Global Warming: Evolutionary “Science” Warmed Over?

By Anthony Horvath

I need to admit from the beginning that I have not personally investigated the data said to be for or against Global Warming.  That said, I have been watching carefully how Global Warming is being promoted and defended and as a long time observer of how Evolutionary Theory is defended, the similarities are striking.

Examples of censorship against skeptics of Evolutionary Theory are now so numerous that Ben Stein just produced a whole movie on how those who advance ‘Intelligent Design’ are castigated and even have their careers threatened for taking a view that is not strictly Darwinian.  Have we not seen similar tactics employed in the Global Warming debate?  There are many examples, including comparing skeptics of Global Warming to holocaust deniers, threatening to fire climatologists, and more.

There is one unique difference between Evolutionary Theory and Global Warming, and that is that each of us, as ones living on the globe, can get a sense for themselves whether or not it is warming or cooling in any dramatic fashion, but we do not all have access to all the fossils.

I can tell you that in Wisconsin it was a cold winter and it lasted long!  Anecdotal, to be sure, but it makes one wonder when the Global Warming talk begins and hearing that long cold spells are exactly what you can expect from a warming globe certainly raises eyebrows.  What would you expect from a cooling globe? Hot spells?

It is very telling that promoters of Global Warming have resorted to tactics long employed by Evolutionists.  Rabid Darwinist Richard Dawkins famously said, “It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that).”  It is not long- indeed, the day may already be upon us- before those who are skeptical of Global Warming make the same kind of statements.

We must ask ourselves why the proponents of Evolution and Global Warming feel like they need to advance their positions by using such hostile methods. In the case of Evolution I think the answer is obvious:  the science itself isn’t nearly as conclusive as we are led to believe.  As such, the position needs to be advanced with blunt force since the evidence is not as self-evidently persuasive as other, less controversial, scientific facts.  Might it be that Evolutionary Theory is actually propelled by philosophical naturalism and not the evidence as illustrated by another quote by Richard Dawkins, that evolution made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist?

Science has certainly done great good, although it has handed us numerous ethical dilemmas as well.  Yet few probably understand that what passes as science these days isn’t always like the science they learned in high school.  There we learned that science proceeded along a method:  first you make some observations, then you hypothesize about those observations, then you craft experiments which will tell you more about your hypothesis, and you do this a number of times, testing different explanations and challenges to the data you are generating, and eventually you come to the point where you can generate a theory out of it all.

It is here that the similarities between Global Warming and Evolutionary Theory become uncanny.  All of the really controversial aspects of Evolution happened in the past, outside of observation and beyond experimentation.  We have fossils, which must be interpreted, and we have small scale examples of variation within similar organisms, but the rest of extrapolation.  Nor can we make any precise predictions on what kind of organisms will emerge in the future, since the biggest driver of evolutionary change is change to the DNA code itself- which is random.  The theory is impotent in offering anything more substantially concrete beyond predicting that species will change, which anyone who has seen a baby and noticed that it is different than its parents will observe.

Moreover, you can’t falsify the theory because uncomfortable data merely calls for a revision of it, with no realistic hope that anything would actually refute it.

Global Warming seems to be developing along similar lines prompting us to wonder if it too might be agenda driven.  We observe the weather all the time, but as far as performing experiments at a scale that could actually tell us whether or not humans are causing the putative warming, that is an entirely different matter.  Short term weather forecasting has improved a great deal but attempts to predict how many major hurricanes there will be in a season have been embarrassingly off.  The year 2008 is producing a fair number of tornados, many more than previous years (though not all years), but as near as I can tell, there were not siren calls in 2007 telling us to watch out this particular year.

There is also the curious fact that according to the same data, the earth has endured numerous warming and cooling cycles with no help or hindrance from human activity.  What kind of experiment is being proposed that will help us distinguish between a global temperature change brought about by public policies and a change brought about by natural processes alone?  I am aware of none.  I am not even aware that Global Warming proponents think it important.

So whether it is hot or cold Global Warming is a scientific fact just as Evolution is a scientific fact whether it happens fast or slow (see Punctuated Equilibrium).  And don’t you dare question whether it happened!  Your job is at risk if you do.  That is perfectly justified, since if you do, you are ignorant, stupid, or insane- or possibly wicked.  Naturally, you don’t reason with stupid and insane people, and wicked people you must oppose as a matter of course.   Right?

No, I have not yet formed an opinion on Global Warming, but it appears that skepticism is called for.  If others were to become more skeptical- even of scientists- who knows what towering theories would tumble.

Anthony Horvath is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries.  He is the author of the Birth Pangs series and his apologetics website,, is frequented by both believer and unbelievers.

Apologetics: Cure for America’s social ills

Apologetics: Cure for America’s social ills


By Anthony Horvath


(Anthony Horvath is a Laigle’s Forum partner)


The evidence of societal decay is all around us. The California Supreme Court decision is not an isolated event. Despite eight years with a Republican president, much of that with a Republican-controlled legislature, abortion is still legal and rampant, and Roe v. Wade the “law” of the land. The cure, it would seem, is better legislative efforts and more efficient grass-roots campaigning for wholesome politicians. I don’t think so.

I should hasten to add that I think there is a proper place for attempts to advance decent legislation. I even doubt that we’ve done it enough. Yet, I should note that even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion will become a states’ rights issue, and even if all 50 states abolished abortion, there will still be people getting abortions. We can successfully resist the gay agenda and preserve the traditional understanding of marriage, and yet there will still be gays. Moreover, even the straight community is filled with sexual immorality.

Read more here here.

Join Pro-Life Prayer and Picket Demo against NEA Pro-Abortion Agenda


Bob Pawson

National Coordinator ~ PLEAS

Pro-Life Educators and Students

PO Box 2826 Hamilton, NJ 08690  (609) 610-3522


Pro-Life Prayer & Picket Demo Against NEA Pro-Abortion Agenda

at the NEA’s own Convention & State Capital HQs

Washington Convention Center * Wednesday July 2 10AM-2PM

801 Mount Vernon Place, NW • Washington, DC 20001 (Rain or Shine)

Dear Pro-Life & Pro-Family Organizations, Leaders, Activists in DC, VA, MD & DE,

You are invited and exhorted to please help stage a massive, peaceful, highly visible, pro-life prayer-&-picket demonstration against the National Education Association leadership’s egregious pro-abortion agenda. I urge you to become stake-holders in this endeavor. Please commit yourselves and your organizations to adopting a pro-active leadership role in making this pro-life action effective and successful.

