European Left martyrs Wilders, gives him big poll boost

Euro-Left creates martyr, boosts Wilders in polls

By Donald Hank

De Volkskrant was, to my knowledge, the first news outlet to report that Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders was planning to make the anti-Koran movie Fitna and Laigle’s Forum was the first news site in the nation to present a translation of that news with comments, later following it up with the news that the movie had come out on YouTube.

At the time, and ever since then, de Volkskrant has allowed all news items on Wilders to be filtered through the highly biased viewpoints of politicians and dignitaries who opposed Wilders and marginalized him as an anti-immigrant rabble rouser.

Today de Volkskrant turned a corner, reporting on a poll by the market research company TNS NIPO showing that Geert Wilders has picked up in polls since his recent arrest for “hate” and his expulsion from Britain for “security” reasons. Not surprisingly, the new supporters of Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) tend to be higher educated than the previous average Wilders supporter.

The article states (my translation):

“In the Second Chamber elections in 2006, 9% of the PVV voters had higher educational degrees. That is now 13%, and among the newcomers, it was in fact 16%… The incomes of the average PVV voters also rose. By living standards, they are increasingly coming to resemble the average Dutch person. ‘The Wilders voter is becoming normalized,’ says Peter Kanne of TNS NIPO.

Volkskrant ascribes the uptick in Wilders’ popularity to his recent martyrdom. A Dutch court recently arraigned Wilders for a “hate” crime based on his showing of Fitna, which puts the Koran in a bad light. Britain also expelled him last week even though he had been invited by British lawmakers to discuss his film.

The Volkskrant also says that a poll by another pollster taken since the TNS NIPO poll show an even further uptick in Wilders’ popularity (my translation):

“The PVV rose in the TNS NIPO poll to 14 votes last week. According to Maurice de Hond, the PVV has grown to 25 votes, making the PVV in fact the no. 2 party in the Netherlands. TNS NIPO polled before Wilders was barred from entry to England, while De Hond polled after that. This explains the difference for the most part. Since 2006, freedom of speech is named as a new reason for voting for Wilders. Kanne: ‘the issue has been successfully co-opted.’ “

What De Volkskrant didn’t tell you is that TNS NIPO is a leftwing group that has tried in the past-like Volkskrant-to marginalize Wilders. Yet now both are forced to back off from that stance, proving once again that the media around the world are motivated mostly by politics, not by truth.

This story is not about Holland or Europe. It is about human beings and what motivates them universally, and hence it has major implications for America, where a black pastor is now facing a jail sentence for carrying a sign with the words “Jesus loves you and your baby. Let us help” outside an abortion clinic.

Pastor Hoye can take heart from this story about Wilders. As soon as the Left creates martyrs by denying people their God-given freedoms, it automatically pays the price in terms of human responses to their unconscionable actions, greatly advancing the cause of truth and justice.

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Russians warn US against socialism

Putin warns the US against socialism


By Pat Dollard

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has said the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”.

“In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute,” Putin said during a speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

Sounding more like Barry Goldwater than the former head of the KGB, Putin said, “Nor should we turn a blind eye to the fact that the spirit of free enterprise, including the principle of personal responsibility of businesspeople, investors, and shareholders for their decisions, is being eroded in the last few months. There is no reason to believe that we can achieve better results by shifting responsibility onto the state.”

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Bad religion

The “Religious” Left’s influence


by Donald Hank

Medical experts know that pathogenic bacteria and viruses aren’t the only worrisome microbes out there. They speak of a “vector,” which is a bacterium that in itself is generally harmless but can serve as a host to a harmful, if not deadly, virus.

Rick Warren at the inauguration.

The American left has long strived to use religion as a vector to carry the deadly message of the Democrats to gullible Christians, and in this year’s election, it paid off big time. Evangelicals fell hard for the message of Obama thanks to numerous hardworking disease-carrying vectors among the religious community.

Rick Warren is easily identified as a key player for the Democrats, not by the religious right but by none other than Howard Dean. Who are we to argue?


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Book review: We chose life: Why you should too, by Anthony Horvath

Book review: We Chose Life: Why You Should Too, by Anthony Horvath

By Donald Hank

This latest book by Anthony Horvath, author of the Birthpangs series, was written in the midst of an upheaval in the author’s life. In the 20th week of Mrs. Horvath’s pregnancy, an ultrasound analysis showed spina bifida, a potentially severe birth defect that would change the couple’s lifestyle dramatically.

The book is essentially in two parts: a narrative of the weeks prior to, during and after the birth of little “Renny” and an apology for life — not surprising since Horvath is a trained, specialized apologist by vocation (he operates the site “Athanatos Christian Apologetics Ministry“, a ministry primarily to non-Christians).

