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Jan 30

The weakened American soul

Olavo de Carvalho is a respected journalist with a wide following in his native Brazil and an increasingly popular public speaker in this country.  Mr. Carvalho provided Laigle’s Forum readers with an eye-opening article on the CFR and the Forum of Sao Paolo back on May 27, 2006. Laigle’s Forum is the first to present the …

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Jan 29

EU still taking down farmers

Laigle’s Forum had already reported that the EU is the new Soviet Union. Communism is not dead, as you may have supposed. However, the Marxists have cleverly desisted from redistributing wealth from rich individuals to poor ones. Instead they redistribute the wealth from rich nations to poor nations. New rules, same game. We have seen …

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Jan 22

New German law to turn up heat on home schoolers

Kristina Köhler, a CDU parliamentarian, is pushing for a new law that would take custody away from parents of children who do not attend school, including those who are home schooled. The CDU is supposedly a conservative party-Christliche Demokratische Union, or Christian Democratic Union. Just as many conservative Americans reflexively vote Republican, most Germans who …

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Jan 21

Keep or lose sovereignty? You decide (but read this first)

 The EU honeymoon is over  European politicians and media have long touted EU membership as a way to boost the economy and overcome annoying trade and currency barriers. American politicians have jumped on the supranational government bandwagon, touting NAFTA, CAFTA, the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), etc. as instruments of economic trade promotion.  But now, …

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Jan 21

Christian Apologetics and Politics: Reflections on Whether Christian Ministries Should Comment on Political Campaigns

What does Christian Apologetics have to do with politics? That’s the question that was recently put to me regarding some posts concerning the 2008 Presidential campaign. This questioner was sympathetic. In previous years, the questioners were not quite so sympathetic. To speak of political issues while engaged in the intellectual defense of Christianity seemed to …

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Jan 16

Laigle’s on WND

Jan 15

The foreign press, our crystal ball

By Donald Hank   Much of the world press is a mirror of what America will be in the future if left-wing Democrats have their way.  This can only happen if the rest of us let them get away with it.  So far we have been very cooperative.  Already, staunchly “conservative” Newt Gingrich has declared …

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Jan 13

Site statistics

Jan 11

Our hurting brothers and sisters around the globe

Our Chinese brothers and sisters  Right after we ran the article on how the home-schooling Landahl family had narrowly escaped their persecutors in the Youth Office, the Mayor’s Office and the Court in Germany, we got an email from an old email acquaintance, an otherwise Christian conservative, who asked why we bother to write about German home …

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Jan 08

Parallel society, your name is German Government

Good news on German home schooling refugees By Donald Hank By now you may have read the news on WND ( about the home schooling family, the Landahls, who, at the behest of the mayor of their city of Altensteig, were forced by a German court to leave their homeland or face losing their children …

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