Press Release Link:


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: One or both will surely speak at NEA Convention 2008 (as they did at the Philadelphia NEA Convention 2007); especially whichever one becomes the Democratic nominee. NEA-PAC may vote on and announce the union’s 2008 Presidential Endorsement at this convention. Please recall that late-term abortionist George Tiller addressed the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Conference held at NEA’s Washington, DC headquarters in March 2008.

This document has been sent to at least fifty pro-life & pro-family organizations with headquarters or operations in the greater DC area. Surely, such a coalition task force can mobilize a minimum of one thousand people for a few hours to picket the NEA Convention (and fifty+ people at each state capital’s NEA HQ). We cannot wait for “somebody else” to do this. In your hearts, you know that this is a good and Godly idea – and that you really do want to be a part of it. It is up to you/me/us to combine our forces, resources, and talents and get it done. Besides – it will be fun to do! Imagine smacking the NEA! Hard! Many of your organizations’ members would love the chance to smite the NEA leadership – on their own turf no less! This has got to be a Team Effort. Please be one of the Team Leaders.

Over 9,000 Delegates from all fifty states and US territories will meet at the Washington Convention Center, July 1-6, to set policy for 3.2 million NEA members. Celebrities & politicians address the convention. Fortune 500 companies set up exhibit booths. Approximately 3,000 visitors also attend the convention.

This is a unique opportunity for the Pro-Life Movement to make millions of American citizens and school employees keenly aware of the NEA leadership’s radical agenda by generating a tidal wave of news coverage through both secular and Christian media outlets such as FOX, CBN, ABC, USARadio, NBC, SRN, CBS, BOTT, CNN, TV & cable, newspaper and magazine front pages, internet sites, the blogosphere and more.

Nationwide press coverage of a dynamic, well-attended, pro-life demonstration is virtually guaranteed. Hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of reporters from international, national, regional, and local news media outlets always attend and cover NEA’s annual meeting. NEA prides itself on being the organization which does the picketing; not being the target of picketing. This prayer and picket demo can be one of the most significant pro-life news events of 2008 across the USA and worldwide.

This cooperative event has the potential to synergistically re-energize pro-lifers all across America as we stage an effective, united, nationwide, pro-life “happening”. It will imbue in all participants a great sense of accomplishment and feeling of satisfaction to give the NEA leadership a well-deserved, highly publicized thrashing. We will also hearten and embolden the handful of Pro-Life NEA Delegates inside the Convention!

If you or your organizations host radio or TV programs, print publications, or web sites, please promote this event via your broadcasts and columns. If you have access to media personalities such as Dobson, Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Beck, Parshall, Levin, Schlafly, O’Reilly, et al, please tell them about this event and your group’s participation. Encourage them to inform their audiences about the event and NEA’s agenda. If possible, get yourselves booked as guests on their shows so that you can personally promote the prayer-&-picket demos.

Therefore: Please recruit as many pro-life people as you can muster to picket against the NEA leadership’s pro-abortion policies & activism. Imagine the impact of 1,000+ picketers from all walks of life taking the NEA to task: men & women, taxpayers, parents, children, babies, and clergy – in addition to school employees, teachers (especially NEA members), and students (public, private, parochial, home school, etc). Invite pro-life elected officials with whom you have influence.

The peaceful, non-confrontational prayer-&-picket pro-life demonstration is scheduled for Wednesday, July 2, 10AM-2PM (Rain or Shine) as the 9000 Delegates arrive to register at the Convention Center.

Pro-Lifers more than 90 minutes from Washington, DC: You can still participate! Please picket the NEA affiliate HQ in your state’s capital at least one time during NEA Convention week. Pick dates & times which work for you, although my suggested date is Wednesday, July 2, 11:00AM-1:00PM (lunch hour) in your local time zone for maximum impact & media boost. Send press releases to your local media tying in your state demos with the NEA Convention demo. Click this link for addresses of NEA State Affiliate HQs.

PLEAS will transmit a general press release* by June 26 via and other outlets. All pro-life organizations, ministries, and churches supporting the demonstrations are encouraged to send out their own independent press statements June 27-30. A “flood” of press releases will enhance and reinforce media coverage of the event and impact upon the public’s consciousness.

(* If your organization would like to be listed as a participating group in the PLEAS press release, please advise me by June 23.)

Do NOT assume that other pro-life leaders, organizations, or activists already know about this opportunity. Inform them yourself. Forward this e-mail to them. Send out your own notification to any & all pro-life groups and individuals in your circle of contacts. Please send this plan to your entire e-mail list.

If YOU are committed to making this pro-life event a success, please contact me at once. Thank you.

><> Yours for Life,

        Bob Pawson

“A pro-abortion teacher union makes about as much sense as pyromaniac forest rangers.”

FYI:  If you need info about my pro-life background and ministry, go to for biographical sketch at bottom of page. Google search terms: “Bob Pawson” prolife     Also search: “Bob Pawson” bringyourbible

Additional Data, Maps, Suggestions, Rules of Conduct, etc:

NEA Resolution on Family Planning (currently listed as Res. I-15) was adopted in 1985, amended in 1986, and is reaffirmed annually at every NEA Convention:

“The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.

The Association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities.

The Association further urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel.”

In 1990, the NEA delegates easily passed New Business Item 1990-65.

“NEA will oppose any legislation which will erode the status of Roe v. Wade and/or which impedes access to and choice of reproductive health care options, by providing technical assistance to state affiliates.”

The NEA leadership is one of Planned Parenthood’s primary advocates. The NEA leadership co-sponsored the pro-abortion rally in Washington, DC in November 1989, April 1992, and April 2004. Other sponsors were: PPFA, ACLU, NOW, NARAL. Late term abortionist George Tiller spoke at NEA HQ in March 2008.