Now I happen to think apologetics is the missing vitamin in the American spiritual diet, and our severe deficiency of “vitamin Ap” is the main reason for our cultural malaise, chronic fallaway. We Americans have a fairly large reserve of faith but all too often it is not a renewable resource because it lacks any substantive intellectual foundation in most believers.

Which is why a Barna poll recently found that more than half of Christians lose their faith after their freshman year in college — and the loss rate is in direct proportion to the strictness of their religious upbringing, with fundamentalists heading the “dropout” list.

In the first college year, Christians are exposed to the unshakable, yet incorrect, perception that they are out of place and behind the times. Horvath was a victim of this fall-away phenomenon and he later went on a mission to fix this situation, first for himself and then for others.

But apologetics is not only defending the faith with philosophical tools of the intellect. It also includes defending the culture of faith with such tools.

In confronting the author with a situation that forced him and his wife to make a real-life personal decision not to “terminate” the pregnancy, as offered by their doctor, the Lord set the gears of his mind in motion and helped him develop the Christian philosophical basis for choosing life, one of the pillars in a Christian worldview.

Though philosophical at times, the book is not hard to read.

The first part is dedicated to the narrative of 2 parents shocked at the news that their baby would have a major defect, then trying to cope with various decisions as to the surgical treatment, and the knowledge that Renny would require more upkeep than an average baby. During this narrative the reader experiences with them the prayers of friends and the answer to that prayer as God still pulls the strings in Renny’s favor and making things happen rather than just letting them happen at random. One concern after the other is taken care of and ultimately, Horvath says Renny was “as far as possible from the worst case scenario” that the couple had worried about.

In the second part dedicated to the arguments in favor of keeping (not aborting) children with severe birth defects, Horvath points to real-life cases of children who were sentenced to be aborted due to misdiagnosed defects that later proved to be non-existent. In one well-published case, the child survived the abortion but with severe sequelae from the abortion attempt. In other known cases, aborted fetuses proved to be perfect in every way. Reporting on one such actual case, Horvath writes “I wonder how the father felt” upon seeing the remains of his unborn, perfectly healthy, child.

Thus one point he makes is: you just never know.

Another point is that the unborn are due rights and privileges we extend to other persons. Horvath points out the callous words of bioethicist Peter Singer: “Simply killing an infant is never equivalent to killing a person” (emphasis Horvath’s) to show that the only way we can justify killing is by the age-old method of denying the victim personhood.

He points out that if some embryos taken from human mothers occasionally became other animals, then one could perhaps justify this argument, but that every embryo from a human mother inevitably becomes, if it lives, a child and then an adult human.

Horvath’s book also inadvertently opened up another question for me:

Why does God allow pro-lifers to have children with severe birth defects? After all, Sarah Palin had a child with Down Syndrome and was forced to make a similar decision.

I am sure that Horvath has a reason for this, because one of the issues covered at his Athanatos site is why God allows people to suffer in the first place. Let me offer an explanation of my own:

Ever since Job, God has allowed righteous to suffer. More specifically, he allows Satan to put them to the test.  A better way to look at such suffering is to consider it a challenge to your faith. God has set high standards of man. But Jesus said that no Christian would be given a burden that he could not carry. In fact he said “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

That is a promise that we can take to the bank. Mr. and Mrs. Horvath did.

Learn more and purchase Anthony Horvath’s book at  The book is also available on and other online retail book stores.

Are conservatives seeing the Keynesian light?

There is now talk of Keynesian economics – in reverent tones, on both sides of the aisle. As a quick review, John Maynard Keynes is the Big Government economist who said that even if the government paid people to dig ditches and fill them back up again, that would stimulate the economy. Obama – along with Bush, McCain and many others who voted for the bank bailout – seems to believe this.

Thus the Left is propagating the story that FDR’s initial attempts to stem the Great Depression failed not because he spent tax money but because he didn’t spend enough. They point to the way WWII stimulated the economy.

What they forget is that back then

1 – America was a huge manufacturing engine. The war primed this engine.

2 – America was on the gold standard. Money spent to stimulate it was real, not the play money we use today

The mainstream media, enamored of Big Government, are saturated with stories about how conservatives are leaving the GOP for the Democratic Party. The narrative is that, now that Bush and McCain have gone down in flames, one-time conservatives have seen the failure of conservative principles, have seen the light and are drifting leftward in droves. Capitalism needs “change.” Pro-life ideas need “change.” And change is spelled: d-e-s-t-r-o-y.

I just got done gagging on one article written in this vein. My response to the author is below.


Hello Mike,

Re. your article

You make some good points, but you missed the main story:

Bush did not fail because he was too conservative. He failed because he was too far left.

