Monthly Archive: April 2009

Apr 20

This land is THEIR land

This land is THEIR land   By Don Hank The New York Post reported today that a large encampment of jobless immigrants has been discovered near Southampton, a development featuring $1 million dollar homes. The thrust of the story was the media’s usual focus: the rich-poor dichotomy that fuels the hatred of the rich in America …

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Apr 14

Tony Perkins, a tarnished icon


Please read Gregg Jackson’s letter below for details on how a pro-family icon betrayed his supporters. Tony Perkins was an icon of the pro-family movement until he started supporting Mitt Romney, in kind of a zombie-like irrational way, despite the warnings from Christian leaders. I too have had an acquaintance who was very pro-family. Until the …

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Apr 10

Book/DVD list for your April 15 Tea Party

Book/DVD list for your April 15 tea party   By Donald Hank The local tea party in Lancaster PA seems to have been organized by 2 fine ladies who, on the tea party web site, also recommend a book list for invitees. Good for them. Much of the list, apparently originating with Ron Paul, is …

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Apr 07

Nationalists International

Nationalists International Not even out of the box and we’re already drawing enemy fire! By Donald Hank I recently wrote a letter to some friends essentially with the text of the following article: A speech by Brian Gerrish shows that the organization, Common Purpose, was formed for the purpose of ramming the European Union down …

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Apr 01

Persecuted Brazilian Christian free (for now), needs your help

Read below and contribute to Julio’s emergency fund. Thank you and God bless:   Julio Severo away from Brazil Open letter to the friends of Blog Julio Severo   Dear Friends I have arrived at a new place, being now away from Brazil and away from friends. It was not an easy decision. In fact, it …

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