You can find out more about the NEA leadership’s radical agenda on many issues (abortion, homosexuality, sex education, home schooling, illegal immigration, etc) by going to the NEA homepage at or a searchable PDF file at


OK to bring standard pro-life signs (Abortion Kills Children, Stop Abortion Now, Abortion Hurts Women, etc)

However, if you are motivated to create new signs, some ideas are below:






Please ~ All signs should be easy to read, BIG, DARK print – to be seen best by millions

of people looking at TV newscasts, newspaper & magazine photos, web sites, blogs, etc.

Media coverage will go National & International front page & top-story for several reasons:

1) The NEA is rarely targeted for any sort of public demonstrations. A massive picket against NEA is newsworthy in and of itself!

     NEA takes pride in being the group which DOES the picketing! NEA is never the target OF picketing!

2) The idea of the NEA being picketed by a broad coalition of Parents/Taxpayers; Children/Students; School Employees

     & Teachers (including NEA members) will be hard for media organizations to pass up. They’d get scooped by competitors.

3) The media will not be able to ignore such an event – partly because the media ATTENDS the NEA convention.


Pro-Life NEA members can actually go into the NEA Convention and REGISTER to attend. There is no fee for NEA members; just show your NEA-affiliate ID card at the Registration Booth to obtain your Badge/Name-Tag “credentials”. [Note: Be sure to wear your credentials while picketing outside.] Do NOT picket inside – although it is OK to wear pro-life t-shirts & buttons inside. Visit the pro-life exhibit booths of “Teachers Saving Children” and “NEA Educators for Life Caucus”. Take a walk through the exhibit area July 1-3 to see for yourselves some of the radical organizations and causes on display. Bring your cameras! Pick up some of the free, high-quality gifts and goodies from the hundreds of exhibit booths. You may also register guests at (low cost or possibly no cost — esp for guests under age 18).



(Note: METRO Station “Mt. Vernon Sq/7th St. Convention Center” on the Yellow or Green Line is ideal!)

CAR POOLS / VAN POOLS & BUSES ~ Drivers can drop off passengers & go park; or if your vehicle has a big pro-life sign or display, consider driving continuously around the blocks of the Convention Center.

DIRECTIONS:  The Convention Center is easily accessible via main roads and highways throughout the greater Washington area.

PARKING near Washington Convention Center: There are many Parking Facilities near the Convention Center (walking distance). A map of their locations is available at


Note: All of the graphics & maps below can be re-sized (enlarged) or copied-&-pasted.


Washington Convention Center   801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC 20001
Located between 7th & 9th Streets – and- N Street & Mt. Vernon Place

Closest METRO stop is “Mt. Vernon Sq/7th St. Convention Center” on the Yellow or Green Line


Numbered Red Dots ?thru? indicate key locations where pro-lifers should assemble.  = Metro Station



General Rule: Honor the Lord in all we say and do.

This is an informational/educational picket – NOT a “Protest Demonstration”.

Pray & Picket at the Red Dot locations & in-between the Red Dots. (Idea: Bring this map with you.)

Be Peaceful, Polite, & Calm at all times. J Smile J Be Friendly & Cordial. Obey any Police instructions.

Do NOT block access to sidewalks or Convention Center doors. Respect all property. Do not litter.

Do NOT engage in verbal debates, arguments, or physical confrontations with NEA Delegates or passersby.

Ignore provocation: If someone says or does something offensive – do NOT respond; quietly walk away.

Carry no weapons, alcohol, or drugs. Parents: Please maintain control of your minor children.

Hold up your signs towards TV & newspaper cameras for millions of viewers to see/read.


Future Note: NEA Convention July 1-6, 2009 in San Diego; July 1-6, 2010 in New Orleans.

Start planning to picket the Conventions and NEA HQs in all 50 states.

MA senators must wait for the debate


MassResistance Update

Pro-family activism

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

Home Page




1. After MassResistance budget victory — State Sen. Dianne Wilkerson files budget amendment for $300,000.00 increase in homosexual programs in schools!  DON’T let it happen!

2. See video of horrific attack on photographers at May 10 state-run “Youth Pride”event – incited by speakers on stage.

3. Anti-Catholic / anti-Christian pamphlets given to kids at “Youth Pride” event causing national outrage.

4. Supporter reacts to homosexual lobby’s big money – donates $12,000 to MassResistance and challenges others to follow!

1. After MassResistance budget victory — State Sen. Dianne Wilkerson files budget amendment for $300,000.00 increase in homosexual programs in schools!  DON’T let it happen!

Last week your overwhelming pressure caused the Senate Ways and Means Committee to do something the homosexual lobby never expected: it cut the funding for the homosexual programs in schools by $200,000.00.

Here’s what the homosexual lobby group MassEquality sent to their supporters in an email on Thursday:

Just this week, anti-gay activists [i.e., MassResistance!] sent another round of emails to state legislators, urging them to oppose any funding to support LGBT youth and accusing them of “caving in to the lies and intimidation of the homosexual lobby.”

. . . Yesterday afternoon, the Massachusetts State Senate released its version of the 2009 budget. The problem? This budget didn’t include any of the increases that we fought so hard to win in the House.

The deadline for submitting amendments with co-sponsors is Friday at NOON.

We had also hoped that a pro-family Senator would offer an amendment to get rid of ALL the funding for these hideous programs. But none were willing to come forward.

Is this the way you want your tax money to be spent? Well, get ready for more.

State Senator Dianne Wilkerson (D-Boston) has filed budget amendments to give an additional $300,000.00 of your tax money for these homosexual programs aimed at schoolchildren! This Wednesday, the Senate is scheduled to vote on it. Wilkerson is doing this as a favor to the homosexual lobby for supporting her election against two challengers two years ago. (And she also has two challengers in this upcoming election!)

    Amendment #466: Increases item 7010-0005 from $200,000 to $300,000

    Amendment #654: Increases item 4590-0250 from $350,000 to $550,000

Thus – a total of $850,000 will be going to these depraved, hideous programs if this holds up and is passed!

Don’t just stand there – DO something!

Demand that she IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW her amendments –
#466 and #654!!