Look at the evidence:

— overtures toward global governance (SPP, Mexican truck highway, acquiescence on climate control)

— open borders

— attempt to massively pardon invading lawbreakers

— harsh sentence for border patrol agents who fired at fleeing drug dealer, use of this drug dealer’s testimony (with immunity) to convict the agents

— no real advances in the pro-life agenda, with abortion proceeding unabated

— majority of Syrian Christians forced to flee Iraq and now living in Sweden, their churches burned to the ground (they were safer under Saddam!)

— support for creation of a Muslim state in Europe (Kosovo)

— treatment of the far-left Lula in Brazil as a moderate

— support for a trillion dollar bailout bill with no strings attached to the giveaway

— faith-based initiatives providing a means for the State to control major aspects of church policy

— No Child Left Behind greatly expands government, further reverses Constitutional role of the states in education

— acquiescence to the Left’s agenda to strong-arm banks into lending under no-down payment, no-doc policies under the CRA, as aided by ACORN (I have a copy of Bush’s HUD site’s page touting his “Zero-Downpayment Initiative”)

Economically, Bush was a Big Government Republican like Herbert Hoover. The mistakes of this left-leaning politician posing as a conservative have misled some gullible people to believe that conservatism is not viable.

The thing that is not viable, and may never be viable, is the GOP. Their election of moderate Michael Steele as the RNC chair shows they just aren’t smart enough to win any more.

The real story for you to cover is Republicans fleeing to the American Independent Party.


Don Hank

Editor in Chief

Behind “diversity” the muzzling of Christians

“Diversity” aims to suppress Christianity

I am posting this as a companion piece to the article on Common Purpose and on “diversity” and “leadership” training, both from the UK but both relevant and timely for US readers.

Look how people have been brainwashed by all the PC diversity discussion in the mass media and by diversity training:

‘I have Christian beliefs myself and maybe she meant well. But it could perhaps be upsetting for some other people if they have different beliefs or thought that she meant they looked in such a bad way that they needed praying for.’

Notice how no one of another faith complained, yet a “Christian” was dreadfully afraid a Muslim or atheist might be offended on their way to hell or that a dying patient might think they were dying and realize the need for repentance. Imagine living in a world in which praying for a dying patient is banned. We are just a few goose steps away from that absurdity.

Look what else they say:

‘Your NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) code states that “you must demonstrate a personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity” and “you must not use your professional status to promote causes that are not related to health”.’

Imagine if someone had prohibited the Apostle Paul to heal people on the grounds of ‘diversity.’ What might the sick have thought of that policy? Imagine the scenario: “Oh, thank God that religious fanatic wasn’t allowed to touch me and allow me to walk again!”


Or the following:

As a result, Mrs Petrie, who qualified as a nurse in 1985 and has worked part-time for the North Somerset Authority since February 2008, was ordered to attend an equality course. Such courses can include learning to make a judgment on whether your words are likely to offend the person they are directed to.

How about bureaucrats taking a course in learning to make a judgment on whether their words are likely to offend an entire nation, their own!

Pray, American, pray hard for an end to this leftward march to nowhere! Nowhere is just around the corner, and its name is Washington.

Donald Hank

PS: I am now in the process of trying to find an email or other address for Caroline Petrie. This brave woman needs encouragement. I would encourage readers to email the reporters at the Mail and ask them if they can convey your sympathy for her and tell her you are praying for her!


Persecuted for praying: Nurse who faces the sack after offering to pray for sick patient

By David Wilkes and Neil Sears

A nurse could be sacked and even struck off for offering to say a prayer for an elderly patient.

Caroline Petrie, a community nurse and devout Christian, has already been suspended for an alleged breach of her code of conduct on equality and diversity.

She now faces disciplinary action, even though the patient involved did not make a formal complaint.

Suspended: Caroline Petrie offered to pray to help a patient recover

The case has outraged the Christian community, which warns its members are becoming ‘the most discriminated against people in society’.

They cited previous instances including that of Heathrow check-in worker Nadia Eweida, who in 2006 was banned from wearing a cross around her neck at work.

Last night Mrs Petrie, 45, insisted she was not trying to force her beliefs on others, but was simply offering a little spiritual help.

She said: ‘I have trouble understanding how offering to pray for someone could be upsetting. I feel it’s a nice thing to ask and a way to give hope that circumstances can change.’

She made the prayer offer to May Phippen, 79, in December, at the end of a home visit.

Mrs Phippen, a widow who lives with relatives, mentioned the offer in passing to another nurse the next day.

Caroline denies forcing her faith on anyone and said she was only trying to help by politely offering to pray for a patient

The great-grandmother told the Mail last night: ‘It didn’t worry me, it just struck me as a strange thing for a nurse to do. She finished dressing my legs and before she left the last thing she asked was would you like me to say a prayer for you? I said “no thank you” and then she went.

