Just this morning, someone apparently with connections sent me the following copy of a notice received from a Green member of parliament:

Angelika Beer (MEP) and Gisela Kallenbach (MEP) invite you to

The Green Conference  on “Right-wing extremism in Europe”

European Parliament in Brussels

15th April 2009


Room ASP 01 G2

Our guests are Dr. Christopher Husbands from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Christoph Busch, University of Cologne, Anetta Kahane, President of the Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation, and Pascale Charhon of “European Network against Racism”.

The conference will look at different forms of right-wing extremism in Europe and discuss cross-border civil society strategies against the far right. We want to explore possibilities for a common platform against right-wing extremism and racism in order to stand united against a “nationalist international” at the European Parliament elections 2009.


Assistant to Gisela Kallenbach
Member of the European Parliament, The Greens/EFA
European Parliament, ASP 08H259
60, rue Wiertz B-1047 Bruxelles
office: +32-2-2847339 fax: +32-2-2849339

I was pleasantly surprised to see this because it was, in a very roundabout way, a genuine compliment. I, a retired easy-going gent armed with nothing but a computer and the truth, was now obviously seen as a very formidable enemy of the International Left, represented by 2 scared and trembling little products of the German indoctrination system cynically called the “Universität.” Angelika Beer and Gisela Kallenbach saw it necessary to pull out the nuclear option, ie, the race card, against harmless little old me and sincerely believe, in their deluded way, that they are doing something important by trying to muzzle me, not realizing that, should they succeed, a thousand others would spontaneously rise up and defend the truth. 

It later turned out that Brian Gerrish himself had posted my letter at his site just today:

I do not know whether Gisela and Angelika had read this, although that would be the most likely explanation for their campaign against Nationalists International.

I emailed Gisela, the writer of the above euronazi email, and said

“I am the originator of the group Nationalists International that you mention in your email (attached). We are not racists. My wife is of African and American Indian descent, so my daughter is a hybrid, and further, my son is half Chinese. Do you want to talk about this?”

I love stuff like this. I am chuckling as I write. They apparently think a balding 65 year old man with creaky joints and a paunch is so much of a threat they have to declare all-out war against him.

I find it extremely difficult – nay, impossible – to take myself as seriously as these sad, humorless leftist busybodies take me.

If you are as amused as I am by this lunacy, why not drop these poor befuddled ladies a line at:

Ask them if they really think one free human being in America armed with nothing but a computer and the art of language is such a dire threat that they have to hold an emergency high-level conference in Europe looking for strategies to ward him off! You are also certainly free to remind them that in your country, calling someone a racist is an offense with legal consequences — unless you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the accused is indeed a racist, and the burden of proof may be fairly heavy. Perhaps they can run all over Europe slandering people with relative impunity, but when they turn their slander against someone outside their turf, that may be a different matter. Are they prepared to accept the consequences?

All right, international friends of truth and freedom, it didn’t take long to find out who our enemy is. He has dutifully announced himself.

Now, in the name of God, let us stand, gird ourselves, and engage him, not in animosity but in love, prayer and compassion.

After all, he is empty and lost in a godless world of his own choosing and his own making. With a little wisdom and patience, and with much sincere prayer, we can help free him of his self-inflicted shackles.

Persecuted Brazilian Christian free (for now), needs your help

Read below and contribute to Julio’s emergency fund. Thank you and God bless:


Julio Severo away from Brazil

Open letter to the friends of Blog Julio Severo


Dear Friends

I have arrived at a new place, being now away from Brazil and away from friends. It was not an easy decision. In fact, it was the only alternative.

Because of a 2006 complaint from the Associação da Parada do Orgulho Gay de São Paulo (Gay Pride Parade Association of São Paulo), federal prosecutors have been looking for my location. The complaint is “homophobia”.

Actually, there is no anti-“homophobia” law in Brazil. Even so, federal prosecutors have recently summoned one of my friends to reveal my location. My friend tried, with the assistance of a Jewish attorney, to say that he is not the responsible for the contents of my blog.

However, federal prosecutors did not accept his defense, and kept pressing him with the only objective to get information my location.

Therefore, before this nonsense, I was forced to leave Brazil with my family: a pregnant wife and two little children. We are right now in a completely strange place for us. What choice did we have?

Beside the complaint from the Associação da Parada do Orgulho Gay, other homosexual groups and individuals also filed charges in the office of federal prosecutors against my blog because of “homophobia”.

Read more.