These amendments — #466 and #654 -add $300,000 to push homosexuality on our kids! (Maybe she needs to know that you’ll support her opponent in the November elections.) She is in effect selling your children to the gay lobby. She REALLY needs to hear from everyone! (See below for where just some of this money goes.)

This needs to happen before Wednesday. On Wednesday and Thursday the full Senate will be voting on these amendments, according to State House News Service. These amendments MUST BE WITHDRAWN by Wilkerson!

CALL NOW: Senator Dianne Wilkerson
Room 312-C, State House, Boston, Massachusetts
Office: 617-722-1673   Home: 617-445-8989
Office Fax: 617-722-1079  Email:

Everyone ought to at least make one phone call.

ALSO: Here’s how to contact the entire Senate. THEY need to hear from you, too! They may be voting on this Wednesday or Thursday.
Sen. Dianne Wilkerson (D-Boston)
Paying back the homosexual lobby
for getting her elected.

Don’t let the homosexual lobby control your government!

Call the homosexual lobbies – They need to hear from you. Tell them to STOP going after our kids.

MassEquality  617-878-2300

Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus 617-248-0776.

2. See video of horrific attack on photographers at May 10 state-run “Youth Pride”event – incited by speakers on stage.

The state-sponsored gay “youth pride” day was even worse than we expected.

But extremely troubling and frightening was how the the adult activists incited the kids to “send a message” to photographers they suspected being connected with MassResistance. They whipped the kids into a frenzied, angry state, and as police watched they surrounded, screamed and cursed at, blocked and pushed the cameras, and even assaulted the photographers, including an elderly lady. It was a hideous scene.

(At the same time, several photographers for homosexual websites were allowed to shoot unimpeded, and the following day over 350 photos of the kids were on gay websites.)

          Watch the VIDEO here!

We have lots of photos and also video from the state-sponsored gay “Youth Pride” day. It’s really horrible to actually see what homosexual activists do with kids at their “celebration” events. There’s more to come.
Angry youth activist blocks and pushes video camera.

Dear Senator,

Would you spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to protect smokers? Would you want them to be taught that there is a “smoker personality” and that therefore, one is born either as a smoker or a non-smoker?

Don’t laugh at that, please, because back in the 60s when I was translating scientific papers for the Cancer Society but also for a tobacco company, I read several serious scientific papers that took the pro-smoking view. It was quite intriguing. The authors in the tobacco lobby’s pocket said that a person with “smoker personality” was a person who was excessively nervous and intense, and smoked because–to put it in today’s terms–he was essentially hardwired to do smoke.

Eventually, reason won out, but it was a tough battle because the tobacco companies had all the money and the best lawyers to defend their dangerous product.

Likewise, today, it is not at all clear that reason will win out, because the homosexual lobby has enormous spending power, enough to quell the debate vital to policy making.

Yet, as long as the debate can be kept alive, I believe reason will prevail.

Unfortunately, so far, because you fear a small but powerful lobby, MA is about to spend thousands of tax payer dollars to teach kids that it is perfectly ok to engage in a dangerous lifestyle, as long as you use “protection.” You the legislators have bowed to the will of a scary vociferous group of censors, who, as demonstrated at Smith College a little while back, will not tolerate free dialogue on this subject, while touting themselves as the keepers of tolerance.

That is like spending thousands on a program to tell kids that if they smoke they should be sure to use filters and not smoke more than a pack a day but not debating the issue of whether they should be smoking at all, and not allowing others to debate the issue.

Male homosexuals account for 71% of AIDS cases and a higher incidence of STDs and other diseases, some quite serious. They also suffer from more emotional disorders, and no, not only because people make fun of them or fail to tolerate them (after all, who would dare oppose them in today’s environment?). Those who do not practice homosexual activity are within the medically normal range.

Doesn’t that suggest that practicing homosexuality just might be a tad bit risky? Risky enough that one may wish to refrain from encouraging children to practice it?

Here is what I propose: Don’t take sides in the debate just yet and don’t spend any money yet. Look at studies on the subject, and I mean serious studies, not just anecdotal evidence and not just studies done by activists. Don’t automatically discount studies done by defenders of traditional values. Not all traditions are bad and not all traditional people are anti-intellectual, racist, sexist or homophobic, as is often supposed a priori by those of us indoctrinated in today’s citadels of higher learning. Look in particular at what happens emotionally to children in same-sex marriage.

I as a linguist can testify that there is no language known to me (I translate from over 20, including 2 Asian ones) in which the equivalent for the English “marriage” can mean anything but a union between a man and a woman. I wonder if that fact has ever occurred to policy makers who so glibly endorse the concept?

After all, it is not just a trivial fact. It is central to our survival on this planet, because embedded in language is the wisdom of the ancients, who passed it on to modern humans to help ensure the survival of the species. If homosexual marriage was ever tried, it failed, for whatever reason. No doubt you can imagine why.

Civilizations in which sexual promiscuity, whether homosexual or heterosexual, abounded are also known to be short-lived. (The First Emperor of China was legendarily promiscuous and was not tolerated by the common people, who dethroned him).

Finally, note that a well-known homosexual researcher just very recently tried to hold a debate on the subject of whether people can be or are, born gay. His debate had to be canceled because the gay lobby rioted.

Does that tell you something?

Suffice this message as a bit of a seed to be planted in your mind. Doubt is painful but good for us in the end.

Thank you for your attention and have a very nice day!

Don Hank


Republicans’ mass revolt against McCain

76% of Republican voters dissatisfied with McCain

Folks, it’s one thing for 86% of self-described “very conservative” voters to reject McCain. It could be difficult to decide how to identify that demographic, and if you listen to the GOP leadership, it is not that important.

But a full 76% of Republicans in the Big Tent, which includes what the GOP top leadership would like us to believe are numerous RINOs with views like theirs, are dissatisfied with McCain.

This means that McCain had better pray for the Democrat and independent vote. He surely can’t count on ours.

Newsmax, Thursday, May 15, 2008 9:09 AM

Nearly half of likely voters – 48 percent – are not satisfied with the current candidates for president, with Republicans and conservative voters the most unhappy about their likely candidate choices in November, a new nationwide Zogby Interactive poll shows.

