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Jul 29

Obama’s “gotcha” effect on America

The American Lula Olavo de Carvalho Jornal do Brasil, July 24, 2008   Besides listening to the national anthem with his hands over his genitals instead of his heart, Barack Hussein Obama has adulterated the presidential seal so as to make it into one of his campaign logos, declared that the American flag is “a symbol …

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Jul 28

Three strikes for Rick Warren

Previously, my column The purpose-driven left turn had appeared at Laigle’s Forum, showing how Rick Warren – whether inadvertently or on purpose – was helping the Democrats elect their candidate this year. If you read the comments section of that issue, you will see that Rick himself showed up with comments that were at best disingenuous …

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Jul 26

The revolutionary inversion in action

I admit I have got the cart before the horse here a bit. I am now reading an unpublished lecture by this same author that is truly an eye-opener, and it is because of that lengthy but riveting lecture that I was drawn to the column presented below. I don’t want to give away the …

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Jul 21

Up close with the real bad guys

Fellow American: consider what your candidate would do to the killers described in the next column. Would he “negotiate” (=appease) or would he fight? Donald Hank Up Close with the Real Bad Guys by Charles R Lewis Samir Kantar was released from an Israeli prison yesterday and returned to his Hezbollah comrades in Lebanon (itself …

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Jul 20

San Diego gay pride or pedophile pride?

In our column on LDS / FLDS, I had mentioned that the next steps in the liberals’ quest for unlimited sexual freedom will no doubt be legalized polygamy and adult-child sex, with Mormons and pedophiles portrayed as the next “victim” groups. Here are some ominous clues. Without God, folks, there is no redemption for individual …

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Jul 16

FLDS case threatens child welfare. TAKE ACTION

It’s a good thing we don’t depend on public support to continue our work here at Laigle’s. With articles like the following we’d probably lose a lot of support. You know what? I don’t care. We are here to tell it as it is, no holds barred. You know what worries me about this ElDorado …

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Jul 14

The roots of anti-energy madness

The roots of anti-energy madness By Donald Hank  The Madwoman: What are they looking for? Did they lose something? Pierre: They’re looking for oil. The Madwoman: Strange! What do they want to make with it? Pierre: The things people make with oil. Misery. War. Ugliness. A miserable world. These lines are the most frequently quoted …

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Jul 14

Transfiguring the disaster

A reader left a comment at a recent column of mine saying she was offended that I dared to suggest that the Left’s support for “gay marriage” was similar to their refusal to allow the free market to work in the extraction of oil on US territory. How does one go about compressing the distillate …

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Jul 11

What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that?  Olavo de Carvalho  Diário do Comércio (São Paulo, Brazil), July 9th 2008              Barack Hussein Obama is, in so many aspects, so different from what one normally assumes to be a candidate to the presidency of the U.S. that only by an enormous stretch of the imagination could anyone think that …

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Jul 10

Airlines united behind questionable economics. TAKE ACTION

Airlines united behind questionable economics by Donald Hank We urge our readers to go to the site linked below and leave a post asking why the members of the airline-supported forum StopOilSpeculationNow are so preoccupied with only one minor aspect of the fuel price crisis, namely, speculation in the prices. Tell them ending speculation will …

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