The European Union is an evil empire

A shelf of books can be written to cover the topic linked to below, but David Noakes and Brian Gerrish have provided a web site and information that they recently shared with Laigle’s Forum, and this will substantially reduce the effort of assimilating this vital knowledge. I am very grateful to both of these fine Christian gentlemen for this eye-opening material, which relates in the broadest of terms to national sovereignty for nations and its antithesis, one-world government, or in other words, enslavement of nations. The choice between these two must be made quickly and decisively in America, because time is running out, as we can gauge by the breathtaking speed at which our European counterparts lost their nationhood. We hope and pray to Almighty God that they will someday regain the precious heritage they have lost, and likewise, that Americans will snap out of their lethargy before we follow them like lemmings to our own demise.

If you are concerned about the future of America, you need to read at least the information provided at the site By the future, I mean, not whether your children will graduate from one of those indoctrination centers we cynically call universities, and which, as Phyllis Shlafly recently showed (, will provide your youngster with a worthless diploma and a recommendation to seek blue-collar employment. No, I mean whether or not the United States of America, and the government by the people, of the people and for the people will or will not literally perish from the face of the earth. As you read the information linked below, you will no doubt see that this loss of national sovereignty is more imminent than you imagined.

We don’t often beg, but now we are shamelessly begging our readers to take as much time out of your busy week as you possibly can to read the articles appearing at David Noakes’ site and to view some enlightening videos, to which I also link below.

The small but growing group around David Noakes and Brian Gerrish is deeply concerned about the continued existence of Britain and other once-sovereign European countries, and about the future of America, because they know that the cause of freedom is a universal one. They know that if freedom is lost in America, it may quite possibly disappear from the face of the earth and be replaced with a Soviet style cadre-driven State, which is the Kafkaesque nightmare that is happening in Britain. They know that if America falls, there will never be anyone to say that the EU is an evil empire and demand that the power brokers in Brussels tear down that wall of deception and restore the rightful sovereignty to dozens of nations.

We know our readers are concerned about this issue, because they have told us so, and now is the time to decide: do we want to continue being the greatest nation on earth where the people decide their own destiny, or do we want the elites to decide? By “elites” I mean the ones who are responsible for a sputtering economy where meaningful manufacturing jobs are all but gone and where a gaping trade deficit benefits our most formidable enemy, who as I write these lines is aiming ICBMs at our cities (ever think about that as you buy “made in China”?). They are also responsible for vast losses of freedom in the form of “hate crimes” law, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, a narrowly thwarted attempt to amnesty 20 million illegal aliens and the current open-border policy that punishes patriotic border guards while coddling hardened alien criminals.

The framers and hucksters of the European Union are already brazenly using the term “post-democratic” to describe the future they envision for Europe. Can they be any plainer in admitting they want to steal power from the people and give it to a few corrupt elitists?

The most chilling thing to me is the stunning similarity between the conspiracy behind the EU and the stealthy power brokering this side of the Atlantic. It is as though the operatives are acting in concert or taking cues from each other. And in fact they are. Let’s be plain: globalism is just communism in drag and the actors on both continents are working on a world stage for a common purpose (Common Purpose in fact being what the sinister European shadow-government movement calls itself). The following similarities come to mind effortlessly, but a longer list could be derived with some diligence:

–The treacherous sellout of national sovereignty and democracy was perpetrated by politicians thought to be Christian and conservative (the Conservative Party and others in the UK, the Bushes in the US).

–The first steps toward the final solution were innocuous-looking trade agreements (the European Economic Community, EEC, in Europe, NAFTA and CAFTA in America), but the net result was a loss of sovereignty.

–Another result was wealth redistribution, with European farmers, for example, losing their livelihood, and American manufacturing workers at first, followed by professionals in computer science, engineering and others, losing their jobs.

–Although the pretext for the supranational agreements was that everyone would benefit, the trade deficits in the industrialized countries grew disproportionately and once-proud manufacturers became lowly service providers.

–The growth of the supranational government is accompanied by a police state mentality and the brainwashing of once-patriotic, once-conservative people to accept a degree of control in their private lives that would have horrified them had it been advocated by avowed communists (a provision of EU law bans criticism of the EU; the Patriot Act allows government operatives to snoop into our private lives in ways that will inevitably lead to lost liberties and abysmal corruption).