In what could spell bad news for the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, an overwhelming 86 percent of self-described “very conservative” voters said they are displeased with the current presidential candidates, and 65 percent of these voters said they are very unsatisfied.

Read more here.

TIME to pressure the GOP

The following column by Nedd Kareiva of makes sense to me.

I had previously said, mostly tongue-in-cheek, that McCain could still get the votes of conservatives like me by doing some Herculean tasks while in the senate, including talking his fellow senators into putting up that non-virtual border fence and talking the president into pardoning jailed border guards Ramos and Compean.

We all knew that wouldn’t happen. But few imagined he would be insane and defiant enough to meet with La Raza. That pretty much clinches it for me, and judging by the latest Zogby poll, it clinches it for many of you too.

I urge you to take Nedd’s advice and contact the GOP. Let them know you mean business.

Think it can’t work? Remember how we stopped amnesty!

Donald Hank

Folks, if you want the GOP to dump John McCain and in an emergency switch, replace him with someone like Duncan Hunter or Fred Thompson, forward this to the GOP at (you can also phone or fax them -it’s on the home page of their website  Tell them you will not vote for him and if you have in the past given to the party, you will no longer do so.  Flood their mailbox with thousands, if not millions, of e-mails.  Then pass this on to as many patriots as you can who would otherwise vote for him.  The GOP must get the message now. 

Note these points from the Newsmax article: 

In what could spell bad news for the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, an overwhelming 86 percent of self-described “very conservative” voters said they are displeased with the current presidential candidates, and 65 percent of these voters said they are very unsatisfied.

Obama and Hillary can help cancel each other out and may cause a great loss of votes for them (regardless of which may be the nominee); however, the hemorrhaging will be even much greater if the Zogby poll is accurate.  And given Zogby’s previous polls, it would be fairly safe to assume that.  The GOP conservative base is largely demoralized because of McCain at the top.  If the GOP was pressured unprecedently, they could make him walk the plank and still make something left of the presidential race.  The odds are not great but they are better if McCain is gone and more so if there is a true conservative on the ticket, even if the name recognition is not the best.  McCain’s recent speech to La Raza should be the icing on the cake that we cannot have him as our president. 

I don’t think anyone reading this would vote for Obama or Hillary but if you are tempted to vote for McCain, please get this to the GOP ASAP and spread the word like wildfire. And if you are tempted like me to vote for Chuck Baldwin on the Constitution ticket (some of you may be voting for Ron Paul or Bob Barr on the Libertarian ticket), I am not dissuading you from doing so but in order to have the best possibility of winning, we need a tried and true conservative Republican.  This is a slam dunk for conservatives if we miraculously get one because Hillary and Obama are easily defeatable due to their records.  But with McCain on the ticket, he’s bringing us all down.  So if the GOP stays with McCain, we must go third party.  But we should only do so if all efforts to get someone like Hunter, Thompson (or even Huckabee – yikes, I hate saying that) or Tancredo fail.  Give this one more shot.

These numbers (86% & 65%) should be beyond convincing evidence that the Republican Party must give McCain the boot.  They’re damning figures  But if the GOP doesn’t do so, we must help facilitate that effort.  And if they still don’t, then we must do what we have to do.  For those of us who are Christians, we must only vote for just and God-fearing men (II Sam. 23:3).  McCain is neither and he is what we would call the lesser of two evils.  But the lesser of two evils is still evil.  This is a no-brainer in my book.  And I hope and pray yours.  A good Republican in the White House with a Democratic Congress is better than a bad Republican (or any Democrat) with a Democratic Congress. 

Again, forward this far and wide if you agree with it – I hope you do.  God bless and thank you for your understanding this one time.

For America’s future & ours,


P.S.  Note that the previous info is in my own capacity and not that of the Stop the ACLU Coalition. 


Rep. Istook: Pretzel Logic Behind Gay Marriage

Newsmax, Friday, May 16, 2008 9:49 AM

By: Ernest Istook

The law was just a plaything to California’s Supreme Court, and the justices twisted logic into a pretzel as they legalized same-sex marriage by judicial fiat.

The court also exposed the danger created by wishy-washy lawmakers who push “civil unions” or “domestic partnerships” as a supposed middle-ground compromise. That actually is a deadly policy of appeasement. It was the very existence of such laws that the justices used to justify this outrageous decision.

By trying to appease homosexual rights activists, those who have refused to stand up for traditional marriage helped to create this court ruling. They are the Neville Chamberlains of the cultural wars.

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Same-sex marriage still illegal in California and Massachusetts

Every time I write or publish an article on same-sex marriage or the “gay” agenda, I feel a sense of urgency, knowing that soon the right to free debate on this subject (as well as others, like Islam) may be lost forever in the United States of America, just as it has been lost in parts of Europe and all of Canada.

In the early 80s, University of Michigan legal “expert” and radical feminist Catharine MacKinnon called for censorship of “hate speech.” Gay activism is just an extension of radical feminism, which, is now in disrepute, and like that movement, gay activism pretends to want to “protect” a group of helpless victims but its real agenda is to destroy our traditions and silence dissenters. Thus the new censors (the real haters) needed to find a new “victim” group to “protect.” We will come very close to reaching the Canadian level of censorship in the US, but Lord willing, an intelligent, informed public, starting with Laigle’s Forum readers, will avert that catastrophe.

Below is an eye-opening letter forwarded to Laigle’s Forum friend Laurie Higgins and written by her friend Gregg Jackson to the L.A. Times. It exposes a monumental fraud that has been perpetrated in MA and now in CA, namely, the dissemination of the myth that same-sex marriage is legal in those states. Read it while there is time.

Speaking of censorship, those who saw Ben Stein’s Expelled have seen how that works on campus. That was the tip of the iceberg. Click here to see how it works in other areas of life in your once-free country.