‘It was the first time I’d seen her. She was a nice lady, did the job properly and was quietly spoken. Personally I wouldn’t want to see her sacked for something like that.

‘I have Christian beliefs myself and maybe she meant well. But it could perhaps be upsetting for some other people if they have different beliefs or thought that she meant they looked in such a bad way that they needed praying for.’

Read more here.

Leadership/diversity training is pure brainwashing

Beware “leadership training” and “diversity training” – it’s brainwashing!

Friends, politicians, and particularly presidents, often use weasel words to beguile people. FDR spoke of a “New Deal,” which turned out to be Keynesian Big Government that greatly slowed the recovery from the Depression.

Lyndon Johnson used the “Great Society” to sell welfare.

Obama used “Change” to mask an attempt to nationalize American business and industry.

In the UK, they came up with “Common Purpose” to sell the EU, a veritable dictatorship which makes national governments redundant. Their only purpose: to harmonize (meaning, rubber-stamp) legislation handed down from Brussels.

Below is an urgent message from our friends in Britain. Note the words “common cause” in an Obama speech cited therein. Although the far-left global government advocates at Common Cause are only interested in enslaving Britons (as if mocking the famous lyrics of “Britannia”:  “The Britons never never never will be slaves”), they have inadvertently and unwittingly created a true common cause, namely, the backlash to this insidious plot: throwing off the yoke of the international cabal of leftists and bankers who run Europe like a Chicago gang boss.

The leadership training and diversity training we see on both sides of the Atlantic are only aimed at changing the culture to delete Judeo-Christian values and replace them with a taste for Leftist totalitarianism.

Ironically, this nefarious idea carries within it the seeds of its own destruction: The agents of change are so intent on destroying Christianity that they are inviting hordes of Muslims to Europe. Likewise, for the same reason, they agitate in the “gay” community to spread that gospel of “gay” rights.

Clearly, the Muslims far outnumber homosexuals and once they have enough power, they will inevitably demand, and get, Sharia law throughout Europe. Under Shariah law, homosexuals are to be put to death.

Leftism in its present form will die along with the Christian culture they sought to destroy. This is the same sort of myopia that prevailed in certain islands of the Pacific, where the mongoose was introduced to kill rats.

It turned out the mongoose preferred chicken.

Donald Hank

PS: Be sure to see the alert at the end of this report re. Officer Stephanie Mohr. She is innocent and needs to be released immediately — another victim of political correct “diversity training” in government.

URGENT – Forward this to all you know

Please take the time to watch this excellent interview with our colleague Brian Gerrish. It is a MUST WATCH on both sides of the Atlantic. This interview exposes a force that is largely unknown to the public and even unknown to those who are aware of the coming new world dis-order. This organisation Brain speaks of is pervasive, insidious and VERY DANGEROUS. It is being used to UNDERMINE EVERY ASPECT of society and reshape it with sinister intent. In the UK, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden it calls itself COMMON PURPOSE. We know it is operating in the USA, but under a different name or names. However, it operates in the UK under the guise of “Diversity Training, for Change.” Common Purpose is a registered charity! We would like to hear from you, wherever you are, about your experience with LEADERSHIP TRAINING programmes (including children). Listen to Brian and forward this message because although you may not yet be aware of its function, it will no doubt be happening in your country, city, or town and it is vitally important to expose this nefarious mind changing tool kit. It is employed at every stage of public life, private business, education, health, politics and last but not least – the LAW. It has a massive Global Agenda……………..!

Edge Media Interview with Brian Gerrish – MUST WATCH

See details and links below which provide evidence of Obama’s continued references to Common Purpose which means absolutely nothing to the man/women in the street, but could have sent an insidious message of intent to all Common Purpose Leaders across the world.

The following link is to USA Today , the headline of the 3th October reads Obama: Keeping cool, focusing on ‘common purpose’

“Obama has applied the same model in a presidential campaign striking for its grass-roots strength and lack of backbiting. ‘In a business that is notorious for internal fighting, he’s been able to keep all the people in his campaign focused on the common purpose,’ says Geoffrey Garin, a strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nomination bid.”

AGAIN see The Los Angeles Times  25 December,0,7685076.story
“Obama urges renewed ‘sense of common purpose’ in holiday message”

 Again see the Washington Independent

Obama Makes Closing Argument on Common Purpose

…”Each of us has a responsibility to work hard and look after ourselves and our families, and each of us has a responsibility to our fellow citizens.  That’s what’s been lost these last eight years — our sense of common purpose; of higher purpose.  And that’s what we need to restore right now.”

Text of President Barack Obama’s inaugural address

Obama mentioned the word COMMON in his inaugural address “6 times”. 




Release officer Mohr The case as told by her legal counsel, David Martin of LELDF Prosecutors (did they have “diversity training?) played “the race card” in her second trial and convicted her.