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Aug 29

Brazil: The invisible revolution

BRAZIL: THE INVISIBLE REVOLUTION   When will the Western world wake up to Brazilian threat to freedom? A PREVIEW Heitor De Paola  (This is a preview of a larger article that will be published in the near future. Emergency circumstances made this preview mandatory. These circumstances included massive attacks on my site,, with a …

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Aug 28

Olavo de Carvalho on the revolutionary mind

Olavo de Carvalho’s lecture: The structure of the revolutionary mind   By Donald Hank Even the best of observers have trouble figuring out what the Left is, or what the difference between left and right is, or what these concepts even mean any more. Great strides have been made recently, however, with the recognition, among …

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Aug 23

Anti-gay protesters sue city, police

Anti-gay protesters sue city, police   Men claim their religious views were restricted at event in Elmira park. BY RAY FINGER • RFINGER@STARGAZETTE.COM • AUGUST 22, 2008   A civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the city of Elmira and police charging they discriminated against Christians during Southern Tier Pride 2008. In the suit filed last …

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Aug 19

Christians, fear the LORD, not Rick Warren!

Christians: Fear the Lord, not Rick Warren!  by Donald Hank Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.    Mat. 25:45 Some will certainly ask why my campaign against Rick Warren. They say it seems so personal at times. It is. Let me try …

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Aug 18

Another Rick Warren defender persecutes godly preacher / author

Another Rick Warren defender persecutes godly preacher / author There is something sinister going on here. James Sundquist (see below) had read my article “Did Rev. Rob Schenk really owe that apology to Rick Warren” (in which I demonstrate that he did not), but nowhere in that article did I disclose the email address of …

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Aug 18

Review of “Taken into Custody: The War against Fatherhood, Marriage and the Family”

Some of you saw my first article on Rick Warren and noticed that I focused on his wife’s involvement with domestic violence, protesting the premise of her activism as being feminist inspired and potentially causing collateral harm to men and children. Why the fuss? Shouldn’t we be protecting women? Of course we should, whenever their …

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Aug 17

Did Rev. Rob Schenk really owe Rick Warren that apology?

Did Rev. Rob Schenk really owe Rick Warren that apology? By Donald Hank Last night, Christian Americans were pleasantly surprised to see Rick Warren posing really tough questions on abortion and same-sex marriage to the candidates. As soon as the forum was over, Reverend Rob Schenk, one of Rick Warren’s fiercest critics, rushed to apologize …

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Aug 16

Will Rick play softball with Barry and John tonight?

Will Rick play softball with Barry and John tonight?   By Donald Hank   An article that appeared in One News Now today entitled “Skepticism mounts over Warren’s presidential forum,” says that Christians are doubtful that Rick Warren will ask either of the candidates about their views on abortion in the 2-hour interview scheduled at …

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Aug 13

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, tragically misunderstood by conservatives

Aleksander Solzenitsyn, tragically misunderstood by America   By Donald Hank   Solzhenitsyn is known as a writer who addressed issues like the lack of freedom in the USSR, for example, in his novels “Gulag Archipelago” and “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.” But few are aware that his greatest contribution to the world …

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Aug 10

How conservative is your talk show host?

How Right is Your Conservative Commentator       By Michael Bresciani Those who host conservative radio shows are less likely to be pressured by PC watchdogs but all of them occasionally take leave of reality especially when it comes to theology. Let’s see! From the stinging replies of Americas “culture warrior,” Bill O’Reilly, to …

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