Donald Hank

Gregg’s letter:

Your above-the-fold headline in today’s LA Times, “Massachusetts lives happily with same-sex marriage law,” by Elizabeth Mehren is totally inaccurate and misleading, and it is vital that you clarify this error for your readers.The truth is that “same sex marriage” is not legal in Massachusetts which is why only about a month ago legislation was introduced to amend the current Massachusetts marriage statute (chapter 207) to legalize “same sex marriage” (H1710 and S918), which were both defeated. This alone disproves your inaccurate headline!Under the Massachusetts Constitution, the oldest functioning constitution in the world, authored by John Adams, which served as the model for our Federal Constitution:“[T]he people of this commonwealth are not controllable by any other laws than those to which their constitutional representative body have given their consent.” (PART THE FIRST, Article X.) And “the people” via their elected representatives never “consented” to “same sex marriage.” The current marriage statute was never amended or suspended and to this day doesn’t include a provision for “same sex marriages.”Many, including former Governor Romney, have claimed that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, “legalized same sex marriage” in issuing their Goodridge opinion in 2003, and that he was “ordered to enforce the law.” Both assertions are totally false.

Even the Goodridge Court admitted that their opinion in no way “legalized” same sex “marriage”:

“Here, no one argues that striking down the marriage laws is an appropriate form of relief.”  

In fact, they admitted that under the statute, Chapter 207 of the Massachusetts General Laws, homosexual marriage is illegal:

“We conclude, as did the judge, that M.G.L. c. 207 may not be construed to permit same-sex couples to marry.” 

The truth is that the Goodridge declaratory opinion should have been declared null and void since the court lacked the subject matter jurisdiction under Article V to even hear the case:

“All causes of marriage.shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision.” (PART THE SECOND, Ch. III, Article V.)

Although many “conservative” lawyers and pundits have claimed that the “activist MSJC Court” legalized “same sex marriage,” it was the acting governor Mitt Romney, a “conservative” Republican who illegally ordered the Department of Public Health to change the marriage certificates from “husband” and “wife” to “partner A” and “partner B” and ordered Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks to solemnize and perform same sex marriage ceremonies or resign (which one did). Romney did this without an accompanying legal statute and in doing so violated his sworn oath to uphold and enforce the Constitution and the laws and statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

That being said, while it was Romney, not the court, who was solely responsible for installing “same sex marriage,” the certificates that Romney issued (over 150 of them he personally issued) are not worth the paper they are written on because they lack an accompanying enabling statute that recognizes “same sex marriage” and are therefore, according to the Massachusetts Constitution, null and void.

The truth is that according to the highest law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Constitution, “same sex marriage” is not “legal.”

Nor is “same sex marriage” “legal” in California. The citizens in California approved a voter initiative to define marriage as between one man and one woman in 2000. The judiciary lacks the requisite constitutional authority to overturn any statute passed by the voters. Only the voters themselves can reverse a statute they themselves voted in. While the court is free to interpret the constitution of California and issue opinions, they are not authorized to “strike down” any specific statutes. It is vital that you acknowledge that “same sex marriage” is not legal in California either or prove that it is. Neither the people nor their elected representatives voted to amend or suspend the current marriage statute that doesn’t allow for “same sex marriage.” Until they do, it remains illegal.

You have an solemn obligation to acknowledge these facts and run a retraction for your readers. Anything less is journalistic and legal malpractice.

Looking forward to seeing if you choose to run this letter.


Gregg Jackson

Los Angeles, CA

Author of “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies” and co-host of “Pundit Review Radio” on WRKO in Boston

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The Laigle’s Forum mailbag is bursting today with news of how the freedom haters are trying to slam through legislation to inhibit our Constitution.

Check this out:
William Campenni — Human Events   
Will congress outlaw local laws?  
One has to admire the Sisyphean tenacity of the Congress as it starts to roll another boulder up the mountain of public opposition to the federal encouragement of illegal immigration. The latest attempt, HR 5515, masquerading under the euphemistic label “New Employee Verification Act” (NEVA) is another unworthy successor… ~Visit
As always when dealing with the political class growing ever more distant from the populace it rules, the NEVA devil is in the details.  For all of its noble goals, hidden in the voluminous wording of this legislation is the true agenda of its sponsors, to wit, the section on preemption, Section 101(b)(2)(A), which reduced to simple language* would preempt and ban any and all state or local law for immigration-related issues enacted to impose employer fines or sanctions, or would forbid any laws requiring employers to verify work status or identity for work authorization.  It would also prevent any unit of government from verifying status of renters, determining eligibility for receipt of benefits, enrollment in school, obtaining a business or other license, or conducting a background check.

Foreign aid corrupts, Obama’s aid corrupts absolutely

by Donald Hank

Conservatives know that Senator Barack Obama has recently introduced the Global Poverty Act, which some commentators have said would bankrupt America by giving an additional 0.7% of GNP to Third World governments.

That may well be true.

But as in the War on Poverty, we are not debating with people who have any grasp of numbers or even reality. We are dealing with the Left, whose goal is to suppress debate over wealth distribution, suggesting that anyone who opposes it is a Nazi.

So forget about whether the bill will break our bank and lead Americans into poverty. They aren’t listening. Neither are many “conservatives,” many of whose pastors have told them that government enforced socialist wealth sharing (without calling it that) is Christian.

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Help stop biggest federal power grab ever

Action Alert–Urgent
H.R. 2421 Called the Biggest Federal Power Grab Ever

What many are calling the biggest federal land and water power grab in history could be approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee before the end of MayNo other committee has jurisdiction of the bill, so it could go straight to the House floor for passage!
The chief author of the bill is Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar, who has ignored the vocal opposition of his constituents.  Even most elected officials in his district are opposed to the bill.  In fact, the Association of Minnesota Counties recently joined the National Association of Counties in strongly opposing the legislation.  A poll in his district shows 78% are opposed to the expansion of federal control over Minnesota’s waters.  And the bill goes even further than that!
H.R. 2421 (misnamed the Clean Water Restoration Act) would give unlimited federal control over all waters, including wetlands, intermittent streams, ponds, meadows and sloughs, areas never before regulated by the federal government.  And get this:  New language would even give the federal government control over ‘activities affecting these waters,’ which according to a 62-page committee staff report, would include just about any significant human activity.  So it’s not just a national water control bill.  It’s also a national land use control bill
And the bill, if passed, would overturn two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that favored local government and local citizens by ruling that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had exceeded its authority under the 1972 federal Clean Water Act.
Congressman Oberstar needs to hear from his constituents on this issueNo later than Wednesday, May 14th, call or fax Rep. James Oberstar, Chairman, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee at (202) 225-6211 (ph) or (202) 225-0699 (fax), and/or send an e-mail in care of his staff,   Or call one of his local offices listed below.  Let Oberstar know that you do not want expanded federal control over your land, your water, or your lives.  Let him know that there are proven, local alternatives on environmental issues: common-sense solutions that are better and cheaper–solutions that won’t violate your rights, threaten your job and way of life, or take away your freedoms. 
Don’t be fooled–this bill is not about clean water.  It’s about federal control over land, water, people and communities.  As Reed Hopper, lead attorney in a successful U.S. Supreme Court case stated in testimony, “…..this bill pushes the limits of federal power to an extreme not matched by any other law, probably in the history of this country.”
Please forward this message to others and take time to follow up with phone calls.  And if you have time, also call your state legislators and encourage them to oppose the bill. 
If you have any questions, contact the American Property Coalition at (651) 224-6219.

