Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 29

Nazis take over Philadelphia

Michael Marcavage is arguably one of the last true heroes of our time. Unlike most defensors of liberty, Marcavage has put his own personal liberty on the line to defend yours and mine. The story below gives the lie to the politically correct idea that history shows a progressive move toward increasing freedom – an …

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Jun 12

June 10, 2008 SC primaries show incongruous results

Candid Observations on 6/10/08 South Carolina Primary Elections   Upstate South Carolina rid itself of the Hillary Clinton of pennyante southern politics tonight, as Wendy Nanney withstood a remarkable onslaught of lies and misrepresentations from the Gloria Arias Haskins camp (as reported here) to defeat the open borders, voting privileges-for-illegals incumbent in the state House of Representatives, District 22 …

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Jun 01

Perilous crossing

Perilous crossing Olavo de Carvalho  In his book America and the World Revolution (Oxford University Press 1962), a transcript of conferences given at the University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 1961, Arnold Toynbee wrote: “If we wish to avoid massive suicide, we have to have our world State as quickly as possible, and this …

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