–Critics who point out that sovereignty is being lost through the growing shadow governments on both sides of the Atlantic are belittled and mocked by those in power, who even as they strongly advocate a supranational government, deny that it exists or ever will (as Bush did after the SPP conference in Canada).

–One of the pretexts for foisting the supranational police state on everyone else is environmental concerns. People are brainwashed into believing that the earth is in imminent danger and that human rights are secondary to preserving the environment.

–The conspiracy goes by innocuous and high-sounding names: Common Purpose in Britain, New World Order in the US.

–The traditional family unit is targeted, with divorce facilitated and encouraged, with homosexuality glorified and promoted, with disenfranchisement of fathers and men and the almost total neglect of boys in education.

–The notoroius Marxist Frankfurt School is lurking in the background and is involved surreptitiously. Feminism, one of its platforms, plays a key role in the destruction of the social fabric.

This saga has all the earmarks of a good thriller, with one exception: it’s less realistic than fiction. As Nigel Farage says: you can’t make this up.

Be sure to listen to the speech by this talented orator European Parliament Member Nigel Farage dressing down Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the EU. It is witty, blunt and titillating.

Here are the links:

EUtruth article: The Abolition of Britain

UK Traitors

Westminster News article charges sedition in British government

Albert Burgess, former police officer, files charges of sedition against the government officials who dragged the UK into the EU:

Brian Gerrish talks about Common Purpose and calls the EU a “vicious socialist police state”

Nigel Farage, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), dresses down EU head Jose Barroso, speaking of corruption in the EU. This is really hilarious!

This next link takes us into the fine details of the intrigue behind the subversion. Be sure to read the part about the Frankfurt School. This illustrious group of German Marxist professors, who emigrated to Britain and the US to escape a dictatorship, has aided mightily in bringing about dictatorial policies in the once-free countries that rescued them. (We hope to provide soon an eye-opening account of how the Frankfurt School contributed greatly to the subversion of American values here).

The North American Union. It’s part of the same thing: a one-world government. Call it “Common Purpose,” “The New World Order,” or whatever. The goal is a one-world government.

Please keep these sovereignty issues in mind when voting for a candidate this election cycle. Remember that whether or not a candidate is invested in the continued existence of our nation overrides all other considerations. After all, the sincerest pro-life Christian president who is oblivious to the sovereignty issue and rushes into sovereignty-compromising foreign accords, could easily usher in an era in which the American voter becomes totally irrelevant due to the abolition of the American government, in analogy to what is happening in Britain. It will happen here if the religious right remains in its hypnotic trance.

Informed conservatives on both sides of the Great Pond know that the prime movers in the supranational rush to remove democracy from the face of the earth are the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission (TC) and the Bilderberger Group. CFR Republicans are Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson. Hence, these men in particular threaten our nation’s further existence no less than any democrat.
Huckabee does not get a pass. The CFR has recently supported Huckabee’s position on immigration. That should be the kiss of death, and it is for informed Americans. Of course, informed Americans probably make up less than 5% of voters, but of course, they all are Laigle’s Forum subscribers.

So let me help you connect the dots:
Alan Keyes, Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul are not CFR members and are clearly against supranational governments that undermine US sovereignty. They also have a chance of winning the nomination. For those who are concerned with the hot button Christian conservative issues, these three are all Christians, strongly anti-abortion and oppose special rights for interest groups like homosexuals. Ron Paul opposes constitutional amendments such as the marriage amendment or an amendment that would declare the unborn child a person, because he doesn’t like the federalization of law, any law.

So I would hope that, if you are interested in the continued existence of the United States of America, these 3 would seem to be the only viable options to you. I am not oversimplifying. It is really just that plain and simple. And once you have read about the tragic situation in Europe, I believe you will agree.

Huckabee reminds me for all the world of G.W. Bush, I am sorry to say. He wants to be liked so very very much by influential people in power positions and by foreign dignitaries who despise the struggling little guy in America. And when he was governor of Arkansas, he showed that he was willing to compromise with them, at the expense of his constituents, raising taxes and running interference for alien scofflaws.

By contrast, we need a candidate who loves this country first and foremost, like a bridegroom loves his bride.

In other words, even more than himself. If we settle for less, won’t we be getting what we deserve?