James Hartline’s war on the limousine Dems of San Diego

The James Hartline Report

– On The Frontlines Of The Culture War –

May 11, 2008


When Justice Confronts A Great Political Hypocrisy:


65 San Diegans March & Confront One of San Diego’s

Greatest Political Hypocrisies During The March Against Poverty.


The Office of Congresswoman Susan Davis Looks Down Upon

The Poorest Neighborhood in San Diego, While She and Her Staff

Make Big Salaries and Do Nothing For The Poor!


(JHReport)  Sixty-five San Diegans gathered on Thursday, May 8, 2008, in the economically-challenged San Diego community of City Heights to kick off a two-part event called the “March Against Poverty.”  The March Against Poverty has been organized by San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline.  The event is part of Hartline’s overall vision of bringing about long overdue economic improvements to the long-neglected City Heights area.  With the large turnout for the first day of the two-day event, it is clear that San Diegans are ready to help increase public awareness of the terrible conditions that the poor and needy families in City Heights are living in. 

     While Hartline and his fellow marchers knew that they would see some of the most disenfranchised people in San Diego during the march, nothing really prepared them for one unbelievable encounter during the May 8th event.  In the midst of City Heights, Hartline and the other marchers brought attention to the area’s dirty slums, asthma-causing mold, extreme hunger and the devastating poverty that seems to engulf the community.  However, there was one situation that city council candidate James Hartline says is one of the greatest examples of societal and governmental hypocrisy that he has ever seen.

     The example that so shocked Hartline, as well as the others who attended the May 8th event, was the realization that Congresswoman Susan Davis, a politically entrenched Democrat representing the district, has an expensive high-rise district office in the midst of the horrific economic conditions which are plaguing City Heights families.

     For the past two decades, liberal Democrats have controlled District 3 and the City Heights area.  Incredibly, City Heights has gotten more polluted and even more financially devastated under the leadership of Democrats who claim to be more concerned about the social welfare of the area’s citizens, as well better stewards of the environment, than their Republican counterparts.

     What event leader James Hartline and the other sixty-five conscientious protesters discovered during their City Heights march is sure to shock the voters in Hartline’s district.  In the midst of the catastrophic pollution, extreme poverty, and gang-related activities of City Heights is this massive, disproportionately large skyscraper located at 4305 University Avenue.  Among the rundown discount stores, the dirty liquor outlets, the hopeless moms and the homeless drunks, stands this gigantic, steel and glass palace located at 4305 University Avenue.  Inside of this strange, bureaucratic tower is the district office for Congresswoman Susan Davis.

      “It is absolutely a societal abomination that Congresswoman Susan Davis has an elitist office in the midst of all of the poverty in City Heights and she is doing absolutely nothing about it,” says Hartline.  Even more shocking for Hartline is the realization that one of his opponents for the District 3 City Council seat, Todd Gloria, has sat in the same expensive high-rise office as Congresswoman Davis, doing absolutely nothing about the gross poverty and injustices occurring right outside of his government funded office.

     “This is one of the most pitiful examples of hypocrisy I have ever seen,” says Hartline.  “While City Heights families are lining up for bread in the local soup kitchens, Congresswoman Susan Davis and her district representative Todd Gloria have been getting rich off of their fat government salaries right in the middle of all this suffering.”

     Hartline points out that Todd Gloria makes it a point at every one of his candidate forums to let voters know that he lives with his homosexual partner in City Heights.  Giving the appearance that somehow Gloria and his gay lover have much in common with the suffering families of City Heights, the district aide to Congresswoman Davis has sought to paint a picture with the district’s voters of a man who has empathy with the City Heights families living in poverty.

     “Todd Gloria has conveniently forgotten to inform voters that he has worked out of an expensive government office in the midst of San Diego’s poorest families doing nothing about the poverty while he has collected a big, fat government paycheck,” Hartline declares angrily.

     “Both Todd Gloria and Susan Davis should be run out of City Heights,” declares Hartline. “It is time that good and truly concerned people be given the opportunity to help the people of City Heights.  These two are doing absolutely nothing about the horrific environmental pollution and poverty that is killing our people.”

     Among those participating in the May 8th March Against Poverty was Grossmont Union High School District boardmember Priscilla Schreiber.  Mrs. Schreiber, who has spent the past eight years as a member of the East San Diego County school board, was shocked that a politician would have an office so close to so much suffering, but appearing to do little, if anything, to alleviate that same suffering. 

     Mrs. Schreiber was not alone in her dismay regarding Congresswoman Davis.  A large contingent of mothers who are currently participating in a long-term program at the San Diego Rescue Mission joined Schreiber in their concern for the obvious lack of action on the part of the congresswoman.  Nearly a dozen women from the Rescue Mission, most of whom have very little in this life, gave up their afternoon to stand with the moms of City Heights.  Being aware of how difficult it is on poor families in the City Heights area, many of the Rescue Mission moms felt it was important to stand in the gap for their City Heights sisters who cannot put enough food on the table to feed their kids. 

      While dozens of working moms participated in the first day of the two-day March Against Poverty, San Diego pastors were conspicuously absent during the event.  Although hundreds of local San Diego pastors had been given invitations to stand with the suffering families in City Heights during the two-day event, not one pastor showed up for the May 8th kickoff of the March Against Poverty.

      For James Hartline, this is a reality which challenges his creative skills.   “We are just going to have to come to terms with the realization that taking care of the poor families in City Heights is going to have to be done without the help of the pastors who will not leave their comfortable suburban homes to help the poor in City Heights,” says Hartline.  “We will have to make it without their help.  And with the large turnout for this first part of the two-day event, we are convinced that God is moving upon the hearts of the right people to come help us in City Heights,” he adds.

      In addition to all of the overwhelming poverty that is unneccesarily plaguing City Heights, parents are now forced to forego buying basic food purchases at Albertsons, the only major retail grocery store in City Heights.  Albertsons is aware that they are the only store that many of the mothers in City Heights can easily get to, yet they continue to drastically mark up their prices on basic food items.  This is one of the most grievous examples of corporate greed being inflicted upon the poorer families in San Diego.

      James Hartline and the large contingent of concerned San Diegans will continue to march on behalf of the families in City Heights who are crying out for help in this time of great financial distress.  Up to this point, those cries for help have fallen on the deaf ears of the San Diego City Council and the mayor’s office.  “We are going to see that a financial revolution is created in San Diego,” says candidate James Hartline.  “We will not rest until justice is apprehended for those who are suffering in City Heights and if that means we have to march every week in City Heights, than that is what we will do.”

     Part Two of the two-day March Against Poverty will be held on May 15, 2008 beginning at 11:30am at the City Heights Retail Village.  The City Heights Retail Village is located in front of the Albertsons Grocery Store on the corners of Fairmount Ave. & University Ave., San Diego, 92105.

     A donor who believes in James Hartline’s vision to help the poor and needy families of City Heights has donated 200 t-shirts which are being distributed to participants of the two-day event.  T-Shirts can be obtained by calling James Hartline at 619-793-9661.

March Against Poverty, Part 2 of 2 Events, May 15, 2008 – starting at 11:30am

City Heights Retail Village, Fairmount Ave. & University Ave. (in front of Albertsons)

200 San Diegans will be participating during the two events.


For further information or interviews:

James Hartline

office: 619-255-9378

cell: 619-793-9661

Dems a shining beacon of darkness

Dem’s Divas Destiny and Darkness

By Rev. Michael Bresciani

The battle between Democratic hopefuls Obama and Clinton has held the spotlight in American politics for the past year and has been upstaged only slightly by the occasional antics of a few divas like Hilton, Madonna or Aguilera.

In the 19th century many towns in America employed a lamplighter. Besides being somewhat of a watchman, his job was to light the oil wicks or candles in the street lights each evening and quench the flame early each morning. The lamplighter has dissolved into history; sadly it seems some of the light has gone with him.

Figuratively, the greatest lamplighters in American history may have been Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, Joseph Pulitzer and President Grover Cleveland. Together they designed, promoted and on October 28th, 1886 inaugurated the Statue of Liberty. Her flaming torch has stood as the light of freedom, truth and justice in the minds people throughout the world for over one hundred years.

Americans usually welcome the light and those who are considered to be luminaries are readily recognized and applauded in most cases. Celebrating the light seen in others is not new or something only Americans do. Over twenty centuries ago Jesus spoke of those who ‘rejoiced’ in the light of John the Baptist (Jn 5:35). Sadly, we know how that all ended.

In Barack Obama’s political rallies, audiences, as expected, have their gazes fixed on Obama’s face as they focus on his rhetoric. If someone could remain completely detached and turn to look at the faces of his audience they would discover a phenomenon that is impossible to miss; they are awed. It is as if they have seen a light.

After discovering Obama’s association with Rev. Wright, bomber William Ayers and his position on gays and abortion, his followers remain undaunted. They hang on his every word and the promise of change as if it were salvation itself. It strains the credulity of anyone with only entry level discernment. It raises and renews the wisdom of the once overused but now almost forgotten adage ‘there is none as blind as they who will not see.’

Add to Barack’s doubtful associations his aversion to saluting the flag, his opinion of people who “cling to religion and guns” and his wife’s lack of pride in the country and that raises and nearly answers yet another question. The question was also posed by Christ “…If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”  (Mt 6:23).”

Obama is certainly sincere and his convictions are firmly rooted in that sincerity but again “sincerity is no substitute for the truth.” It is possible to be sincere and very wrong at the same time. President Lincoln said that if he was right about something it wouldn’t matter in the end what all his critics said about it. Conversely, he exclaimed that if he were wrong “angels swearing I was right would make no difference.”

If Americans listened a little less to her political pundits and a little more to her prophets she might see that changes are exactly what she is going to get. The inevitability of those changes is the only thing that cannot be questioned; the nature of the changes is still open.

Whenever people regard a light it usually means they are looking for direction in a dark situation. They follow the light and it brings them to their destiny whether it’s what they hoped for or not.

Too many have concluded that it is the deep divisions and polarizations that have brought unrest to the country. Some say the Democratic wins in the house in 2006 and the toppling of Hastert in Illinois and Jenkins in Louisiana are proof that America wants out of a GOP run government and conservatism is dying along with the entire Republican effort. Few are heeding the voices of those who are saying it is the moral, ethical and theological downturn that is fueling discontent, crime, confusion and darkness.

The globalization of our world is underway, with Europe leading the way with some 64 satellite nations at her side to date. America has been following the same trends as our euro-counterparts, and the leaders we choose now will determine whether we fall into the fold or stand as a bastion of freedom and what is right in the world. Such noble aspirations are more scoffed at these days than ever before and that is proof positive that we are at destiny’s door more than any other time in our history.

When people look at a presidential candidate in the same way they see a pop culture figure, we are all in a mess. Following the “light that is darkness” will get us someplace but it will not be where we want to be. All too often the negative aspect of the messenger or the prophet is all that is seen or heard but for those with a “cup is half full” mentality, the positive side is seen as well. God loves America and he does not want to see it fall or be judged. He said it like this; how do you read it? Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. (Pr 14:34)

Rev Michael Bresciani is an author and columnist for several online sites and magazines. His articles are now read throughout the world. For more articles, news, movie reviews and more visit The Website for Insight at


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